Have you ever wondered about running your business successfully without being confined to a desk? If yes, then it’s time for you to explore the power of Shopify. It is an exceptional tool that empowers entrepreneurs worldwide to turn their dreams into big online ventures. With Shopify, you can create your online store effortlessly without requiring coding or design skills. It’s the perfect destination to bring your ideas to life and set the stage for long-term success.

However, Shopify is about more than just building websites—it’s about expanding your reach and audience. With social media integration, SEO integrated right in, and strong marketing capabilities, you can reach and interact with customers like never before. These applications typically cost $58.49 a month, which is a small price to pay for the significant advantages they offer. Unexpectedly, the majority of developers (82.4%) devote all of their attention to honing a single Shopify app, giving it their best effort to make it the best for you.

But here’s where it gets exciting: over 40% of these apps offer trials or free plans, giving you a risk-free way to discover the Best Shopify Wholesale Apps and see how they can transform your business. It’s not just a platform; it’s a strategy for success.

Qualities to Look for in a Shopify Wholesale App

Choosing the right Shopify apps for your wholesale business is a crucial step towards building a solid platform. Therefore, before the selection process, ensure that the following points are taken into consideration. 

1. Product Visibility Control

Imagine being able to highlight or conceal particular products according to clientele or collections. By optimizing the feature where every consumer sees the products that are most relevant to them improves both the customer’s shopping experience and sales.

2. Customer Tagging

You may easily separate your clientele with the use of customer tagging. With this feature, you can provide customized discounts, build enduring loyalty, and customize their experience regardless of whether they are Silver, Gold, or Platinum customers.

3. Discount Options

Flexibility is key when it comes to discounts. Whether it’s percentage discounts, fixed price reductions, or quantity-based offers, this feature provides you with versatile discounting options to attract and retain wholesale customers.

4. Easy Reorder Option

Simplification of the reordering process for wholesale customers with an easy reorder option is an excellent feature for boosting sales. This streamlines their repeat purchases, saves time, and ensures a seamless shopping journey every time they return to your store.

26 Best Shopify Wholesale Apps in 2024

With the availability of a wide array of shopify wholesaler apps, selecting the right ones can be a challenging task. To make the entire process an easy one for you, the following is the list of the 25 best shopify wholesale apps that you must have in 2024. 

1. Emizen Matrix Shipping Rates

Calculate Shipping Rates in Real-Time, Reduce Cart Abandonment Rates, and Affect Conversion Rates.

Real-time shipping rates calculator to diminish cart abandonment rate! This app helps users evaluate shipping rates based on destination, weight, and number of items. Customers can see the shipping rates on the checkout page, which helps diminish the abandonment rate and impacts conversion rates.


  • Showcasing shipping rates in the cart itself eases customers.
  • Flexible at calculating shipping rates by weight and number of the item and dest
  • Easy and quick installation – no coding required!
  • Reduce cart abandonment rate by calculating shipping rates in the cart.
  • Works perfectly on conversion rates and deepens customer trust.


  • Free Plan: Free to install
  • Silver Plan: $10/ month
  • Gold Plan: $50/ month or $500/year and save 17%

2. All‑In‑One Wholesale Catalog 

This is a comprehensive toolkit designed to streamline and simplify the wholesale process for businesses, irrespective of their sizes. This app is a set of three essential components: the Catalog Creator, Line Sheet Viewer, and Wholesale Order Form. The Catalog Creator allows for easy customization. The Line Sheet Viewer presents catalogs professionally, showcasing key product details and pricing. The Wholesale Order Form simplifies the ordering process, reducing errors and saving customers time. All-In-One Wholesale Catalog is your solution for efficient wholesale management.


  • Easy setup
  • No coding or design experience 
  • Drag and drop builder 
  • Pre-built templates 


  • Free trial: 14 days 
  • Essential: $ 25 month
  • Studio: $50 month 

3. Wholesale Pricing Now WOD

Wholesale Pricing Now makes wholesale management a breeze for Shopify merchants. It features a unique wholesale price system that encourages more purchases with tiered discounts. This app integrates wholesale and custom pricing seamlessly into your main store, eliminating the hassle of managing multiple sites or duplicate variants. It’s also compatible with AJAX carts, removing the need for discount codes. It simplifies your wholesale operations and leaves your customers impressed.


