Have you heard about the react native development technology? Let us have a look at the quick statistics:

  • Do you know that react native development has been a growing technology for the last five years? 
  • React native development ranks the sixth spot in the cross-platform mobile app framework used by global software developers from 2019 to 2020.
  • More than 81% of the software developers prefer to react native technology over the other available options.

The demand for react native development is increasing day by day. However, businesses and professionals face the issue of hiring an ideal react native developer for different projects. Let us go through a detailed process, starting with the hard skills required and other points to consider while hiring a react native developer. The next step is to look at the available options and sources to find the react native developers. We’ve also incorporated the costs of hiring a react native developer in different regions like the US, the UK, Ukraine, Norway, etc. Let us start with the hard skills first.

Hiring A Junior React Native Developer

The skillset required in a junior react native developer are:

  • Writing JavaScript codes: React Native is a JavaScript framework, and hence a junior must react native developer should know all about JavaScript ES6’s features.
  • React native knowledge: Solid understanding of the main react-native components like libraries, APIs, etc.
  • Implementing navigation: A junior react native developer should know navigation types in the app like modal, push, etc.
  • Working with Redux: Redux is a state management tool used to manage states shared across multiple components.
  • Performing debugging and testing: The junior developers must know basic debugging and testing skills.

Hiring Middle React Native Developer

The skillset required in the middle react native developer are:

  • Optimizing performance: Best approaches to optimize the react native app performance.
  • Developing mobile-specific features: Ability to integrate gyroscopes, GPS sensors, microphones, cameras in react native app.
  • Data storage and caching: Understanding of different types of databases and creating caching logic.
  • External service integration: Knowledge of third-party integrations and using APIs.
  • Signing and deploying apps: Should understand the flow of signing and deploying apps. 

Hiring A Senior React Native Developer

The skillset required in a senior react native developer are:

  • App development: Skills like Objective-C, Java, etc., to successfully port existing Android or iOS apps to react-native.
  • Integrating libraries and framework: For complete react native development.
  • CI/ CD: Continuous integration and continuous delivery for better code quality, transparency, visibility, and bug fixing.
  • Team workflow: Mentoring and building team workflow according to different software development approaches.
  • Research and discussions: Necessary for further advances in react native app development.

Points To Consider For Hiring Any React Native Developer

Apart from the considerations from the experience and hard skills, there are multiple other requirements to consider while hiring a react native developer. The key points to consider for hiring any react native developer are:

Soft Skills

While hard skills are the backbone of react native developers, expertise in soft skills is also important. Soft skills are a necessary part of the developer’s personality as they interact with the designing and testing teams. Further, soft skills may play a crucial role if you’re giving the responsibility of client interaction to the react native developer only. Hence, missing soft skills while hiring a react native developer may not be a good option here.


It is crucial to look at the react native developer’s portfolio before the hiring process. Just like CVs are shortlisted before aligning the first round of interviews with the candidates, a direct link to the developer’s portfolio makes it easy to go through the apps developed to date. Many react native developers prefer to add a link to their GitHub account in their resumes for quick portfolio access.

Feedback From Clients

It works perfectly for the middle-level and senior-level react native developers. Direct feedback from the clients who have worked with the developer for multiple commercial projects is ideally the best reference check for the react native developer. The same can be taken from previous employers, or immediate reporting persons in the case of junior react native developers.

Cultural Fit

It is necessary to find a react native developer with the same ideology as your company. It ensures that the prospect has the same cultural orientation that is a must if you’re hiring the react native developer for long-term association. Many companies prefer the same cultural direction even over the hard skills that still can be taught.

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Options Of Freelancer/Company/ In-House Developer

Once ready with all experience details and other crucial points, the list of mandates is over. It is time to start looking at the available options to find the ideal react native developer for your IT requirements. Like any other developers available in the market, you have three major options in selecting the react-native software engineer. These are:

Freelancer: It is the preferred option for many businesses as a freelancer comes with the powerful benefits of experience and genuine costs. These developers are not associated with a single company and hence have enormous exposure in multiple projects.

