Worldwide, the online pharmacy market is likely to witness noticeable growth in the upcoming era. On casting a brief look into the market, experts predicted an annual growth rate of around 11.57% in the forecast period of 2024-2028

The market revenue, which will likely reach $52.51 billion by 2024, is anticipated to hit $81.37 billion by 2028.

In this wider sector, you can also go for medicine delivery app development for your retail business. But, despite being dissolved in the crowd, your app should aim to confront the issues of online pharmacy customers. A study by the National Library of Medicine put forth varied issues of purchasing pharmacy products online, like illegal sale of prescription drugs, refusal of an online order because of expiry dates, product defects, etc., and more. So, build a medicine delivery app focusing on these problems that can make you stand strong as “One in a billion.” But how? Where to start? What is the cost to develop? These are the top tips for making money and withstanding strong year after year. 

Stop your mind from getting overwhelmed with infinite thoughts as you have landed on the right page where you will get answers to all your questions. 

What is a Medicine Delivery App?

A medicine delivery app is a mobile application that allows users to conveniently order medicines (prescribed or over-the-counter medicines) and other pharmacy products from listed pharmacies and get them to their doorstep. Such an online solution helps patients order prescriptions while resting at home and meet all their medication requirements. 

Stakeholders in the medicine delivery app development:

  • Patients 
  • Healthcare providers/Physician
  • Pharmacies, and 
  • Overall Healthcare System

Why Businesses Invest in Medicine Delivery App Development? 

Many factors contribute to the expansion of pharmaceutical drug delivery, like elevating cases of chronic diseases, increasing R&D investments, new product launches, and technological advancements. 

Considering this, an increasing number of pharma and biopharma companies are aiming R&D to build new medicines and drug delivery platforms for delivering innovative and top-quality products. 

Let’s target including unique facts and figures to state why you should invest in medical delivery app development. 

  • A report by the National Library of Medicine revealed that the global online pharmacy market will be valued at $206 billion by 2028, recorded as $68 billion in 2021
  • By the end of the current year, the user penetration in this segment is forecasted to be 23.62% and likely to boost 30.92% by 2028
  • The online pharmacy market’s average revenue per user (ARPU) is expected to be $28.69
  • Alone in 2024, the market is expected to generate $18,500 million.
  • While comparing globally, in the US, by the end of 2024, about $387.30 billion in revenue will be attained. 

These stats can anticipate a significant growth in the market’s popularity among worldwide consumers. And if these figures convince you, let’s get ahead and learn the benefits a business can get from developing a medicine delivery app. 

Business Benefits Of Developing A Medicine Delivery App 

Creating a medicine delivery app benefits retail businesses in many ways, like boosting revenue, increasing customer satisfaction, and more. Let’s check out some more details:

1. Increased Sales and Revenue

An online medicine delivery app development augments your customer reach, exceeding your physical location, letting you serve a wider audience, increasing sales, and generating revenue.

2. Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Reducing operational costs and enhancing overall efficiency, the app can streamline medicine order processing and delivery management. 

3. Improved Customer Convenience

Customers love the ease and convenience of home delivery. By building a prescription delivery app, you can increase customer satisfaction by enhancing their experience, leading to improved customer loyalty and repeat business. 

4. Data-Driven Insights

The collected user data through the app offers valuable insights into customers’ buying patterns, behavior, and medication requirements. Businesses can use this data to optimize their inventory management, improve marketing strategies, and provide better customer service. 

5. Improved Brand Image

A user-friendly medicine delivery app puts efforts into a positive brand image, displaying your commitment to convenience and innovation. 

6. Competitive Advantage

In the revolutionizing digital world, pharmacy delivery app development can make your business stand ahead of the curve, offering a competitive edge in the segment.

7. Potential for Expansion

Besides offering additional services, with time, you can advance your offerings through your app, extending customer reach and value proposition. 