  • Override Shipping & Tax Charge
  • Net 15/30 Terms
  • Order Form
  • Multiple wholesale discount groups
  • Tiered & Custom Pricing


  • Free Trial: 14 days 
  • Shopify Basic: $14.95 month 
  • Shopify Standard: $24.95 month
  • Shopify Advanced: $ 34.95 month 

4. Wholesale-All in One

Effortlessly create discounts, set wholesale pricing, and even tiered/volume pricing tailored for different groups of products and customers. Whether it’s discounts for everyone or specific customer groups, you’re in control. Apply these discounts across your entire store or target them to specific collections, products, or variants. Plus, make it easy for customers to register their wholesale accounts with the embedded Wholesale Signup Form right on your website. 


  • Create Wholesale Pricing rules 
  • Embed Wholesale Signup Form 
  • Manage Shipping, Order Limit, Cart Level discounts, and other add-ons
  • Wide variety of discount options 
  • Discounts management 


  • Free trial: 14 days 
  • Basic Plan: $24 month
  • Professional Plan: $29 month
  • Business plan: $ 39 month 

5. Wholesale Gorilla

Imagine approved customers logging in to access wholesale prices integrated into your existing store. Keep things simple with easy wholesale price rules, or explore its robust feature set—from net terms and custom shipping to order limits, product exclusions, and quantity breaks. The full suite of B2B tools caters to your every need. Plus, its obsession with customer service is another advantage. To put it simply it’s wholesale, simplified!


  • Personalized pricing and discounts.
  • Automated order processing.
  • 24/7 expert support.
  • Easy installation and integration.
  • Scalable pricing tiers.


  • Free trial: 21 days 
  • Development: free 
  • Essential: $34.95 month
  • Advanced: $69.95 month
  • Premium: $ 149.95 month 

6. Wholesale Hero & B2B Pricing

This is the ultimate solution for wholesale pricing, catering to B2B, D2C, and volume discounts for wholesalers and retailers alike. The Wholesale Hero & B2B Pricing app allows you to establish tiered pricing structures, volume discounts, and tailored B2B/D2C pricing for bulk orders. Maximize satisfaction by offering different price points for wholesalers and retailers. Boost your store’s profit margins with personalized wholesale pricing and custom pricing options—all made easy with the Wholesale Hero & B2B Pricing app.


  • Set varied pricing: Wholesale, volume, B2B, D2C.
  • Apply tiered discounts: Bulk purchase, conditions-based.
  • Offer diverse discounts: flat rate, percentage, fixed price.
  • Display pricing types: Wholesale, volume, B2B, D2C on product page.
  • Customize pricing table: Rearrange wholesale, volume, D2C, and B2B offers.


  • Free trial: 14 days
  • Partners stores: Free
  • Unlimited Plan: $4.99 month

7. Magic Pass Wholesale

An effortless way to protect specific pages with passwords, perfect for exclusive member content and wholesale access. Unlike Shopify’s blanket site-wide password, MagicPass allows you to secure individual pages, ensuring only authorized users can view them. Improve your wholesale experience by offering a smooth login process with integrated discount codes, making wholesale transactions a breeze. Simplify your content protection and wholesale management with MagicPass today!


  • Password or tag authentication.
  • Protect products, pages, collections, articles.
  • Apply discounts on login.
  • Ideal for wholesale, members-only.


  • Free trial: 30 days 
  • Basic: $5
  • Shopify: $19
  • Advanced: $49
  • Plus, enterprise: $99

8. B2B Wholesale Club

Wholesale Club simplifies wholesale selling on Shopify without the hassle of creating another store or dealing with pricing complexities. Tag your B2B customers and offer them exclusive wholesale prices. Enjoy professional wholesale tools such as net payment terms, quick order forms, custom pricing, volume discounts, and more. It’s your complete solution for successful wholesale sales!


  • Tagging accounts enables wholesale pricing for select customers.
  • Tailor discounts for various wholesale groups.
  • Volume discounts and order minimums cater to larger orders.
  • Custom pricing and product visibility offer precise pricing control.
  • Access B2B essentials like net terms, quick order forms, and extra fees.


  • Free trial: 30 days 
  • Dev plan: free
  • Basic Plan: $39 month
  • Professional Plan: $69 month
  • Premium plan: $99 month 

9. Charge Me Later, Wholesale App

With this app customers can place orders without immediate payment, offering the option to pay now or later. You can effortlessly send invoices manually or automatically, with customizable due dates for payment. Organize customers into groups and set unique wholesale discounts for each group, whether fixed or percentage-based, for all products or variants. Additionally, bulk upload discounted prices using CSV files. Notably, this app operates without relying on coupon codes.


