The world has become dominated by licenses, and every industry is beginning to catch up. Subscriptions have even beaten out eCommerce stores in terms of revenue in terms of revenue-generating corporate strategy. Even eCommerce systems like Shopify now provide subscription alternatives, including boxes, rounds, and much more.

The advantages of Shopify Premium service Apps include the ability for users to automate transactions by regularly arranging payment transactions. This marketing tactic reduces one-time purchases, boosts customer loyalty, makes it simple for people to buy the products they want, and helps your ecommerce marketplace generate stable revenue.

Why Do You Need Shopify Subscription App for an eCommerce Store?

The subscription-based business model’s intricacy has its complexities. Receiving recurrent income from your customers while giving them the product or service they want may seem straightforward. However, this necessitates that you choose the best price scheme for your membership. You must establish your value measurements if you’re going to generate a sizable profit over time.

Additionally, this implies that you must alter how you do business. You’ll need to give customer support rather than making sure you please a consumer the first time.

Also, the customer persona that your company was targeting previously has undergone a significant transformation. Since premiums are now cheaper than one-time purchases, the horizon has expanded. Consider how Porsche discovered the key to attracting larger audiences for its premium ranges.

All subscription enterprises rely heavily on mechanization to develop a reliable system for supply management. A Shopify membership management app plays a significant and sometimes even exclusive role in supporting this functionality.

These cloud-based tools are intended to give sellers and retailers the ability to control subscription life spans. The requirements for a Shopify subscription company are outlined in the following elements.

Things To Consider When Selecting a Shopify Subscription App

1. Features

Does the software provide the functions you require? Does it handle the planned subscription regularity? Does it function with the kinds of goods you sell in your store?

2. Cost

What is the cost of the app? Does it impose a one-time fee or additional charges with each transaction?

3. Reviews and Ratings

To review the app store evaluations on Shopify, consider perusing the help communities to see whether consumers frequently discuss any issues. Keep in mind that applications may cause a sluggish Shopify site. Shopify’s performance is critically dependent on keeping applications updated.

4. Trials

Is there a free trial available for the app so you may try it out in your shop?

5. Self-Service Portal

Changing plans, cancellation, re-subscribing, etc. Every membership business must manage these annoyances regularly. Additionally, all advertisers are aware of the numerous options to minimize turnover and increase revenue in this situation. You may get good ratings by implementing a solid customer service system that responds to all client questions and issues.

While doing so, stay in touch with your clients at critical junctures. A self-service website on your membership management app can assist you with real-time activity monitoring. Marketers may use this information to spot upselling opportunities or cross-selling to customers.

6. Recurring Billing Management

As a company expands in the marketplace, innumerable payments must be processed. Since you’re attempting to operate a subscription income model, you anticipate receiving several recurring payments. Since you require that liquidity, the first action you should take is to streamline your monthly subscription administration. This calls for the automation of:

  • Creation of personalized invoices
  • Take payment in various ways.
  • Executing commercial transactions on a routine basis
  • Keeping track of and comparing financial records

To ensure that your organization functions correctly, every one of these processes must be automated. Additionally, it would be advisable to employ automation given the significant risk of mistakes that comes with moving and handling. You would only like to sacrifice your income, which is the final point you should make.  

10 Popular Shopify Apps for Subscription

Software instruments called Shopify subscription applications let online retailers build recurring subscription services inside the Shopify platform. Subscription applications for Shopify would automatically charge the consumer on a recurrent basis and take payments.

Without any intervention from the ecommerce company, an invoice is implemented in Shopify each moment the client is charged. Discover all the best shopify apps for subscription by reading on.

1. Research

Research subscription
Features of The App
Enable Subscriptions Swiftly Create your membership program in minutes, then link it to your current hardware and the most widely used payment gateways.
Reduce churn while boosting LTV Provide additional alternatives to your customers. Create a smooth customer subscription management experience using SMS and a web service.
Performance Management Metrics Obtain practical insights that assist you in immediately meeting your client’s requirements. Utilize our robust APIs to complete any task.
  • Price

For $300 per month and 1% + 19 cents for each transaction, you may switch to the top tier, which enables additional flexibility, particularly for the subscriber site.

  • Rating

4.8 out of 5 ratings in the Shopify App Store

  • How does it Work?

Subscriptions are supported by Recharge, which also has a customer interface for managing memberships. There are two layers in the app.

