E-commerce is the leading revenue-making stream for different businesses. Coming to wholesale businesses is about making an amazing wholesale app for your clients. E-commerce development solutions increase accessibility. It not only allows the companies to easily reach their regular audience but also beyond that. So which platform is the best for creating high-performing wholesale applications for your business? Shopify is the perfect place for leveraging the wholesale benefits without additional investments. Do you know that more than 1.75 million merchants sell through Shopify? 

Let us help you with our well-researched list of the top and best Shopify apps for wholesale businesses. We’ll cover the top fifteen Shopify apps for wholesale, along with their features and method of working. Hence, businesses can take help from these apps and create an amazing wholesale app accordingly. First, start with the main features that make any wholesale app a hit in the modern competitive world. 

Key features a wholesale app should have

The benefits of the wholesale app options on Shopify are immense. However, not every business has the time to set up and create a new wholesale store. While some businesses are at entry points, others want expert opinions before creating a dedicated wholesale app. The concern businesses face the most is the selection of the top wholesale apps for Shopify.

While it is easy to have a quick list of the top wholesale apps, it all comes down to the key features. You may not have time to go through the different Shopify apps for wholesale and note the useful features. So, here we present a well-researched list of the key features for any wholesale app:

1. Quick Installation

First things first, the wholesale app should be easy and quick to install on Shopify. The wholesale app must offer improved configuration and limited initial setup time for helping clients place quick orders.

2. Dedicated Space for Wholesaler 

The wholesale customers should get all details about your products. The difference in the pricing options for non-wholesalers from wholesalers makes it necessary to ensure that your wholesale app is accessed by wholesaler customers only.

3. Product and Variant Synchronization

With the increase in the Wholesale products listed on the app, it becomes essential that the app offers quick setup and maintenance. Further, the product and variant synchronization can be adjusted according to the changes in the specific product or entire variants. The introduction of a new variant should reflect in the wholesale space accordingly.

4. Custom Pricing

It is essential for any exclusive Shopify wholesale app to display the custom wholesale pricing to the customers. 

5. Automated Discounts

Last but not least is the automated discounts for different order sizes. It can be employed after seamless installation and product details sharing. The automated discounts work as the silent cheerleader for attracting customers to your wholesale app.

Best Shopify Wholesale Apps

After having a quick look at the top features in any wholesale app, it comes down to the top Shopify wholesale apps. You don’t have to get confused in the plethora of the different Shopify wholesale apps when you can go through our well-researched list of the top rankers. So here is a detailed list of the top and best Shopify wholesale apps along with their features and working:

1. B2B/Wholesale Solution

B2B/Wholesale Solution

Created by BSS Commerce, B2B/ Wholesale Solution offers all-in-one B2B solutions. It is an up-to-date application with seamless integration with the latest themes. It was launched in 2020 and quickly integrates with other functionalities like B2B Customer Portal, B2B Login Access, Dealer Store Locator, Product Labels Pro, etc.

It offers custom pricing API and quantity break API for third-party integration.
It allows quick addition or exemption or tax display and further offers a tax exemption for validated EU VAT numbers/ ABN validation.
It has an automatic currency switcher and can create custom discount codes for different B2B customers.
It is available under a free trial, essential plan at 25 USD monthly, advanced plan at 50 USD monthly, and platinum plan at 100 USD monthly.


B2B/ Wholesale Solution helps businesses create custom B2B registrations to separate the customers and helps set up custom pricing based on customer tags. While the customers can place manual orders from the admin backend, it allows auto-add tags to different customers based on smart conditions.

2. Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale

Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale

Created by BOLD, Bold Custom Pricing Wholesale is the perfect app for selling different products. It can be used directly in the Shopify admin by businesses to introduce seamless workflow. Launched in 2013, it can quickly integrate with Bold Bundles, Bold Multi-Currency, Bold Loyalties, Bold Memberships, Bold Discounts, etc.

It allows manual or automatic control of the customer group names, discounts, and other details.
It allows discounts on hand-selected products group, vendors, product types, specific collections, entire stores, etc.
The different price levels can be quickly set as fixed price dollar discount, percent % discount, manually entered prices for different products, CSV uploading, etc.
It is available in a 14-day free trial, a basic plan at 39.99USD monthly, a premium plan at 59.99USD monthly, etc.