Architecture of a Medicine Delivery App Work – A Brief Explanation

A fast medicine delivery app architecture includes two applications (on each end):

  • Client-side Application – This includes must-have features for users, like order placement, user authentication, real-time order tracking, and payment processing. 
  • Server-side Application – Used by pharmacies, delivery partners, and admin. 

Step 1: From the client-side application, the users place orders and track medicine deliveries. 

Step 2: On the server-side application, the admin manages inventory, processes incoming orders, stores user information, order history, and product details in a database, and communicates with delivery partners.

The architecture is crafted to ensure systematic order processing, accurate inventory management, and improved user experience. 

Business Model for a Prescription Delivery App

A business model is all-important to run your medicine delivery business and generate revenue successfully. 

Before starting online medicine delivery app development, let’s pick a suitable business model. 

1. Aggregator Model

Also known as the marketplace business model, in the aggregator model, An app partners with various pharmacies to list products, allowing users to browse and order medications from multiple pharmacies using a single platform. 

Best Part: No need for any storage or inventory facility for storing drugs, which reduces the investment level. 

Example: Pharmacy2U

2. Dedicated Model

Also termed an operational business model, the dedicated model chiefly aims to own and conduct the whole supply chain, from sourcing medications from pharmacies to delivering them to customers’ doorsteps. 

Best Part: The dedicated business model is best for reaching more patients having limited mobility or live far away. 

Example: Cipla

After picking your business model, you should choose the features you want to include in your app to make it worthwhile for the end users. Let’s catch it up in the section ahead. 

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Medicine Delivery App Development CTA 3

Unique Features to Empower Your Online Medicine Delivery App

Now, let’s pick the best and must-have features for your medicine doorstep delivery app. 

Usually, a pharmacy delivery app includes the following panels:

  • User Panel
  • Pharmacy Panel
  • Driver Panel
  • Admin Panel

1. User Panel

Registration & Profile ManagementCreate an account, update delivery addresses, and manage personal details. 
Prescription UploadsSecurely upload prescriptions or enter the medication details directly into the app.
Medicine Search & BrowsingBrowse for medications filtering by name, category, or brand, and search medication categories.
Order Placement & RefillOrder medications, add them to the cart, and easily refill/reorder medications from the order history.
Order TrackingReal-time order tracking, view the estimated delivery time and receive delivery notifications.
Payment OptionsChoose preferred payment modes for secure in-app transactions.
Order HistoryView order details, access past orders, and reorder medications only with a tap.
Feedback & ReviewsRate and review the pharmacy and medicine delivery service experience and provide feedback for advancement.
Loyalty Programs Manage and track customer loyalty points earned through purchases.
Medication Reminders Set medication reminders to ensure scheduled intake of prescribed dosages.

2. Pharmacy Panel

Prescription VerificationVerify uploaded prescriptions to check authenticity and distribute medications accurately.
Order ManagementView new and past users’ orders and manage their status (received, in-process, or delivered).
Inventory ManagementTrack medicine stock levels, manage inventory, and set reorder notes for low-stock items.
Messaging SystemSecure communication with users regarding prescriptions, clarifications, or order updates.
Analytics & ReportingAccess sales reports, user demographics, and medication trends to help with business decisions.
Promotions & DiscountsManage discounts and promotions offered on medications via an app.
Customer Reviews & FeedbackView user reviews and feedback to identify areas for modification and enhance customer service.
Performance TrackingMonitor medicine delivery performance metrics to optimize delivery time and efficiency.
Marketing & Promotions Use targeted in-app campaigns and promotions to reach specific user segments.
Driver Management Assign pharmacy orders to available drivers for seamless delivery.

