Considering writing, lately, a phrase that’s getting extended recognition is AIPRM for the ChatGPT extension. Stands for Artificial Intelligence Powered Response Marketing, it’s a tool chosen excessively to improve the ChatGPT language model’s functionality letting users make the best out of its advanced potential. Chiefly, this extension was rolled out to assist users in generating top-quality content using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. 

This is just the start of the debate on AIPRM; there’s much to learn. In this post, we will uncover most things about AIPRM that are still unknown to you, like its working, usage, role with ChatGPT, creation, share, and use of prompt templates it offers, and a lot more to let you reap its benefits to the fullest. 

Let’s get deeper and pull out valuable facts about this tool.  

What is AIPRM – An Introduction

Simply put, The Ultimate Time Saver for ChatGPT, AIPRM, is the most sought-after AI Prompt Manager. It’s an extension that appends easily accessible, curated prompt templates for ChatGPT, specifically crafted for distinct topics like copywriting, marketing, SEO, and more. 

The prompt engineering experts’ community creates these prompts for the community people or users. You only need to tap only once, and you can use off-the-shelf ChatGPT prompts. On top of that, SEO or marketing professionals can enhance their marketing strategies and drive more website traffic reaping the benefits of advanced Prompt templates for SEOs that AIPRM offers. This is also the best option for other features, such as grammatical checks, sentence rephrasing, and synonym suggestions.

How to Use AIPRM – Setting up the AIPRM Extension

To reap the benefits of the AIPRM extension using ChatGPT:

  • First, you must install the extension. 
  • On the OpenAI website, you can find it for Firefox and Chrome browsers. Post installing it, log in using your OpenAI credentials. If you don’t have an account on OpenAI, you should sign up; it’s entirely free. 
  • After log-in, ChatGPT is set to use with the AIPRM extension. 

Well, you can install this extension for your preferred browser:

1. On Firefox: Specifically, for Firefox, there’s no source of extension. You can install other browsers, like Edge or Brave.

However, in 2015, when the organization started with Firefox extensions, it was unacceptable because of the entire extension review process and the slow response times. Hence, the AIPRM backed off from supporting Firefox completely. 

2. On Chrome: If you are looking for a dedicated window version of AIPRM, you should install Chrome on your Windows desktop. Various download platforms will falsely claim to hold the AIPRM Windows version. You need to stay careful in such cases, as such websites are meant only to attract clicks on ads and install fake software that may steal your data. 

3. On iPhone: Right now, AIPRM doesn’t hold any extension to be used on iPhone, but the team is working on it. 

4. On Android: Google Chrome Mobile doesn’t support the AIPRM extension. To use it on Android, you can use it on the KIWI browser, that’s free of cost. You need to install it from the app store, and next, install AIPRM available in it. 

What is the Role of AIPRM in ChatGPT – The Working

1. Utilizing machine learning and statistical analysis, the AIPRM extension recognizes data trends and patterns that train ChatGPT and eliminates potential issues and risks associated with ChatGPT’s data collection, response, security vulnerabilities, and use practices. By using AIPRM for ChatGPT, you can offer a better user experience. 

For example: If you notice ChatGPT crops up with biased responses toward a specific demographic group, here AIPRM catches it and follows steps to mitigate that issue. Or this extension can analyze the infrastructure of ChatGPT and point out vulnerabilities that may lead to cyberattacks. 

2. Apart from that, with AIPRM, ChatGPT can ensure its use practices and data collection comply with related standards and regulations. 

For example: If ChatGPT accumulates users’ confidential information, the extension AIPRM makes sure that the details are personal and will be used for specific purposes. 

Benefits of AIPRM – Reasons Behind The Recognition

With AIPRM, you can optimize your site, boost ranking and sales, and emerge with new product strategies and support for your SaaS. Obviously, you are here to grab every opportunity to boost your productivity with this extension; install it for free today!

1. Reward AI Prompts Experts

When experts publish their prompts, they catch up with direct click-thrus and exposure to their sites. 

2. Increased Productivity 

As you know, this extension is useful for varied activities, like content writing, research, link building, conversion copywriting, link building, etc.; the users will surely experience a rise in their productivity. 

3. Prompt Engineering Community

The community can reap the benefits of the best prompts the expert prompt engineers create on distinct topics. 

4. Immediate Outcomes

Well, you may demand some time to curate valuable prompts for your usage, but for instant needs, you can choose the AIPRM ChatGPT Prompts extension.

5. Prompt Toolkit

This extension is recognized as AI Prompt Toolkit, where you can get prompts for varied generative AI tools, like ChatGPT

6. Topics

You can make the best use of AIPRM for whatever your topics, like Customer Support, Authoring Books, marketing strategies, and more. 

Prompt in AIPRM – All You Need to Know

Being a marketing professional or SEO, your race for cropping up with better content ideas and improving your writing skills will never end. But, at least you can ease your journey. AIRPM can help you with prompt templates that will help you initiate better writing and stay focused on your preferred topic. Or you can create a prompt yourself and share it in the AIPRM Community Edition.

Of course! You can do that. All you need is a premium AIPRM account, and you are good to go. 

Let’s just figure this out in a seamless way. 

How to Create a Prompt Template?

A walkthrough for creating your prompt template:

  • In the AIPRM Community Edition, