An individual can adjust to different conditions but isn’t capable of dealing with hunger. When you are famished but busy with your work and doings, it is a desire to get food on the table. Thanks to Postmates, which has made food delivery management so much easier with no effort. With a click, you can get food instantly at the doorstep or schedule the next meals through its scheduling feature. Such on demand food delivery apps put everyone at ease; therefore, demand for these mobile apps is rapidly growing. 

If any entrepreneur wants to build an app like postmates, he must learn about this application first and the concept of food delivery apps. Read and dive deep to know what post mate is, how it works, and other relatable things to get an idea for your clone app like post mate development. 

What is Postmates – Let’s Talk About It

Postmates deployed in 2011 with the great concept of on-demand food delivery services. The app has been merged with UberEats in 2020, and officially declared its merger in June 2021.  It does not only work for food deliveries but sends groceries, flowers, and admirable gifts. The app works 24*7*365, so customers will get their essentials anytime, anywhere they need. It is a platform built for customers, independent workers, and store persons to interact with each other for the necessities of on-demand delivery services. Postmates is one of the best quick delivery apps with no service compromises. 

Postmates Market Stats and Growth 

The growth of food delivery apps is rapidly growing and brought a huge impact on the food delivery market. Read the stats to know better: 

  • In 2013, the Founder of Postmates invested $5 Million, which gave an authentication to the app and brought more investments further. 
  • In 2018, Postmates only covered 8% of the total food delivery market in the US. 
  • In 2021, Postmates took average deliveries of 35 Million
  • The same-day food delivery market was valued at 6.66 Bn in 2022, and now the estimations are stating it to grow to 42.26 Bn at a CAGR of 20%

How Do Postmates Work?

Postmates Business Model

The seamless UX and UI make the app’s usability much more convenient and quick. Still, it is important to understand how the business model works before your development phase starts. There are 4 significant aspects on which it works: 

1. Find Products and Stores 

Initially, the customer has to browse for the required products and stores, and they are supposed to choose items to purchase with the selection of stores. The on-demand food delivery app can be accessed from smartphones and desktops anywhere, so use it according to your suitability. 

2. Payment Gateways

Postmates accept orders after the payment is made. The final amount is paid, including delivery fees and service charges. The application charges Stripe, and customers can add an amount to their wallets for direct payments. 

3. Find The Courier/Delivery Person 

Once your payment is made and the order has been accepted, the application will search for nearby couriers or delivery persons to the stores for quick deliveries possible to the customer’s doorstep. 

4. Tracking and Feedback 

This feature is to facilitate the customers, in which they can track where the order is. Moreover, the customers can share feedback on their service experience. Additionally, the customers are allowed to pay tips to postmates. Tipping is optional; customers can do it if they want. 

Benefits of Building an App Like Postmates 

According to the current market trends, huge numbers of food delivery companies are focusing on building apps like postmates. There is nothing to not focus on such an incredible and revenue-generating application indeed. There are multiple reasons which can prove that the development of such apps is profitable and growth for the business. Read to know the benefits of building a clone app like Postmates-

1. Ordering Process Becomes Easier and Quick 

Customers can place orders smoothly, conveniently, and quickly through the application. The apps won’t put customers in confusion and dilemmas, and it provides a streamlined process to place orders and manage them as well for quick results. 

2. Increased Customer Base 

The application can approach the vastest and connect with more customers compared to the traditional ways. Your business can reach beyond the regulars and locals, increasing the customer base. The exposure of an extreme customer base will improve sales and profits. 

3. More Opportunities for Your Business 

Everyone is busy with their busy schedules and work. Therefore, people expect food items to reach their doorstep. On the other hand, sometimes we cannot step out for bad weather or other reasons. It happens, and we cannot control things. Apps like postmates will provide food at the doorstep, bringing more business opportunities. People in need will approach more, which is how businesses will grow. 

4. Vast Reach to Customers 

You are able to handle limited orders at one time. With excellent food delivery apps, you can tackle how many orders you want with an integrated ordering system. Building mobile apps for business is a perfect way to approach at the vastest and stay one step ahead of the competition. 

5. Avail Customer’s Preferences and Data 


The best food delivery app has an algorithm for collecting customer data. When you collect the data like who are the regular on-going customers, what they prefer to order, from which area you are getting more orders, and other things. Knowing all these things helps change a few aspects of the business to grasp possible customer attention. 

Factors to Consider Before Postmates Kind of App Development 

If anyone wants to build an app like Postmates, then a few factors are mandatory to consider, which are- 

1. Do In-Depth Market Research 

Before you start building or connect with the development team, it is important to research and evaluate the market. You must know what the market is demanding, what is the targeted audience, how the food supply chain works, and overall understand the entire functioning is what is required the most. It is better to analyze the concept of food delivery apps, so that you can build your own application better than competitors. 

2. Find Something Innovative and Unique from On-Going Market Standards 

You must know what exclusive and quality things you can add in the application. The client should discuss his ideas and vision with the app development team, and also find out some innovative and unique things to stand their application in the market well. Come up with unique features and functionalities, which makes your on demand food delivery apps stand out in the market with a strong establishment. 

3. Keep the Current Market Trends in Mind 

It is the most important thing, but multiple times people do not focus on that. Keep in mind what are the current trends going on and what else tech-trends we could involve to make it worth using. Try to find what new trends to add in your application like AR or VR, Customization, AI ChatBot, speech technologies, voice recognition, and much more. 

Tech-Stack Required To Build an App Like PostMates 

Here is the tech stack mentioned to build the app Postmates. Read to know what sort of technologies do you need for own app development- 

1. iOS Application 

Category Technologies 
Programming LanguageSwift, Objective-C 
Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Xcode 
User Interface UIKit, Cocoa Touch  
Database Core Data, SQLite 
Networking Alamofire 
Mapping and Location Services Mapkit, Global Positioning System (GPS) 
Real-Time Database and Cloud Messaging Firebase  
Dependency Management SPM, CocoaPods 

2. Android Application 

Category Technologies 
Programming Language Java, Kotlin, Dart 
Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Android Studio 
Android Development Kit Android SDK 
Networking Retrofit 2, OkHttp, Ktor 
Mapping and Location Services Google Maps API 
Database Room Persistence Library 
Real-Time Database and Cloud Messaging Firebase 
Build System Gradle 

If anyone wants to build an on-demand food delivery app for both platforms, they can opt for Cross-Platform or Hybrid Apps as well. 

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Postmates? 

If you plan to build an app for food delivery services, you want to know how much it costs to build an app like Postmates. Mobile app development considers several factors during the building phase. The average cost to build an on-demand food delivery app ranges from $5000 and rises as per the complexity and features clients demand. 

Numerous factors affect the cost of developing an app like post mate. To know the estimations, read the considerations below: 

1. Design 

The UX/UI design cost affects the entire app development cost. The more complex visual effects you need in the application, the more time it will take. At this moment, the more time it takes, the more clients have to pay. 

2. Development 

The development stage includes many things, like listing the features, adding the functionalities, adjusting the UI elements, and much more. If the app includes too much complexity in the development, it will also cost more. 

3. Quality Testing 

There are a number of developers who charge separate costs for quality testing. If you are getting the application quality tested, it might cost you more than usual. 

4. Post-Deployment Cost 

Clients expect post-deployment support and maintenance, but that will also add extra cost for the project. If you want to take support services after the application launch for 3-6 months, it will also demand additional costs. 

5. Cost as per Hourly, Monthly, or Project and Location 

The on-demand food delivery app development companies charge costs for the project according to different aspects like hourly, monthly, or for the entire project in a moment. Therefore, the cost depends on the developer’s charges and location; every location also costs differently. 


How Postmates Works On Its Monetization? 

When building a food delivery app for business expansion, it is very important to consider its monetization. Dive into the demonstrations to know different monetization methods to opt for. 

1. Delivery Charges

On every delivery, the application charges a certain amount. The percentage is fixed and depends upon the delivery cost, location, distance, etc. Postmates can make money through the delivery cost by fixing a specific percentage of the total amount. 

2. Collaboration with Other Restaurants and Cafes 

When your application promotes other restaurants and cafes, it demands a certain amount to promote them. The promotional cost is a way to monetize the application. 

3. Advertising 

Entrepreneurs can use advertising monetization methods, in which they have to be careful and keep in touch with the food-related business only. The advertising business should relate to food delivery or other food services. 

4. Provide Premium Version in a Certain Amount 

You can set your application in two ways free and paid. Add some extra or additional features in the paid version, and call it premium. The other features and functionality in the secondary paid version will act as a super-efficient monetization method for the business. 

Alternatives of Postmates 

1. Yelp

Yelp helps the people to connect with local nearby businesses for food delivery. The application serves multiple services like restaurant reservations, home services, auto repairs, home services, food delivery, reviews, local businesses and much more. Yelp is available to help with door-to-door daily essential services. 

2. GrubHub

GrubHub is the fastest and most convenient way to get food at home. It is one of the best food delivery apps, which ensures great meals at doorstep from the best nearby restaurants. Customers can search with their favorite cuisines, great menu, and nearby excellent restaurants. Get what you are exactly looking for through GrubHub. 

3. DoorDash

DoodDash is an excellent food delivery app service provider, which delivers for everything you crave. Even the customers will get free delivery on the DashPass orders, 5% back on pickup orders and many other offers as well. Additionally the application works on the grocery delivery service concept. So it is a complete package for your day-to-day services. Avail it now sooner. 

4. GoPuff

GoPuff works on the mission to bring new customers. The application believes in serving new innovative services constantly so that the customers will receive much better and the app will grow in the market rapidly. Customer service is available to update and serve clients whenever they need food delivery services. Although the drivers are professionals and take orders safely from clients. 

5. Deliveroo

Get your favorite food at the doorstep in minimum time. Deliveroo works on the pick-up and delivery options instantly by the nearby restaurants. Also the application is far better for its push notification, which updates customers for everything like where the order is, how much time it will take for the order delivery, delays and earlier pick-up & deliveries, etc. 

Why is EmizenTech Developing Postmates-Like Apps?


EmizenTech is experienced with years of experience in building web apps and robust software. We have excellent and expert professionals working to manage and create agile food delivery applications. Our creative and innovative minds bring uniqueness to the project compared to others. Moreover, we have worked on food delivery apps and developed food waste management applications. Our experts have a thorough knowledge of the food delivery market, and they have the caliber to build extraordinary applications to stand against competitors in the market. 


On-demand food delivery app services are growing the industry market value and expanding so rapidly. If anyone is looking forward to stepping in the business line, then consider the best food delivery app development company to build an agile and robust application to beat the market standards. The decision to jump into the industry is absolutely profitable, but make sure your app will have a separate and strong establishment in the market. We can build a Clone App Like Postmates with unique innovative features and functionalities. So make a call to us and discuss your idea to turn it into a growing business for the future. 

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EmizenTech's Mobile App Development team is led by Naren Bhati, who designs and develops technically innovative solutions for our global clientele. He has the technical expertise to steer our app development team on the right path.