Lately, with the debut of ChatGPT on November 22, a growing number of users, especially marketing professionals and online business owners, are reaping the most out of this AI-powered chatbot. As this AI tool demands prompts to crop up with the desired outcomes, increasing numbers of users invest their time writing the right and perfect prompts and consistently experimenting. 

Witnessing people struggling to create prompts, a new AI Prompt toolkit emerged: AIPRM. This AI tool facilitates the creation of the best AI prompts for distinct topics and use cases and is recognized for guiding a pathway to success with generative AI tools. Post that, the AI market got overwhelmed by varied economic and easy-to-use AIPRM alternatives.

We have curated a list of the top 10 AIPRM alternatives to reduce your workload and ease your journey to choosing the best AI Prompt toolkit. 

Let’s get deeper and come to light with something valuable. 

Factors to Target While Choosing an AIPRM Alternative


In a short span of under four months, AIPRM has garnered a user base of over a million from around the world, including prominent brands such as Adobe and Disney. AIPRM has rolled up as a perfect time saver for ChatGPT users. Using this AI-prompt tool, one can get prompts on different topics with just a click.

If you’re interested in learning more about this, go through our article on AIPRM extension.

However, AIPRM isn’t the only player in the field. There are other viable alternatives tailored to different needs.

Before you go with any tool per your requirements, it’s essential to consider a few factors that may let you pick the best and right tool. 

1. Pricing

The first and foremost aspect that you should take along is the price. 

While going in hand with AIPRM extension for chatGPT, at a certain edge, you will find this tool quite expensive as its paid plans are costly. Obviously, upgrading to all the features and getting access to all the prompts is necessary, but at the same time, it would be expensive.

So, while choosing one, compare the plans also.

2. Time Saving & Productivity

As AIPRM works as an extension on ChatGPT only, you would need to copy and paste if you want its prompts to use on its alternatives. This will for sure suck your time and may hinder productivity.

So, pick the one that may help save your time and boost productivity. 

3. Add-On Cost

With the ChatGPT pro plans, you would also need to subscribe to AIPRM plans, which would be an add-on to your AI-generative tool cost. 

So, plan accordingly, as you would have to pay not only for your AI-generative tool but also for your AI prompt toolkit. 

4. Distracting User Interface

The stuffed user interface of the AIPRM tool is quite distracting. Numerous prompts are available on a single screen focusing on one target. As for copywriting, there are 100+ prompts.

So, go with the one that may appear with a clear user interface that keeps you focused. 

5. Usage on Firefox

AIPRM is not compatible with Firefox entirely. So, Firefox users should also look for any alternative that may work seamlessly on this browser.

6. Use Case

AIPRM specifically covers SEO and SaaS development. So, target picking one that may meet varied use cases. 

So, why settle for less with AIPRM when you can get much using its alternatives? 

Now, with no more delay, jump onto a walkthrough to better and more effective AIPRM alternatives.

Top 10 Alternatives to AIPRM

1. ChatGPT Prompt Genius

ChatGPT Prompt Genius

Besides AIPRM, you can choose ChatGPT Prompt Genius to improve your experience with ChatGPT. This browser extension is free and open-source, using which you can get the maximum benefit from your conversations with the AI chatbot. 

Top Features

Access Range of PromptsAIPRM is chiefly focused on SEO, SaaS development, and marketing prompts, but this AIPRM extension can offer you prompts for varied use cases. 
Customizable ThemesThose who are fed up with the messy and over-stuffed user interface of ChatGPT can use ChatGPT Prompt Genius. This AI prompt toolkit lets you personalize your ChatGPT interface with customized themes, like hacker, fireplace, etc. You can choose any theme per your preference and enjoy. 
Chat History SyncThis AIPRM alternative lets the users save their chat history as HTML, PNG, or PDF files. So, now you can go through your past chats and refer to important details easily. 
Vast Prompt Template LibraryThe chief reason behind using such a tool is the prompt template. So, using ChatGPT Prompt Genius, you can reap the benefits of an extensive prompt template library. Besides, you can share, import, and find any prompt you want easily, as these are well-categorized within the extension for your ChatGPT conversation. 


It is an open-source browser extension that you can easily download and use free of cost. Hosted on GitHub, the community reviews its source code and contributes to improving it. 

2. Cohesive AI


Using the prompt templates created by Cohesive AI, you can generate high-quality content around 13 times faster. Also, this holistic AI tool can assist you in editing, creating, and publishing relevant content, all set to optimize for conversion. 

Top Features

Multi-Lingual Prompts Whatever language you prefer, you will get prompts in more than ten different languages. 
Wide Variety of Templates & CategoriesCohesive AI meets different use cases with varied categories and templates. 
Effective Prompt TemplatesThe prompt templates this AI tool provides are effective and easily understandable. 
Expand or Enhance ResponseCohesive AI generates extra prompts for you to let you improve your responses. 


Starter Plan$0
Pro Plan$11
Team Plan$11

3. Prompt Vibes

One more AIPRM alternative, Prompt Vibes, provides an explanation of the prompts beforehand, so you don’t need to try them first to know their functions. Also, these are categorized so well that you can easily find them per your requirements. Well, this AI prompt tool needs to go a long way to master this field. However, it’s freely accessible. 

Top Features

Work & Home ProductivityIn its professional and personal settings, you will witness enhanced efficiency while handling varied challenges and tasks. 
Time-Saving SolutionsUsing the off-the-shelf prompts, you can accomplish jobs faster and more effectively.
Varied Prompt TemplatesYou get access to 100+ ChatGPT prompts for diverse tasks and situations. 


Free to use for everyone.


4. Chatsonic Prompts Library

Chatsonic Prompts Library

A free prompt marketplace, Chatsonic holds the caliber to take your AI conversation to a level ahead. Creative ChatGPT prompt ideas that come from this AI tool help you save money. Besides, you can create your prompt templates using Chatsonic’s AI prompt manager for ChatGPT, publish them to let others use them, and get rewarded. So, no more giving your time to create content, as this tool can do it for you at a faster pace. 

Top Features

Varied Prompt TemplatesThis AI tool is a free AIPRM alternative for generative AI tools. You can reap the benefits of such prompts. Some of these are Instagram captions prompts, Facebook ad copy prompts, video script prompts, etc.
Free Prompt MarketplaceYou can get useful prompts for ChatGPT on this AI prompt marketplace free of cost and with unlimited access. 
No Extension NeededWith the Chatsonic prompt marketplace, you don’t need any extension to use the AI prompts.
Rewards On Prompt SharingThe prompt sharer will get rewarded and featured as the Editor’s choice.


Free Trail$0/month
Custom PlanDepend on custom packages



One more alternative to AIRPM, WNR.AI eases prompt creation by converting a simple form into a sophisticated one to assist them in getting dependable and high-quality results from AI. You can save, reuse, and share them. This tool converts your content into templates influenced by McKinsey, Asana, and the WNR community. 

Top Features

Product ManagementWNR.AI assists in easing complicated product management jobs with this tool’s user-friendly templates.
Investor ToolFor both founders and investors, there are templates that can analyze the companies. 
Strategy or Company TemplatesUse such prompt templates to enhance your business strategy and meet your objectives. 


Free to use for everyone.

6. PromptPerfect

One more AIPRM alternative, PromptPerfect, lets the users make the best use of ChatGPT. Where prompt optimization is quite time-consuming and leads to suboptimal outcomes, you can trust this tool. It saves your time by streamlining prompt optimization. Also, belonging to every language background, you can reap the benefits of this tool.

Top Features

Fast ResultsWith this AIPRM alternative, you can get well-optimized prompts in 10 seconds or even less. 
API & Data AccessAPI access helps users to export their data to a common format, permitting them the integration of AI into their apps. 
First Auto Prompt OptimizerPromptPerfect is widely known as the first and the only optimizer with the caliber to conduct prompt optimization for any AI model automatically. 
Multi-Goal OptimizationThis tool lets you customize your prompt optimization per your requirements, like a shorter prompt, faster optimization, etc. 
Multi-Language PromptYou can optimize your prompts in whichever language you want, as this tool arrives with the feature of a multi-language prompt. 
SOTA AI ModelsThis AIPRM alternative permits users to optimize their prompts for GPT-3/3.5/4, ChatGPT, MidJourney, Stable Diffusion, and DALL-E-2.