It allows VIP or member pricing and wholesale pricing to different customers. Businesses can manually set individual wholesale prices for different products or can add a tag to the customer account in Shopify. It is easy to create multiple wholesale price levels for large dealers and offer bulk pricing or quantity breaks to wholesale customers.

3. Wholesale Gorilla

Wholesale Gorilla

Created by Wholesale Gorilla, this app aims to simplify the wholesale experience. It can be directly used in the Shopify admin for a seamless workflow. Wholesale Gorilla works with all the latest Shopify themes with its up-to-date technology. Launched in 2018, the best part of Wholesale Gorilla is that it is the wholesale app created by wholesale sellers only.

It allows retail shipping settings to override in accordance with the wholesale shipping rules.
It sets min/ multi/ max quantity rules for products, collections, and carts and allows net checkout for ordering currently and paying later.
Businesses can hide the required products from retail or wholesale customers while facilitating order placement with the quick order form.
It comes with a 30-day free trial, a standard plan at 39.95 USD monthly, and a professional plan at 149.95 USD monthly.


Wholesale Gorilla allows quick log-in of the approved customers to check trade prices and access different wholesale features. Businesses can easily set wholesale prices for entire stores, variants, or products. Further, it eliminates the possibility of duplicate variants as they can be quickly integrated into the ecommerce shop.

4. Wholesale Club

Wholesale Club

Created by Orbit, Wholesale Club presents an easy way to sell different products wholesale on Shopify. It includes different features supporting wholesale businesses while eliminating the requirement of a second Shopify store. Launched in 2015, it can be integrated quickly into the Point-of-Sale like Shopify POS.

It facilitates large order placing with a quick order form as the customers can add multiple products to their cart at once.
Businesses can create order minimums to create order eligibility requirements for specific customer groups by including variants, products, and collections.
It allows businesses to offer volume discounts based on the total volume or contents in the cart along with net payment terms.


Wholesale Club allows businesses to offer wholesale or VIP pricing by tagging specific customer accounts. The different tags, like gold pricing and silver pricing, can be set for different customer groups. After customer tagging is done, businesses can quickly add net terms, custom pricing, volume discounts, etc. 

5. Wholesale Pricing Discount

wholesale Pricing Discount

Created by Wholesale Helper, Wholesale Pricing Discount (WPD) is the perfect Shopify app to showcase net terms, bulk discounts, wholesale prices, etc., to different B2C and B2B customers. Launched in 2018, it can be quickly integrated with numerous functionalities like Product Filter Search, Wholesale Order Form, Smile Swell Loyalty, Pagefly, Shogun, Wholesale Lock Manager, etc.

It offers exclusive customer support over email or phone with a quick response time. Businesses can reach the customer support team all weekdays.
It allows the creation of multiple discount groups for collections, products, etc., with a discount percentage or specific prices.
It allows handpicking of bulk discount or volume discount types from options like flat price, price off, percentage off, etc.
It offers a 21-day free trial, a basic plan at 19.99 USD monthly, a professional plan at 34.99 USD monthly, and an enterprise plan at 44.99 USD monthly.


Wholesale Helper, Wholesale Pricing Discount (WPD) displays the wholesale discounts and pricing to different customers and helps set personalized pricing. Businesses can offer volume or tiered pricing to bulk customers and can set advanced shipping or custom rates. The manual order feature offers much-needed assistance to wholesale enterprise customers.

6. Wholesale Genius

Wholesale Genius

Created by Micro apps, Wholesale Genius promises to make wholesale selling error-free. It can be used directly from Shopify admin and allows a seamless workflow for different businesses. It doesn’t impact the speed of the online store and hence offers zero hassles. Launched in 2012, it helps businesses create a discount group, assign prices, and add different wholesale customers.

It allows tax overrides and shipping overrides for wholesalers.
Businesses can make unlimited discount groups with bulk product price uploads, net or terms checkout, etc.
It can be quickly integrated with different sales channels or inventory management systems.
It is available for 15 days free trial, a basic plan at 4.99 USD monthly, and an enterprise plan at 19.99 USD monthly.


Wholesale Genius helps businesses select the customers accessing wholesale prices. Hence, only the approved customers can view the prices after logging in only. Businesses can use the user-intuitive admin interface to approve wholesale customers or import features to assign multiple discounts.

