A while back, the concept of online dating was considered apt for only straight people; however, the world has progressed a lot since then. Today, several dating apps are working successfully for the LGBTQ community. Many LGBTQ dating apps have entirely transformed the world of online dating, with there being dating apps available for queer, gay, or lesbian people. Many apps are exclusively for the LGBTQ group of people. These queer dating apps offer a platform for all the queer community people to find their ideal match.

In this article, we have covered various aspects of creating an LGBTQ dating app, so let’s move forth and discover how you can make the best LGBTQ dating app.

What Is The Need For LQBTQ Dating Mobile App?

The thing with online dating is that it allows two individuals to find each other and get to know each other better and if they have a connection, they can try dating in person. Some people do not have a great experience with the concept of dating apps. Still, apps for LGBTQ people are becoming very popular as they allow them to find new people and connect with them, which can often be challenging in the real world. As for some, seeing an outsider openly might not prove to be great. However, online Gay dating apps have solved many such issues for gay people. Also over the time, the laws and people’s attitude towards the same-sex relationships has changed tremendously. This helped many people come out clear on their sexuality and live a life of freedom.

Reasons To Use Online Gay Dating Apps

These apps serve the needs of a particular audience, and the main benefits consist of:

  • Same-sex people get permanent and fast access to dating services.
  • Unwanted connections can be avoided easily.
  • Great options for the introverts
  • These apps offer variety.
  • Get a chance to find your soulmate nearby.
  • These dating apps work efficiently for a dynamic group of people.

A study conducted by the Kaspersky Lab revealed that the main reasons why people use Gay dating apps are to find friends or a soulmate and also to spend quality moments with an interesting person.

The World Is Changing (Countries Where Same-Sex Activities Are Legal)

Countries where same-sex activities are legal
  • Currently, same-sex marriage is legal in 29 countries
    Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States of America, Uruguay.
  • Twenty countries have legalized same-sex marriage nationally.
  • Australia and Ireland legalized same-sex marriage through legislation only after nationwide votes.
  • Seven countries have legalized same-sex marriage nationally through court decisions Austria, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, South Africa, Taiwan, and the United States of America.
  • Two countries, South Africa and Taiwan, legalizing same-sex marriage after courts allow them

LGBTQ Online Dating Statistics & Market Size

A study organized by pewresearch.org reveals that 55 percent of the US LGBTQ adults said they’ve used an online dating website or a dating app at least once. And 28 percent of the people said they got to meet their current partner through the LGBTQ dating apps for the iPhone, Android, or web. Also, 37 percent of single adults use the LGBTQ apps to find a date or a relationship.

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The revenue earned by these dating apps in the year 2020 was $3.08 billion, which was a steady increase from the previous years as in 2019, the revenue was $2.52 billion, and in 2018 it was $2.23 billion. Also, there were 270 million who used these online gay dating apps in 2020, which meant an increase of 20 million more users compared to 2019.

Monetization Opportunities Offered By The Gay Lesbian Dating Mobile App

tinder annual revenue
Source: Match Group

As learned, statistically, the gay dating app market offers many opportunities to make money as users are more than willing to spend their money finding a partner. For instance, the Match Group’s paid subscribers have reached a whopping $10.8 million in 2020, from $3.4 million in 2014. Among which, the last 700K users subscribed in the second & third quarters of the year 2020. Speaking of Tinder, it has 6 million paid users all across the world. Hence if you are willing to create a dating app for the gay-lesbian community, it is clear that the app will make money for you, and here we present the various revenue streams that can serve you:

1. Paid Subscriptions

Here, the users need to pay to start using the app, and the billing can be on a monthly/annual basis. It will allow the app users to benefit from several functionalities, such as an ad-free app version, profile showcases, and unlimited swipes. Using this model will mean instant money as soon as the user installs the app.

2. Advertisement Selling

Affiliate networks are a great way to make a great deal of money for your LGBTQ dating apps. Just show the advertisements regarding relevant and interesting deals from shops, cafes, bars, florists, jewelry stores, etc., and you will receive payments for showcasing these ads on your app. Typically, the earning from this model is received from affiliate companies based on the clicks/installs.

3. Event Ticket Bookings

Often, when two people are connecting on your gay dating app, they plan to meet, and here when you offer easy event ticket bookings, it serves the users well, as they are not required to leave the app to find places to meet up.

4. eCommerce Integration

It can be profitable for the LGBTQ dating apps to integrate eCommerce functionality into the app, offering users to buy interesting products or services.

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Top Gay & LGBTQ Dating Mobile Apps

Presently, the world of online dating is over $2 billion in industry, which clearly states the popularity of such apps, and here we have listed the most successful apps in the arena of Gay-Lesbian dating.

