The highly-hassled lifestyle needs comfort and ease at home, at least. Apps like GoPuff participated in easing the lifestyle by providing food and groceries at the doorstep. Besides just the food or groceries, get your alcohol at home to relax. GoPuff is a super-efficient app that allows users to avoid household shopping. 

Currently, every individual prefers to use applications like GoPuff to ease their tasks. Therefore, building such an app is advantageous for entrepreneurs as well. Rest you should rather evaluate the marketplace to know the worth of these applications and values before making a decision for yourself. 

If you are thinking of building an app like GoPuff, this blog is definitely for you. We will tell you about the app itself and other aspects you must know before development. Let’s get started now. 

What is GoPuff and How Does it Work? 


GoPuff was founded in 2013, and customers can order home essentials and necessary items like snacks, groceries, healthy alternatives, on-demand food delivery service, and also electronic items as well. Once the customer adds his delivery address, the feature will showcase available items for delivery in the GoPuff Store. Consumers can add things to a cart and then pay online through a secured payment gateway method. When the order is placed, the server will find the nearest driver to deliver the items directly to customers.

Do you want to try GoPuff? Read to know how this alcohol and food delivery app service will work- 

  • First, you have to download the GoPuff application. It is a cross-platform app which is available on Android and iOS. 
  • Sign-In the app and locate your address. The app has covered a vast marketplace with huge numbers of delivery partners. Therefore, applications need a location to find the nearest and quick driver for the delivery. 
  • Now users need to browse the products and categories. Find what you are looking for, snacks, quick food delivery, groceries, health products, electronics, etc. Moreover, get alcohol delivery at home with GoPuff. 
  • Select the items you need to purchase and add them to the ‘Cart.’ Do not forget to check the discounts, offers, rewards, and points you got. 
  • Confirm and check out then. If you want to tip the driver or want to purchase the subscription plan, check out before checking out. 
  • Now place the order. After the order is placed, now the app server will find the nearest drivers to deliver orders directly to the customers. 

GoPuff works around the clock and delivers the best out of all, anytime and anywhere. 

GoPuff Market Stats and Growth 

GoPuff has covered a vast marketplace with whole-nother-level heights. If you want to start a GoPuff-like business, read the stats below to know how much you can achieve from it. 

  • GoPuff made $1 Billion in Revenue in 2021, which is three times more than in 2020
  • The last-mile delivery app market reached $25 Billion in 2020 (approx) and is estimated to reach $72 Billion by the end of 2025.
  • GoPuff sales are growing by 28% every year, and the growth is still skyrocketing with growth. 

Why Opt For a Business Like GoPuff? 

We understand that you are doing well and working hard to run the business. Meantime, it is majorly important to stick with new tech stacks and advancements in the marketplace to beat the competition. 

Having a business application like GoPuff will bring profits and generate high revenue with vast visibility. Let’s read why opting for a business like GoPuff is advantageous: 

1. Convenient Management

The applications make business management and handling much easier, quicker, and seamless. Entrepreneurs can manage their service orderings, purchases, order acceptance & rejection, feedback, refunding, cancellation, and other things. 

2. Reduction in Overhead Costs 

Entrepreneurs can save lots of their costs by saving through leasing property costs for retail space, maintenance costs, utilities, reduced lower overhead expenses, etc. Thanks to the ultimate features in the application, which helps to reduce maximum possible costs. 

3. Approach to Targeted Audience and Grow in MarketPlace 

In the vast marketplace and unlimited audience, you need to target your own space. The application gives you an opportunity to approach a targeted audience from your comfort zone, and people will coordinate with the products and services. The more customers you will target, the higher the chances of conversion rates and grow your position in the marketplace. 

4. Operational Flexibility 

Do you know GoPuff Business Model works on every sorted tech stack and feature to optimize applications with excellent operational flexibility? The entrepreneur can target the local market, as well as scale up across other cities through on-demand delivery apps. The optimized management of delivery routes, inventory management, and other operations. 

Features of the GoPuff App 

Here are some features listed which have made GoPuff a successful on-demand delivery app-

1. Customer-Centric Features 

  • Sign Up & Register– The registration process is simpler and quicker. Customers can either log in with their numbers or social media profiles as well. 
  • Review Order– Customers can cross-check their orders before placing them. It is necessary to ease customers reviewing whether they have added all the required items or not. 
  • Track the Location- When the order is placed, customers will receive a live tracking link. It helps the customers to track their orders and know the estimated delivery time as well. 
  • Payment Gateways– The app works on different payment gateways so that customers can opt for one option that suits them best. 
  • Check Order History– In the order history, you will get all the details regarding the previous order. The feature is good enough if the customer wants to repeat any of his orders. 
  • Push-Notification– Notification satisfies the customers because it updates the customers about where the order is, when it will arrive, whether it will be delivered earlier or delayed, any offer or special discount, any new update, etc. 
  • Direct Message and Calls to Driver– The customers are allowed to message or call the drivers directly for better understanding and seamless conversation. 

