Stepping foot to the online market for any business can be a game-changer move. But the reality comes with a lot of hard work, from the management of the products to distributing them equally in appropriate sections to promotions, digital transactions, and logistics.

The work becomes a total mess, sometimes making things impossible to sort at that point. And there comes the Visual Merchandiser to the rescue, which allows the system to manage online store products and organize them, among other things. Other than this, they are also used in offline stores to make product management more visual and attractive. Hence, to know more about it let’s have a look at the blog below:

What Is a Visual Merchandiser?

It is a tool that provides the store with full management of the product, from organizing it on the site to categorizing it according to the requirement. To fulfill this, Adobe Visual Merchandiser offers the user a variety of features to scale business online in a better way. 

Visual Merchandiser is a set of advanced tools that allows you to create and merchandise all the products in the category listings easily and in the most intuitive manner.

What is Visual Merchandiser for Adobe Commerce

Access the Visual Merchandiser

  1. The first step is to go to Catalog> Categories on the admin sidebar. 
  2. Now go through the category tree and then click the category that you want to edit. 
  3. Scroll down and expand the products in the category section. 
  4. Click the View as Tiles button to display the products as a grid. 
  5. Now, after completing, click save category. 

Change the Position of A Product

  1. Use the sort order to view the product that you want to move.
    • Method 1: Drag and Drop
      Grab the Drag control in the upper-right corner of the product tile and drop the product into position. The number of each product adjusts to reflect the new position.
    • Method 2: Set Position Value
      In the Position Controller on the product tile, enter the number where you want the product to appear. Enter 0 to place the product at the top of the list.
  1. When complete, click Save Category.

Workspace Control to Look At! 

Workspace Control dashboard of Visual Merchandiser in adobe commerce

Create Category Rules for Visual Merchandisers 

The thing that makes the Adobe merchandiser a supportive tool for store admins is the availability of category rules. Along with this, you can also activate the automatic change of the product selection via a set of conditions.

Highlights of Rules 

  • Each and every category comes with one basic rule. The single rule comes with multiple conditions, as each category can have only one category rule. For example, you can make a category rule for a specific brand. Then, the products of the same brand will automatically added to the list, then also if they are not assigned to the same category. 
  • Each condition consists of a logical operator, attribute, and value as well. 
  • For this attribute settings, only those activated to the function ” use in the product listing” can be used in category rules. 
  • Though date attributes aren’t available, you may set a date range of dates using the date created or date modified attributes from category rules. 

As a bonus tip, make sure to configure each attribute that is used in the rule as a smart attribute.

Category product rules, which are based on conditions that decide which items appear in the category, can help to speed up the process of allocating specific products to categories. The Visual Merchandiser configuration specifies the “smart” features that can be utilized with category product rules.

Step 1: Configure the Smart Attributes 

For each attribute that is to be used in the rule, make sure that the Use in Product Listing storefront property is set to Yes.

Complete the configuration to identify each smart attribute that is to be used with Visual Merchandiser.

Step 2: Create the category rule 

1. To edit the category, select the category tree and open the category. 

    2. You have to manually set the Match the product rule to Yes in the product category section. 

    3. Click Add condition 

    4. Now, choose the attribute that is basic to the condition. 

    5. Now set the operator from one of the following : 

    • Not Equal
    • Equal
    • Greater than 
    • Less than
    • Greater than 
    • Less than or equal to 
    • Contains 

    6. It’s time to enter the value that is to be matched. 

    7. Repeat this process for each attribute that is needed to describe the conditions to be met. 

    • Set Date Created to less than 30. 
    • Set logic to And 
    • Set Date Modified to greater than 7 

    8. To apply a sort order automatically to the dynamically generated product list, set Automatic Sorting.

    9. When complete, click Save Category. 

    Configure Smart Attributes for Visual Merchandisers 

    The setting of the Visual Merchandiser sets the attributes that can be used in the merchandising window as well as the minimum stock requirement. The setting also specifies the color attribute and the order of color values.

    • Navigate to Stores > Settings > Configuration on the Admin sidebar.
    • Expand Catalogue in the left panel and then select Visual Merchandiser from the drop-down menu.
    • In the General Options section, expand the Expansion selector.
    • Select each attribute that you want to make available for visual merchandising from the Attributes for Category Rules list.
    • Hold down the Ctrl (PC) or Command (Mac) key and click each item to pick several attributes.
    • Set the Minimum Stock Threshold to make a product appear in the Visual Merchandiser window.
    • Fill in the Colour Attribute Code.
    • Color is the default value. Enter the attribute name in lowercase if your catalog uses a different attribute.
    • To establish the priority of each color, enter each color value on a separate line and in order.
    • When finished, click Save Config.

    How Can EmizenTech be Helpful for Your Business?

    EmizenTech, as a leading Adobe Commerce Development Company, has a team of expert developers who can help you with multiple Adobe solutions. Along with it, our team is well-versed with the tools and features of Adobe that can help you grow your business. Visual merchandisers are tools that can make a difference in a business’s online store. Moreover, to learn more about the topic or for any further assistance, you can contact our team members now.

    Key Takeaways 

    A visual merchandiser is essential to create an appealing store location that draws in customers and increases sales. Understanding the target demographic, maintaining current on trends, and including creative elements all contribute to the creation of an efficient visual merchandising plan. It is a growing industry that requires artistic talent as well as marketing insights. Investing in skilled visual merchandisers and thoughtful techniques can make a major difference in distinguishing out in standing out in the market and making the product impact for longer period of time. 

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