Most of us plan our day out post-checking the weather online. Are we right? Of course! 

A pre-installed weather app on your smartphone may help you with tentative weather forecasts, but what if you want to check live radar updates or get a real-time weather report. You need to choose the best weather app for your Android or iOS mobiles for such additional features. You can prepare yourself and be safe from the severe weather conditions if you get to know them in advance. 

Well, it may be a bit tricky to catch up with the desired weather app as there are various weather forecast mobile apps on the app stores. 

We are here to help you out!

This post will reveal the names and top features of the best weather apps and their direct installation links specific to your type of mobile.

Best Weather Apps & Widgets for Android and iOS

1. CARROT Weather

Carrot Weather

Available on: Android | iOS

A powerful weather app, CARROT Weather delivers twisted forecasts and uses auto-renewing subscriptions. An engaging minimalist weather app provides accurate and detailed weather data.

Top Features

  • The premium users can view the weather of the past 70 years or the next ten years for any location.
  • Also, the premium users can append a customizable widget to their home screen to allow them to witness the weather without even opening the app. 
  • You can stop the annoying ads if you are a premium club member. 
  • You can catch up with more weather data sources, including AccuWeather,, and Dark Sky.
  • You will get notifications of weather alerts, precipitation, and lightning strikes for your real-time location.
  • Weather maps are also available with individual radar stations, forecast radar, and various layers.
  • Premium Ultra plan incorporates all the Premium features and notifications of storm cells, lightning, and rain.
  • Also, you can share the details with up to five members via Apple’s Family Sharing service.

2. 1Weather: Forecast & Radar

1Weather Forecast & Radar

Available on: Android | iOS

This weather app provides hyperlocal weather forecasts to ease your life. It is trusted by almost 50+ million users (Android). During the 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season, it was ranked as the best weather app. 

Top Features

  • It offers  24×7 local & national weather information.
  • You can also get NWS & WDT alerts as per the custom locations.
  • This app provides weekly, daily, and hourly forecasting.
  • Its AQI info provides the air quality levels across every location.
  • You can personalize location with specific details through widgets, like wind speed, temperature, etc.
  • Its live doppler radar detector holds the caliber to track critical meteorological conditions, such as cyclones, tornadoes, blizzards, and more.
  • Those with seasonal allergies may get updates on air quality and make outing plans accordingly.
  • You can check the updates in real-time and future weather for weather news.
  • You will get notifications of the alerts and warnings issued for your location. 
  • 50+ million US users trust this weather app. 
  • You can also get live radar 

3. AccuWeather: Weather Radar

AccuWeather: Weather Radar

Available on: Android | iOS

Well recognized internationally by the World Meteorological Organization for the “Best Weather Warnings,”  “Best User Interface and Data Representation,” and “Best Design and Presentation of Information, User-Friendliness; Access and Customization,” Accuweather is trusted by millions of users.

Top Features

  • You can get live weather forecasts, severe weather alerts, allergy, precipitation, and temperature outlooks for your day.
  • Also, you can check for advanced warning of snowfall probabilities and accumulation.
  • It includes RealFeel® & RealFeel Shade Temperature™ technology that assists you in getting a better sense of the weather. 
  • It arrives with a weather tracker and Live radar information.
  • Using this app, you can get local forecasts and personalize the application as per your location.
  • AccuWeather provides trending videos also. 
  • You can know about the weather for the next 45 days and prepare yourself accordingly.
  • The temperature contour maps reveal the temperature change over the next day.
  • Current conditions maps showcase RealFeel and temperature in and surrounding your location.

4. Today Weather 

Today Weather

Available on: Android | iOS

Today Weather offers an easy-to-use and engaging weather app that provides the most accurate local weather forecasts.

Top Features

  • It allows you to view the weather information of any location easily worldwide.
  • The weather info will allow you to protect your health with UX index, air quality, and pollen count. 
  • Using a widget, you can quickly view the weather forecast.
  • You can even capture and share weather info pictures with your friends.
  • Get notifications for daily weather forecasts. 
  • You can prepare yourself for anything with an around-the-clock weather forecast and rain chances. 
  • Also, you can enjoy accurate and reliable weather forecasting with 10+ data sources, like,, Dark Sky,,, etc.
  • It arrives with a weather radar which you can use to locate the precipitation, know its type, measure its motion, and forecast its future intensity and position. 
  • You can catch an alluring view of the whole moon, night, sunrise, and sunset with information. 
  • Get the alerts for heavy rain, strong wind, heavy snow, and thunderstorms.

5. Appy Weather: Hyperlocal radar + Dark Sky weather

Appy Weather: Hyperlocal radar + Dark Sky weather

Available on: Android 

Marked as the Winner of Google Play’s Best of 2019 “🛠 Everyday Essentials,” Appy Weather is the most personal weather application. 

Top Features

  • This app summarizes the weather in user-friendly and plain-spoken language through its one-of-a-kind Timeline screen. It outlines the temperature in a few lines, avoiding scrolling the long lists to know the weather. You can get daily and hourly views as well. 
  • If you grant location permission, it will be stored on your device and never be shared with a 3rd-party. 
  • While the app is running, your location allows hyper-forecasting.
  • The accurate hyperlocal forecasts of Appy Weather are powered by Dark Sky, AerisWeather, Foreca, and OpenWeather. 

6. Overdrop – Weather & Widgets

Overdrop - Weather & Widgets

Available on: Android | iOS

This weather app is powered by the top weather forecast providers, like AccuWeather, WeatherBit, and Dark Sky Weather. It assists you in staying ahead by allowing you to use the 96-hour radar map, choose from 50+ fascinating widgets, get severe weather condition alerts, and set one of any six looks.

Top Features

  • By providing live weather forecasts from the leading providers, this weather app ensures that you never get caught up in a storm. 
  • You can access weather data through the complete weather report the app offers. 
  • The engaging wind, rain, and temperature graphs reveal a 24-hour weather forecast, and you can spot the fluctuations on the timelines.
  • You can plan for a week in advance by viewing the next seven days’ weather forecasts regarding the storms, sunshine, or freezing temperatures. 
  • This app offers live updates with an engaging weather notification. 
  • The radar maps will allow you to stay updated by getting information about a global radar network.
  • You can choose a widget from about 50+ available widgets for showcasing battery, time, and live weather status. 
  • Built-in privacy stores your data on your device.

7. NOAA Weather Unofficial

NOAA Weather Unofficial

Available on: Android | iOS

This weather app offers animated radar, forecasts, and current conditions, all in an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. The information you need is provided quickly, accurately, and for your exact location. 

Top Features

  • Your phone’s GPS will provide the exact location. Wi-Fi networks and cell towers can also offer this information.
  • This app utilizes point forecasts from the National Weather Service (NOAA/NWS) to offer highly localized weather forecasting; it is available only in the US.
  • Point forecasts are best for skiing, hiking, climbing, and other outdoor activities, which will let you know whether the nearby areas are accurate. 
  • The severe weather conditions will be visible at the top of the forecast. 
  • You can choose varied-sized widgets to place on your home screen to get some basic details without opening your app.
  • The app offers exclusive moon and sun information from sunrise to sunset, moonrise, and moonset.
  • You can also view the seasonal changes for every location.
  • Rain radar will let you know when the rainfall will approach your location.
  • You can get the weather details in the USA and its territories.
  • You can’t make any critical decisions as this app’s information is for advisory purposes only.

8. Flowx: Weather Map Forecast

Flowx: Weather Map Forecast

Available on: Android

You can view the forecast with a perfect Flowx weather map and graphs on this app. Also, catch up with the best user experience with your entire data on one screen, with a single swipe, with no ads or tracking. You just need to select the information you want to know from 20+ forecast models and 30+ data types along with radar reflectivity, hurricane tracks, sun or moon-rise or set. Also, using this app, you can check the weather forecast info and plan for your outing, sailing, aviation, hiking, photography, cycling, and more. 

Flowx holds the caliber to compare the models easily so that you can understand the weather. Also, you can customize your data visuals and options that may suit you the best. 

Top Features

  • You can get quick updates using the graph widget and set it on your home screen. 
  • Also, get the weekly weather updates at a glance. 
  • You are just a swipe away from controlling the forecast animation.
  • You can enjoy no tracking and no ads free of cost using this app.
  • This app arrives with the travel model, which automatically updates the weather forecast as per your current location all over the globe.
  • After data updation, you can use the app offline to check the weather forecast.

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9. Yahoo Weather

Available on: Android | iOS

You can now prepare your day by checking the hourly, 5-day, and even 10-day forecasts using this one of the best weather apps. 