1. Grindr


This is among the most popular gay dating apps and can be downloaded for free. The app allows queer, gay, trans, and bisexual people to find each other and get to know each other better to develop a connection. There is a premium version Grindr XTRA for which the users need to pay extra, and it enables them to add more functionalities to the app and further increase their chances to connect with more people. With this app, the users can find people in their vicinity based on their location, and it also allows them to chat and share pictures privately.

2. Scissr


This lesbian app for iPhone users is developed by queer women, and it is for queer women. Thus, queer women, bisexuals, lesbians, non-binary people can increase their chances to find connections among other queers. Scissr is a lesbian dating & cultural network app that enables women to connect, meet, chat, and find their ideal match.

3. Scruff


Among the best dating apps for the queer, bi, gay, and trans communities, this app is an independent, LGBTQ owned & operated company. It assures to offer private & secure experiences to its users. The app helps get easy access to a diverse and friendly community, and according to the description on the Google Play store, Scruff doesn’t sell users’ data to third-party companies.

4. Growlr


It is quite a popular app with more than 10,00,000 members all across the world. This fast & reliable dating app for the gay community has a fantastic user interface that is easy to use. The app allows access to males who are 18 years or older and offers a secure platform to find their right match. With Growlr, the users can send and receive private instant messages, pictures, videos, and live video calls.

5. Thurst


People of queer communities from all genders can use this app, which aims to “create an inclusive, affirming space for the queer community to connect.” An all-inclusive dating app, Thurst allows to easily block and report other app users on the basis of harassment or abuse, and this makes the app quite a safe platform for people to connect and enjoy.

6. Clover


Whether the users are looking for short-term relationships, to make a friend, or find someone for the long haul, the app works great for everyone. Mobile Apps Daily named this app the “hottest dating app of 2020,” Presently, it has more than 8 million users who enjoy endless opportunities to find their right match. The app also offers a personalized dating assistant to make the partner finding process easy and fun.

Basic Features Of Gay Lesbian Dating Mobile App

Gay Dating mobile app
In-App ChatSearch MatchSocial Login
Likes And VisitorsIdentity VerificationInvite People
Confidential User DetailsSend RequestUpload Picture
Accept/Reject RequestProfile ManagementVoice And Video Chat
Block ProfileReport And SpamPush Notifications
In-App PurchasesLocation-Based SuggestionSubscriptions
GamificationMake PaymentLogout & Deactivate

Advanced Features Of LGBT Dating Mobile App

LGBTQ Dating mobile app

There is a lot of competition in the dating world out there, and your money-making unique app ideas can really benefit by having some unique features & functionalities to attract customers. Here we have mentioned the list of advanced features that can work wonders for your LGBT dating app:

1. Social Login-Signup

This functionality allows easy sign-up and sign-in to the app users. With this, there is no need to fill in long details, as the user simply can start using the app by linking it with their social media accounts, either Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, as they desire.

2. Image Editing

The dating app requires the users to publish their profile picture and more pictures, and thus often, the users often like to do slight editing to hide a zit maybe or enhance their appearance a little. Therefore, it can be great when the app offers an image editing tool to the users, so they do not have to leave the app and go to the other app to edit their picture.

3. In-app Call & Chat

When users have an in-app call and chat functionality, it makes it easier for them to use the app because they can chat within the app itself. This also increases user engagement by making users spend more and more time on the app.

4. Push Notifications

This feature allows people to stay informed regarding new events, matches, or messages. Push notifications can even be combined with a geolocation feature to notify the users that their data is in the vicinity. This can be quite a useful feature for the app.

5. Matching Algorithm

Behavior Analysis: This feature analyzes the behavior of a person on digital platforms, as the behavior analysis relies on the actual digital footprint of a person, comprising of information about them on social media, YouTube playlists, search history, movie preferences, pages visited, etc. To conduct this type of analysis, Big Data technology is used.

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6. Mathematical Algorithms

The matching based on mathematical algorithms relies on the algorithms to analyze the accuracy of information provided by the users on their profiles. The data is also analyzed through different surveys, such as:

  • Physical state, physique, height, for example
  • Interest compatibility, in terms of hobbies or favorite food
  • Personality characteristics, like gender, age, etc.)
  • Friend connections to build more trust and ensure user safety; for this purpose, data is used from the social networks.

However, even though mathematical algorithms are pretty popular, they are not always accurate. This is because people often put false information regarding themselves in their profiles or surveys. They might mention music preferences or books interests they have really no knowledge of. Hence, behavioral analysis is more reliable to get a better understanding of a user’s personality.

