Hashtags or short phrases preceded by the symbol # have become essential to every brand’s social media strategy. Hashtags work by the following methodologyRight Hashtags to Boost the Reach of your Posts

  • Connect your content to a specific category or topic for users and algorithms
  • Makes the content discoverable in on-platform searches

The Goals and Benefits achieved through Hashtags include:

  • Increased user engagement by being part of a topic under discussion.
  • Greater Brand Awareness by using a branded hashtag
  • Support for social causes through specific hashtags
  • Say more with fewer words using hashtags
  • Gain followers by using popular and generic hashtags
  • Connect your blog/post to any brand or sponsor

While popular hashtags may make you a part of the conversation, using niche hashtags will help you stand out and associate with your brand.

Tips to Find the Right Hashtags

The cellphone blog, Prices Pakistan has used hashtags to increase user engagement. It is important to find hashtags that connect with your audience and are relevant to your company and industry.

Here we list the top tips to find the best hashtags for your posts.

  • Monitor Competitors and Influencers
  • Use Hashtagify.me
  • Use Insights
  • Listening Tools
  • Event Hashtags
  • Daily Hashtags
  • Location Hashtags
  • Company and Brand Hashtags
  • Campaign Hashtags
  • Industry and Niche Hashtags

1. Monitor Competitors and Influencers

When deciding on which hashtags to use for your posts, it is important to know your competitors. Keep an eye on the influencers and leaders in your fields, check which hashtags they use and how many tags they add to each post. The influencers and companies in your niche share the same audience and having some of the same hashtags will help you capture the audience.

2. Use Hashtagify.me

The tool Hashtagify.me enables you to find the best hashtags for your Instagram or Twitter post. It helps choose the right hashtags for your post based on the hashtags’ popularity and recent monthly and weekly trends. The tool suggests the right hashtags based on your post caption.

3. Use Insights

In order to monitor hashtag performance, use Insights. This is available on the Instagram business profile. To view insights on any particular post, click the View Insights button below the post on left, it will show all insights including impressions from Hashtags.

4. Listening Tools

Tools like Hootsuite are listening tools that help the company search for the most popular hashtags across all social media platforms using search streams. This narrows down the most effective hashtags to use for increased visibility and engagement.

5. Event Hashtags

Specific event hashtags are a great way to boost engagement. Hashtags like #IndependenceDay, #EidMubarak, and #SummerSale, etc. attract audiences and boost numbers. Make sure to keep the hashtag specific, relevant, and precise. Use them before, during, and after events to drive traffic to your page.

6. Daily Hashtags

Daily hashtags like #ThrowbackThursday, #FlashbackFriday, and #MondayMotivation are a way to keep the visitors hooked on a daily basis and keep them coming back for more. It establishes a schedule and helps regular customers to know when to expect new content. It is an easy and effective method to connect with your audience.

7. Location Hashtags

Location hashtags are an excellent way to increase the visibility of your post. It has been discovered that posts with location tags have 79% more engagement than those without them. Since the Instagram algorithm can pull out location-based posts in its explore feed; a location tag is an excellent way to promote physical stores and enterprises in a specific area as well as to boost exposure to the local and regional levels.

8. Company and Brand Hashtags

The best method to boost the reach of your company page is to create your own hashtag. A brand or company hashtag is one that is unique and connects to your brand ideology. Make sure to use it multiple times in your Instagram bio, Instagram stories, and post captions. In order to create a unique hashtag check out the popular hashtags using the Instagram Search Tool, discover what your competition is using, and use the Instagram Related Hashtag feature to find related hashtags for your company.

9. Campaign Hashtags

Creating a specific Campaign Hashtag is also a great promotional strategy. You can start a poll or invite users to submit entries using the hashtag while simultaneously promoting your campaign and brand. It is a very effective method to keep the audience updated and connected with the brand.

10. Industry and Niche Hashtags

Using targeted and niche hashtags will help you find and build communities around your brand. There are multiple hashtags for each industry such as beauty, food, fitness, technology, etc. Search for the popular hashtags in your niche using Instagram Analytics tools such as Keyhole and All Hashtag etc. this shall enable you to target the intended audience in your posts. Use specific product or service hashtags to increase engagement.


The importance of hashtags can no longer be denied; they are a powerful marketing tool in the world of social media. A hashtag can no longer be considered a fad or a passing phase. The cellphone blog PricesPakistan uses hashtags on its social media pages to increase outreach. Follow the strategies mentioned above to get the most out of your Instagram posts and stories.

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