  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Invoice Management
  • Wholesale Pricing
  • Bulk Price Import
  • Automated Order Invoices
  • Seamless Shopify Payments
  • Theme Compatibility
  • Customizable Settings


  • Free trial: 4 days 
  • Basic: $9.99 month 
  • Plus: $ 19.99 month 
  • Gold: $29.99 month 

10. Wholster: Wholesale B2B

Transform your wholesale operations with Wholster—a cutting-edge B2B platform integrated with your Shopify store. It comprises a modern dashboard designed for efficient wholesale management. Create bulk orders, set customer-specific pricing, and access a full toolkit tailored for wholesale transactions. Simplify account management with user-friendly net payment terms and automated processing of secure payment methods. With Wholster the entire wholesale process for both suppliers and store buyers becomes an easy one, saving valuable time and enhancing business’s efficiency.


  • Professional B2B Dashboard
  • Shopify Integration
  • Bulk Order Creation
  • Customer-Specific Pricing
  • Net Payment Terms
  • Automated Payment Processing
  • Supplier and Buyer Toolkit


  • Basic: free 
  • Standard: $29.99 month 
  • Premium: $99.99 month 
  • Enterprise: $999.99 month 

11. Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B

Maximise the power of B2B wholesale with Wholesale Pricing Discount (WPD)! Easily set up wholesale pricing, volume discounts, net payment terms, and customized shipping rates for your store. With WPD, enjoy flexible discount options, tiered pricing structures, and a simple wholesale signup process. Transform your store into a B2B powerhouse, driving revenue and growth for your business. Start selling wholesale today with the  user-friendly wholesale app!


  • Custom Discounts
  • Volume/Tiered Pricing
  • Bulk Price Management.
  • Customizable Signup Form
  • Flexible Payment Options


  • Free trial: 21 days 
  • Basic: $19.99 month 
  • Professional: $34.99 month 
  • Enterprise: $44.99 month 
  • Global: $64.99 month 

12. Wholesale Order Form & Reorder

The Wholesale Order Form and ReOrder (WOF) is the solution to set up a single-page order form on your Shopify store. Enable your customers to add multiple items to their carts with just a few clicks, improving their shopping experience. With WOF, quick reordering is enabled, and customers are delighted with a smooth process that minimizes page refreshes. Embrace bulk orders and boost revenue while providing an easy ordering experience on your online store. Elevate your business with WOF today!


  • Easy Reordering
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Customizable Order Form
  • Personalization Options
  • Flexible Placement
  • Access Control


  • Free trial: 8 days
  • Basic: $12.99 month
  • Professional: $19.99 month
  • Enterprise: $24.99 month 

13. Wholesale Lock Manager B2B

this app allows you to manage your wholesale and retail operations on one platform, saving you time as well as resources. With WLM, you can effortlessly hide products, collections, prices, or specific pages with just a few clicks. Boost the visibility of your store’s content for specific customers, ensuring a personalized experience. You can even password-protect pages, adding an extra layer of security. Simplify your store management and enhance customer experience with Wholesale Lock Manager.


  • Create locks on your entire store to control visibility.
  • Tag-Based Display
  • Price Privacy
  • Secret Links
  • Password Protection


  • Free trial: 8 days 
  • Lock manager: $6.99 month 

14. Wholesale Simplified

Improve your sales with wholesale discounts for customer groups supported by the Quick Order app! This powerful extension allows you to easily create and manage various discount and pricing rules for your wholesale buyers. Set special discounts for specific customer groups and create endless discount rules for flexible promotions. Attract more customers with new prices and offers, increasing your sales and enhancing customer satisfaction. Simplify promotions and sell more with ease!


  • Customer Group Discounts
  • Unified Store
  • Integration with Volume Discount and Tiered Price Apps
  • Compatibility with Quick Order and Bulk Order Form
  • Collection and Product Specific Discounts


  • Free trial: 30 days 
  • Premium: $19.99 month 

15. Wholesale 2B Dropshipping

Optimize the ultimate Dropshipping Solution: Sell Hot Products, Make Profits, & Skyrocket Your Shopify Business in No Time! Access thousands of products across 100+ niches with lightning-fast shipping and the lowest prices. Browse a vast selection of dropship-ready items and add them to your Shopify store instantly. Earn a profitable income without inventory management hassles. Customize products for better performance and create a unique store experience. Plus, the fulfillment team takes care of your orders, making your business run smoothly!


