Technology has fastened everything, whether internet speed, communication, or the supply chain. With this technological swift, consumer habit has also transfigured with customers fulfilling their needs from online sources compared to offline sources. The COVID pandemic and the busy scheduling of people have played core roles in promoting online shopping preferences. 

However, the changing customer experience in shopping didn’t pause with the introduction of eCommerce, and now it is showing a completely new face. The orders that took a couple of days are delivered directly on the same day. At the same time, even the advanced concept of hyperlocal delivery has further improved the view, and now the commodities are being delivered within 5-10 minutes of placing orders.

Concept of Fast Delivery With Its Types

Concept of Fast Delivery With Its Types

Fast Delivery, also referred to as Express Delivery, has changed the way customers perceive the ecommerce shopping experience. The new delivery model has reduced the delivery timeframe from weeks to hours and less. Based on the platform you are shopping from, any product you are adding to the cart, the different types of fast delivery are implemented to your order and delivered in the least time. The Fast Delivery has three models having their competencies-

1. Same-Day Delivery

With advancements in technology, people are no longer patient to get what they saw on the internet a few hours ago. So, this delivery practice brings that commodity to your doorstep the day you order. There is no longer a need to wait for a new sun-rise to have your parcel in your hands. 

2. Last-Minute Delivery 

Acting as the catalyst of local online shopping, the last-minute delivery apps make the basic necessities available to you in 5-10 minutes. The daily needs of groceries, medicine, stationery, bakery, and laundry are fulfilled by the last-minute delivery app provider in no time. 

3. One-Day Delivery 

Just a few hours longer than the version of the same-day delivery process, the one-day delivery makes the parcel available to you the next day after placing the order. With new warehouses being established on the boundaries of metropolitan cities, the concept is being implemented by most of the leading eCommerce platforms. 

Same-Day Delivery App Development 

Same Day Delivery App Development 

1. Need for The Concept

Undoubtedly, online shopping platforms provide a better experience to customers when compared to offline experiences. Not only does eCommerce offer an infinite range of products, but it is also often more cost-efficient. However, the only drawback was the delivery time, as the customer had to wait for days, if not weeks, to get the product. Kudos to the rapid supply chain, more than 51% of the retailers are offering same-day delivery to their customers. Getting the order delivered to the doorsteps the same day encourages the customers to choose eCommerce without a second thought. 

2. Platforms Working on The Concept

Delivering the order in the least possible time has become one of the main ways businesses achieve competitive advantages. Many ecommerce giants, as well as big brands, are working on same-day delivery further to enhance the customer experience with their online presence. Following are some of the popular apps that offer the same delivery to their customers-

a) Amazon 

Amazon is the leading eCommerce firm delivering everything from needles to big electronics and everything else. With their approach to establishing more warehouses and shortening the delivery distance, the firm now offers same-day delivery options on more than 3 million products in the selected areas. Having selected the item available for the same-day delivery option, the user must log in via amazon prime credentials to avail of the offer. The platform has been providing the service since 2019. 

b) Taskrabbit


An online marketplace recently made its debut in on-demand, and handyman services is also serving its target audience with same-day delivery services. The user can connect with local freelance labor to get different types of work done. For example, one can book a cleaning, handyman, moving, delivery, laundry, electrician, and many other services from the app. At the same time, the service is executed the very same day after registering for the same. 

c) Walmart 


Walmart is one of the biggest and most popular retail chains in the US, which has also expanded its service in other markets. After the COVID pandemic, when the offline supply chain was disturbed, Walmart learned from the disaster and is now all set to sync steps with the demand of the time. The concept was inaugurated in 2020, offering same-day delivery to their customers, and kudos to thousands of their stores around the market.

d) DoorDash

DoorDash Kitchen 

Established in 2013, DoorDash is a well-known on-demand food delivery service in the US, Australia, and Canada. Further exploring the market, the firm has introduced its online convenience stores, and now its operations are not limited to food delivery. The platform provides food and groceries the same day users place the order. The most significant flex is that you can expect the delivery of food or grocery items on the same day you have placed the order. 

