Have you been looking for someone who can help you customize your eCommerce applications and website? Have you been facing issues of using a single platform to handle multiple retail platforms at the same time? Well, you definitely need to read through this article, which does not only tell you the significance of technology with the help of an Opencart developer but gives you access to the latest technology for the eCommerce platforms.

Since we have been working remotely for quite some time now, since the pandemic started, there have been cases where an app owner wants to keep a tab on all the platforms from one single screen. This saves them a lot of time and energy. Also, there is very less scope for any confusion while doing so.

Technology has advanced to a level where it has allowed us to make alterations to our work that everything has come under one platform and several eCommerce platforms can be managed by one single person on a single page. From localizing your eCommerce platform to choosing themes for each page and much more, there is a lot that one can do with the help of Opencart developer. They have the technical know-how of making your platform one of those that provide e-commerce solution to the users. In this blog, we are going to throw light upon how an online retail marketplace can excel and beat the competition with the help of Opencart developer and the technology involved in making an eCommerce platform with the help of this medium. We will also share details about the benefits of hiring opencart developers.

What is Opencart Development?

Opencart ecommerce store UIThis is a platform that can be used for free by the users, provided they have an understanding of how to use it while creating a robust eCommerce website or an app. However, if you want a professional opencart developer, you must get in touch with the right app development agency, that can offer you support in developing ecommerce apps with the technical expertise of opencart developers.

It is one of the most popular ecommerce development platforms that use PHP during the development phase and is distributed under the General Public License (GNU). The open-source developer is most commonly used by start-ups who do not want to spend much time, effort, and money in creating their online presence. There are no monthly charges that they would have to incur.

An Opencart developer builds a dashboard that does not only work as a digital strong manager, but it also gives you a perspective at the beginning on significant measurements like clients, deals, and much more.

In addition to all the benefits offered by the Opencart developer, it also offers multi-store upholding which allows you to keep steady over various stores from a single interface. This usefulness lets you set items for various stores, utilize explicit subjects for each online store, and confine your sites. Item alternatives and traits are additionally very adaptable with OpenCart, and the arrangement lets you include additional item features.

Apart from this, it offers assistance to online shopping platforms and is exceptionally extendable and adaptable. There are thousands of modules available in the plugin marketplace of the Opencart developer to choose from.

There are numerous technologies involved in making an e-Commerce platform with the help of Opencart, but it might not seem very difficult for the platform owners to make changes in the future as it is easy to comprehend. This will remove the need of relying on third parties for the maintenance of your platform.

While there are several e-Commerce websites and apps that are restricted to a certain region or country, this one is just the opposite. In the case of eCommerce platforms developed with Opencart, there is the higher scope of scalability as it might help your products and the platform to reach international users expanding your user base and the sales as well.

Why Do You Need An Opencart eCommerce Marketplace Developer?

There are a thousand number of shopping websites and apps that have been come into being with the help and assistance of the Opencart developers. They do not only offer them convenience during the development of their e-commerce platform but also provides their clients with a very satisfying experience to the users. The usage of this platform has increased over the years and people are greatly satisfied with the results. An Opencart e-Commerce marketplace developer has always proved to be beneficial, not just for the start-up organizations, but for the already well-performing brands as well as they can keep up with the competition with the help of the latest technology.

However, there are certain benefits of this hiring an Opencart developer, because with their expertise they can make your end product stand apart. Take a look at some benefits of hiring an Opencart developer for building an online marketplace:

1- Transparency

Since each project is separately handled by the Opencart developers, they deal with each one of them in a different manner. This brings each step that the application is to the notice of the clients. The progress is thereby noted by the clients who can then suggest any changes in the app if necessary.

2- Options Of Hiring

Each app development agency might have a talented pool of experts to choose from. This gives the clients the benefit of choosing the experts of their choice and asking them to work on their project.

3- Visibility

The Opencart developers do not only help you develop your ecommerce platform, but they also assist you to gain the visibility your platform deserves. Therefore, their assistance is provided to the clients’ products even after it has been developed and launched among the people.