Top Features

  • The app lets you know the air quality of your nearby areas. 
  • You can get the details of pressure, wind, and precipitation chances. 
  • Also, you can browse the interactive maps, satellite, radar, snow, and heat. 
  • This app permits tracking all your favorite destinations and cities. 
  • You can check out animated wind, sunset, sunrise, and pressure modules. 
  • For the detailed weather information, you need to cross down the app. 
  • And swipe from left to right to switch the locations.
  • To add your favorite cities, tap on the plus sign.

10. What The Forecast

What The Forecast

Available on: Android | iOS

An accurate Android weather app, What the Forecast achieved a 2018 People’s Choice Webby Award. 

Top Features

  • You can get highly accurate weather reports from AerisWeather and weather alerts from NOAA.
  • Also, the app permits the customization of the weather phases through cold, hot, and dew point thresholds.
  • You can share your weather reports on Twitter, Snap, Facebook, etc.
  • Using Text-to-Speech, you can listen to the latest weather.
  • You will catch up with backgrounds matching your current weather conditions and time of year.
  • You can choose additional photo backgrounds and solid colors in the app setting.

11. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel

Available on: Android | iOS

The World’s Most Accurate Forecaster**The Weather Channel allows you to be set for spring showers before our local storm radar. It will offer a storm tracker, rain radar, and various weather warnings that assist you in getting ready to face heavy rain and storms. 

Top Features

  • You can watch live radar updates, get an hourly rain tracker, local weather forecast, and storm radar news.
  • You will get the warnings before the floods, heavy rain, and other severe weather through live doppler radar maps, accurate weather alerts, and various weather widgets.
  • You can get hourly precipitation and rain updates via daily forecast tracking available on this app. 
  • Weather maps enabled with GPS, storm radar alerts, live radar, and critical weather warnings assist you in facing the spring clouds. 
  • The intelligent widget will offer you a weather report in detail at a glance and access to the forecast. 

12. WeatherBug App 

WeatherBug App 

Available on: Android | iOS

You can be prepared for winter with this app’s snow forecast. It allows you to view expected snowfall hourly and track the snow depth for a week ahead. Moreover, the customizable weather alerts let you know when the snow is in the days ahead. 

Top Features

  • You can explore twenty weather maps, including future radar, lightning, Doppler radar, local temperature, precipitation, road forecast, wind chill, etc. 
  • These apps offer you everything from pollen count to heat index details and everything you need to know.
  • Its weather widgets allow you to set the alerts and info you want to view on your home screen.
  • Besides, you also get to know the air quality, wildfires, heat, etc. 
  • The radar weather maps allow you to explore the weather conditions, severe storm risk, and more. 
  • The app arrives with a hurricane tracker also, through which you can track hurricanes and get their news. 
  • The weather network of this app delivers the fastest alerts and the best real-time forecasts. 
  • This app notifies about severe weather almost 50% faster. 

13. Dark Sky Data by Local Weather

Dark Sky Data By Local Weather

Available on: Android | iOS

A weather app, Dark Sky, provides hyperlocal weather details. Besides down-to-the-minute forecasts, this app lets you know the exact information about the start or stop of the rain considering your current location.

Top Features

  • You can use the map to monitor the local weather.
  • This app offers weekly, daily, extended, and local forecasts.
  • You can also catch up with today as well as upcoming weather conditions. 
  • The Doppler radar map will let you view lightning, storms, rain, and more through animation. 
  • You can set weather widgets on your home screen to get notifications without opening the app.
  • This all-in-one app is best for tracking weather conditions in your current location. 
  • Also, you can get a glance at the weather conditions. 
  • To track the precipitation in your area, you can use radar maps. 

14. Shadow Weather

Shadow Weather

Available on: Android | iOS

This weather app offers the most accurate and complete forecast. Besides, it also lets you know severe alerts and storm forecasts to allow you to be ahead of the weather.

Top Features

  • You can use robust interactive radar tools to track storms and real-time lightning strikes. 
  • Also, catch up with precipitation forecasting every minute.
  • This app syncs with your mobile’s calendar to inform you about the forecast.
  • Also, you can track your health with the air quality details.
  • You can check out the current and past radar using the rapid, powerful, and customizable interactive radar. 

