It has been more than 9 years since Magento was introduced in the ecommerce market. It instantly became a huge hit in the ecommerce open-source platforms and was among the first options for developing an ecommerce store. Hence, if you have decided to come online for selling products and opt for Magento as an ecommerce platform for your store, then you have made a smart move.

Magento is available in many different versions among which the Magento Open-Source and Magento Commerce are highly popular versions. Most of the small businesses opt for Magento Open-Source while Magento Commerce is mostly used by large companies. Small companies are likely to use Magento Open-Source as it seems a very affordable way of going online since Magento Open-source is completely free to use. They find the Magento Commerce as a very expensive option and hence don’t even think of opting it. But if you see in the long-term Magento Commerce would be a better choice than Magento Open-Source.

Many businesses who want to try their luck online turn to Magento Open Source. Thousands download and test it every month. And it’s free. It even has a large and enthusiastic community of more than 300,000 merchants and developers. But there are many other businesses that want to be on a fast track to growth and opt for Magento Commerce to do better. Magento Commerce is packed with many in-built features. Hence, the site owner can focus more on business strategy rather than constantly worrying about the ecommerce platform.

In this article, we would be discussing several myths associated with the Magento Open-Source over Magento Commerce and will give you insights into the truth.

It has been a very common myth that Magento Open-Source is quite better than its paid version of Magento Commerce. In fact, in reality, it is more expensive than you can expect.

Myth #1: Magento Open Source is Faster to Implement

magento open source vs magento commerce mythsWhen you are creating or developing a market, speed plays an important. It is essential for you to stay ahead of your competitors. It can help you in owning the market else you can fall behind. Magento Open Source takes time to implement especially when you are doing it yourself. Also, it will not come with all the required features. On the other side, Magento Commerce is packed with all the essential features right out of the box. You can reach the market faster by using Magento Express Packages, available from a wide range of solution providers.

Truth: It is faster to get market through Magento Commerce

Myth #2: Magento Open Source is Always the Best Way for a Better Customer Experience

magento User ExperienceUser experience is one of the most important aspects of retaining and acquiring customers. User experience is not limited to a captivating user interface. It includes many more things such as payments, shipping, inventory management, and workflows. These are collectively called as the backend of the ecommerce store. If you opt for Magento Open Source, you may need to spend more on testing, and for backend customization. The development time and costs are also need to consider. However, with Magento Commerce, you can easily customize the backend as it is more flexible.

<Truth: It is easier with Magento Commerce to prioritize the customer experience

Myth #3: Scalability of Magento Open Source is as Fast as Magento Commerce

When small businesses get great growth by going online, they wish to scale their operations and their online presence. Magento Open Source is capable of supporting big ecommerce web stores however it takes time to scale. You have to add many options, features, and functions. Along with this, you also have to add third-party extensions to capture all the functionality you need.

However, Magento Commerce comes with rapid scalability. You just need to “turn on” the features that are already built-in it. For e.g. If you add a storefront in another country, you can immediately take advantage of international shipping options.

<Truth: With Magento Commerce, it is faster to add new countries and brands.

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Myth #4: Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce Have the Same Performance

After entering the online market, if you provide the best services and proper marketing campaigns then you will observe a great increase in the traffic. It can even increase by more than 30 times during festivals, sales, etc. However, all your marketing efforts or lucrative offers can go in vain if your ecommerce store is not able to handle this spike in traffic and gets crashed or slower. The slow loading of the website discourages users. If your ecommerce store takes more than 3 seconds to load then more than 53% of the customers can leave your website. And website crashes can turn off customers and lead to negative buzz.speed performace with magento

With Open-Source you have to take the responsibility of managing the infrastructure. You will have to work with the service provider to resolve this problem. But the Magento Commerce Cloud is designed for scaling fast. You don’t need to deal with the multiple vendors, instead, a call or e-mail to the team would be enough to increase the performance.

<Truth: There are fewer chances of site crashes and slow speeds with Magento Commerce due to spike in traffic.

Myth #5: Support is Not So Important

You don’t get support with the Magento Open Source. When the days are good it is not even an issue, but if something goes wrong, then the condition can be critical. Magento Open Source users are responsible for their own problems and to fix them. Although there is a huge Magento Community for some issues, there is no guarantee.

On the other side, Magento Commerce comes with responsive support i.e. the issues will get addressed quickly by experienced Magento developers. The issue will get fixed before it impacts the customer experience.

<Truth: With Magento Commerce, the problems get fix faster before the customers can notice.

Wrapping Up

We have covered the most common myths related to Magento Open-Source and tried to enlighten you in every possible way. At Emizentech, the best ecommerce development company in India, we are having expertise in both Magento Open Source, and Magento Commerce. We are skilled in developing Magento ecommerce stores as per your industry niche. Please let us know your requirements.

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