It’s pricey to work in the capital, and it’s much more expensive to locate a handy location. Coliving with companions may reduce the amount of cash you waste on living expenses each month, allowing you to select a convenient location for traveling to work and offering local attractions that make it worthwhile to reach your destination on weekends. It also allows you to expand your social media network if you locate a possible companion with whom you can get along, which is specifically helpful unless you’re unfamiliar with the area. If you make a terrible choice, you could end up with a new companion who wouldn’t cover the rent, is a slob, or makes returning home uncomfortable.

However, how to find a roommate is a concern that would not only assist you in finding a fantastic companion but also in creating an ideal living scenario.

What Is the Roommate Finder App?

There is no foolproof formula for finding a decent roommate, and sometimes even your friend might be a bad flatmate. It’s challenging to locate the ideal companion. You might understand what I’m saying if you’ve ever had a bad roommate match in academia or a bad roommate company in a residential college. Even so, there are a few optional things that could be done and lots of resources at your command to assist you in identifying possible roommate partners that will follow your roommates’ rules and limits and then have a steady stream of income.

However, the prospect of a terrible roommate arrangement would be enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine. Dishes piling up in the bathroom, total rent, and wild nightly parties seem to be just a few of the signs of an unsuccessful roommate hunt. It might be difficult, so read on to know how to find a roommate.

Where Can I Find Reliable Roommates?

Find Reliable Roommates

You’ll almost certainly have to conduct your roommate web search if you’re relocating to a different location or just don’t know anyone seeking a companion. So, where to find roommates? Continue reading to learn about the finest roommate seekers. Almost every homeowner will conduct a background investigation on anyone who applies for the accommodation. This can help you avoid getting into a situation with someone who cannot pay or who is lying about their background.

Furthermore, if you’re relocating into an accommodation with a current contract, interacting with the owner and signing yourself up to the rental agreement prevents you from becoming overpaid and ensures that the government is on your side if things go wrong. There are several applications available that may assist you in making this procedure faster and safer. 

However, you would have to purchase a license for the subscription services. We’ve compiled a list of the safest ways to locate roommates to assist you in covering the expense of working in the city. Use one of the roommate search applications listed below to discover the ideal individual to keep company with.

6 Best Roommate Finder Apps

Here are a few of the finest roommate apps:

1. Trulia Real Estate: Find Homes

Available In iOS, Android

Trulia is a great place to look for a furnished apartment. You can search by zip code and budget, and the map feature tells you precisely where the apartments or rented homes you’re interested in are situated. You can drive by and check it out if something about the several ads sounds questionable. 

In addition, the local insight’s function provides a wealth of data, such as the level of crime in the area, the quality of academic domains, and a built-in planning tool that calculates your travel time. You’ll have to have a paid page to share a posting if you’ve had a property and are seeking just a flatmate for your extra room.

RatingiOS – 4.8/5
Android –
In-app ProductsNo
Published By Trulia
Downloads10 Million +
FeaturesNeighborhood Information, Over 1,000,000 Real Estate Listings, Search Customization Tools, Detailed Home Listings, House Buying Alerts, Open House Scheduling Tool, Affordability Calculators, 1-Click Request, Easily Find Apartments, Condos, and Rental Properties, Filter By Transit &/or Pets

2. RoomEasy – Find your perfect room or roommates 

Available In iOS, Android

You may like, match, and communicate with possible mates in your city on RoomEasy, which operates similarly to Match (but in a much more innocent way). The app makes it possible to connect with individuals who match your lifestyle activities and individual differences by associating particular labels to your accounts, such as musicians, animal rights activists, or chefs.

RatingiOS – 1/5
Android – 2.2/5
In-app Products$9.49 – $35.99 
Published By RoomEasy
Downloads10 Thousand +
FeaturesCreate a free listing for your business! , Find the ideal roommate! , Are you looking for a rental house or apartment? Create your profile for free! , Find your new place! , filter out the best profiles

3. Roommates By Roomster

Available In iOS, Android

Roommates rooms, flatshare & flatmates app revolutionize how you discover companions by pairing you with that someone safely and soundly. The following use appears to work: Users will establish a profile by logging in using Facebook, and customers specify their preferred roommate and apartment.

Convert Your App Idea Into Reality

Let’s Build A New App Together

Users may locate companions to transfer into their existing property, relocate into the accommodation of their roommate, or communicate with excellent, peer-reviewed realtors to seek suitable accommodation for no cost. Roomster offers a fun and engaging start-to-finish service if you’re searching for a sublease or a standard lease.

