In the present day and age, hookup apps are extremely popular among people, making them one of the most profitable app types out there in the market. Several pieces of research state that the worldwide revenue of hookup apps exceeded $3.08 billion in 2020. This figure exactly states why many businesses should join the league of hookup apps as there is great potential for success here.

Back in 2012, Tinder entered the app market with great elan and transformed the way people perceive online communication. Today people don’t feel awkward or strange to find love, meet people, dating online, and with more and more people going online, more apps like Tinder are hitting the market.

In this article, we will be discussing a lot about Hookup apps and the number of dating apps present in the market. Hence, if you are willing to enter this market, this article will give a good idea about what type of app would suit every particular business.

Why Create a Hookup App?

Online platforms have changed how personal interactions take place. Today, people can easily pick a date by swiping on their phone’s screen or even meeting the one.

Most popular dating apps worldwide as of May 2021, by number of monthly downloads(in 1,000s)

Reports say that in the United States, 30 percent of adults have used a hookup website or app, and there is 12 percent that found a lasting relationship via these apps. Just in the US alone, the most popular hookup apps have an audience of more than a million, and Tinder remains an unrivaled leader having an audience of 7.86 million users.

In fact, today, people are not just willing to use hookup apps, but they even want extra features in these apps. For the Tinder app, the number of paid subscribers is constantly growing, and it has reached more than six million people across the world. Equipped with accurate & convenient matching algorithms of hookup apps, people can make more informed decisions and date only people they click with and who match their requirements.

Even though in the world of online hookup, the big names happen to be Bumble, OkCupid, Happn, Tinder, etc., but the list doesn’t end here. These are simply the old players who attained success in the very initial stages, but there are many new names coming up and making it big in this arena. The reason behind this is people love connecting with each other, especially when they are sharing a platform where everyone has a common goal – find a partner to date. As people meet on hookup platforms, it cuts a lot of unnecessary drama as everyone knows that the other person is interested in hookup. Thus, when a unique platform is provided to like-minded users to chat and meet, it adds value, leading to recurring profits for the apps.

Popular Hookup Apps Making It Big in The App Market

Many online hookup apps are available in the market, and here we have shared the most popular Hookup apps. They are:


Tinder online dating app

Tinder, the most-renowned hookup app, is easy-to-use, and it works really fast. The app caters to all kinds of hookup. However, what it is mainly known for is the one-night stands, casual dating, sex dates. Tinder has a significant number of app users; however, not many are open to the idea of hookups, so there is a possibility of users getting tired of swiping. However, the massive number of users on the app means that everyone can easily find a person they are interested in casual date. The most crucial aspect to notice is that the core functionalities offered by Tinder are free-to-use. And even though it provides three different types of upgrades, they are not needed.

  • App Category: Best hookup App for Hookups
  • App Number of Downloads: Tinder has 57 million total users
  • App Pricing Plans: Tinder has a subscription-based monetization model, which means the app offers some features to its users for free, keeping others as paid features. The app charges people based on their age.

However, there is no cost for the basic app version where it offers features like Superlike, Swipe, Location, Chat Modules, Match Algorithm, Set Matching Preferences, Mutual Connections.

Tinder Plus charges $9.99/month from users under the age of 30 and $19.99/month from users over 30 years of age. Here it offers features like ad-free, hide age, hide distance, Boost, Passport, Control whom you see, five superlikes a day, unlimited right swipes, and rewind.

Then the app has Tinder Gold, for which it charges $14.99 for users under 30 years of age and $24.99/month for users over 30 years of age. Its features include seeing the number of people who have liked the user, auto-match, dismissing, or clicking into a person’s profile from the grid directly.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Easy & Quick registration process
  • Can even be used by LQBTQ people
  • It’s simplicity. The “swipe right” design is admired by the users


  • The app encourages compulsive use
  • Its image-centric attitude is not well-looked upon



Bumble is a lot like Tinder, however not totally. Besides its concept of casual hookup, Bumble is an appropriate platform to find long-lasting, committed relationships. The users can outline what they are looking for right away post adding profile bio. In the case of heterosexual hookup, women are required to make a move as they match with someone because the guys can’t make contact on this app. This is another reason why girls love this app, as creepy guys do not bug them.

The app design is perfect, easy-to-use, and straightforward, where each user is clear about their needs, so no one’s time is wasted. The users looking for serious relationships can connect with their type, and those looking to hook up can look for that type. Everything is kept transparent, so no scope for drama, and users love this approach.

  • App Category: Best Adult hookup App for women
  • App Number Download: It has a total of 40 million users
  • App Pricing Plans: To use Bumble, its users need to pay 46.99 USD to use a premium account for the period of three months and $9.99 USD/month for unlocking more features for a lesser boost subscription.


  • The app has an almost equal rate of male-female
  • It is time-focused
  • It leaves no scope for unsolicited messages to women.


  • The app is expensive to use for men
  • It gives only 24 hours for starting communication



This app platform offers a lot of different things and provides opportunities to hookup as well. Its major number of users are LGBTQ. However, it can also be used by straight people. The app has more than 50 million users, where 65% are men and 35& are women. The app also offers a premium version, but users can get pretty much everything on the basic version itself, like sending messages, browsing member profiles, and using the search functionality.

  • App Category: hookup App
  • Number of App Downloads: around 7.86 million users in 2019
  • App Pricing Plans: Offers subscription plan at $9.95/user


  • Includes identification options for gender & sexual identities
  • Robust profiles
  • Most apps can be used for free


  • No Video Chat
  • Free Interface servers ads and might invite casual browsers
  • At times search function gives errant results



Hinge is a hookup app that allows its users to create beautiful, attractive profiles, participate in video chats, and interact with potential partners in a fun and flirtatious ways.

  • App Category: hookup App
  • Number of App Downloads: Has 6 million app users
  • App Pricing Plans: Offers subscription at $19.99/month


  • Video Chat
  • Brilliant Interplay between text and photos
  • Multiple ways to like profiles
  • Robust Profiles


  • No Desktop version
  • Very limited likes for free users



This hookup app is extremely popular among the young group and most of its members from the LGBTQ community. Grindr very well serves the gays, lesbians, queer, bisexuals, trans, and straight people. It takes just a few seconds to register to the app, and it offers utmost anonymity. This app provides nearby suggestions to its users, showing them profiles closest to their current location at that time.

It is an app mainly used for casual relationships; however, the user profiles are not detailed. This often disappoints the users who like to know more about a potential match on first look at their profile. As the app shows high-engagement rates, it increases the chances for its users to score potential partners without any hassle.

  • App Category: App for Gay hookups and LGBTQ+
  • Number of App Downloads: 13million in late 2020
  • App Pricing: Grindr can be used by people for free when it is with ads and limited features. Or the users can get Grindr Xtra at just USD 4.99/month for six months.


  • It keeps things anonymous
  • The app is hookup centric
  • Everyone is close


  • With Grindr, privacy and personal safety is not assured
  • Some people are really annoying and creepy



Among the largest hookup websites in the world, the Match app is the number choice in the United Kingdom for users over the age of 40. Even though the app allows adults of any age to join the app, most of its users are between the ages of 30 and 44. Match app is available all across the world in many countries; however, a few million of its users are from the UK.

As a profile is created on the Match app, the users can add up to 36 photos, and they can have preferences over what types of people mainly interest them or whether they are looking for a casual or serious relationship. According to the preferences, other app members can view the profile and see whether they want to connect.

Its website is easy-to-navigate, and as one gets to the homepage, there is a form to input the information and view available single people in the nearby location. When searching for single over the age of 50, it is better to check out Match’s OurTime platform, especially for the singles over 50.

  • App Category: hookup App
  • Number of App Downloads: 100k downloads in Oct 2021


  • In the world of hookup, Match has a solid reputation
  • The app is majorly popular in the United Kingdom among the older adults


There are a number of inactive profiles on the Match app, and it is also filled with fake users.