2. Supplier-Centric Features 

  • Admin Panel– Through the panel, the service providers will come to know which of their products and services are listed on the application, which ones are in demand, what to explore and promote more, and much more. 
  • Push Notification– The notifications help not only the customers but better for the service provider to know how many are placed, how many are delivered, and what’s left. These notifications help in order management to keep the workflow streamlined. 
  • Chat– There is a ChatBox provided, which is connected with drivers and customers to manage the workflow and deliveries appropriately. 
  • Reporting– The suppliers will receive feedback & reports regarding their order history and performance. They can understand customers’ expectations to take leading and more satisfying actions. 
  • Menu Editing– The service providers are able to edit their products listing, prices, and availability. There are manually editable features, which allow them to change products and its costing with inventory management. 

3. Driver-Centric Feature

  • Order Details– When the delivery partner accepts his order, GoPuff provides essential details. It helps the delivery partner to take care of products and count them appropriately for the right delivery. 
  • Customer Profile– The feature showcases the driver’s basic details of the customers so that the order will reach in right hands. 
  • Availability– There is a feature that allows the drivers to update their active or inactive work. The application must display the unavailability of the driver so that order allotment stays a bit simpler and streamlined. 
  • Navigation– The feature inside the app must navigate drivers to the shortest and no-traffic pathways for quick deliveries. It ensures customer satisfaction, which directly impacts the application. 

Considerable Factors Before Building App Like GoPuff 

If you are planning to start with on-demand delivery app development, remember to check and observe a few things in the marketplace. Delve into the factors shown below to process with an excellent development process: 

1. Market Research 

If you have a business idea and vision like GoPuff, you need to know and understand the concept of the application. You need to research how the application started, what changes it brought, what’s their USP, how they are reaching the market, and research other alternate apps of GoPuff to get a complete idea and vision for your own application development. To build an app, it is important to understand what the app is. 

2. Observe the Targeted Audience 

It is necessary to analyze and reserve a specific targeted audience among the vastest marketplace. Undeniably, there are countless audiences that exist, and you cannot cover them all shortly. Things take time to process, so initiate with a certain targeted audience. Expand business with time, but for once, know about which your targeted audience to sell products and services and approach them with best practices. 

3. Create Own Solid USP 

Every entrepreneur or company has their own specific USP to attract more & more customers and sustain a certain ideology in the marketplace. If you want to build your brand, create a USP which is specific to your products and services only. USP helps to give a separate identity to your business and establish itself in the marketplace. 

4. Research for the Stakeholders 

It is nice if you do have enough funds to raise your business. Meanwhile, think about the stakeholders (stores, cafes, restaurants) to build the value of your business. The more tie-ups you will do, the more it will authenticate business. That is why research the right stakeholders and settle them with the business to increase values and customer support. 

5. Hire the Best App Development Company 

Building an app like GoPuff requires full knowledge, skills, expertise, and experience in app development. Therefore, step into the market and find the right helping hand. There is no shortage of app development companies, but choose one by considering different factors. Check the cost, expertise, experience, and team, and converse with them to understand which mobile app development company is best to build your on-demand delivery apps. 

6. Find the Appropriate Monetization Model 

Building an application is not enough because, eventually, the agenda is to make money through that. Strategies and find out the monetization model. Know how and from which pathway you will generate money. You can either opt for advertisements, commission basis, subscriptions, or any other way to generate money via the application. 

7. Find The Right Tech-Stack 

Before the app goes under development, you must know which tech stacks to use. You must figure out which technologies you prefer and take the professionals’ suggestions. The technology used in app development will take the app to success, so utilize the ones to beat the competition.

8. Legal and Regulatory Compliance 

You must check the terms and conditions. Making legal and regulatory compliances will protect customers and both. Read those terms so that you will be able to get the best with no risks. The service providers and customers are safe and secure with the following legal and regulatory compliances. 

Step-by-Step Guide for GoPuff Like App Development 

1. Know your Requirements 

First, you need to analyze what GoPuff is offering. Understand the features and functionalities of the application to know what is mandated in your app development and what extra to add. Then determine which is your targeted audience to market your app accordingly. Also, decide where to deploy the app. Either you can use iOS or Android or Cross-Platform whatsoever. Before the development process, it is very important to know your requirements, which helps you understand how to process things. 