7. Wholesale Pricing Now

Wholesale Pricing Now

Created by Website On-Demand, it is the perfect solution for businesses aiming to create wholesale pricing without creating a different online store. Businesses aiming to treat their repeat, B2B, or VIP customers as royals can go for the exclusive features of Wholesale Pricing Now. Launched in 2017, it can be quickly integrated into Product Customizer, Trackify X, Preorder Now, Bulk Discounts Now, In Cart Upsell, etc. 

It allows powerful upsell to encourage customers to spend more and unlock high discounts on different product pages.
It offers shipping and tax charges override quickly with no extra steps.
It allows businesses to embed the tiered pricing tables directly on the different product pages.
It offers 14 days free trial, a Shopify basic at 14.95 USD monthly, a Shopify standard at 24.95 USD monthly, and a Shopify Advanced at 39.95 USD monthly. 


It offers quick creation of the wholesale discount group with wholesale discounts and customer tags. In addition, businesses can select wholesale discount placement on different products or stores.

8. Charge Me Later, Wholesale app

Charge Me Later, Wholesale app

Created by Buddy Apps, Charge Me Later, the Wholesale app, is the perfect solution for allowing customers to order without instant payment. Instead, it helps businesses create orders and select from Pay Later or Pay Now options. Launched in 2018, it can be used directly in Shopify admin without affecting the app speed.

It offers flexible payment options like Pay Now or Pay Later to allow businesses to charge customers whenever they want.
It allows notifications through email for every new order, and new staff can be added for email notifications.
It eliminates duplicate or hidden variants and doesn’t rely on coupon codes.
It offers four days trial period, a basic plan at 9.99 USD monthly, plus plan at 19.99 USD monthly, and a gold plan at 29.99 USD monthly.


Charge Me Later, the Wholesale app, allows customers to pay later and allows businesses to send an invoice to wholesale customers whenever needed. There are no issues with coupon codes, duplicate variants, etc., as all quantity and wholesale discounts are available under one platform only. Further, it is easy to install and configure this app without additional costs.

9. Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder

Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder

Created by Wholesale Helper, the Wholesale Order Form and ReOrder helps place bulk orders in seconds. It works seamlessly with the latest themes and can be used directly in Shopify admin. In addition, it eliminates the need to navigate through different product pages. Launched in 2014, it can be quickly integrated with Auto Currency Switcher, Pre-Order Helper, Wholesale Pricing Discount, Wholesale Lock Manager, etc.

It allows translation of the text, display inventory, products or columns sorting, color changing, etc., for additional customization.
It helps create a custom form for mobile users to ensure quick and anytime ordering for improved customer experience.
It offers dedicated email and call support within one business day only.
It offers an 8-day trial, a basic plan at 12.99 USD monthly, a professional plan at 19.99 USD monthly, and an enterprise plan at 24.99 USD monthly.


Wholesale Order Form and ReOrder help create bulk products on a single screen, and the orders can be repeated in just two clicks. In addition, it eliminates the need to browse different product pages and control visitors or customers viewing different products. Further, businesses can improve customer experience with their mobile device compatibility.

10. Wholesale Pricing Manager

Wholesale Pricing Manager

Created by SpurIT, the Wholesale Pricing Manager offers wholesale pricing and membership group management for different businesses. It is easy to transform the retail store into a wholesale one with the additional establishment. Launched in 2017, it allows discount rates and terms of transfer between different customer groups. 

It helps create custom letters notifying wholesale users about a new status assignment. 
It allows several wholesale price levels for the same product and sets wholesale discount rates by percentage or money.
It offers the creation of unlimited wholesale statuses with auto-tagging or manual tagging.


Wholesale Pricing Manager is an all-in-one wholesale app with numerous functionalities like flexible settings, unlimited wholesale statuses, email marketing, auto-tagging, etc. It prevents the duplicity of products and can be seamlessly used with different inventory management apps.

11. Wholster


Created by Gist, it helps businesses streamline their wholesale vertical with a highly professional dashboard. It is easy to create volume orders with multiple features like multi-shipment checkouts, order layouts, CSV invoice generation, etc. Launched in 2019, it can be quickly integrated into existing business systems.

It allows customer-specific payment terms and product-specific wholesale pricing.
It allows automatic payment terms processing like email invoices, charges, vaulted cards, etc.
It offers simple management for outstanding receivables tracking.
It is available in different pricing plans like free installation, a standard plan at 29.99 USD monthly, a premium plan at 99.99 USD monthly, and an enterprise plan at 999.99 USD monthly.


