Are you looking to hire a Vue.js Developer for your development project but don’t know exactly where and how to start the hiring process? To make this easier for you, in this article, we cover crucial aspects of hiring Vue.JS developers and where you can find the best Vue.JS developers. However, before we jump to that, let’s first understand Vue.js development.

What Is Vue.Js? An Introduction

Created seven years ago by Evan You, Vue.js is a JavaScript framework that has gained prominence and is counted among the most popular JavaScript frameworks globally. It is a front-end framework using model-view-ModelView architecture and can integrate the view layer of the core library with the other libraries, projects, and resources.  

Compared to other prominent JavaScript frameworks, Vue.js is lightweight and easier to master. To learn Vue.js, a developer needs the knowledge of CSS, HTML, and plain JavaScript.  

This is why Vue.js has been preferred by a number of developers and enterprises over the last few years, and in the coming years, this number is expected to grow bigger. This is why smart business leaders are eager to hire Vue.js programmers to prepare their business to compete now and in the future. 

Why Is Vue.js So Popular Among Programmers?

Vue Language

This open-source front-end JavaScript framework assists developers in building an excellent user interface and is helpful for single-page web apps & websites. A number of companies, platforms, and websites like Apple, Netflix, 9GAG, Grammarly, Gitlab, etc., use this framework. As per HackerRank research, this indicates the popularity of Vue.js, which holds the fourth position for most popular framework amongst developers after Angular JS, React JS and Django. There is a lot of similarity between React and Vue that it becomes difficult to figure out which framework is better. At one aspect where React is stronger than Vue is for Native development. React Native enables the creation of native Android and iOS apps by solely using React components. As for mobile app development, Vue Native uses the UI framework Weex which is in an active development phase, hence, less time-tested. 

However, when comparing Vue to Angular 1, the first version is easier for architecture and API. For the utility of Angular 2, developers require investing more time in Education, when all required to create Vue.js apps is familiarity with HTML and JavaScript. 

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Since the last few years, Vue.js has been rising on the chart of best-known frameworks, and the developers who are well-versed with this framework get a 6.3% salary raise compared to the world’s average. 

The popularity of this framework affects the hiring process as the huge demand for seasoned Vue.js developers makes it tough to find a top-tier yet affordable Vue.js developer for your business. However, a number of parameters & different models can help achieve that. 

Hence, this article discusses everything essential to know prior to hiring Vue.js developers. 

Things To Consider Before Hiring A Vue.js Developer?

There are a number of aspects to be considered prior to start the hiring of Vue.js developers, such as:

  • Keep your budget in mind: It is important to set a budget and keep that in mind while you start the hiring process. When you begin hiring, it is helpful to be objective.
  • Education, Experience & Expertise you are looking for: Today, most companies looking to hire programmers are doing away with college degree requirements; however, in the development space, a degree in Computer Science can be helpful for most developers. Though one doesn’t need a degree to become a proficient programmer, a theoretical background understanding of algorithms, networks, and computers expands a developer’s capacity for decision-making. Hence, even if you have no degree requirements, ensure the candidates are well-versed with computer systems.
  • After Education comes the experience of any candidate for Vue.JS development. Consider the quality of the candidate’s experience, assess the solutions they solved, the platforms they built, and the results that have been delivered. A highly-skilled candidate with no experience of working on projects, and you can access them based on their transferrable skills from previous projects. 
  • What type of engagement model do you want: Engagement model to hire Vue JS developer: Choose a working model that seems to be the best option for your business.

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Meanwhile, there are three to choose from, such as:

1. Onsite Model

It is near but expensive. This model is an outsourcing option nearest to your location, and it essentially means working with the outsourcing firms that are located near to your place. Here your company gets the advantage of working with native teams and has no issues with communication. However, its biggest disadvantage is its cost. This model costs much higher than the offshore model, and the high cost doesn’t always guarantee greater results. 

2. Offsite Model

This is a flexible and inexpensive model but challenging to work virtually. It involves outsourcing vue.JS developers’ teams from abroad. Though its advantage is its cost, as it causes reasonable expense, the disadvantage is the lack of direct communication, time-zone, and cultural difference. However, that shouldn’t affect much as today’s technology allows direct meetings via Skype or Zoom and offers solutions to the problems. When going with this model, ensure that you gauge your choice well and go with an experienced firm, as the offsite model is often located in a country where the service standard is low. Hence, being mindful will help keep you out of risk and trouble. 

3. Hybrid Model

This is a super flexible model that covers all its disadvantages. This model is a mix of 2-3 models, and depending on projects’ requirements, it may provide all kinds of teams, be it onsite or offsite. This is a flexible model that offers more than expected. Essentially, the Hybrid model is a mix of onsite and offshore and is one of the most successful models used by many companies. They distribute the work between onsite and offsite teams. Here 20-30% of the tasks are completed by onsite employees, while offshore team members do the rest. 

The onsite team handles project planning, capturing initial requirements, project execution, dealing with the client, and managing partnerships. In contrast, requirements discussion and the offsite team handle constant interaction support. This model works great for sophisticated web app development and complex and long-term IT projects. Clients enjoy the benefits of outsourcing while also having an onsite team to address issues without causing a burden on a large-scale onsite team.

Suitable Hiring Model you are looking for: Before hiring a vue JS developer, you also need to decide your hiring model, where you can choose between:

4. Fixed Pricing Model

Developers find this budget model riskier than others. This model works for short-term small/medium-sized projects with a fixed price, and it works for small projects with limited scope and when the budget is limited or fixed. Also, it’s suitable when creating an MVP and the project requirements and deadlines are clear. 

5. Dedicated Hiring

This pricing model works best for long-term projects where unclear requirements constantly vary. This model also works great when the client’s own team lacks the skills or expertise in certain areas. The pricing model for dedicated teams is the monthly payment per team size, including fixed service costs. The client can interact with the dedicated team and control the project development process when working with a dedicated team. 

6. Time & Material

This model involves payment for time and effort spent on web app development. It is common in outsourcing and is considered convenient, flexible, and adaptable. For the budget, the actual cost might differ from the estimate. Here the payment is made monthly. 

This model is most suitable for long-term projects with changing requirements. It works for projects where conditions change as per business needs, projects that depend on the market situation, and projects where the detailed specification is not defined. Compared to the fixed pricing model, this model is characterized by some flexibility. 

What Is Skillset is Required In A Good Vue.js Developer?

As you start your hiring process for Vue.js developers, there are two main categories of questions that must be asked in real-time:

1. Vue.js Developer Soft skillset

Once you examine the candidate’s skills, you should next discuss their background and try to find whether they are the cultural fit for your company. This can mainly be checked by examining their ability as team players. After all, high skills and qualifications are great, but it’s important to find if they are able to work and perform in collaborative settings. Hence, as you interview the Vue.js developers, try to find out what it would be like to work with them. This helps to determine whether that candidate is the right cultural fit for your company. For the job roles, such as senior developers, quiz them about their experience of working with junior developers. This will tell a lot about their leadership skills and team player skills. 

2. Vue.js Developer Hard Skillset 

It is important to verify the candidate’s technical skills, and this can be done by asking general and technical questions about Vue.js. Also, try asking about their past work experience in a way that also helps to find out their knowledge of methodologies, tools, and coding peculiarities.