  • Automated Inventory Updates
  • Order Imports
  • Real-Time Tracking Updates
  • US & Canada Shipping
  • Unlimited Order Processing
  • Wide Variety of Products


  • Free Trial: Free
  • Monthly: $29.99

16. Wholesale/ Retail Catalog Maker

Easily create digital and printable catalogs, line sheets, and more with Catalog Maker! No design skills needed – get everything you need to showcase your store professionally and attract more customers. Promote your new collections with digital catalogs and organize your wholesale business with time-saving tools. Whether you’re at a tradeshow or online, this platform helps you present your products in style and boost sales.


  • Printable (PDF) & Digital Catalogs
  • Printable Order Sheets
  • Wholesale Order Management
  • Product Page Transformation
  • Barcode Label Generation


  • Installations: Free
  • Personal: $89 month 
  • Business: $169 3months
  • Enterprise: $369 6months 
  • Premium: $949 6 months 

17. Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale

this app allows personalized pricing as per the customer. It offers different prices, including bulk discounts, for Wholesale buyers, VIP members, or regular customers. Choose between percentage or dollar savings for VIP or Wholesale pricing across any group of products. Easily set individual wholesale prices for each product or upload them via CSV for efficiency. Create multiple wholesale price tiers to accommodate larger dealers and diversify offerings. Encourage larger orders with bulk pricing options and quantity breaks for wholesale customers. 


  • Custom Pricing Levels
  • Wholesale B2B Pricing
  • Automated Price Adjustments
  • Flexible Pricing Options
  • Detailed Price Customization


  • Free Trial: 14 days 
  • Standard: $39.99 month
  • Standard Select: $59.99 month
  • Premium Select: $79.99 month
  • Complete: $ 199.99 month 

18. Revamp Wholesale for B2B Wholesale

Enhance your B2B wholesale business by boosting repeated order rates and sales team management. Gain insights into customer behavior to drive sales. Access a centralized platform for B2B/B2C customers, orders, notes, tags, tasks, and customizable fields. Enjoy tag synchronization with Shopify and extend CRM capabilities via Zapier integration. Efficiently manage sales activities, gather customer feedback and track team performance. Keep a record of customer insights like RFM classification, forecasted next order date, and order cycle days for informed decision-making and business growth.


  • Unified 360 Customer Profile
  • Sales Activity Management
  • Task Grouping and Tracking
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Detailed Customer Insights


  • Free Trial: Free
  • Free: free
  • Starter: $9 month 
  • Sales: $18 month 
  • Insights: $28 month 

19. BSS: B2B/Wholesale Solution

This is a complete wholesale solution designed for merchants. Deliver a smooth shopping journey for B2B clients with our platform. Manage and gain insights from wholesale operations. Enjoy custom pricing options on specific products, build robust partnerships with wholesale customers for sustained success.


  • Custom Wholesale Pricing
  • Wholesaler Registration & Tagging
  • Order Management Features
  • Tax Compliance Automation
  • Additional Sales Enhancements


  • Free trial: 14 days
  • Free forever: free
  • Basic: $4.90 month
  • Advanced: $43.90 month 
  • Enterprise: $93.90 month 

20. SpurIT Wholesale Pricing

Effortlessly transition your retail store into a wholesale powerhouse! Set up wholesale pricing within 24 hours. This comprehensive wholesale app equips you with everything needed to efficiently manage wholesale operations and membership groups: auto-tagging, email marketing, unlimited wholesale statuses, and customizable settings. Create various membership groups where participants can access your products at reduced prices. For example, establish VIP or wholesale customer groups. Assign specific discount rates and transfer terms between groups to maximize benefits for each dedicated wholesale segment.


  • Flexible Wholesale User Statuses
  • Selective Product Discounts
  • Customizable Discount Rates
  • Multiple Price Tiers
  • Personalized Status Notifications


  • Free trial: 8 days 
  • Basic Plan: $19.95 month 
  • Priority support: $28.95 month 

21. Dropshop Easily – Wholesale 2B

Make the best use of a vast array of products across 100+ niches with lightning-fast shipping and unbeatable prices. Sell Profitable Products, and boost Your Shopify Business effortlessly. Access a million dropship-ready products across multiple niches and integrate them into your Shopify store in real time. Earn a consistent income without the hassle of inventory management. Customize product offerings for optimal performance and a unique store experience. Plus, a fulfillment team takes care of orders, ensuring a smooth process for you!