Free $0
Lite $9.99 per month
Standard $39.99 per month
Max $99.99 per month
Infinite $6999.99 per month

7. ChatX

Are you looking for a platform where you can get a plethora of options for generative AI prompts? Then, let your head turn to ChatX. This marketplace is recognized as a dedicated hub for generative AI prompts. Whatever your requirements for digging new ideas, your creative project needs, or want to explore the possibilities of AI, ChatX is a perfect go-to AI prompt marketplace. 

Top Features

Free Image PromptsChatX already holds a database of free image prompts that’s constantly expanding.
Advanced Features & ToolsUsers can customize their experience using the advanced tools and features and get the prompts that match their creative endeavors. 
Right Prompts Suiting ProjectsCreative professionals, AI enthusiasts, developers, and entrepreneurs can find the right DALL·E, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and ChatGPT (GPT-3) for their projects. 


Free to use for everyone.

8. Prompt Storm

With the strength of Prompt Storm, you can elevate your ChatGPT experience. You can easily use it as a Google Chrome extension, which provides innovatively created engineered prompts that users can use with ChatGPT 3 & 4, appending a bit of detail. With this AIPRM alternative, you not only get the right prompt your need but also know about it in detail and can clone it for other cases also. 

Top Features

Faster Project DevelopmentUsing this tool, you can convert your computer coding ideas effortlessly and ease your project testing, leading to faster project completion. 
Learn EverythingYou can get any answer or any subject knowledge you seek, reaping this tool to its fullest. 
Marketing AssistantYou can get the complete layout of your social media, digital marketing, and SEO plans. 
Boost Your ProductivityYou can create well-written and easily understandable content from articles, emails, and blogs, to plans and reports for your business using this AIPRM alternative. 


Free to use for everyone.

9. Query Kitty

An AI-powered Chrome extension, Query Kitty is the ultimate solution to your queries. It’s specifically crafted to ease crypto talks. Using this extension, you can work on making your projects’ view clear, along with economic models, tokenomics, and performance metrics. No specific jargon is needed; you can start with simple English. 

Top Features

Content at One-ClickUsing this AIPRM alternative, you can convert selected text into newsletter, social content, articles, etc. 
Automate Google SheetsYou can get help with Google app scripts or formulas to automate your spreadsheets using Query Kitty. 
Personal PromptsYou can save the prompts you frequently use routinely, saving you time repeatedly searching them. 
Code BetterQuery Kitty helps generate quick react modules or swift javascript scripts. 


One-time Purchase of a lifetime license at $9.

10. TeamSmart AI

You can boost your productivity by incorporating AI into your business using this Chrome extension. You only need to choose an AI team to get assistance with your routine jobs. Also, you can query about the articles you are reading, get help with programming, or even find images for your project. With only a single click, you are good to use Open ChatGPT instantly with no login required. 

Top Features

Special Team of AI ExpertsAs you are free to choose a team of your choice to get help for your daily work, let you know, some of the team members hold special skills, like current page content summarization expertise. 
No Login, Just A ClickWell, you don’t need to log in specifically to use this extension. Only one click, and you are good to go. 
Local Data StorageThe local device of the users will store the data securely. So, they can clear their message any time, whenever they want. 
Perfect ChatGPT PromptsThis tool provides a library where you can access high-quality prompts that are just a keyboard shortcut away. 


Starts from $37

How Can Emizentech Help You?


The top users of AIPRM alternatives are AI enthusiasts, prompt engineers, developers, and business persons. But, if you want to appear with a successful and widely-recognized AIPRM alternative, you need assistance from a leading AI/ML development company with extensive experience developing AI tools, including advanced technologies. 

You may be an expert at developing an AI-prompt tool, but let you know that, with the growth of your venture, you should hire a software development company and invest your time in other rewarding business jobs. For your AI-prompt tool development, you can hire Emizentech with years of experience in developing custom software that meets our clients’ varied business needs worldwide.

Final Note: Which is the best AIPRM alternative?

AI prompt marketplaces are best at automating AI prompt creation and saving us time. You can choose any above-listed tools to get the required response, and you only need to choose the prompt template, include the basic details, and get the desired outcome. 

Well, to find which is the best AIPRM alternative, there’s no way out. The one which suits your business requirements is the perfect alternative for you. So, choose wisely. 

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