An American fashion designer and manufacturer, Fossil Group, Inc., has dyed-in-the-wool that it is working with Google to welcome new features and make its new companion app compatible with Wear OS 3.

Lately, the company announcement showcased that it is performing hard to bestow the best smartphone experience to everyone with its application. It is all set to receive feedback from customers and from within the brand. 

A Reddit thread publicized an update from a Fossil representative on the revision of the company’s smartwatches, highlighting the new modification to the UI and the release of a companion app. Besides, according to a statement from the GSM Arena, one of the globe’s leading sources on mobile phones, there is a shift to new devices emerging with the Wear OS 3 software, with some smartwatches catching up with an update. 

The primary objective behind developing a new companion app was to simplify it to put an end to the outdated functionality and embrace the latest user feedback. 

Let you know that the new app provides a newly crafted user interface with an improved user-friendly layout. Too, it receives ready-to-support Wear OS 3 smartwatches from the companies on current and future wearables. 

Besides, a Fossil employee unveiled that to activate the new wearable software; Google is progressively working on a new Fossil app. Despite just relying on the Wear OS app, OEMs will now manage the experience with their companion apps. 

As per a late leak, GSM Arena states that Pixel Watch is likely to hold its app, while Montblanc’s Summit 3 is expected to have its companion app also. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 already has its Samsung companion app. 

Smartwatch and OEM manufacturers are acknowledging this shift as a significant challenge. However, Wear OS will appear to be a competitive pick and will come to the fore of the Apple Watch. Resultantly, for Android, the default smartwatch experience will be extensively akin to the functionality of the Apple Watch with iPhone. 

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