Industries of Same-Day Delivery 

1. On-Demand Grocery

The on-demand grocery industry is named first in the same-day delivery business segment. People are now no longer able to waste a big portion of the day shopping for basic needs. So, the daily grocery industry has been one of the primary players in the same-day delivery concept. 

2. On-Demand Food delivery 

Online food delivery has been working on the same-day delivery model from the very beginning. After all, no one plans their meal for the next day when they are hungry today. So, the readymade food delivery business delivers the meals within hours to their customers. 

3. On-Demand Handyman service 

At the same time, handyperson services are also among the sectors that work on the same-delivery model. Users can book assistance from the respective platform for laundry, cleaning, delivery, self-care, or home care services and get the work done on the same day. 

4. eCommerce Industry 

The eCommerce industry has adopted the model recently to achieve competitive advantages in the landscape. eCommerce giants are investing heavily in establishing local warehouses so that the order can be delivered to customers in the least possible time. 

Technologies Playing the Core Roles

Undoubtedly, technology has been playing the core role in cutting down each minute in the delivery process. The concepts that have significantly contributed to making the delivery process faster are but are not limited to.

1. Drone Delivery

When talking about food and grocery eCommerce, drone delivery app has remarked an identity in the scenario. Retailer brands and giants have been using the drone delivery concept from the COVID pandemic, which helped eliminate physical contact. Further, the model is now assisting in providing the same-day delivery of the products to customers. 

2. Local Warehouses 

Big eCommerce firms are now establishing their warehouses near significant market cities. These warehouses will keep stock of the most sold and popular items according to the locality. So, whenever the order is placed for these items, they will be shipped instantly to the customer’s address.

3. Cloud Kitchens 

The model supporting food delivery has helped deliver the prepared food, completely fresh to eat in no time, to customers’ doorsteps. Cloud kitchens are established in several locations according to the order frequency. The orders received from customers are forwarded to the cloud kitchen, where the food is prepared and then handed over to the delivery partner. 

Features of A Same-Day Delivery App

  • Real-time Tracking feature
  • Push notification to deliver the real-time updates
  • Ease of payment 
  • Reward and loyalty programs 
  • Customer profile and history 
  • Ease of use 
  • In-app messages 
  • Search options 
  • Feedback and reviews  

Benefits of Same-Day Delivery App Development 

  • Better customer satisfaction
  • Lower shipping cost
  • Fewer vehicle expenses 
  • Increases efficiency 
  • Enhances customer experience 
  • Increases the reliability

Last-Minute Delivery App Development 

Last Minute Delivery App Development 

Need for The Concept 

With time, the lifestyle is getting hectic. Little things slipping from the mind have become a common habit that might sometimes cause big trouble. For example, what if you forgot to take a dairy with you on the way home? The situation might seem minor, but it can put you in big trouble. Similarly, you might forget the chart paper for your son and he reminds you 5 minutes before school time. In these situations, last-minute delivery apps, also known as hyperlocal delivery apps, appear with significant relief. 

Businesses Working on The Concept

Your local grocery store owner might take your order on a phone call and deliver it to your doorstep via the guy working in his shop. Unfortunately, it doesn’t count in last-minute delivery or hyperlocal delivery models. Some of the platforms are meeting the local demands of local people with their local networks. The last-minute delivery model is expected to achieve a valuation of $8,856.6 million by 2032 with a project CAGR of 22.6% between 2022-2032,

1. Dunzo Hyperlocal Delivery Company

The company was founded in 2014 and now has more than 6,000 partners and delivers more than two lakhs orders every month across India. The company operates in 7 metro cities where over 37,000 businesses have partnered with Dunzo to provide hyperlocal delivery service. The app receives the order and delivers them within 45 minutes. 

2. Shadowfax Hyperlocal Delivery Services 

Another hyperlocal delivery service leader in India delivers orders within 45 minutes to the customers. The platform was launched in 2015 and is now used by more than 100 major Indian e-commerce enterprises and businesses. With services like same-day delivery, hyperlocal delivery, and reliable on-demand transportation options, the platform is becoming the choice for retail deliveries. 

3. Grubhub 

The US-based company, started in 2004, offers hyperlocal delivery service dedicatedly to the food category. Grubhub applications show the menu of local restaurants and allow users to place order. The food is delivered within minutes on the doorsteps of customers after placing the order. 

Industries of Last-Minute Delivery App 

1. Grocery 

Hyperlocal delivery concepts are majorly meant for grocery delivery. We often forget to bring the little necessities where the last delivery app offers a big relief. Delivering small things like yogurt, milk, curd, flour or anything is the core purpose of hyperlocal delivery in the grocery business. 

2. Stationary 

Even stationary lies in the basic needs we often forget to get for ourselves or little champs at home. If only a few minutes are left before the school bus arrives, and your kid needs a notebook, the hyperlocal app delivers the same within minutes.

3. Medicines and Healthcare 

Medicines and things are often urgently needed by the seeker, and the hyperlocal delivery model can be a lifesaver in this scenario. The app delivers medicines and supplements to your home in no time. 

4. Food Delivery 

Food delivery is often hyperlocal. If you are getting the food hours after placing the order, there is no means of such service. Food delivery is the segment that has explored the potential of hyperlocal delivery models to the fullest.

Technology Playing the Core Roles

1. Smartphone Adoption

The foremost contributor to hyperlocal delivery is smartphone adoption. Almost everyone has a smartphone with a basic knowledge of using it. When both the providers and seekers have access to smartphones, constructing a bridge becomes super accessible.

2. eCommerce 

eCommerce has injected the habit of shopping online into millions of customers, and this exposure to online shopping has played a significant role in introducing hyperlocal delivery in the market. Without previous eCommerce experience, it would have been difficult for customers to trust the hyperlocal delivery model. 

Features of A Last-Minute Delivery App

Customer ScreenVendor ScreenDelivery Executive Team Admin Screen 
Sign up or sign in Forgot password Profile manager Browsing Search filter Search bar CategoriesZoom in/out payment break downpayment modeCartSend packagesOrder last redeem regards cancel order Order tracking Feedback Delivery tip In-app ballet schedule delivery Multi-vendor order. Registration Store profile management Select category Multiple outlets ultimate dashboard Announcements Customize notification Product management Product gallery Promotion Order acceptance Promotion Customer chat Order replacement GPS Join the app Personal details Reset password Bank details Delivery historyAccept multiple orders-app map contact customer Live orders review analysis Oversee transactionsExamine the users Manage delivery personnel Approvals Manage locations Order frequency Feedback management Locality support Commission rates Task distribution Delivery charges management Check & create discount offers Control, other admins; Analytical reports Assess deliver personnel.

Benefits of Last-Minute Delivery App Development  

  • Quick delivery 
  • Supports local businesses 
  • Fulfills last-minute needs 
  • Expands the consumer base 
  • Enhanced operational transparency 
  • Eliminates the lack of an online store 
  • Supports delivery of different sectors commodities like grocery, stationary, and medicine.

One-Day Delivery App Development 

One Day Delivery App Development 

Need for The Concept

You might like a dress for the upcoming thanksgiving party but not have the time to wait for the whole week. The one-day delivery model ensures you have your parcel in hand within 24 hours of placing the order. Online shopping offers a vast range of products, and getting the order in a day will enhance the preference of customers to opt for e-commerce. Also, the one-day delivery provides enough time for the customer to check and return/exchange the order.

Businesses Working on The Concept

1. Amazon 


Being a prominent player in the eCommerce industry, Amazon has successfully executed one-day delivery options for their customers. However, the number of products is limited in this model as well. 

2. CVS Pharmacy 


If you need medicines and healthcare, chances are you cannot go to the pharmacy. So, CVS pharmacy is a business startup that provides you with medication delivery within 24 hours. However, you can get the medication within 2-3 hours by paying the additional charges. 

3. Walgreens 

Walgreen logo

The platform, offering a product range of thousands among beauty, medicines, vitamins, and seasonal items, delivers the order within a day. There is no minimum order value to get same-day delivery; however, a specific amount is charged for the order delivery.

Industries of One-Day Delivery App

1. Fashion Industry 

With the help of eCommerce stores and platforms, fashion retailers can now sell their products online and even deliver them to customers’ doorsteps within a day. The new model of delivery helps them ensure better customer satisfaction. 