Why Hire A Freelance React Native Developer?

You may hire a Freelance React Native developer if there is no dedicated IT team in your company, or the technology React Native is a new Nativer organization.

How To Hire A Freelancer React Native Developer?

There are multiple professional platforms like Linkedin, GitHub, etc. that have multiple react native developers. Any business can easily connect with the developers from these platforms.

IT companies: It is the second preferred option for hiring a react native developer. Multiple IT companies have dedicated teams for react native development. These companies work on a project basis and offer exceptional results with their expertise and affordable services on react-native development projects.

Why Hire An IT Company For React Native Development?

If you don’t have a dedicated team of react native development, testing, etc., it is ideal to go for the services of the IT companies. These companies take care of all mid-size projects and eliminate the lack of specialists as they have entire ownership of the project until delivery.

How To Hire An IT Company For React Native Development?

Multiple professional platforms like Clutch, Extract.co have details about the professional IT teams working on sincere technologies like react native development. These platforms also maintain dedicated feedback from clients globally, making it easy to find the ideal IT company for your react native development requirements.

In-House Developer: It is the ideal choice if you already have a dedicated in-house development team. If your business is headed for expansion in the upcoming years, it is ideal to have an in-house developer that can be a long-term resource for the company.

Why Hire An In-House Developer For React Native Development?

It is not only about the established in-house team and the long-term association on the react-native development projects. An in-house react native developer takes care of all small and big projects and is readily available for the company. The in-house resource can further be trained for the specialized niche of projects handled by the company for mastering the skill set required in the specific form of react native development.

How To Hire An In-House React Native Developer?

The process to hire an in-house react native developer is more or less like a traditional hiring process in the organization. The platforms that can be helpful are Naukri.com, Indeed, etc.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire React Native Developer?

After looking at different skill sets for different levels of experience and the options available in the experiences, it is time to have a quick look at the costs of hiring the react native developers.

How Much Does It Cost In The UK And The US?

The salary of react native developer depends on the location. According to a junior specialist or senior specialist in the US, you may have to spend between $95,000 to $139,000 yearly. While hiring a react native developer in the United Kingdom, the expenses are around the same. The entry-level react native developers may take an annual salary of $52,000, while the experienced persons may take $119,000 yearly.

How Much Does It Cost In Norway?

The cost of hiring a reactive native developer with entry-level experience in Norway charges around $33,000, and the senior-level react native developers may cost around $115,000. 

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How Much Does It Cost In Ukraine?

Coming to the eastern European countries, these are the ideal choices for hiring affordable react native developers. This is due to the economic difference between the European countries and developed countries like the United States, the USA, etc. When it comes to the countries like Ukraine, the communication and workflow standards are comparable to those of developed countries. You can easily hire a react native developer with junior-level for $18,000 yearly and $45,600 annually for an experienced react native developer.  

Wrapping Up

Hiring a react native developer is easy and quick when you have detailed knowledge about the process and the available options. It all starts by going through the detailed skill set for hiring junior, middle, or senior level react native developers. Once you’re clear with the skill set, it is time to move towards the dedicated options to choose the react native developers. You can go for the in-house developers, freelance developers, or help dedicated mobile app development companies offering to react native development services. The main points to consider while hiring a react native developer, along with a sneak peek into the cost of app development, are to eliminate any loopholes in the process. 

FAQ For Hire React Native Developer?

What Is The Preferred Option In Hiring A React Native Developer?

There are multiple sources like hiring a freelancer, React native development company, or hiring an in-house react native developer. You need to go for the benefits and details of working on different options before selecting one for your business requirements.

What Are The Core Skills Required In Hiring A React Native Developer?

The core skills required to hire a react native developer are Javascript, virtual DOM, JSX, etc. Further, react native developers should write clean codes and understand the codes for the app development process. The ability to understand the adjacent technologies are necessary to create sustainable react native apps.

What Should Be The Preferred Operating System version of mobile apps?

The main benefit of react native app development is that it uses single source code for Android and iOS. Hence, any reactive native developer can have experience in any operating system- iOS or Android.

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