Blogs are an important part of a website whether it is a simple static informative website or a high-performing ecommerce store development. Whether you are an established ecommerce brand or a newcomer, you can leverage tons of benefits of blogging to grow and expand your business. Blogs help in engaging with your audience and improve the SEO of your website as you can use more keywords in blogs and this, in turn, will increase the revenue.

Thus, if you are planning to implement and run a blog on your Shopify store you are reading the right article. In this article, we will go through the amazing blog layouts that you can implement in your Shopify store and give you more space to be creative and reduce your work. However, first, you should know what a blog is and how blogging is beneficial for your Shopify ecommerce store.

The word “Blog” has been coined by the two words “web-log”. It means an online collection of articles. Generally, a website blog is related to its industry and talks about the latest trends, best practices of that particular industry. Thus, a blog on your Shopify store should be related to the products or services you are offering.

Benefits Of Blogging On Shopify

Blogging is not just limited to providing content to your site visitors but serves many other purposes. Below are the top 6 benefits of blogging on Shopify:

1. You Can Tell In Detail About Your Products

Product description lets you just tell about the product but you can’t explain how your products can improve the consumer’s life. Also, there is a limit page on the product description page. But there are no such constraints in the blog. Through the blogs, you can tell your audience about the quality of your products, their exclusivity, and how they are beneficial for the buyers.

In today’s time, the customers research a lot before buying the products. Thus, the more useful information they find on your brand, it will be more likely they will make a purchase.

2. Boost SEO Rank

Search Engine Optimization is highly crucial for any website. Every website strives to get the best ranking on the Google Search Engine Page Results. Search Engines use SEO points and give priority to the links as per keywords on the basis of how relevant and valuable they are.

Blogs give you the best opportunity to add keywords to your site and land traffic on your Shopify store. Blogs can improve the SEO of your website up to 4 times. The more you write about your business and products, the more people will read about it. Eventually, it will lead to more organic search traffic to your store.

3. Improves Your Brand Personality

A high-quality blog or content reflects the personality of your brand and creates a unique image. A brand with a personality whether it is funny, girly, or sarcastic – becomes more memorable.

You can also start a campaign through your blog posts to portray your store’s personality.

4. Boost Sales

If the audience is interested in reading about your product then they are more likely to make a purchase. And to ensure this, you should provide a CTA at the end of the content.

Also, include a link to your product on the CTA so the buyers will directly redirect to the product page.

5. The Audience Will Consider You As An Expert

A well-structured, well-written and maintained blog increases your credibility in your industry. And that’s why your customers will more trust your products. Trust is a very important thing. It increases customer loyalty towards your brand.

6. Best Shopify Blog Themes

Now since you know the importance of a blog and how it can benefit your business, the next important thing is to choose the best blog theme for your Shopify store. The theme of your blog should complement the brand and look and feel of your store. Let’s know about the top 25 Shopify blog themes available.

Best Shopify Blog Themes

1. Story

Story Shopify Theme

As the name indicates, the core of this theme is storytelling. You will get a lot of space for presenting your content for the website and engaging users. It is a great theme for blogging.

There are big texts and big images in the default layout of this theme to draw users’ attention. There is also a quick category filter placed right above the blog list so that visitors can easily find the article they are interested in. You can also choose the fonts for your blog with Story.

2. Editorial

Editorial is another popular theme of Shopify for storytelling. As the name indicates, this theme has been designed in an editorial style that lets you share your blogs or stories effectively.

There are 3 demos available that are in the editorial style design. However, for blogging particularly, we recommend you to go with the Adventure demo. There is a smart layout in this theme to display the articles and shopping suggestions related to the article on the same page. Thus, your readers can easily purchase a product from the blog post after reading it.

3. Eva

This theme has been specially designed for fashion stores. The designers have given special attention to both images and typography designs in the theme. This is the reason why this unique theme is on the list. The font designs are also very trendy which are complementary to the blog layouts.

There are 3 blog layouts on Eva and 1 individual blog page. There is a sidebar as well on which you can add your latest posts or recommendations. You can also add video content too.

4. Lezada

Lezada comes with more than 200 pre-built designs that are adaptable for any type of Shopify themes store. It is easy to customize these designs with the drag-and-drop builder.

For blogging particularly, there are 12 blog listing layouts and 4 layouts for the blog individual page. You will be accommodated with all possible designs such as full-width, sidebar, and boxed design.

All 12 blog layouts will follow a clean white layout. Thus, the texts and images would be clearly visible.

5. Goodwin

It is one of the most selling Shopify themes. The designers of this theme have been focused on the Shopify platform and thus you will always get the latest Shopify features with this theme. For e.g. it is among those few themes which have support for AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality).

If you want to leverage this technology for your readers, you must go with Goodwin. Although there is only 1 blog layout in this theme, it still has all the necessary blog features.

6. Ella

This is a multipurpose Shopify theme that is suitable for a Shopify store of any industry. On the Themeforest website, it is one of the best-selling themes. There are 6 beautiful blog listing layouts in this theme. You have an option to choose between a full-width blog layout or a blog with sidebars. We recommend opting for a sidebar style as it gives you the opportunity to showcase ad banners and recommended products.

There are many other amazing features on Ella that you can explore to sell products easier on the website.

7. Gecko 5.0

If you don’t want to distract your customers from the content and need a traditional blog that focuses only on the content then Gecko is the best option for you.

There is only 1 blog layout in this theme and it is not enough. It is a full-width blog layout which is an appropriate design in context with readability. The full-width design gives you enough space to display content and images in a proper way.

On the header section of the blog page, you can also add featured posts with their images. In the right sidebar, you can add recent posts, tags, or Instagram widgets.