2. Step into Design and User-Experience (UX)

Initiate designing the wireframes and prototypes to outline app flow & layout. Continue the design and simplify the app for its convenient usage and navigation. Pay attention to intuitive navigation and build the application with a more effortless user experience and interface to attract more consumers. 

3. Backend Development 

Now work on the backend development required for data management and app requests. Use excellent backend technologies like NodeJS, Java, Python, and others for a scalable and successful establishment. Also, create a suitable schema for the product information, user profiles, and orders. 

4. API Development and Integration 

Developing the APIs for better and smooth communication between the front and backend is essential. Integrate the APIs for payment processing, order placement, registration, and authentications to make the app more reliable. Apart from payment processing, integrate the app with Google Maps navigation, Deliverect for a streamlined delivery process, and others. Professional food delivery app developers know better about different APIs and their development or integration to receive the best outputs. 

5. Frontend Development 

Here the developer needs to focus on the user interface (UI). Use different technologies for different platforms ReactNative for Cross Platform or Native Frameworks like Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android. Implement the screens with wireframes. It allows the screens to be appealing and stay consistent with visual representations. Once the screening process is done, initiate the next with API integration to extract the data in real time. 

6. Testing and Quality Assurance 

Once the development phase gets done, ensure testing and quality assures the application before deployment. Test the features, functionalities, response rate, user flow, security, confidentiality, payment processing, APIs working, and other aspects. Perform the testing process on different devices to know whether it is working appropriately or if any problem is occurring. If the testers or QA addresses any bug, immediately resolve them before the client states it. 

7. Deployment of Application 

Once the application is developed and tested, deploy it on their respective platforms. Now choose your respective platform (iOS, Android, Cross Platform, or Hybrid). Launch the application on its platform and wait for the responses. Analyze the app performances and consider the user’s reviews & feedback to understand how the app runs in the marketplace. 

8. Support and Maintenance 

After the deployment, app developers will provide post-deployment services for a specified period (3-6 months). Once the users utilize the application, clients and developers will be able to address the bugs and add-on features. Therefore, post-deployment services or support and maintenance are very important to build the application with the latest updates in the marketplace. 

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Monetization Strategies of GoPuff Food and Alcohol Delivery App 

GoPuff is working with a few monetization strategies, which proved to be a great success for the application. Do you want to know ‘How GoPuff Monetizes Itself?’ Let’s read to know- 

1. Service Provider Fees

The supplier will pay a certain amount to be visible on the application. Application allowed them to be visible to a vast audience and connect with newer markets. 

2. Subscription Fees

The application can provide subscription plans to customers, in which they will receive free delivery, more discounts, more offers, or many rewards. The subscription fee is the way to make money for the app. 

3. Advertisement Fees 

It is the fees that the suppliers have to pay for their business advertisement on the home screen of the application. Businesses will be promoted on the application. Consequently, the entrepreneurs have to pay for their promotions to the application. 

How GoPuff is Unique From Other On-Demand Business Models? 

GoPuff is not just an on-demand food delivery app; additionally, it is a grocery & alcohol delivery app. Customers can instantly get all their essential items through the app at their doorstep. GoPuff is the best on-demand delivery application because the customers will get everything under one roof. None has to revolve around different applications for food, groceries, basic electronics, drinks, etc. This app will provide everything instantly at your location at a reasonable cost. 

Many competitors of GoPuff are trying to bring new USPs and advancements in the market to be the top ones. Here are some alternatives listed below of GoPuff

1. UberEats

Uber Eats

UberEats is a very trending food delivery app, and it has collaborated with thousands of restaurants, cafes, and dinings. The application is available on Android and iOS platforms and is accessible to everyone. Also, the user interface is more straightforward, which makes it more attractive to everyone. Once the order is placed, you will receive a live tracking link to locate the driver’s location and order status on the map. However, you can suggest the drivers for the location or food deliveries through the chat option. UberEats acquired Postmates in June-2021, but the apps are working separately due to their certain different USPs. 

2. DoorDash


 DoorDash is an online food and drinks delivery app with a vast US network base and free delivery. It is one of the most used platforms for meal deliveries, which has covered 56% market share. DoorDash is an app like GoPuff, with over 300,000 menus from thousands of cafes, restaurants, and grocery stores in 4000+ cities. The customers do not have to pay for delivery in the first month. 

3. Seamless


Get the best and most beneficial perks from Seamless-The Local Food Delivery App. The application works with a number of local restaurants with numerous cuisines. Either it is something new or you have authentic taste buds; Seamless has all the options for you. Also, the application provides exclusive deals & rewards. Do you know, the customer can get $100 in savings with certain perks if they discover new restaurants in the app. 