2. Grocery Industry

Several online delivery platforms are making grocery shopping more convenient for customers. Grocery shopping is one of the most popular segments, ensuring delivery within a day. Users can add the grocery items to the cart and order them to have the parcel at their doorsteps within a day. 

3. Medicine and Healthcare

Similarly, increasing the health consciousness of people has given rise to the home delivery of medicines and healthcare products. According to the situation and need for treatment, one can place an order for the same and expect it to be delivered within 24 hours. However, the medicines are delivered within 1-2 hours by choosing different delivery packages.  

4. Ecommerce Industry 

With growing technology and quick transportation options, the eCommerce industry is booming to provide one-day delivery to their users. The delivery model has played a significant role in shifting offline customers into online mode. 

Technology Playing the Core Roles 

1. Smart Inventory Management 

Smart inventory management has changed the ecommerce scenario to an enormous extent. People have accepted online shopping as their traditional means of getting products for a while. So, major ecommerce platforms now have considerable data on demand for specific categories of products from respective areas. So, their warehouses in these areas already keep stock of inventory to deliver the very next day after receiving the order. 

2. Integration of Various Tools and Software 

eCommerce is not just a bubble, as various devices and tools are to be integrated with each other to make the processes work. The integration between the tools has become smoother, which helps in the easy tracking of packages, automatic order dispatching, and a mutual dashboard to manage all the activities. 

Features of A One-Day Delivery App 

  • Biometric or manual registration
  • Voice lookup 
  • Ordinary orders 
  • Order planning 
  • Profile individualization 
  • Payment alternatives 
  • Integration platforms 
  • Rapid delivery 
  • Cookbook Corner

Benefits of One-Day Delivery App Development

  • Higher level of customer satisfaction 
  • Less friction in the purchase decision 
  • Building a trust relationship 
  • Lower inventory handling cost 
  • Less travel distance 
  • Lower carbon emission 
  • Competitive edge for the business 
  • Better conversion rate

Same Day/last-Day/one-Day Delivery App as A Business Idea 

Same-day/last-day/one-day delivery app has attracted the attention of millions of internet users by eliminating the days between order placement and getting the parcel. However, not only the big players, these new delivery models are an excellent opportunity for business for you. 

First, if you have any online or offline store of anything, providing home delivery is already compulsory. With your delivery app, you can enhance the reliability of your customer and deliver the product at the earliest. At the same time, your customer will be able to track their order, progress, and estimated time of getting the parcel in their hands. 

Another good business idea is to have your delivery services. If you are working in the transport sector, having your app can significantly automate your operational process. With a delivery app, your customers, warehouse manager, fleets, and all the relevant stakeholders of the process will be well connected on a mutual platform. At the same time, it will make the people you work with trust your service more. 

Last but not least, if you are willing to invest in establishing a completely new delivery system in the market, an app will help you introduce your own delivery model. Just like BlinkIt, Rapido, and Dunzo, you can develop your platform by working on the concept of hyperlocal delivery. 

The Development Process of A Same Day/ Last-Day/ One-Day Delivery App

When you invest good time and monetary resources to build your delivery app, there should be a clear pathway and blueprint. You might get the app developed by contacting an app development team, but at the same time, you may also compromise the quality of the service. So, ensure to mark the following significant milestones in your app development process- 

1. Conduct the Market Research

Don’t measure the water depth by putting both the feet in. know about the market you plan to work in. Research the existing businesses. Know about your target audience and their needs. At the same time, research your competitors’ services and core competencies to achieve a competitive edge. 

2. Create a Blueprint of App and Make Fundamental Decision 

Once you have studied all the essential aspects of this business,  it is time that you create a blueprint for your app. Here, you will make the major decisions like the type of app you want to develop, the platform you want the app to publish on, features you want to see in the app, etc. It will help you communicate your vision to your app development team in the next phase. 

3. Partner with An App Development Team 

Contact a proficient app development team that can further proceed with your vision to give it a live presence. Make sure you handle your project with a reputed, experienced, skilled, and reliable team. The quality of your project will be highly determined by the app development team you have chosen.