4- Testing

The Opencart developers do not launch an eCommerce application without meticulously working on it and thoroughly testing it before launching it on the App store. After all, ideas are executed and a competent application is prepared, it goes through the testing phase, where each feature of the application is exhaustively checked and updated.

5- Proficient

These experts have rich experience in using several plugins and have all the technical expertise that is required to use this framework. They can enhance the look and feel of the app and make a visually appealing online store.

How Does An Opencart Developer Help You?

An Opencart developer will help you customize all solutions and integrate everything in your application. You can discuss your plan with them and talk about the features you want to integrate into your app. They have the expertise of using Opencart and developing one of the most competent apps for your company. Here is how you can get help from the Opencart developers during the development phase of your app:

1- Installation

They will help you decide on a framework for your application as it will be an open-source development. The developers will then help you develop the app and provide you with their valuable inputs.

2- Help You Decide A Template

There are a lot of templates available in the library of the application from which you have to select the most appropriate one for your app. The opencart developers will also assist you to select the template depending on the theme of your application.

3- Integrate A Module

Their additional job is to integrate a module into the app so that it can function well and give you the utmost benefits. This also improves the capabilities of the shopping cart.

4- Adding Shopping Cart

The opencart developers suggest the shopping cart you should integrate into your eCommerce application. Any eCommerce platform is incomplete without a shopping cart as users will not be able to complete the order without adding items to their cart.

5- Incorporating Essentials Elements

The Opencart developers will assist you with the essential elements of the application and help you integrate all those in your retail app. From making it multilingual to integrating several modes of payment and other features, the developer takes care of everything.

6- Maintenance

It is the responsibility of the Opencart developers to take a keen interest in providing support services to their clients even after the app is developed and is live. The app needs maintenance and updates from time to time, for which the app owners might need the help of the developers. In this case, the Opencart developers who built your application will do your app justice.

Benefits Of Using The Opencart Platform For Developing eCommerce apps

1- Selling Unlimited Products

The developer allows the sellers to list the end number of products on display for sale to the customers. They have the advantage of listing their products across categories mentioned on the e-Commerce platform. Along with the advantage of listing all your products online, the platform also lets you pick reviews that are related to your products and ratings for the same. This way, the users are able to get a better understanding of the product.

2- Easily Operated

To build a cart on any e-Commerce platform, it is important to use an Opencart developer. However, it is just during the initial phase that one requires the help of the Opencart developers and can take the functioning into their hands at the later stage. Since all operations are managed on a single interface, it becomes convenient to use which results in saving time. The admin panel can help you do a lot of tasks at the same time. Hence, the time spent on the various operations of the platform can come to a minimum and the app owners can concentrate on other things in the meantime.

3- Multi-store Functionality

One can monitor various online e-Commerce platforms at the same time from one admin panel. A series of online stores can be handled at the same time from one single interface. This helps the user in setting up online platforms for various brands, each with a separate theme and priority. They can be segregated accordingly. However, the admin can exercise their control from a single place. The customer is offered full support and he can access any online store seamlessly.

4- Multiple Languages And Currencies

Do you want to limit your sale to just your country or to a particular region? If not, then use the Opencart developer to widen your horizon by selling your products overseas and including the conversion of currencies on your app. Also, the Opencart developer helps you offer support to your users in different languages, making it easy for international customers to come on board and get the information in their native language.

5- Multiple Modes Of Payment And Shipping

This is one of the biggest advantages of using the Opencart developer. The e-Commerce platforms get an integrated payment method. Since technology has advanced and online transactions have increased, the number of online payment methods has also gone high. From making payments through debit or credit cards to doing online shopping with the help of online banking and e-wallets, there are a lot of payment methods that can be integrated into a platform. Similarly, all the orders are safely delivered to the users in time with the help of various shipping methods available. The online platform also allows the app owners to directly calculate the shipping cost according to the size and weight of the product ordered.