RatingiOS – 3.9/5
Android – 3.9/5
In-app Products$2.99 – $49.99
Published By Roomster Corp.
Downloads1 Million +
Features1. Social logins to create your profile and update roommate preferences
2. Search for flatmates based on personal interests and living preferences
3. Roomster’s in-app messaging makes it safe and easy to chat with potential flatmates
4. Roomster shows rooms recently posted by people who are looking for flatmates
5. Post your flats, rooms & sublets within the app for matches to connect with you
6. 24/7 customer service
7. Multiple subscription options

4. RoomMaters: Compatible Living For Roommates

Available In iOS, Android

Roomaters app to find rooms for rent has a lot of advantages, including the fact that it’s compatible with Windows and easy to use. It could link you with acquaintances or standard connections on your social networking site who are seeking a room or a new home to live in. Building a positive relationship, whether it’s with somebody you recognize or whom you can question your buddy about, helps sign a contract together so much less awkwardly.

Users can be confirmed through a criminal record check and a government ID checks for additional security. If you’re concerned about moving in with a stranger, you may request confirmation to ensure there’s nothing suspicious going on.

RatingiOS – 3.9/5
Android – 2.6/5
In-app ProductsNo
Published By Aaron Caplan
Downloads10 Thousand +
FeaturesFind People, Places & Apartments, Search Confidently. Live Comfortable, Connect And Share

5. SpareRoom: USA/UK

Available In iOS, Android

Cirtru has the biggest number of authenticated accounts from over 20,000 organizations and college associations but has a lower percentage of prospective roommate matches to pick from. Unless you’re shopping for the perfect approach to locate a companion, this software is for you.

RatingiOS – 4.6/5
Android – 4.1/5
In-app Products$9.99 – $99.99
Published By Flatshare Ltd.
Downloads100 Thousand +
Features1. Find a room or roommate fast!
2. Save adverts
3. Contact advertisers quickly
4. Threaded messaging
5. Manage and upgrade your account
6. Manage your posted adverts
7. Full retina display graphics
8. Location-based searching
9. Browse and contact thousands of adverts on-the-go
10. Phone advertisers directly from the app
11. View all the rooms around you on a map
12. Post and advertise your searches
13. Mark adverts as unsuitable
14. Full synchronization with your account
15. Upload/manage video and photos

7 Best Roommate Finder Websites

The following is one of the most useful websites to find roommates:

1. Craigslist: Online Classifieds

Let’s begin with the most apparent option: Craigslist. It’s challenging to beat the world’s biggest internet ad section when it comes to seeking a roommate. The most important thing to remember when looking for a roommate on Craigslist is to do your research.

Of course, before accepting any contracts, it’s a smart option to meet with potential housemates in person. And if it’s one’s first occasion meeting someone, in reality, you may also want to invite a companion in case things get out of hand. Also, keep in mind that there are several scammers on roommate finder, so be careful.

2. Padmapper : Trusted Apartments For Rent

PadMapper’s is the best roommate finder. Its unique, map-based design makes it simple to search for flats in a certain neighborhood, such as on a specific street. If users have such accommodation or a household and are searching for roommates, try the software Padmapper applications for iPhone or Android. Simply make a posting under the “Post” option.

3. Roomie Match: Find Roommate Of Your Interest might have been a fantastic choice for a tailored roommate-finding encounter. Scams, hackers, and other unwanted spam are eliminated by having real people review each listing on the internet.

You may create a free website that enables other individuals looking for a companion to approach you. You’ll have to purchase a premium membership if you want to be strategic with your research. A year’s worth of usage costs $19.95.

4. : Find The Perfect Roommate, similar to RoomieMatch, helps to establish a website for free, and you must subscribe to a succinct summary to receive communications from several other members. For, the cost is a little different. A three-day trial will set you back $5.99, a 30-day subscription will set you back $19.99, and a 60-day account will set you back $29.99.

5. Roomi : Find Roommates

With the tagline “Room right, live near,” the roomie app is serious about assisting you in finding a housemate. All advertisements and users are screened before they go public on the website, assuring you that you are not a victim of a scam. Its light, airy look and user-friendly webpage are a millennial’s dream. Creating an application, posting a listing, searching the website, and messaging other users are all free.

  • Mobile App Available For iOS & Android

6. Roomster : Find & Rent Your Perfect Room

Would you quickly lose track of time looking around on Facebook or Instagram as the best way to find a roommate? Then Roomster could be your best bet for finding a companion. Users can link existing Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Wikipedia pages to the website, making stalking or researching possible roommates simpler than ever. Creating a profile and posting a posting with photographs is entirely free.

Otherwise, help ensure your journal’s privacy is adjusted to the public so that it may be seen and shared by the whole of your community. And if nobody in your immediate circle is looking for a companion, they could recognize someone who may be.