  • Diverse Niche Products
  • Fast Shipping
  • Lowest Prices
  • Seamless Integration
  • Passive Income Boost


  • Free trial: 7 days 
  • Monthly: $29.99 

22. VolumeBoost ‑ Volume Discounts

Launch discounted price campaigns, offering various discount types, a cart-saving message, and import/export options to boost your average order value. Tailor custom-tiered pricing to match your online store. Perfect for wholesale pricing, attracting new customers, and rewarding loyal customers with special discounts.


  • Discount Coupon Box Integration
  • Multi-Customer Tag Management
  • Quantity Limit Control
  • Custom Cart Messages
  • Selectable Discount Countries
  • Product Bundle Options
  • Various Bundle Types
  • Flexible Pricing Options


  • Free Trial: 7 days 
  • Development Plan: free
  • Basic Plan: $10 month
  • Pro Plan: $20 month 
  • Advanced Plan: $30 month 

23. Faire

Sell Wholesale: An online wholesale marketplace linking independent retailers and brands worldwide. The Faire sales channel app integrates with your existing selling strategies, allowing you to wholesale to independent retailers easily. Just set up and synchronize your catalog, inventory, and orders with Shopify, streamlining your operations for maximum efficiency.


  • Global Retailer Access
  • Easy Setup, No Commitments
  • Quick Product Publishing
  • Inventory Syncing
  • Seamless Order Syncing


  • Installation: Free

24. B2B Wholesale+Forms & Pricing

Benefit from a dedicated wholesale portal with wholesale login, quantity management, and exclusive deals. Streamline your wholesale process and serve both Shopify wholesale and retail customers easily. Manage wholesale orders and access tools like wholesale forms, wholesale genius, and a dedicated wholesale section, making wholesale business management effortless. Compare with competitors like Bold Wholesale and Wholesale All-In-One for a comprehensive wholesale experience.


  • Multiple Volume Tiered Pricing
  • Special Pricing by Tags
  • Seamless Wholesale Transactions
  • Empowering Store Features
  • Bulk Discount Campaigns


25. SparkLayer B2B & Wholesale

With SparkLayer, enhance B2B wholesale capabilities on your Shopify store. Enable customers and your sales team to place orders, manage accounts, repeat purchases, create “shopping lists,” and more. SparkLayer delivers a comprehensive B2B experience, seamlessly integrating with your Shopify theme, including full support for Online Store 2.0.


  • Comprehensive Feature Set
  • Self-Service Ordering
  • Sales Agent Empowerment
  • Global Compatibility
  • Blended Store Integration


  • Free trial: 14 days 
  • Enterprise: free to install
  • Starter: $49 month 
  • Growth: $149 month 
  • Pro: $299 month 

26. Sami Wholesale Pricing B2B

The Samita Wholesale App provides merchants with a complete solution to enhance bulk sales and elevate the B2B customer journey. Standout features include customizable pricing tailored to individual customers and extensive discount application options for your entire store or specific products/variants. Take advantage of custom registration forms to develop meaningful conversations and forge strong customer connections.


  • Customized Wholesale Pricing
  • Volume Discounts
  • Unique Registration Form
  • Quick Order Form
  • Cart Drawer Customization


  • Installation: Free

How Emizen Tech Can Help You with Shopify Wholesale Apps

Emizen Tech specializes in Shopify app development, crafting customized solutions for your wholesale business, or integrating existing apps from the Shopify store. As a leading Shopify development company, we focus on creating tailored apps that seamlessly blend with your setup, enhancing your e-commerce store’s functionality and user experience. Trust us for top-tier Shopify app development designed to meet your specific needs.


Learn about Top Shopify Wholesale Apps that can supercharge your business! These apps come packed with a diverse and useful range of features that can completely change how your business grows. Easily handle wholesale tasks, get more customers, and sell more without any hassle. With features like custom prices, discounts for buying in bulk, and making orders smoother, Shopify wholesale apps give you lots of ways to improve. Try them out, see your business grow, and enjoy more success than ever! 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Shopify Have a Wholesale Program?

Yes, Shopify has a wholesale program that allows businesses to set custom pricing and offer bulk discounts to their wholesale customers. It provides features specifically designed to support wholesale operations within the Shopify platform.

Is Shopify a Good Platform for Wholesale Business?

Shopify is a great platform for wholesale businesses, providing tools for custom pricing, inventory management, and order processing.

How Do I Integrate a Wholesale App Into Shopify?

To integrate a wholesale app into Shopify, install the app from the Shopify App Store and follow the setup instructions.

How Do I Build a Custom Shopify App for My Project?

You can build a custom Shopify app for your project by hiring Shopify developers or using Shopify’s API and development tools to create foolproof solutions.

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