3. Driver Panel

Order Acceptance & ManagementView assigned prescription orders and accept or decline deliveries based on availability through a medical delivery driver app. 
Order Status UpdatesUpdate order status during medication delivery (picked up, on the way, delivered).
Navigation & Delivery TrackingUse real-time navigation tools and track delivery paths to optimize delivery timing.
Delivery ConfirmationGet electronic or physical delivery confirmation (acceptance signature) upon successful delivery.
User CommunicationCommunicate with users for deliveries through in-app messaging for any clarifications or updates.
Performance FeedbackView performance metrics and get feedback to enhance delivery efficiency.
Earnings TrackingTrack earnings per the completed deliveries and payment methods.
Availability ManagementSet order availability times to manage workload and optimize delivery schedules.
Safety & Navigation UpdatesReceive updates on road closures, traffic conditions, or safety alerts to ensure efficient and safe deliveries.
In-App SupportAccess in-app support channels to get assistance or report issues during deliveries.

4. Admin Panel

Pharmacy ManagementManage registered pharmacies, approve/deny pharmacy registrations, and access pharmacy performance data.
User ManagementEdit, add, and manage user accounts, including permissions and roles. 
Content Management,Manage app content like the About Us page, FAQs, and medication information displays.
Driver Management (For Admin to manage delivery staff)Edit, add, and manage driver accounts delivery zones and track driver performance. 
Payment ManagementManage transaction fees and payment gateways and secure all financial transactions within the app.
Order ManagementView and manage all medication orders ( from user, pharmacy, and driver perspective) and handle disputes or cancellations.
Push NotificationsSend targeted push notifications to users for order updates, promotions, or crucial announcements.
Analytics & ReportingAccess complete reports on app usage, sales trends, user behavior, and overall business performance.
App Settings & ConfigurationManage app settings like service fees, delivery zones, and promotional campaigns.
Security & ComplianceImplement strong security measures to safeguard user data, financial information, and prescriptions.

Including basic features will make your app useful; ensure that these are incorporated while you develop a medicine delivery app. 

Advanced Tech-Suite For Medicine Delivery App

Must-have features will make your app valuable, but you should also consider advanced functionalities to stand ahead of the curve. 

Here, you will learn how to make your prescription delivery app better. 

1. Drone Delivery 

General medicine delivery comprises various persons performing at different edges for successful prescription delivery to the doorstep. 

Here, the drone-based delivery of medicines and other pharma products will boost response times that are much needed in emergency situations that require instant medical attention. 

Benefits of Drones in Medicine Delivery

  • Cost Savings
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Quick and Cost-effective

2. Sustainability and Green Initiatives

With the growing environmental issues, the use of sustainable modes can help. The medicine delivery apps should opt for sustainability and green initiatives, like carbon-neutral delivery modes, environmentally friendly packaging, and reduced plastic usage. 

Benefits of Sustainability and Green Initiatives in Medicine Delivery  Business

  • Improved Patient Care
  • Financial Savings
  • Increased Workforce Engagement
  • Reduced Waste

3. Blockchain Technology 

In medicine delivery apps, integrating blockchain technology can help with transparency and security of transactions and data transfer between distributors, manufacturers, and healthcare providers. 

Benefits of Blockchain Technology in Pharmacy Delivery App

  • Reduced Admin Costs
  • Fast Payment Systems
  • Easy Billing and Payment Process

4. AI and ML Integration

When integrated with medicine delivery apps, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms facilitate personalized healthcare recommendations, route optimization for fast deliveries, and predictive analytics for seamless inventory management. 

Benefits of AI/ML in Medication Delivery App

  • Streamline Operations
  • Improved User Experience
  • Enhance Timeliness and Accuracy of Medication Deliveries

5. Smart Chatbots

Integrating AI-powered, smart chatbots with pharmacy delivery apps can help patients with on-time medical advice, send daily reminders, schedule appointments, and even send invoices. 

Benefits of Smart Chatbots in Medicine Delivery Apps

  • 24*7 Availability
  • User Data Accumulation
  • Faster Query Processing
  • Task Automation
  • Improved User Engagement

6. IoT Integration

Integration of IoT in prescription delivery apps provides real-time patient health monitoring, facilitating healthcare professionals to adjust health treatments accordingly, leading to enhanced patient outcomes. 