  • Mobile App Available For iOS & Android

7. Alumni Networks

Alumni Networks Websites

It’s a smart option for degree holders to use the alumni association at their alma mater to identify suitable housemates. For alumni residing in big cities, several institutions maintain listservs. Keep an eye on the page for companion inquiries, or make your own. Several alumni associations maintain Facebook pages for graduates residing in places such as Chicago, Georgia, and Austin.

Examples Of Alumni Networks Websites For Finding Roommates:

Best Social Media Apps & Websites For Finding Roommates

1. Facebook 

If you don’t bother putting your companion search publicly on LinkedIn, publishing a note informing your acquaintances that you’re looking for a housemate can be effective. Tag folks in the posting if you’re going to a new town and want to recognize a few individuals there.

Ways To Use Facebook To Find A Roommate:

  • Post a status update
  • Join Facebook groups
  • Attend Facebook events
  • Look for specific apartment buildings or complexes
  • Facebook stalk potential roommates
  • Use matching services
  • Take out a Facebook ad

2. Reddit

Many towns offer subreddits specializing in local real estate markets for those who use Reddit. Several of the discussions are posted by several other Redditors seeking accommodation in the area, so if you’ve had a spare room, you might want to check them out. Alternatively, you could begin your project.

3. Instagram

If you wouldn’t usually make your housemate search publicly, it can be helpful to publish a message on Instagram informing your acquaintances that you are looking for a roommate. Mention folks in the article if you’re going to a new town and recognize a few individuals there.

Ways To Use Instagram To Find A Roommate:

  • Post a status update
  • Post a story
  • Join Instagram groups
  • Dm your friends and Instagram pages
  • Look for specific apartment buildings or complexes
  • Instagram stalk potential roommates
  • Use matching services
  • Take out a Instagram ad

How Rommate Finding Websites Work? 

Roomate-finding apps are designed to help individuals find compatible roommates based on shared interests. Lifestyles and living preferences. Here is the overview of how this app works:

1. User Registration and Profile Creation 

The person new to the platform must sign up on the app for access. This profile includes general information such as occupation, gender, and hobbies. It may also ask for preferences regarding living habits, such as sleep schedules, social habits, and cleanliness. 

2. Surveys and Questionnaires

Many apps also include surveys and questions to gather all the personal information about the preferences and personality of the individual. The question can include pet owners, smokers, and many more. 

3. Matching Algorithms

The algorithm in the app works as per the data. The most compatible one with the same interests, lifestyle habits, and living preferences is shown there. 

4. Search and filters

Users often search for like-minded roommates with the same location, same budget, pet, etc. To enhance this feature, people can search by applying different filters present in the app. 

5. Additional Features

There are multiple additional features available on the website to make the platform user-friendly, such as background checks, lease agreement support, and tips for co-living. This provides additional safety and convenience for users. 

6. Feedback and Ratings 

After the interactions or upon finding a roommate on the platform, the users may be able to provide feedback or rate their experience with the app. This helps the app development team and the businesses elevate the features and improve the issues felt by the users. 

7. Privacy and Security 

Finding a good roommate on the app can also sometimes be bad for the user’s privacy, thus protecting personal information and space. This also includes data encryption and the ability to report or block other users.

What Is the Cost to Develop a Roommate Finder App or Website?

cost to develop

In today’s competitive environment, it’s critical to build and implement a website, whether your company runs locally or online. But how much more can roommate websites cost? The typical cost of creating a website, including launch and design, is $6000 to $150,000, with monthly website upkeep ranging from $35 to $7000 – or $500 to $60,000 each year.

There may be certain common or standard mobile development expenses related to various sorts of software. These comparisons varied significantly based on statistics from numerous organizations that calculated these roommate application development prices based on previous client applications’ investigation:

  • Developing a simple app range from $45,000 to $65,000.
  • Developing an intermediate app ranges from $65,000 to $125,000.
  • The cost of developing a complicated app is $125,000 or more.
  • Hiring a US computer programmer costs around $1 million per year.

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Every roommate gets their lease, and their annual charges include the following utilities: high-speed WiFi. We prevent roommate squabbles by providing free routine maintenance and supplying you with necessities like tissue paper, wet wipes, and detergent, so there will never be a debate about whether someone goes to the store first. With several roommate finder apps available, finding an ideal roommate—or at least a decent one—is simpler than ever before. Remember the old days of popping up at somebody’s house on the spur of the moment or responding to a frightening personal ad in the newspaper? Consider giving one of several following apps or websites a go if you’re seeking the perfect companion.

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