2. Appstle

Appstle subscription
Features of The App
Complete Bundling
Custom Features, the Cart Page, and Quickview
Bulk and Individual Membership Updates
Establishment of Merchant Subscriptions
Compare SKU Codes
Trial Offers and Gifts
Discount Levels and Shipping
  • Price

A 10-day free trial followed by monthly payments of $10 or $8 for a year total of $96. Earn up to $5000 each month from membership sales.

  • Rating

4.9 out of 5 ratings in the Shopify App Store

  • How does it work?

With the help of Appstle Memberships, an end-to-end recurrent orders and payouts service (subscription services software), you can give your clients items (both physical and online) and solutions on a recurrent basis. Appstle, a business owned by an Apple-Siri developer and an ex-Amazonian, offers fascinating features and fantastic modifications due to cutting-edge technology originating in Silicon Valley.

3. Recurpay

Subscription App by Recurpay
Features of The App
Fixed & Ongoing Premium
Use the finest subscription software for Shopify to provide recurring and one-time payments, savings, product samples, translations, and a host of other features.
Install the membership app.
Whenever you need it, use our live chat to get immediate assistance. Create any workflow for your Shopify business with the most awesome membership app.
Language-specific Subscription Program
The finest subscription software for your Shopify business lets consumers subscribe in many languages and control their payments.
  • Pricing 

No cost

  • Rating

4.9 out of 5 ratings in the Shopify App Store

  • How does it work?

To make it simple for you to start accepting premiums and recurring payments, Recurpay created the Subscription application for Shopify. Let your clients control their subscriptions with a customizable and bilingual customer site.

4. Seal Subscriptions

Seal Subscriptions
Features of The App
Make a rule for automatic charging for all items
Fixed timetables
Single-use goods
Loyalty rebates
Presents for loyalty
Notifications of completion
Use your domain to send emails!

A subscription’s configuration has never been more straightforward! Configure your first premium service rule, use the app, and start earning some sweet recurring income.

Seal Pricing for subscriptions: free. 150 subscribers maximum.
$4.95 Monthly cost:- 750 subscribers maximum.
7.95$ a month:- One thousand five hundred subscribers are the maximum.
$20 monthly:- 15,000 maximum subscribers.
  • Rating

4.9 out of 5-star rating for the Shopify App Store

  • How does it work?

The Seal includes all the elements required to sell memberships, including choices allowing customers to handle their subscriptions. The primary distinction with Seal is that there are no transfer fees.

There is no extra fee from the membership app, unlike all the other applications on our Page. However, you are still responsible for paying Shopify and your credit processor’s financing costs. Alternatively, you will subscribe to a monthly plan depending on how many memberships you sell.

5. PayWhirl

PayWhirl Subscription Payments
Features of The App
Support for Shopify’s native payment system
Compatibility for Shopify Payments, paypal Checkout,, and Stripe
Combines account owner pages and category pages from Shopify
Customers may control their memberships, data, and payment cards.
Process monthly payments automatically.
Market traditional and paid subscriptions
Integrated email alerts for administration and clients
Use native Shopify customer accounts (single sign-on)
Modular architecture
Created with mobile friendliness
White-label goods and brand management
Utilize Shopify’s built-in reporting
Without scripting, turn on/off user features
No obligations; cancel at any time
Pricing for PayWhirl: Free:- Transaction charge of 3%.
$9 each month:- Transaction charge of 2%.
$50 monthly:- Transaction charge of 1%.
$249 monthly:- Transaction charge of 0.5%.
  • Rating

4.9 out of 5-star rating for the Shopify App Store

  • How does it work?

In addition to including all the necessary subscription services, PayWhirl also offers free installation and assistance to assist with setting up the app. All features are included in each PayWhirl plan. The per-transaction cost is not waived under the high-pricing procedures.

6. Fera Product Reviews App

Fera Product Reviews App
Features of The App
Easily manage your reviews. Reviews may be imported from Linkedin, Google, Etsy, and more.
Accept and control new submissions for reviews
Answer all of your reviews
Show reviews elegantly beautiful widgets for product and shop reviews
Customer review photo and video gallery widgets
The Page that displays all of your ratings
Ratings on Google Search engine Checkout rankings due to SEO optimization
Boost reviews instantly
One-time or automatic requests for reviews
Provide rebates, rewards points, or money in exchange for evaluation
Create your review request templates and submission guidelines
Startup:- $9/month
Small:- $29/month
Medium:- $99/month
  • Rating

4.9 out of 5-star rating for the Shopify App Store

  • How does it Work?

Fera is a simple reviews software for Shopify with customizable review panels that are attractive immediately. Fera helps businesses like yours increase client reviews while maintaining their aesthetic brand integrity.