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Important Skills For Vue.js Developers

  • Adept at JavaScript language and its modern ES6+ syntax and functionalities. 
  • Adept at Vue.js framework, its core principles, like components, reactivity & virtual DOM. 
  • Familiar with Vue.js ecosystem, consisting of Vuex, Vue Router, Nuxt.js, and Vue CLI.
  • Knowledgeable of CSS3 and HTML5
  • Knowledgeable of server-side rendering and its many benefits and use-cases.
  • Understanding of functional programming & object-oriented programming paradigms. 
  • Adept at writing clean, secure, efficient, well-documented JavaScript code.
  • Familiar with automated JavaScript testing, mainly testing frameworks like Mocha & Jest.
  • Proficient with modern development tools, such as Webpack, Git, and Babel.
  • Experienced at consuming as well as designing RESTful APIs.
  • Ensure that you mention other frameworks, libraries, and other relevant technology relevant to your project. 
  • List out any education level or certification you might require.

How To Interview A Vue.js Developer?


You require to consider a number of aspects as you interview a candidate for Vue.js app development, such as:

1. Education

Today, many companies look beyond college degrees in their hiring programs. However, in the development arena, it can be helpful for the Vue.js developer to have a computer science degree. That is not to say that one can’t be a great programmer without a CS degree. However, a theoretical understanding of the background of computers, algorithms, and network assists the developers in expanding a developer’s capacity for decision-making. So, even if you are not mandating the degree, it is ideal to ensure the candidates have basic computer systems understanding.  

2. Certification

Many people debate about why certification matters when a person is great at coding. Well, there is a reason for that, which is acquiring certification demonstrates the candidates’ willingness to learn. The software development arena is fast evolving, with innovations now and then. Hence, it is best to ensure that the chosen candidates are open to learning new things, be it formal or informal. 

3. Experience

As you seek to hire a Vue.js developer, ensure that you look beyond the tenure of the candidate’s experience and rather consider the quality of their experience, assess the solutions they provided, the platforms they built, and the results they delivered. Also, in case a high-skilled candidate has not worked on any project, then assess them based on their transferable skills from the past projects they worked on.

4. Previous Projects

As mentioned above, it is important to examine previous projects handled by Vue JS developers, allowing us to understand their proficiency at their work.

5. Client Reference

While going through the previous work section on the resume of the Vue.js developers, you will get to know about projects they have worked on. Hence, contact their past clients and get their feedback on the candidate’s performance. 

6. Small Assignment

 It is advised to assign a small assignment to the candidate to test their skills, knowledge, and problem-solving efficiency in real-time. 

Where To Hire An Expert Vue.Js Developer?

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So, above, we have discussed the various aspects of the hiring process; now, let’s uncover whether to find the top Vue.js development for hiring:

1. Outsourcing

Some companies prefer having a different company that handles all the work of finding a Vue.js developer for them. There are numerous software development firms or hiring agencies that recruit developers and build Vue.js Development teams for their clients. This way, the client company gets to save time, money, and effort on an elaborate recruitment process. This is also an affordable means as it helps bypass expensive local developers and rather hire from offshore locations in Ukraine, Mexico, India, etc., where the hourly development rates are cheaper but still, the services are high-quality. 

Advantage Of Outsourcing

  • Outsourcing doesn’t directly legally obligate the employees, and at the same time, you are not directly responsible for sick days, vacation, and other fringe benefits and allowances. All of this is handled by the outsourcing company.
  • The development costs are lower. You can avoid paying high salaries, taxes, and insurance, as all of that is handled by an outsourcing company. In fact, in certain countries, like Ukraine and India, the cost is even lower than what’s obtainable in Eastern Europe and America.
  • Allows the in-house employees to focus on core tasks as other responsibilities have been delegated. 

Disadvantage Of Outsourcing

  • There can be communication barriers; however, they can be dealt with by hiring developers with fluency in English and good communication skills that allow coordinating with the clients.
  • There can be a risk of data leakage; however, this again can be resolved by signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the outsourcing company to ensure data protection. 

2. Freelancing Platforms

When you hire a freelance Vue.js developer, you add an individual developer to your team as a temporary setting. Usually, companies prefer hiring a specialist Vue.js developer with strong expertise, as that way, a single freelancer can take care of this complete task. A number of platforms that allow hiring freelance Vue.js developers are, Toptal, and Upwork. 