7. Geodata Matching

With the use of geolocation data, an algorithm is able to offer users dates near to their current location, in case they prefer the same. Also, if a user moves from their location and is looking for prospects in their new location, then the feature allows that too. All in all, Geolocation matching has several benefits to offer.

8. CMS

Also known as Content Management System, this functionality is using in efficiently managing the content published on the app, in the form of stories, news, blogs, events, etc.) Content is crucial to keep the users engaged with the app, and hence great importance should be given to it; and for this purpose, CMS could prove to be a useful functionality.

9. CRM Integration

This feature is also known as Customer Relationship Management. This feature is critical in maintaining good customer relationships. It is customer-focused and keeps track of their likes and dislikes so that accurate services as per their tastes and preferences can be offered.

10. Loyalty Programs

All app users like to feel special and appreciated, and this also increases their engagement with the app. Hence, it can be great that there are rewards with gifts, coupons, couple tickets to their favorite shows, movies, etc. This will be pivotal in increasing their loyalty to the app.

11. Analytics & Reports

This functionality is helpful to keep track of the user’s interaction with the app in real-time, like how much time they spent using a specific feature or reading a particular type of content. This allows offering personalized services to the app users to further increase their engagement with the app and serve them better.

Points Of Concern Of LGBT Dating Application

Points Of Concern Of LGBT Dating Application

1. Cyber Bullying

The massive prominence of smartphones, dating apps, and messaging apps has presented an ever-growing number of ways for cyberbullies to up their game in bullying more and more people online. This can be a great cause of concern, especially for the LGBTQ dating apps. The users of these apps are more prone to bullying, and being an active participant in the app makes them an easy target for cyberbullies.

2. LGBT Dating Violence

Even though dating apps are great and work really well for most people, but often the experiences can go the other way like LGBT dating violence has been often reported, and this is why the businesses making the gay dating app need to take proper measures to ensure the safety of people at all costs.

3. Harassment on Dating

Often, the kind of connection that an individual feels s/he has with other individuals while conversing online on the app, may not seem true upon meeting. It also happens that people using Gay apps have not really come out in the open, and this can make them prone to harassment by some people. Users have often been harassed online, which has made them turn away from the dating apps for good. Hence businesses looking to develop LGBT apps must keep this aspect in mind and take proper measures, so the app users don’t face any such harassment.

4. Gender Identity & Privacy

Many times, people didn’t reveal their real sexuality or gender online and only used these apps with wrong intentions in mind. This is why a thorough identification process must be followed for each user of the app, so there are no chances of such fraud.

5. Personal Data Security

These dating apps have the users’ personal information, which can make some malicious minds use this information for the wrong reasons. This has been a prevalent issue with online dating apps, and hence right steps should be taken to ensure the security of the personal data of each user.

6. Robust User Verification

This is the most challenging and most important part of creating any dating app, and the same holds true for a queer dating app, as when the technology for user-verification is robust, a lot of security, privacy, issues with harassment, and violence can be taken care of. Robustly verifying the identity protects your users and increases the brand app of your gay, lesbian dating app.

Required Tech-Stack To Develop LGBT Dating App

Required Tech-stack to develop LGBT Dating App
Tools ForApplication & Tools
Programming toolsKotlin, Swift, Java, Objective-C
OsAndroid4.4+, Ios 11+
DatabaseMongoDB, SQL, Redis, PostgreSQL
FrameworkExpress.Js, React, Node.Js
Web ServerNginx, AWS, Apache
Cloud storageAmazon service, Heroku
Payment Gateway integrationStripe, CCAvenue, PayPal, 2Checkout, TransferWise
Push notificationsFirebase Cloud Messages, UserNotification Framework
AnalyticsFirebase, SDL Analytics

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How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Gay Lesbian Dating App?

There are a number of factors on which the making of an app depends, such as:

1. Timeline

This consists of App Design, App development, and API Design & Development

2. Team

Here, the team will consist of the Project Manager, iOS/Android Developers, Back-end Developers, UX/UI Designers, QA Testers.

3. Location of the app development team

It tends to be an expensive affair when you hire developers to build LGBT hookup apps in the USA or Western Europe. The developers from Eastern Europe charge comparatively lesser, while the developers from the Asian region are the most affordable and are known for delivering great quality for lesser money.

4. App features & functionalities

The app with basic functionality will cost comparatively lesser when the app is built with advanced features and third-party integrations.

5. Number of Platforms

When the app is developed for one platform (either Android or iOS), it will cost lesser as compared to an app created for both iOS and Android platforms. It almost doubles the app development cost.

Considering all the above-given aspects, a rough figure can be generated. The basic-functionality mobile app development for a single platform might cost around $25000-$30000, whereas an app with advanced features for both Android and iOS platforms might cost about $50000-$60000.

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