6- Massive Support With 1300 Plugins

The ultimate goal of any business is to get a handsome return on investment and grow overall. A business might grow at a slow pace in the beginning but is likely to grow at a higher pace going further. With the help of a number of plugins available, it is easy for the online retail business to grow in no time with the latest features and functions. These e-Commerce platforms get the help of the additional plugins available on Opencart developer to offer support to the shopping apps.

7- SEO Friendly

All e-Commerce platforms lookout for positive responses from the users and the best way of getting expansive coverage is by getting integrated Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This helps the e-Commerce platform appear on top of Google search. Since all users like to look up for any retail store on Google first and check out its ratings and reviews, SEO enables it to appear on the top of the search and get more response from the users.

8- High Performance

An e-Commerce platform becomes lightweight with the usage of Opencart developer and the developers are able to make a platform that is high in speed and performance. The experience of each user gets enhanced this way and they are able to see all products even at a very nominal internet speed.

9- Low Pricing

This platform allows you to add the most convenient shopping cart to your e-Commerce platform, which is high in speed and performs better than the others. The cost of installing this in your app is almost nil and you can enjoy a plethora of benefits offered by it. Along with that, there is no need to hire a special developer to operate the Opencart developer as it is very simple to use and you can learn it within a few minutes and start using it yourself. This is why it is considered to be one of the most economical ways of adding a cart to your online retail platform.

Main features In Opencart

1- Categories

The online retail platform can add the cart on any eCommerce platform and allow the app owners to integrate a plethora of categories. Since an eCommerce platform is a single platform where a user looks up for various options across categories, Opencart allows you to install as many categories into it as you want.

2- Unlimited Products To Offer And Manufacturers

It allows the retail owners to upload hundreds and thousands of products from various manufacturers on a single platform. Also, a retailer who owns various brands, can bring together all the brands under one roof and can get an insight into all of their performances individually on a single screen with admin access.

3- Sell Digital Products

Apart from selling tangible products with the help of online retails platforms, the Opencart is also helpful when one wants to sell digital products like certain software, etc, on an online platform.

4- Supports Multiple Currencies

Like mentioned earlier in the advantages of Opencart, the e-Commerce platforms have the support of multiple currencies. This enhances the experience of the users and helps in bringing even the overseas customers on board. As this feature allows the users in making payments in multiple currencies, it is easy for users from other countries to shop from these platforms.

5- Multilingual

the e-Commerce platforms developed using Opencart have support in multiple languages, making it easy for users from other countries to get assistance easily in their native language.

6- Reviews And Ratings Of The Product

Each product carries the customer review and rating with each. This makes it easy for new users to be sure of the product they are going to purchase.

7- Choose To Form An Array Of Templates

openCart-themeWhile the initial cost of any e-Commerce platform is limited and no one would like to spend a lot, hence, they can select a low priced template or a design that is free of cost. However, going forward they can opt for a change in the design of the template of an online retail platform. Premium templates are available, which can help you change the look and feel of your retail platform at a later stage.

8- Several Payment Gateways

payment methods in bigcommerceOpencart developer allows an e-Commerce platform to integrate more than 20 ways of payment gateways. Since it enables a retailer to run his app in various counties, it has an amalgamation of tax system on online payment methods which are compatible with other countries as well.

9- Shipping Methods:

It allows e-Commerce apps to integrate more than 8 types of shipping methods. It calculates the amount of shipping a product accruing to the weight of the item and the place it has to be delivered.

10- PCI Compliant:

Since the e-Commerce platforms collect the credit card details of all users, it is important for all these e-Commerce platforms to comply with the PCI Data Security Standards to avoid any discrepancies and any unforeseen mishappening.

11- Tax rates

Since the Opencart developer helps all online retail platforms to grow leaps and bounds and have a base in international countries as well, it is important for them to calculate the tax rate for each product according to each country. The Opencart developer is equipped with this facility as well and helps all online retailers in calculating tax for each country according to that country’s tax rules laid down by their respective governments.

12- Shipping Calculations

The shipping cost is calculated based on the weight and size of each product or package. An Opencart developer offers a plethora of shipping methods for the products to reach the customers. It also enables the online retailers to calculate the shipping fare for each package depending on the size and weight of each one of them.