15. RadarScope


Available on: Android | iOS

An exclusive display utility for meteorologists and weather enthusiasts, RadarScope permits you to view NEXRAD Level 3 and super-resolution radar data with a tornado, flash flood, severe thunderstorm, snowstorm, and special marine warnings. This weather app can showcase the latest velocity, reflectivity, dual-polarization, etc. These are native radar data delivered in their actual radial format for a top-level detail.

Top Features

  • This app displays severe thunderstorms, flash floods, tornadoes, and marine warnings that the U.S. National Weather Service issues. 
  • You can browse the active warnings list, tap a warning to view the details, and zoom that selected warning on the map. 
  • Also, you can switch radars by tapping the radar sweep button. 
  • You can exhibit radar data from its servers, NOAA’s public website, or the Allison House subscriber account. 
  • RadarScope Pro is an optional auto-renewing subscription. 

16. Weather Forecast: ClimaCell Weather Forecast

Available on: Android | iOS

You can now plan and prepare by knowing minute-by-minute global and street-by-street accurate forecasts, snow and rain alerts, wind speeds, and air quality maps using the weather app. The forecasts of this app are in use by varied industries that can’t move ahead with the bad weather. 

Top Features

  • You can catch up with three hours ahead forecasts.
  • Weather analysis is offered at 500 meters resolution.
  • You can stay safe from severe weather through the alerts and safety tips from the National Weather Service. 
  • Also, you can refresh the forecast and get an updated one every minute.
  • It is a super-accurate weather app that offers precise and accurate weather data. 
  • Get a better UI and weather prediction than Dark Sky. 

17. Plume Labs: Air Quality App 

Plume Labs: Air Quality App

Available on: Android | iOS

Plum Labs is widely known for offering air quality forecasts, one of the best weather apps. So, next time while making your holiday plans, you can first check the destination’s air quality and weather forecasts.

Top Features

  • Plums Labs lets you know real-time pollution levels in your and surrounding areas. 
  • Also, catch up with street-by-street pollution maps for the globe’s major urban areas and air quality information.
  • You can get street-level pollution details at your fingertips in your surrounding and current places. 
  • Also, you can catch up with the tricks and tips for finding clear air while cycling, running, and enjoying the playground. 

18. Weather Underground: Weather data & microclimate

Weather Underground: Weather data & microclimate

Available on: Android | iOS

This weather app will offer you a hyperlocal weather forecast with clear current conditions and hyper-local updates from your nearby weather station. You can discover the current conditions, catch up with weather data, customizable weather alerts, etc. 

Top Features

  • You can get severe weather alerts, hurricane trackers, and storm radar news for your current position.
  • It tracks current conditions from your nearby weather station and daily/hourly forecasts up to ten days ahead.
  • Moreover, you can get detailed local weather updates, including local Doppler radar imagery, weather maps, temperature updates, and more. 
  • Also, the app offers other geographical data and a customized experience for your light and dark modes, various map types, etc. 

19. MSN Weather – Forecast & Maps

MSN Weather - Forecast & Maps

Available on: Android

You can get the latest weather conditions using the MSN Weather app. Whether you plan your outing to the beach or something, you can check the forecast here and plan accordingly. You can check hourly, five-day, and ten-day forecasts for any destination. 

Top Features

  • You can go into detail with radar observation, temperature, precipitation, radar forecast, satellite, and cloud maps. 
  • This app keeps you informed with regular notifications to help you be all set for severe weather. 
  • You can also access the hourly, daily, ten-day forecasts and past weather average. 
  • Also, you can check the visibility, wind, barometer, humidity, precipitation chances, and dew points. 
  • Check for sunrise, sunset, UV index, and moon phase. 
  • Moreover, you can sync your favorite cities across this app or website to quickly access the spots you want. 

20. WeatherPro: Forecast, Radar & Widgets

WeatherPro: Forecast, Radar & Widgets

Available on: Android | iOS

You can catch up with reliable weather forecasts and HD maps with animated radar worldwide from the WeatherPro app. This app is crafted to strengthen life’s outdoor moments. 