Benefits of IoT in Medicine Delivery Apps

  • Drug Management
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Disease Management
  • Easy Diagnosis
  • Preventive Healthcare

These were the latest tech trends that you should incorporate in your apps to enhance their working and efficiency and make them earn boosted revenue. 

7. EHR (Electronic Health Record) Connected Customer Profile

An app should be able to share the EHR profile of a user to a healthcare provider organization like the testing laboratories, emergency facilities, hospitals, and doctors.

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Top Medicine Delivery Apps in the Market – The Giants 

There are varied on-demand medicine delivery apps in the market. It’s essential to closely monitor them, their USPs, lagging points, and more to consider them while you build your app. 

1. Capsule Pharmacy

Downloads: 10k+

A new pharmacy delivery app, Capsule, is a user-friendly, smarter, and faster medication delivery app that provides free same-day delivery of pharmacy products. 


  • Same-day delivery
  • Free prescription delivery 
  • Chat or text with pharmacists

2. NowRx – Pharmacy On-Demand

Downloads: 1T+

NowRX, an on-demand pharmacy delivery app, is a reliable and trusted way to deliver medications to the doorstep within an hour. 


  • Prescription Status Checker
  • Refill Existing Prescription
  • Pills Reminder
  • Video Chat with Pharmacist

3. MedLife

Downloads: 100k+

With the MedLife app, you can access medical services and information with only a click, anytime, on your mobile device. Besides, you can check doctors, specialists, or medical centers and request an online appointment. 

4. CVS Pharmacy

Downloads: 10M+

An online refill and prescription transfer app, CVS provides varied pharmacy services. The users get extra care deals and faster medication delivery with lots of savings. 


  • Order prints directly from the phone.
  • One scan to get prescriptions and deals
  • Sneak at upcoming deals
  • Prescription refill and management

5. Rite Aid Pharmacy

Downloads: 1M+

This pharmacy delivery app allows you to manage your prescriptions easily, shop for every health need, earn reward points, and convert them into bonus cash for extra savings. 


  • Digital Coupons
  • Rite Aid Rewards
  • Prescription management

Monetization Strategies for Pharmacy Delivery App

Monetization Strategies for Medicine Delivery App

Let’s check out a plan aiming to generate revenue via your online medicine delivery app. 

1. Platform Fee

All the listed pharmacies must pay a fixed amount via the app for every order placement. This monetization model generates revenue for the medical delivery app platform as a middleman between varied pharmacies and users. 

2. Subscription Fee

This model arrives with premium features for the users, like priority delivery options, unlimited free deliveries, and exciting discounts for a regular monthly or yearly subscription fee.

3. Commission Fee

The medical delivery app earns a commission on the total value of every medication order placed. This incentivizes the platform to promote pharmacies and offer competitive pricing to engage users. 

4. Sell Advertisement

Online medicine delivery apps can sell space for advertisement display to pharmaceutical brands, healthcare providers, or any relevant businesses. In turn, the ad showcased within the app generates extra income. 

5. Featured Listing

Pharmacies can display their listings prominently on the main app interface or within the app’s search results and pay for it. This boosts their visibility and drives more orders. 

How To Develop A Medicine Delivery App?

When you start developing a medicine delivery app, you should know it consists of different stages: analyzing the market competitors, working on USPs, identifying competitors, hiring a reliable medicine delivery app development company, and designing, developing, launching, and promoting your app successfully. 

Let’s get started!

1. Market Research and Competitor Analysis

First, start by researching your market to learn about trending technologies, your competitors, the tactics they follow, weak points (to work on later), and more. 

2. Choosing Business Model & Monetization Strategies

Now, pick a suitable business model and strategies to help you choose an appropriate model and make money through your prescription delivery app. 

3. Finding a Mobile App Development Company

Building a medication delivery mobile app demands deep knowledge of technology and relevant trends. A reliable app development company can help with proper guidance, a team of experts, and resources. Look for a company with an engaging portfolio, best reviews, and ratings. 