Businesses can use Wholster to manage all B2B orders with real-time connectivity to Shopify inventory. It is easy to opt for box packing technology for precise shipping rates, packing slips, and printed invoices. Further, businesses can generate invoices and CSV bulk orders with quick address validation.

12. Wholesale – All in one

Wholesale - All in one

Created by DigitalCoo, Wholesale- All in one allows businesses to create volume pricing, wholesale pricing, and discounts. It is easy to manage and review the customers, apply customer-level or catalog-level discounts, etc. Launched in 2019, it is the perfect solution for managing wholesale customers.

It offers fully customizable and lives countdown times to enable urgency.
It has two different checkout methods, namely Coupon Code API, Draft Order API, etc.
It comes with free service installation support.
It is available for 14 days free trial, a basic plan at 24 USD monthly, a professional plan at 29 USD monthly, and a business plan at 39 USD monthly.


It is easy for businesses to manage their wholesale customers and offer different customer-level discounts. The catalog-level discounts further ensure that businesses can select one based on their inventory needs. The coupon codes can be quickly employed on the page with no need of dedicates synchronized product pricing.

13. Dropship Easily — Wholesale2B

Dropship Easily — Wholesale2B

Created by Onlinestorebiz LLC, Dropship Easily offers a profitable business oversight with the guaranteed lowest prices. It allows automated inventory updates in real-time with automated tracking updates and order imports. Launched in 2016, Dropship Easily can be quickly integrated BigCommerce, Weebly, Ecwid, WooCommerce, Ebay, Amazon, etc.

It offers the fastest shipping to US and Canada with options of more than one million dropship products.
It allows unlimited order processing, tracking codes syncing, automated inventory updates, etc.
It allows the one-click shipment of dropship orders.
It offers seven days free trial and a paid plan of 29.99 USD monthly.


Businesses can use Dropship Easily to select the different dropship-ready products and add them to the Shopify store in real time. The orders and tracking codes can be automatically synced with the detailed order fulfillment process. All the listings are ensured with great precision.

14. Wholesale Lock Manager

Created by Wholesale Helper, Wholesale Lock Manager (WLM) brings an all-new, faster, and more convenient interface for wholesale business transactions. Launched in 2018, it can be easily integrated with searchanise, Filter and Search, Wholesale Order Form, Wholesale Pricing Discount, etc.

It offers dedicated customer support through email, Google Meet, phone, etc., all weekdays.
It allows confidential settings by enabling B2B login to restrict non-logged-in customers from the logged-in.
It helps businesses to control the visibility of prices, collections, products, pages, etc.
It offers eight days trial and is available at a 6.99 USD monthly plan.


Businesses can start using Wholesale Lock Manager (WLM) to hide content in the store by creating an entire stock lock, price lock, collection lock, product lock, etc. It is easy to ensure a B2B login to unlock hidden content and password-protect pages on the store. Not to miss is the amazing customer support. 

15. VolumeBoost – Volume Discount

VolumeBoost - Volume Discount

Created by HulkApps.com, VolumeBoost offers flexible and managed tiered pricing. It helps customers with a notification bar on the cart page to show customers their savings and encourage upsell. In addition, it helps businesses compete in the market with a well-defined tiered-pricing strategy.

It helps businesses create bulk quantity discounts.
It can create bulk pricing, quantity breaks, upsell and cross-sell product discounts, tiered discounts, product bundle discounts, etc.
It is a GDPR-compliant app with quick compatibility with online store 2.0 themes.
It is available for 14 days free trial, a basic plan at 7.90 USD monthly, a pro plan at 12.90 USD monthly, an advanced plan at 19.90 USD monthly, and a Shopify plus plan at 29.90 USD monthly.


Businesses can quickly use VolumeBoost by setting up deals from the app configurations. It is easy to assign products to the deals and select the discount table style. Businesses can preview and save the offer on the platform.

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With more than 319 billion USD already contributed by Shopify to global economic activity, there can be no other perfect time for wholesale businesses to introduce dedicated apps using Shopify. The key features of any successful Shopify app are automated discounts and custom pricing. A wholesale app should be easy to install, offers variant and product synchronization, specific wholesaler space, etc.

Coming to the successful Shopify apps for wholesale, there are numerous contenders. Our list of the top fifteen Shopify apps ensures that businesses can have a quick look at their features and work. If you have any requirements for custom Shopify app development then hiring professional Shopify developers is a must.

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