4. Test Prototype 

Your app development team will deliver your app’s prototype for review. Analyze the prototype, provide suggestions, ask for changes and make the necessary implementation. Once the prototype has been passed, it can be inconvenient for you and your app development team to make the changes. 

5. App Development 

This step ensures all the coding work with front-end and back-end development. The tech stack is implemented in the core development phase, where your project development is completed. 

6. Quality Analysis and Testing 

Once the app has been developed, it passes the quality analysis test to ensure that the application is working to its full potential. The purpose of this step is to identify the bugs and remove them. 

7. App Deployment and Post Maintenance 

After passing the quality analysis step, the app is deployed on the respective app store to make it available to the target audience. However, deploying the app is only part of it, as you have to ensure the proper maintenance of the app. Introduce timely updates to the app and add the features with time into your application.

Top Food Delivery Mobile App Development Companies

Take Your Delivery Service to The Next Level

Tech Stack 

Programming Languages 
Android Java, Kotlin 
iOSObjective-C, Swift
Android Android Studio
iOSApple X
Software Development Kit 
Android Android SDK
Push Notifications Twilio and
Cloud Environment MongoDB, Hbase, Cassandra, and Postgre
PaymentsStripe, PayPal, and Braintree 
Real-time Analytics Spark, Cisco, IBM, and Apache Flink 

How To Choose A Tech Stack For Developing A Mobile App

Cost to Build Fast Delivery App to Ensure Express Delivery

The app development cost is never constant, as many factors define it. Without a clear vision of all these factors, it is nearly impossible to commit the exact amount required to develop the app. The factors which determine the cost of app development are but not limited to- 

  • Country, your development team, belongs to 
  • Time is taken to develop the app by the developers
  • The platform you are developing the app 
  • Number of features you want to offer 
  • Types of features you want to offer 
  • Tech stack of your project 
  • The complexity level of your project 
  • API integrations in the app, etc. 

You can have a conversation with our project manager to get the exact cost of your app development if you already have a clear vision of all the above factors. However, consider an approximate price starting from $10,000 and can go beyond for a well-functional app with custom features.

Why Choose Emizentech?

USP is something that makes the business or brand special. So, Emizentech doesn’t have one but multiple USPs that are hard to find with any other app development partner. Let’s go through them one by one. 

Pre-as Well as Post-Service Support 

Emizentech stands by your side not only during the project but even before and after coming into the deal. We offer you an hour of free consultation sessions where you can discuss your idea about the business and make the right decision. At the same time, we are there for you even after the completion of the project, where you get ample support for bug removal, updation of apps, adding new features, and more. 

Skilled, Experienced, and Visionary Team 

We have a team of 200+ members to work on your project. Each team member carries the expertise of their respective fields, which helps to ensure the utmost quality of your project. At the same time, more than half of the workforce is the senior and experienced staff, working on the profile for a long time. So, your project is always in safe and responsible hands. 

Everything Under One Roof 

With Emizentech, you get everything under one roof. No matter what programming language you prefer, the platform you focus on, or the technology you want your app to be based on, Emizentech has got everything covered for you. 

Cost Efficiency 

Our experience of around a decade in the segment has allowed us to explore the industry thoroughly. So, we know the areas where your cost can be saved without compromising the project’s quality and potential. 

Wrapping Up

Technology has closed the time gap between order placement and getting the parcel for the customers. The same has been a significant contributor to enhancing the reliability of users on e-shopping. At the same time, quick delivery models like same-day, one-day, and last-minute delivery have further enhanced users’ shopping experience. 

The increasing familiarity of people with e-commerce has introduced a completely new business idea for people in the delivery landscape. Minimizing the timeframe of delivery is highly appreciated by the audience. Having an app for the same can help you generate a good income and even take your existing business to new heights. 
Being an innovative app development company, we invite you to mark your presence in this advent business opportunity and explore the landscape.

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CTO at Emizentech and a member of the Forbes technology council, Amit Samsukha, is acknowledged by the Indian tech world as an innovator and community builder. He has a well-established vocation with 12+ years of progressive experience in the technology industry. He directs all product initiatives, worldwide sales and marketing, and business enablement. He has spearheaded the journey in the e-commerce landscape for various businesses in India and the U.S.