To find someone who is really for long-term commitment and not some usual fling can be challenging. And for such reasons, there is an e-harmony app. It is said that people over the age of 18 can join e-harmony, which is popular among the age-group of 40+ user group. eHarmony offers a basic membership for free and also offers premium membership tiers with many benefits and features. With e-Harmony, it is easier to start chatting with like-minded people who are also looking for a long-term commitment. Recently, the app even added a new secure video hookup feature that makes it easier for its users to get to know the matches and go on virtual dates without leaving their homes. This app is mostly preferred by singles over 40 years of age seeking commitment. Follow these steps to start hookup on e-harmony.

  • Fill out the compatibility quiz available on the website
  • Answer some basic questions regarding your location and demographics
  • Review singles’ profile selected for the app users by the app itself
  • Select a subscription model that best suits your requirements.
  • App Category: hookup app
  • Number of App Downloads : more than 10 million
  • Pricing Plans: Subscription available at $59.00/user


  • The app is ideal for long-term committed relationships
  • It has two decades of history in the online hookup world


  • e-harmony doesn’t work well for the casual hookup
  • The app has steep subscription fees

Plenty Of Fish


This acronym stands for Plenty of Fish. Despite not being the largest hookup app out there, POF still enjoys a great reputation. Its users have had great success as it helped the singles find dates, and besides committed relationships, the app also offers casual encounters, hookups, and flings. With POF, all its users can adjust their profile to allow every little detail and be very specific. And this helps in getting matched with the right people. The app has a bit conventional approach with long questionnaires and extensive profiles. Still, it works for its users. It has such a robust algorithm that it helps find people who will be really good for each other. At the same time, POF is the right platform for also the ones looking for casual encounters.

  • App Category: hookup App
  • Number of App Downloads : more than 90 million
  • Pricing Plans: Available at $19.99/month subscription


  • Live Streaming
  • There are lots of prompts to send quality messages
  • Simple Onboarding
  • Few messaging limits


  • It can’t link social accounts like Facebook, Instagram
  • Free messaging could result in more spam users



An online hookup app, Zoosk doesn’t involve a whole lot of preparation, giving out information, setting up a profile, or answering survey questions. It is as simple as it gets, where the users create an account in just a few seconds and start exploring the app and its offerings. This platform monitors the users’ likes, dislikes, behavior, and it uses this information to find the most suitable matches for them. The app offers great convenience and is easy to use. It currently has over 40 million active users, and all that needs to be done is ‘simply swiping’ to find the right match. However, Zoosk is not the right place for people looking for serious or committed relationships. Also, the app has a good number of profiles that are no longer in use, and its free version has certain limitations.

  • App Category: hookup App
  • Number of App Downloads: Over 30 million downloads


  • Easy & Quick with a mature userbase
  • Reviews from the successful couple are promising
  • A lot faster signup


  • No support for the non-binary users
  • Quite expensive
  • A lot of deal profiles
  • Irritating notifications



Her is the right platform for queer women who are looking for flings and casual relationships. The app, a social network, and a hookup app, strictly focuses on casual hookup for lesbian, bisexual, and queer women with zero involvement of feelings or emotions. Her is an app that is solely dedicated to queer women, and it is an app to get your wild fantasies to come real.

  • App Category: hookup App for Queer Women
  • Number of App Downloads: Over 1 million users in the USA
  • Pricing Plans: Offers free membership and premium version for between 9.00-14.99 USD/month as per the location


  • Active social networking accounts
  • All the profiles have mandatory pictures
  • Unlimited free messaging


  • Messaging available for only friends & matches
  • No option for manual search
  • Signup only possible from Instagram or Facebook


Pure app

This is a platform purely for casual encounters, and every user of the app is well-aware of the fact that Pure is not a place for anything serious. In fact, the app ‘forces’ its users to pretend as if they do not know each other even when they had a past encounter. Here all the images, conversations, and personal information are deleted within 60 minutes, allowing easy, anonymous hookups.

  • App Category: Hookup App
  • Number of App Downloads: 8.5 million downloads


  • Dependable Desktop version
  • Great reviews in the app store
  • Everything gets deleted after 24 hours
  • Modern design
  • No waiting, no mushy algorithm


  • Not much useful in lesser populated areas
  • The price is a bit high
  • Possibility of catfish risk
  • Require constantly re-uploading pictures and re-typing bios



This hookup site allows like-minded people to connect with each other and explore their sexuality with a wide range of gender and identity options. Fleed offers fast and easy registration. However, it requires Facebook account syncing, and this might make some people averse to the app as per their mindset. However, the reason behind it is to ensure security, and this is why the app constantly reminds its users of their derogatory policies and stringent discrimination. There is no hate speech here, and despite being known for its open-mindedness, the app has no place for unsolicited nudes and other explicit images. It has a very high-tech security system.