This is considered an affordable hiring solution due to extreme competition amid freelancing platforms. Also, here the freelancers are paid after the completion of the project. However, freelancing is not a safe solution, as a number of companies often complain regarding delays and project cancellations. Hence, companies are unlikely to go with this kind of setting for high-quality development solutions. Rather, it is preferred where needed to fix some errors with the projector to add a minor functionality. 

Advantages Of Freelancing

  • It is cheaper to engage; however, at the same time, the companies should be wary of beginner developers.
  • It allows flexibility to upsize the development team, even though it is the company responsible for the hiring procedure. 
  • Freelancers make great efforts to achieve client satisfaction as they highly depend on reviews and ratings.

Disadvantages Of Freelancing

  • Once the project is over, no maintenance support is offered. 
  • There is an inefficient screening process as the freelancers are mainly evaluated based on reviews.
  • Freelancers do not offer guarantees, and there are chances of them disappearing with your project data.

3. In-house 

Vue.js developers can be recruited to join the in-house team. This saves a lot of time and effort on going through the entire recruitment process, using apps, conducting interviews, and more. Here you provide the hiring agency your list of requirements (education level, skills, experience, etc.), and the agency does the work of sourcing talents from the market. 

When hiring an in-house developer, the company pays the monthly salary to the Vue.js developer and offers all the employee benefits. This model best suits those who want a new addition to their company’s office crew. This model works best when a company is about to launch a big project requiring constant updates, post-launch support, and maintenance. The in-house developer ensures well-established communication and that the company can resort to them at any time; after all, they are their employees. Best places to find Vue.js developers are Glassdoor, Hired, Indeed, and Stack Overflow. 

However, if you are looking to reduce expenses, in-house is not an ideal option. In-house is an expensive solution and works best for the USA and Western Europe development companies.

Advantages Of In-house

  • In this model, the company has more control over the development process, as it allows to supervise each and every development aspect personally. It allows to stay in touch with employees and get updated every hour if needed.
  • There are lesser chances of misunderstanding as to when both company and the freelance developer follow the same approach and speak the same language, it makes working together much easier.
  • In-house development ensures increased involvement, as an in-house developer is fully devoted to your project.

Disadvantages Of In House

  • In this process, the company has to spend a lot of money on recruiting and equipping the developer to prepare them for the development task better.
  • There are chances of developers finding better job opportunities and leaving your company.
  • This setting lacks flexibility and scalability as it needs to ensure that hired people have relevant projects to work on for the next 3-4 years.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Vue.js Developer?


Here we are breaking down the average salary of Vue.js developers from the strategic location so that you know where you can find Vue.js expert developers as per your budget and requirements.

The cost/salary of Vue.js developers varies as per the region. The developers from India and Ukraine cost much less than hiring developers from the USA or Eastern Europe.

The salary of Vue.js developers in the USA is approx. $100K, while in Ukraine, the average salary of Vue.js developers is $60. Then in India, the average salary is $20. Hence, it is clear that hiring developers is a lot lesser in Ukraine and India; however, lesser costs don’t mean lower quality. The development companies and individual developers from India and Ukraine are known for offering high-quality services.

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Vue.js is a popular Vue.js framework, and owing to its popularity; it can be a little challenging to find and hire an experienced Vue.js developer. However, in this article, we have discussed various solutions to find the best-quality Vue.js developer for your project. 

At EmizenTech, we are a leading app development company boasting of a team of experienced and skilled Vue.js developers. If you are looking to hire an app development company to outsource your app development work, we offer the best solutions in Vue.js development. Our team of Vue.js developers has been recruited very selectively and only after we are assured of their skills, experience, and expertise in this development area. Our developers are fluent in English and have impressive communication skills, so the clients are constantly updated about the progress of the development work. If you desire to hire the best Vue.js services, then join us. 

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