7. Bold Discounts ‑ The Sale App

Bold Discounts ‑ The Sale App
Features of The App
One-click storewide sales
How to host a sale within your shop in simple steps. Configure your discount and use it with a click on goods, categories, or your entire business!
Flash discounts and daily specials
A sales timer can help create necessity. Put a countdown on your product page in real time to draw attention to your flash sale.
Non-punitive promotions
Run as many promotions as you want without worrying about stacking or mixing reductions, and always show the consumer the best price.
14-day risk-free test
  • Rating

4.4 out of 5-star rating for the Shopify App Store

  • How does it Work?

Bold Discounts truly go through your whole business when you conduct a storewide sale, adjusting the price throughout every product on sale and entering the previous retail price in the “comparison at” price box.

Now that they can immediately see the selling prices once they enter your business, prospective customers are less likely to leave because the clients weren’t aware that they needed to enter a discount code at check out to receive the discount.

8. UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing

Features of The App
Create a program to reward customers
With an affiliate link, you may convert your consumers into brand promoters. Increase retention and encourage repeat business at your business with referral incentives.
Increase Affiliates – Increase Sales
Make your clients become affiliates. Utilize a branded webpage, the UpPromote Platform, and multi-level advertising to attract and hire companions.
Variety of Referral Offers
Create and allocate discounts and affiliate connections with ease. Follow many referral requests. Using partners, KOLs, and brand advocates significantly increase sales.
$21.99 per month for Grow Partner
Professional:- $69.99/month
Enterprise:- $139.99/month
  • Rating

4.9 out of 5-star rating for the Shopify App Store

  • How does it Work?

The only automatic affiliate and network marketing tool you’ll ever need is UpPromote. With Uppromote, you could quickly assess and intervene with associates and develop a professional referral program. There is live chat assistance accessible 24/7.

9. PageFly Landing Page Builder

PageFly Landing Page Builder
Features of The App
Adapt your website to your needs
With the help of a robust drag-and-drop designer, build your customized sections and pages. Consistent with all Shopify and Web Store 2.0 templates.
Your pages should convert.
Make your homepage using a variety of pre-made components. With PageFly, almost all of your top conversion-focused tools are integrated.
Automatize your growth
Build quickly with Global Components, Global Design, and Auto Save. For a fast page load time, use Lazy Load. Some plans include 24/7 support.
Pay as You Go 1:- $24/month
Pay as You Go 2:- $29/month
Enterprise:- $199/month
  • Rating

4.9 out of 5-star rating for the Shopify App Store

  • How does it Work?

People who wish to build sales funnels or divisions for their current Shopify stores and combine them with their other favorite applications. Merchants want to completely remodel their websites to stand out from the competition and begin consistently producing sales. Agencies and independent contractors that desire to represent your thoughts stylishly. Build quickly with or without coding.


Features of The App
Slow Down Product Waste Utilize features to decrease cart abandonment: Skip to Clearance, Get-It-By Timer, Shipment Bar, Cash register Boost, Cart Saved
Improve Conversion & Profit Boost sales via volume discounts, tiered marketing, commonly purchased items, similar items, upselling, and cross-selling
Social media is made simple! Social In one app, showcase your business with a shoppable Facebook timeline and provide customer support via Facebook Chat
Basic:- $9.99/month
Shopify:- $19.99/month
Advanced:- $29.99/month
Shopify Plus:- $49.99/month
  • Rating

4.9 out of 5-star rating for the Shopify App Store

  • How does it Work?

Sales Rocket is a powerful program with more than 40 marketing functions. With functionalities like converting boosters, availability and priority clocks, lead producers & shipping meters, and much more, it makes money while saving you cash on app expenses.

Installing app installations might raise running expenses and slow down the load time of your Shopify business. You can now use the benefits of several applications while utilizing Sales Rocket, which comes with all you require to manage a profitable Shopify business.

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One of the simplest methods to boost repeat revenue and the lifetime value of clients on the Shopify store is to implement a subscription service. Still, to run your subscription company effectively, you should first locate the top Shopify membership applications.

Most of the applications we examined have a similar set of features. The cost and convenience of usage are important considerations. Use demo websites and free items to determine whether you enjoy using the program. Consider the profit on your memberships and the anticipated volume when choosing the price. A premium program with a nominal transaction cost might look more appealing since some of the service fees are significant and may reduce your revenues. Coming to the successful Shopify apps for subscription, there are numerous contenders. If you have any requirements for custom Shopify app development then hiring professional Shopify developers is a must.

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