Top Features

  • It arrives with a precise dashboard with sortable modules providing fast access to rain radar, weather, and interactive graphs. 
  • You can get updates on current weather with background display and seven-day and three-hourly data. 
  • You can catch up with localized weather for New York, Miami, and various locations across the US and all over the globe. 
  • The weather maps are high-resolution with HD zoom for global precise visual data.
  • You will also get severe weather warnings, like heavy snow, rain, heat, thunderstorms, and frost.
  • This app provides reliable weather data on wind, temperature, rain, air pressure, and accurate forecasts on UV index, sun, and feel-like temperature. 
  • The interactive weather graphs on this app provide a check on wind gusts, wind speed, and direction. 
  • You can even check the latest weather report in offline mode. 

21. Weather

Weather app

Available on: Android | iOS

This is one of the best weather apps that arrive feature-packed with a weather map and weather widgets. You can use it to get daily, hourly, and current forecasts. 

Top Features

  • It is easy to get the weather conditions for your current location.
  • Moreover, you will get detailed local forecasts and weather forecasts worldwide.
  • Also, you can catch up with weather conditions, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, visibility distance, dew point, wind direction, speed, etc. 
  • This app offers animated weather conditions with live background images for better engagement.
  • Also, the weather alerts will provide you with local weather alerts three times a day.
  • The weather news will show up every day after enabling the feature.
  • The temperature converter will convert the temperature between Celsius and Fahrenheit. 
  • You can track the weather in various locations. 

What are Weather Apps?

Weather apps are the best way to instantly access warnings, forecasts, and other required weather information on your mobile phones. Some apps are free to use, while some arrive with premium offers to use advanced features. 

Why Do You Need Weather Apps?

Everybody has to deal with the weather, and accurate data related to the weather forecast helps us know how the weather will be in the upcoming days so that we can make decisions regarding your outing plans or more accordingly. With Android and iOS apps, people can know what changes they can expect in the weather conditions, and such apps also inform about severe alerts. 

How We Chose the Best Weather Apps?

To choose the best weather app, we need to ensure that it includes all the essential features that ease the users in customizing their experience and finding critical details. 

The best weather application should provide accurate hourly forecasts, severe weather warnings, weather radar, social sharing, and customizable notifications. 

How to Develop Weather Apps?

You can develop a weather app for Android or iOS, and you need to follow different steps for both versions. Let’s check out one by one. 

1. For ios

  • Get 3rd-party weather API.
  • Create a new Xcode project.
  • Create a dummy UI, the value of which will be updated later on.
  • Integrate an API to your app.
  • Append API client and response models to your application.
  • Connect the model to the UI.

2. For android

  • Plan an app development project by assembling your team members, like a project manager, business analysts, and an IT architect.
  • Define your project scope.
  • Emerge with a perfect project methodology.
  • Consider app internationalization guidelines.
  • Craft a practical app development approach.
  • Make your project team include members who can perform all the required roles, like designers, developers, testers, etc.
  • Follow the Scrum technique to organize your team.
  • Choose a suitable WordPress theme.
  • Pick the right managed cloud service provider.
  • Find a cloud service provider to catch up with mobile devices for testing.
  • Get a suitable weather data API solution that may benefit your project.
  • Also, get an eCommerce API solution.
  • Use a payment gateway API solution.
  • Get a bulk SMS API solution to help implement the push notification feature.
  • Craft the WordPress website and the mobile app UI.
  • Code your Android app, then test and publish it.

Team Required to Develop Weather Apps

For a weather app development, you need to hire a team of:

  • Business Analysts,
  • UI Designers,
  • Developers,
  • QA and Testers,
  • Support Team, and more.

Cost of Developing Weather Apps

The cost of developing a weather forecast app depends on various factors:

  • Platform – Android and iOS are two major app development platforms. Both arrive with different features and costs. 
  • Features to Include – An app with basic features cost less than an app packed with advanced features.
  • Design – A user-friendly app is crucial besides an engaging app, which costs an amount.
  • Development – The cost of app development also affects its price as it relies on developers’ geographical locations, expertise, and more. 

These were just a few factors; there are more that can affect the cost of weather app development. 

How Can We Help You?

Emizentech has a matchless app development portfolio and expertise for 8+ years. From development to publication, the organization targets the success of the clients’ projects. Also, you can hire mobile app developers from Emizentech to get your job done. 


The weather industry has started attaining heights. If you are planning to develop a weather app, you need to be quick and set with your app development team. A weather app development would benefit your business. To meet your app development team’s needs, hire a mobile app development company and build a feature-packed and robust weather app today!

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