4. Decide On Features & Functionalities of Medication Delivery App

Based on monetization strategies and your chosen business model, it’s time to finalize the features and functionalities to include in your app. 

Tip: Emerge with a standard version of your app with essential features and functionalities that will demand comparatively less investment. Ahead, while achieving more profits, you can expand with app advancements. 

5. Design and Develop Your App

In this phase, you need to design your app using pre-built or custom designs that can make your app engaging and user-friendly. Further, develop a medicine delivery app that meets users’ expectations. 

Tip: You can choose to create a prototype first, which can be a cost-effective way to transform your vision into a real product. You can develop a full-fledged medicine delivery app by performing proper testing and debugging. 

6. Test & Debug

This is one of the crucial steps in online medicine delivery app development that ensures you build an error-free and best-quality app after thoroughly testing the app. 

7. Launch & Promote Your App

Post-development, now it’s launch time. You must deploy your app on the specific app store for end users. Additionally, consider promoting your app by running marketing plans and campaigns for increased reach. 

8. Ongoing Maintenance and Support

Even after a successful run of your app, regular updates and maintenance are mandatory for a seamless long run. 

Ask your medicine delivery app development company for post-development support services. 

Challenges of Online Pharmacy App Development with Their Solutions

While you develop a medicine delivery app, you will face certain challenges that may hinder your app development process. 

You don’t have to imagine the scenario, as we have jotted down some potential challenges with relevant solutions for the seamless completion of the project. 

Challenge 1: Fight Against Fake Drugs and Prevent Fraudulent Activities 

Obviously, it’s challenging to mitigate the risk of fake drugs entering the supply chain and regulating fraudulent activities, such as unauthorized prescription refills.

Solution: Implementing robust verification processes for pharmacies with appropriate licensing checks can help. Ahead, database integration will facilitate tracking prescription history and stop potential misuse. 

AI-enabled algorithms can also be the best way to analyze purchase patterns and detect suspicious activities. 

Challenge 2: Following Strict Regulatory Compliance

Online pharmacies usually fail to comply with strict regulations concerning data privacy, medication security, and prescription handling, leading to reputational damages and hefty fines. 

Solution: Partnering with experienced app developers can help those who know relevant regulations (will talk about this later in this post). Also, implementing robust security measures for prescriptions and user data and integrating crucial features, like secure communication channels and multi-factor authentication, could be beneficial. Additionally, remember to outline terms of services and privacy policies within the app.

Challenge 3: Building User Trust and Encouraging Adoption

Building confidence among users to securely address personal health information (PHI) and medication and motivate them to use new ways to manage prescriptions can be challenging. 

Solution: Throughout the app development process, you should aim at data privacy and security by communicating security measures and regulatory compliance. Partner with reliable healthcare providers and pharmacies to build user trust. And provide informational content, user-friendly features within the app, and loyalty programs to make money through the app.  

Ensure Required Medical Compliance & Integration

By adhering to highly standardized protocols, healthcare providers can reduce errors during procedures, maintain perfect records, and diminish risks linked with medication administration. 

Tech Stack for Medicine Delivery App Development

Prescription delivery apps include varied parts and have complex architecture to manage. Choosing a tech stack will ensure a seamless medicine delivery app development process. 

Here’s the technology stack you can consider for your project. 