4. GrubHub 


GrubHub is a cross-platform app that works like GoPuff. This online food delivery app is incorporated with thousands of restaurants and stores to serve in all possible locations. No matter which cuisine you want to have, GrubHub has covered all from Italian to Chinese, to Greek Food, to all others. GrubHub has the best reviews and ratings and assures us it serves the best in the neighborhood. 

5. Cavier

Cavier food delivery ap

Cavier has partnered with a number of top-rated restaurants from where customers can order mind-blowing and delicious food items. Caviar is ranked with a 4.7 rating on PlayStore, with 1M+ downloads. Any customer with a DoorDash or DashPass account can utilize those discounts in Cavier as well. This application works on aligning new restaurants to serve exclusive services at the best cost. 

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Challenges While Building App Like GoPuff

GoPuff is a successful app in the US market for on-demand food and alcohol delivery at home. Building a similar kind of app requires enough knowledge and skills. Meantime building the app, there are a few challenges faced by food delivery app businesses– 

1. Find your own Proposition 

Every company has its own USP, which helps them to stand out from the crowd. You, too, need to create a USP. Unfortunately, technology has taken the world beyond imagination, and entrepreneurs are digging in-depth to use it. Therefore all the USPs are already taken. If you cannot find or create your own USP, try to rectify others with some newness. Check and analyze what others offer and try bringing positive changes in their strategies with different propositions. You can do what others are doing, but do it better than them to make your own identity in the marketplace. 

2. Approach to the Targeted Audience 

We understand the high and vastest approach of applications, but you can still approach some of the population. Handling and entertaining countless audiences will take a lot of work, which might be a reason for your downfall. Therefore, target a small audience and serve them with the best facilities. Widen up your approach, but it should gradually be done in the marketplace for better sustainability. 

3. Partner with the right Restaurants and Delivery Partners 

If you are starting an delivery app, make sure you partner with suitable suppliers and drivers. If the restaurants and delivery partners are not such workaholics, ethical or professional, that will bring your app downwards. That is why we analyze appropriately and find suitable suppliers and delivery agents to serve the best. 

4. Hire your Delivery Agents or Freelance Services. 

It is a significant concern for all startups whether to hire drivers or freelancers for the deliveries. Well, both options have their benefits. Meantime, if you are a start-up company, book freelancers on every delivery. It is going to be cost-effective with streamlined service offerings. 

5. Connect with Skilled Tech Partners 

If you plan to develop an app for instant food and grocery delivery, ensure you connect with the right and skilled tech partner. The skilled and experienced experts will create an agile and efficient app with their creative, innovative minds. To find the right web and mobile app development company, shortlist a few after researching about them and then find a few ones to converse with. You have to share all the food Business ideas and plans, and rest discuss with the app developer to know whether he can handle the project. 

What is The Cost of Building a Mobile App like GoPuff?

The average cost to build an app like GoPuff starts from $5000. It is an estimation because multiple factors affect and change your app cost. The entrepreneur needs to know which programming language, add-on features, prototypes, wireframing, realistic UX/UI designs, and tech stacks to use. The more inclusions will add in application, the more you have to pay for its development. 

Additionally, the cost to build an app varies on the location also. The approx. App development costs per location; the US starts from $10000, the UK from £10,000, UAE from AED 35,000

Determine the factors affecting the cost and create a budget for your needs and requirements. Also, have a conversation with the team of developers to understand the concept, ideology, and estimate for the outcome with visions. 

Why Is EmizenTech Best for Your App Development? 


Are you planning to build an app like GoPuff? If you are interested, discuss plans, ideas, and visions with experienced and skilled developers to know how to execute the development phase. Well, Emizentech is the right choice for web and app development services. The company has served clients for 9+ years and delivered multiple successful projects. Team of developers working on advanced tech stacks and the latest trends to build a competitive and attractive app for more visibility & high success. 

Emizentech is an experienced IT Solutions based company that has delivered satisfying and competitive apps to clients. In their working experience, the expert and skilled team of developers have built a number of on-demand food delivery and grocery delivery apps. Every member knows the strategies, uniqueness, innovations, and current market trends. We can build an agile and robust app that will be profitable, successful, and efficient for our clients. 


Do you want to step into on-demand food and alcohol delivery app services? GoPuff is the best platform to understand what needs to be done with its application. We have deliberately mentioned all the required information about GoPuff. Suppose you want to know more about food delivery app development or like to discuss the plans. In that case, Emizentech is available to talk and plan for a growing futuristic approach for your business idea. Give a call and have a conversation with a knowledgeable, skilled, and tech person to know what best can be done with your query. 

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