“Only fools pay full price” mentality has now transposed to every industrial landscape. 

Individuals’ correspondence with daily deals apps is evolving from occasional use to a more seamless integrated experience that has been an “always on” state. 

Apps that offer daily bargains can be seen as digital convergence’s fundamental enabler. Daily deals mobile apps are not only limited to saving money while shopping but also allows the user to gain access to a plethora of options available in the current market. You may find deals on everything from great cuisine to passes to the happening party in town, a peaceful spa treatment in the city, and much more by downloading a daily deals app.  Individuals conduct their lives on a network of apps that work together, which is expected to bring in $935 billion by 2023.

When it comes to the convergence of the digital and physical worlds, mobile serves as the binding agent for all other digital businesses and the digital entry point for the physical world.  

Let’s traverse through the development process of Daily Deal Mobile Apps. 

Conceptualization of Daily Deals Mobile App 

In a world where customers anticipate a regular deluge of discounts, your company would be at a disadvantage if it lacked an active deals system. Daily Deals App enables businesses to quickly establish large discounts and specials, eliminating the need for business owners to evaluate their catalog every day manually.

discount app UI

Options for Daily Deals App Development That You Can Test:

Every day, customer behavior evolves, requiring businesses to adapt their products and services accordingly. As a result of technological development, the majority of industries are adjusting their business procedures to ensure their survival.

  • Coupon app development Daily deals apps are transforming from something people actively use to a seamless integrated experience that is “on” all the time.  
  • Daily deals apps can be labeled as an enabling centerpiece of digital convergence. Mobile is the glue for all other digital industries to use when approaching convergence, but mobile is also the digital gateway for the real world to join in this global metamorphosis of human behavior. 
  • Online discount app development
  • Online deals platform
  • Online coupon website

Business Model of A Daily Deal App

Due to the fact that this program allows sellers to post new deals every day, its business model may differ from that of other applications in various respects. The e-commerce marketplace provides vendors and consumers a venue for connecting and exchanging things for money.

This is an important finding in the understanding of the Daily Deal Apps that although the merchants profit from the sale of their products, it is unclear how the daily deal app benefits. These are the ways these apps generate revenue:

1. Commission


These apps serve as a gathering place for purchasers and vendors to conduct business. It makes the space available to sellers, but in exchange, the sellers are required to pay a commission to the app based on the sales they generate with the app’s assistance. This is a significant contributor to the overall financial stability of the company.

2. Advertisements


Once an app achieves widespread usage, competing company are interested in having their products or brand names endorsed on the app itself. This is the point where they make the purchase of space on the app and request that their name is shown in a certain area of the app.

Deals that are generated by users and paid for using the cards they have linked to the app are also a significant source of revenue for the on-demand daily deal applications. Users make these deals. This is due to the fact that these applications receive a portion of the money collected through them. The earnings of the program include not only its own revenue but also the revenue that is generated by third parties. Make money by selling things on behalf of the people who originally created them.

Must-Have Deal and Coupon Application Features: Place the Prerequisites 

The panel features provided in daily deal app development

1. User Panel 

a) Registration

Users will first arrive at this portion of the app, at which point they will have the opportunity to log in to the application by providing either their email address or their credentials for a social networking site. Users can register for Daily Deals apps using an intuitive user interface provided by the companies that provide these apps.

b) Deals Section

In this section, users can look for deals on a variety of items, including groceries, clothing, food, and more.

c) Invite Friends

Users have the ability to utilize the app to send invitations to their friends, inviting them to take advantage of a variety of deals and discounts. Because of this, they are able to take advantage of the many different shopping alternatives. 

d) Favorites

Bargains from a variety of categories can be bookmarked by users in this section. After then, they are able to take advantage of deals, but they must do so before the validity of the deal ends.

e) Coupon Codes

Users are able to make use of discount codes while shopping on this site. Users are free to redeem tickets whenever they choose and at whatever time of day or night is most convenient for them. These are the components that go into the making of coupon applications.

2. Merchant Panel 

a) Add & Manage Deals

Based on their preferences, merchants and store owners can add discounts to a certain sector, and they are responsible for managing the discounts.

b) Track Status

The storekeeper is responsible for promotions, discounts, and the merchandise’s status. Here you may view the number of individuals who have utilized the discounts. Additionally, merchants can determine whether contract extensions are required in terms of time and goods.

c) Manage Orders

All user-assigned orders can be managed from this location. Concurrently, offers utilized during order placement are validated to prevent confusion in the future.

e) The Mail System

Users receive emails from retailers and dealers notifying them of forthcoming deals and their benefits.

f) Coupon Redemption

In this section, merchants can manage coupons redeemed by users. Including this option in your, Daily Deals App Development is really advantageous for preserving the transparency of the shopping and billing processes.

g) Acquired Deals

Here is the complete list of discounts that users must redeem. Additionally, this section tracks the most popular and well-liked bargains.

3. Admin Panel 

a) Manage Deals

In this section, the admin controls the discounts offered by merchants as well as their arrival and expiration dates.

b) Manage Coupons

Manage Coupons Admin stores and analyses all coupon-related data, including the code, the retailer to whom it belongs, and the category.

c) Deals Categories & Subcategories

Admin is responsible for handling and monitoring numerous transactions and their associated goods. In this section, Admin controls information about store owners associated with the mobile app, including their addresses and the products they sell.

d) Manage Merchants

Admin manages information about store owners linked to the mobile app, including their addresses and items offered by them, in this part.

e) Content Management System

Admin handles content such as About us, Buying rules, Frequently Asked Questions, and Policy from this location, guaranteeing consistency. 

f) Share Deals

Administrators can share discounts on social media platforms, so expanding the app’s visibility and significance.

g) Review User Comments

The administrator can view the comments and ratings made by users regarding the deals. Consequently, improvisations are done based on user recommendations and needs.

Steps to Build Daily Deal Application- Design, Development, Deployment 

Steps to Build Daily Deal Application

1. Choose the Type of Software

What type of deal application do you wish to develop with us? Whether it’s a mobile app, a desktop app, a web app, or something else, you can choose a single option or a mix of options.

2. Select the Application Most Similar to Your Idea

Choose the app that is most close to your app concept. If you intend to construct a daily deal and coupon app, Groupon, Foursquare, and Nearbuy might be the best options.

3. Select the Desired Features

Choose the auto-suggested features from our AI-powered library of features for your deal application, or add any custom features you desire.

Choose your launch platform: Do you want to use iOS, Android, a desktop operating system (Windows or Mac), or the web? Choose the launch platform on which to test your MVP; choose one or a mix.

4. Select Your Delivery Crew and Timeframe

Choose the team based on your preferred global time zone and delivery time (how quickly you want your app developed).

5. Launch the App 

You are prepared to release your apps. We will assist you in planning a successful launch.

Technology Required to Build Daily Deal App

For Push NotificationsBandwidth, Twilio
For SMS, Phone, and Voice VerificationNexmo
For Powerful ProgrammingGWT
Cloud EnvironmentAWS
For Data Management Datastax
For PaymentsBraintree, PayPal
The Universal Operating SystemDebian
For Everything Related to EmailsMandrill
DatabaseCassandra Database, HBase, MongoDB Database, Postgress, Mail Chimp Integration
Realtime AnalyticsBigData, Hadoop, IBM, Spark, Apache Flink, Cisco

Challenges Faced by The Daily Deal Apps

daily deals and discounts app
Deals and Discounts App

From a distance, everything could look like it’s going swimmingly, but we must let you know that using these apps comes with unique difficulties. Obtaining a sizable user base to entice vendors is the first and most serious difficulty in developing this app. One cannot immediately begin selling their deals on the app unless it is well-known and reputable.

Apps similar to Groupon are among those daily deal apps that attract a big user base by offering products at costs even lower than market rates. There is no parity in selling these products because users of a daily deal app will receive the identical product at a lower price than ordinary customers. As people are unwilling to pay more than a specific amount for a deal, the rate of return is quite low.

There may be a limit to how much someone is willing to pay for a product or service. If you believe that these apps would safeguard the future of your brand through platform promotion, you are mistaken. Such transactions will ultimately harm the market reputation of the brand. Because sellers cannot maintain a significant profit margin on the products offered for sale on the platform, the deals made through daily deal apps on demand are not profitable.

Reasons to Build Yours!  

Your company is at a disadvantage relative to its competitors if it does not have an active deals system in place. Customers have come to expect a steady stream of discounts and special offers from businesses. The Daily Deals App makes it possible for businesses to quickly and easily arrange bulk discounts and deals, eliminating the need for businesspeople to manually evaluate their inventory on a daily basis.

Daily deal mobile applications are not only concentrating on user requirements but are also linked to stores that are featured and brought to the user’s attention. It has the potential to entice people to go shopping.

Deal-of-the-day applications are, in essence, online marketplaces that bring together people who use the application and businesses that sell goods or services. A user can receive a discount on the vendor’s goods or services by using the app. It is accessed by a variety of users, and as a result, it leads to an agreement between the two parties for criteria that are tailored to meet the requirements posed by the users. There is a reason behind everything that takes place in the world.

Daily deal apps have completely revolutionized the e-commerce industry because of the alluring bargains that they offer. Because the majority of people are young and trying to acquire online purchases in a more aggressive manner than others, apps are wonderful sources to keep them connected and automate into your customer.

These showy but promising applications built by top app development company are the greatest alternative for small-scale businesses looking to attract a large pool of customers in a short period of time. These applications were developed by top app development companies.

Benefits of Owning a Daily Deal Apps 

1. Reach

Daily deals created by Daily Deals App Development for mobile applications assist your business in expanding. These applications are the most effective means of connecting new sellers with bargain-hunting individuals. Users will leverage your platform to make bulk purchases if you offer competitive pricing. Overall, daily deals apps are an excellent method for expanding your market reach.

2. Initial Costs

Every purchase made through the daily deal mobile application requires the vendor to contribute a part of the revenue to the application. A mobile application is a two-way business that benefits both the seller and the app for their time and effort. saving time and money

It is a substantial advantage. Because every type of product is available on the app, users do not need to visit many locations to acquire their desired item; rather, once on the daily deal mobile app, they may save time browsing for the best items and deals. The user interface of the daily deal apps includes an e-wallet that enables quick and seamless transactions.

3. Discounted Pricing

The slider part of the mobile app for daily deals has a number of active offers and discounts every day. Additionally, each product is labeled with both the original price and the discounted price, allowing customers to easily save money. There is no need to advertise your products individually because this platform contains all you require. Consequently, there are no additional expenses for vendors.

4. No Extra Expense

There is no need to advertise your products individually because this platform contains all you require. Consequently, there are no additional expenses for vendors.

5. Lowest Costs

If we are consumers, we are always searching for mobile applications that provide excellent discounts and bargains on their products. The success of these programs is founded on the same concept: they have provided substantial discounts on things at the lowest market prices. 

Convert Your App Idea Into Reality

Let’s Build A New App Together

Market Leaders of Daily Deals App Development

1. Groupon


Groupon comes out on top when we consider the aggregate number of users who make use of daily deal applications across all of the available platforms. Since the company’s launch in 2011, it has offered a wide variety of tempting deals and electronic coupons to its customers.

Groupon is your one-stop shop for all of your shopping needs, whether you are looking for local deals, vacation packages, or internet-based promotions. The app’s subscribers have access to all of the app’s bargains, including discounts on products, local and online deals, and vacation packages. Users of iOS, Android, and Windows are able to take advantage of it.

2. LivingSocial


This software is comparable to Groupon, but it incorporates additional features such as GPS to assist customers in determining which product will be most beneficial to them in their particular location.

It uses GPS to provide users with offers and information about deals for goods and services that are located close to where they are now located. The application can be downloaded on iOS, Android, and Windows-based devices by users located in a number of different countries.

3. Gilt


For instance, Gilt provides discounts on premium goods, Gilt City provides deals that are comparable to those provided by Groupon, and Jetsetter provides discounts and bargains on vacations.

There are three separate applications that make up this family: Gilt, Gilt City, and Jetsetter. The first company offers luxury goods, vacation discounts, and services for men, women, and children; the second company, which specializes in travel deal packages, operates in a manner that is comparable to that of Groupon; and the third company’s primary focus is on travel deal packages.

4. Fab


The users do not need to pay anything in order to become members of this app. It mostly trades in gourmet foods and upscale designer clothing and accessories. It is downloadable for use on mobile devices running either iOS or Android.

5. Ibotta


This app provides you with the best deals if you are looking for groceries, and it helps you cut down on the overall cost of purchasing food items.

It is one of the most capable apps for finding daily deals on food. Before leaving their home, people who have made shopping lists for groceries should check Ibotta to see whether any of the items on their list are currently on sale. It’s possible that they will run into something that they require if they have any luck at all.

Required Development Team for App Development

  • UX/UI designers
  • Testing team
  • Project manager
  • Graphic designer
  • Back-end developers
  • iOS developers
  • Android developers

Why Should You Choose Our App?

EmizenTech is the top daily deals app development company that specializes in developing daily deals apps. With easy features and cost-effective solutions, they provide domestic and international clients with secure and engaging platforms.

They are located in the United States, India, and the United Kingdom in order to serve clients from various geographical regions. EmizenTech’s well-equipped staff develops cross-platform, cross-functionality online coupon applications using cutting-edge technologies and tools. Our daily deal program includes a vast array of sophisticated features, dashboards, and administration tools. 

User PanelMerchant PanelAdmin Panel
Sign Up/ LoginAdd Deals, Manage DealsManage Deals like new deals, active deals approved deals, completed deals, rejected deals, and expired deals
Deals ListingTrack StatusManage Coupons, purchased & pending, used, purchased, expired
Invite FriendsManage CouponsCategories & subcategories of deals
My favoritesManage ordersManage Merchants/Consumers/Subscribers/Partners
Complete ProfileSubscribeWebsite Tracking, IP Tracking, Login/Logout Time tracking, Visitors Tracking, IP blocking
Use Coupon CodeMail SystemCMS-based pages for FAQ, About Us, Contact Us, Buying guide, etc.
Browse store-specific/ Category-wise offersFavorite sectionGraphs, Statistics and Dashboard
Share Deals on social media- Facebook/LinkedIn/Google +/TwitterRedemptions of couponsShare Deals on social media- Facebook/LinkedIn/Google +/Twitter
Acquired dealsDeal review & comments, Facebook Comments
Graphs, Statistics & dashboard
Share Deals on social media- Facebook/LinkedIn/Google +/Twitter 

Cost of Developing a Daily Deal Application

It is not possible to determine the precise cost of producing a daily deal app; nonetheless, several elements contribute to the cost of developing these apps. Compared to the expense of developing an app with only the most essential and critical functions, the launch of a feature-rich app will require a significant financial investment from the developers.

The daily deal app’s price also considers the amount of time required to construct an application.

Thirdly, the team that will be employed to develop the app also has a significant impact on how much it will cost to produce the app. Curious to know how? If you were to hire staff permanently, you would be responsible for providing them with working space, including desks and an office. They would also anticipate receiving particular advantages and privileges from their employers. On the other hand, employing freelancers will prove to be highly beneficial to the company’s financial situation.


Consumers have always been enticed to make purchases by sales and discounts on the products and services they purchase. The availability of daily deal apps has made it much simpler and more convenient for customers to take advantage of discounts and offers on a wide variety of goods and services.

Because of this, the popularity of such apps is growing, and users are continually finding room for new applications of this kind. Having said that, it is of the utmost need to bear in mind the reasons for which one is creating this app. These applications are not only expanding at an exponential rate, but they are also helping to close the communication gaps that exist between sellers and customers.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How much does it cost to develop daily deals mobile apps? 

It largely depends on the specific needs of the businesses or the originator of the concept. Among the considerations are:
1. Characteristics and capabilities
2. The sophistication of functionality
3. Technology stack Required team and member expertise
4. Costs associated with third-party tools
Furthermore, to obtain an accurate pricing estimate, please contact our staff with the specifics of your project.

2. How do I develop a daily deals app development? 

Partnering with one of the top mobile app development companies is the optimal strategy for developing a daily deals application. These brands have in-depth expertise in many industries and the ability to meet your specific needs. Once you clearly understand your requirements, you can contact our team to discuss the following stages. Typically, they will follow the steps below to establish a daily deals app:
Step 1: Investigation
Step 2: Architecture
Step 3: UI/ UX design
Step 4: mobile app development 
Step 5: quality assurance and testing
Step 6: intermediate release
Step 7: Application Submission and deployment
Step 8: Support after launch

3. What significant features should daily deals applications include?

Consider the following advanced features while developing a daily deals application:
1. Navigation and locating
2. Price comparison
3. Payment gateway integration
4. Credit cards
5. Social media integration
6. Cloud environment
7. Continuous system analytics

4. Which tools and technologies should be used for daily deals app development? 

The utilization of technical tools is contingent on a number of variables; in general, we employ the following technologies:
1. Android App Development: Android Studio, Kotlin, Java, Android SDK, Maps, Stripe, Analytics, Material Design, Firebase, Push Notification, SQLite, Cloud Platforms 
2. iOS App Development: Swift, Objective-c, Native SDK, Xcode, SQLite, Core Data, iCloud SDK 
3. Cross-platform App Development: Xamarin, Ionic, React Native

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