13- Discount Coupon System

Since each retailer has a separate percentage of discount to offer to its customers through their e-Commerce platform, this can also be managed under the Opencart developer. They can put up a discount percentage for each product during the sale season.

14- Backup And Restore Tools

Opencart allows you to keep a back up of all your data and store it for future purposes. This gives an advantage to the online retail stores as they can save all the important data for future references.

15- Printable Invoices

Since each transaction generates an invoice for the users consisting the information of the products purchased by them and the amount they have paid for the same, Opencart developer lets the e-Commerce platforms also allow their users to print those invoices directly from the app or the web store.

16- Sales Reports

One of the most essential things for any online retail store to sustain are the performance reports, and the performance can be analyzed from the number of products sold in a certain period of time. Opencart developer equips you with all necessary details regarding the sales made by you in every region and country.

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Skill Set Required To Be An Opencart Developer

You need the technical expertise of the platform and all tools pertaining to the Opencart development. One has to have ample years of experience and knowledge of developing eCommerce platforms with the help of Opencart developer. While the regular app development procedures might take you long to develop an ecommerce application, you can save up on time by developing the same ecommerce app with the help of an Opencart developer. It will further save large costs of development. It is not rocket science to learn how to work on Opencart, however, you should understand its functioning. You should know how to integrate the basic and premium features into any eCommerce platform with the help of Opencart and how to make optimum use of the same.

Here are certain languages an Opencart developer should know:

1. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

It helps the developers in doing anything on the web as it can perform almost all functions on the web.

2. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

This technology should be essentially known by the Opencart developer as it helps them do the styling on sheets for the retail website. It is one of the basic technologies on the World Wide Web (www), just like in the case of HTML and JavaScript.

3. Bootstrap

It helps in taking the technology a notch higher as it contains templates for CSS and JavaSript which help in managing the various templates, navigation, buttons along other major components of the interface. It is an open-source framework that is also free of cost.

4. JavaScript

It allows the Opencart developers in adding easy tools to the admin panel with the help of JS code. It can also enhance the look of any e-Commerce platform by adding some premium features and effects to the same.

5. PHP

It is a programming language that is used for scripting and there are several modules in it that are required to build an e-Commerce platform. Take a look at these modules:

  • Curl
  • Mbstrings
  • Zlib
  • GD Library
  • Mcrypt
  • ZIP
  • XML

It also plays a vital role in making interactive web pages that generate interest in the users.

6. MySQL

It is system software that allows any web-based platform to save its database and uses an open-source database for the same. It runs on a server and saves all the information on your website or your platform on a cloud-native platform.

7. Apache

It is open-source and cross-platform server software that runs on a server itself. With the help of internet connectivity, Apache can deliver content like the CSS style sheets, HTML pages, and multimedia.

8. OpenCart MVC or Model Control Viewer

While we discussed the Opencart developed e-Commerce platforms to be multi-linguistic, it happens with the help of this design pattern. The entire application gets divided into three elements including the model, the view, and the controller.

9. Events system

The online store might need some extensions or updates in the future. This can be possible with this fairly new technique of Events system that can help you make modifications to the e-Commerce platform you have set up for your brands and products.


Opencart development is one of the most used and convenient techniques used by developers in building a robust online eCommerce platform to bring all your products online and get them ready for sales. The biggest advantage of using this platform is the fact that it is free of cost and is distributed under the General Public License, which also makes it a safer bet. This is not just a good platform for the new companies who do not want to spend a lot of money on getting website developers on board, but most big and established companies have also been using this technology for expanding their online retail business. It has proved to be beneficial in the case a brand wants to expand overseas as it consists of technology that can make it multi-linguistic and can accept cash in a number of currencies. It can become very economical for companies to get ask the app development agencies to put their Opencart developers to work on their ecommerce projects and save a reasonable amount of time and money. So, get in touch with us as we are a leading eCommerce development company with expertise in Opencart development.

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