  • App Category: Diverse LGBTQ+ identities
  • Number of App Downloads: over 90,000,000 active users
  • Pricing Plans: This app can be used by its users for free. However, it offers Majestic Membership with additional features at just 14.99USD/month or less when buying longer-term plans.


  • Huge user base
  • Stringent verification
  • Strict moderation


  • It is disproportionate with more men
  • Compulsory Facebook sync
  • No desktop version

Adult Friend Finder


This niche hookup app endeavors to connect like-minded people who are looking for casual relationships. It is basically to find an ‘adult’ counterpart. The app allows its users to sort and match the profiles as per their desires, and it doesn’t interfere with too much-computerized matchmaking.

  • App Category: Best hookup website for threesomes & swingers
  • Number of App Downloads: The app enjoys a userbase of 90 million people
  • Pricing Plans: This app can be used by its users for free. However, it offers Majestic Membership with additional features at just 14.99USD/month, or less when buying longer-term plans.


  • Extensive profiles
  • There is no website created accounts, bots, or profiles
  • It just knows exactly what users want


  • There are no data-driven matching system
  • Most app functionalities are limited to free users.



Badoo is among the most popular hookup platforms with more than 350 million global users. This modern app helps its users find local hookups as many people extensively use it. The app offering a basic version also has a premium version; however, its basic version itself allows users to easily find dates. It matches people based on their location and photos and doesn’t require users to give a lot of information about themselves.

  • App Category: hookup App
  • Number of App Downloads: 350 million users globally
  • Pricing Plans: Offers Free membership while the premium model subscription costs 12.99 USD/month.


  • Allows to date, make friends, or ‘just chat’ options
  • Offers a number of communication modes
  • Strict Photo Verification


  • Lesser Features
  • Need better Privacy & General App Security
  • Centered

Developing a similar app with unique features can be beneficial for your business. If you want to develop and launch such a popular app then get in touch with Emizentech. We are a well-known app development company offering the best app solutions globally.

FAQs about Hookup Apps

  1. How do free hookup apps work?

    These apps work just like any other hookup app. Here the users can create their profiles and match them with the other users on the app. The users can choose who they want to interact with, and if they express the same desire, the chat can start. If both hit off, it's time to meet.

  2. Are hookup apps safe?

    Most popular hookup apps offer excellent security with encryption, machine learning, AI, and other verification methods that ably protect their users. However, the users are advised to first check the reviews before subscribing to the app.

  3. What are the best hookup apps for women?

    Bumble is regarded as the best hookup website for women as it gives them the power to initiate conversations and removes the risk of unwanted messages. Also, it has a good male-female ratio, so it assures a match for everyone. Besides, HER is also a great bet for LGBTQ+ women who are seeking same-sex relationships.

  4. What hookup apps are best for younger men?

    Considering the younger men are not often up for a committed relationship, Tinder would be a good choice with its high userbase and ability to find a match. If the user is clear about their likes and preferences, it is easy to find a like-minded match.

  5. What are the best Hookup apps for Gay & Lesbian people?

    The Queer people have a few options here, with Grindr being the best option for potential hookups and HER being for queer women. HER offers its users a broader option and not just hookups.

  6. What are the best hookup sites for casual sex?

    Several hookup apps are inclined towards casual sex, like the top app s Adult Friend Finder, which is a great place, to begin with. The users' objectives on this site are the same, so it is easy to find a lot of like-minded people. Tinder is a safer bet for the young ones, with its large user base increasing the odds of finding a date fast.

  7. Do hookup sites/apps misuse personal data?

    Most hookup apps have terms & conditions and policies that their users must read before registering to the app. There can be some clauses where the app gets the right to use some information, so the users can proceed accordingly. However, when personal information is shared with other users, it can bring up some misusing of information.

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