ComponentTechnology OptionsDescription
Front-EndReact Native, Kotlin, Flutter, Swift Allows faster development for better performance and user experience.
Back-EndNode.js, Python, Java/SpringHandle server-side logic, API integrations, and database interactions. Consider factors like security,  scalability, and developer expertise.
Maps & NavigationGoogle Maps Platform, MapKit Integrate map functionalities for showing delivery routes, pharmacy locations, and real-time order tracking.
DatabaseMySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL,Store user data, order details, medication information, and other app data that scales with a growing user base and data volume. 
Push NotificationsFirebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), Apple Push Notification service (APNS)Allow targeted push notifications to be sent to users for delivery reminders, order updates, or promotional offers.
Payment GatewayStripe, PayPal, BraintreeIntegrate a secure payment gateway for seamless user payment processing for medication orders within the app.
SecurityMulti-factor Authentication, SSL/TLS Encryption Implement robust security measures to safeguard user data, prescriptions, and financial details. User authentication protocols and secure communication channels are crucial.
API IntegrationsThird-party APIs for logistics management, prescription verification, and healthcare data integration (with user consent)Integrate APIs from appropriate third-party services to enhance app features and streamline functionalities. 
AnalyticsGoogle Analytics, Firebase AnalyticsIntegrate app analytics tools to track app performance and user behavior and evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Team Structure Required To Develop A Medicine Delivery App

For your information, the team structure for developing a medicine doorstep delivery app depends on the project’s size and complexity. 

The critical roles involved in successful app development are:

Team MembersRoles
Project ManagersOversee the entire app development process from market analysis research to design, development, and launch. Ensure the project is going on the expected track and within the budget. 
DesignersCreate an engaging user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) for the app and know how to build a user-friendly app.
DevelopersWrite the code for the app within the timeframe per the decided design and specifications. 
Testers/QA EngineersTests the mobile app, ensuring it’s error- and bug-free and working to meet users’ needs. 

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Medicine Delivery App?

On average, the medicine delivery app development cost ranges between $20,000 to $2,00,000 and may fluctuate depending on the various factors (we will discuss below).

To find out the exact cost of developing an app, contact a leading medicine delivery app development company with years of experience and an engaging portfolio showcasing successful project completion. 

Before that, consider the factors below while setting a budget aside for your app development project. 

Factors Affecting the Cost to Build a Medicine Delivery App

1. App Complexity

As the complexity of the app increases, the cost to build the app also increases. 

Note: You can start building a simple app first with limited investment, further you can make it complex adding more funds. 

2. App Design

The app’s features and functionalities influence the development timeframe, which, in turn, raises the cost.

Note: Choose to start with basic features and functionalities; ahead of time, you can go with advanced ones. 

3. Location of Hired Development Team

Developers for different regions cost differently as the hourly charges vary depending on the region. 

Note: You can hire developers from regions the cost of which suit your budget. 

4. Development Platform

For Android and iOS app development, separate programming languages are required. Building apps for both platforms will take more time and money. 

Note: You can choose to build an app for one platform, and later, as your business expands, choose the second one. 

How Can Emizentech Help You With Online Medicine Delivery App Development?

When you hire a medical delivery app development company, you should have a sight over a few chief points:

Ensure the company – 

  • Have a proven track record of successful project completion.
  • Provides competitive pricing.
  • Help with seamless workflow.
  • Offer post-delivery maintenance and support.
  • Use the latest technology and trends.
  • Keep your project up and running. 

In this tech world, various companies offer medicine delivery app development solutions; choosing the best one for your business requires lots of time and effort. You should go with Emizentech to save yourself from deep brainstorming. It will surely meet your expectations and help you complete the project successfully. 

Emizentech will assist you throughout the app development journey. It will give you a complete understanding of the project so that you can pay for what you expect and receive. With this company, your investment will surely be worth it.

Top Highlights of Emizentech

  • 24*7 Assistance
  • Team of Experts with Extensive Knowledge
  • Clutch Awarded & Recognition
  • Engaging Portfolio
  • Serve Global Clientele
  • Flexible Engagement Options
  • On-time Delivery
  • Agile Development Approach

Hiring a company will guide you from start to end in building a useful app for the end users. Get assistance today to build your future tomorrow. 


Custom medicine delivery app development can help you grow your business by expanding your customer base, improving your brand image, making your business competitive, and increasing sales and revenue. 

The global online pharmacy segment is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 11.57% by 2028. The market is no doubt expected to expand for a long.

As you are likely looking to develop your medicine delivery app, you should opt for solutions from a leading mobile app development company.

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