8. Shella

If you want a minimalist design for your blog, you should go with the Shella theme. Shella theme comes with an ultra-clean design which makes customers focus on the products more than anything else.

There are 4 blog theme designs in the Shella theme. All these 4 blog designs follow a minimal style design. A reader always wants a clean layout to read texts and images on your site.

There is also a pop-up feature in this theme to update the customers about the latest purchases on the website.

9. Vogue

If you want to display attractive images of your products on the blog and captivate customers to buy them, then you must utilize the Vogue theme. Vogue Shopify theme is highly focused on images and lookbook-style themes. There is a lot of space for images on every page.

If you want to use custom images for your products and blog posts, then this is the right theme for you. You can also customize the default design of this theme. There is a sticky sidebar to add social media icons and quick control for carts.

10. Canopy

Canopy is another theme for editorial layout. You can quickly build your blog with this theme. You can add big images for grouping your content or can add product carousels in between the blog posts.

By making a few changes, you can also make a blog homepage. There is a full-page blog layout in the default theme to arrange the posts in a grid style. There are 3 demo variations in the Canopy, but for blogging, we suggest you opt for Thread or Klin demo.

11. Ugo

Ugo was a blog theme ever since it existed. There are all important blog elements in this theme. The readers will get a very nice reading experience along with a next-level buying experience. There is only one layout option in the Ugo theme which can be a bummer.

However, its default design is very clean and user-friendly. There are also many modern design elements in this theme and animation effects to highlight your products.

12. Local

This theme has been designed with business in focus. This theme doesn’t only let you showcase your products or brand but can also share your brand story or services. Local themes come with 3 demos among which you can choose, but the Bright demo is the perfect fit as a blog theme. Just a few changes and you have a perfect blog website.

13. Unero

Unero is a minimal theme, yet functional. It has all the essential features that you may require. There are more than 16 design layouts for the homepage, 10 design layouts for the product page, and 3 blog designs.

In all these designs, there is a lot of space for images. And thus with Unero, you can easily create attractive blog posts. There are portfolio pages by which you can elegantly showcase your custom projects.

14. Kalles

Kalles is a multi-purpose theme. You will get multiple layouts for your Shopify store as well as multiple blog layouts with this theme.

The creators left no-stone-unturned to make this theme beautiful. For e.g. there are ripple effects when your readers hover over the blog post image.

The fonts are also reader-friendly, thus even the voracious readers can read the blog posts even on small screen devices.

15. Handy

This is a minimal and clean theme. You will get enough space on the homepage designs to showcase your products and latest articles. All of the three homepage variations follow the editorial style design. In this theme, there is a text link feature, which you can use to direct the readers to product pages or other blog posts. There are also cool animation effects as well.

16. Icon

The icon theme is focused on images. There are larger images in comparison to other themes and has a clearer design. If you want to start a blog with this theme you will have all the excellent tools in your hands. There are flexible designs that let you create a unique look for your blog.

Also, there are some additional features like quick product view, newsletter subscription form, parallax effect, and sticky.


This is a very trendy-looking and creative theme. There are more than 20 demo variations of this theme with very colorful designs in all. The bright colors have been used to draw attention and they are more eye-catching than simpler white layouts.

There are 3 blog layouts with a simple and elegant design. And APRIL uses bold and big fonts for better readability of content.

18. Vodoma

Vodoma is a multipurpose Shopify theme. There are 40+ demos of this theme for a huge range of industries. Also, you can customize the theme and modify its appearance as per your requirement. The blog section in the Vodoma theme is also very compelling. It has 3 blog layout designs: grid view, list view, and blog details with comments.

19. Woodstock

This is a resource theme that blends online business with blogging fantastically well. It is a very modified theme. As a beginner, you choose any one of the default designs. You can also perform customization as per your requirement.

The theme supports multiple languages for blogs (title, meta title, meta description, content), etc.

20. Corano

If you have a jewelry Shopify store then you should definitely try the Corano theme. Corano’s theme has a very minimal and opulent design keeping focus on the jewelry. Although there is a basic blog feature on the theme, it still covers what you need to start a blog.

The layout of the theme is fluid and flexible.

21. Boost

Boost and really boost the sales on your Shopify store. It is a versatile theme and guarantees to bring an enjoyable buying experience across every device. It is also a very good theme to start a blog. There will be no such need for coding or design work at all. Thus, if you are not technical you can still manage to edit the design of your blog.

The support team is also readily available to help you in any technical aspect.

22. Trendaway

This Shopify theme has been specially curated for fashion-related stores. With a fashion store, you can give your brand a better personality with some tips and tricks blog posts.

One of the best features of this theme is the blog module. There are highly attractive designs to make your blog highly captivating and eye-catching. The theme is also very fast and SEO optimized.

23. Avone

Avone is a multipurpose Shopify theme. There are endless possibilities with this theme. You can find anything in this theme. And obviously, it has a very impactful blog section. It gives you page layout, components, and an app that you may need to run a blog on your site. It is a mobile responsive theme with fast loading.

24. Zeexo

Zeexo is a limitless theme. There are more than 108 skins in this theme and every week they release a new style. Thus, this theme has something for everyone and if you need a Shopify blog theme there are appropriate layouts as well.

25. Yanka

Last but not the least, this is another theme for fashion-based stores. If you need a clean and image-rich theme then this can be the best option for you. For the blogs, there are 5 types of blog styles and the drag & drop builder makes it easy to customize the default designs.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have gone through the top 25 Shopify blog themes that you can use for your Shopify store. At Emizentech, the best Shopify development company, we are having expertise in developing Shopify ecommerce with advanced features and functionalities. Let us know your requirements.

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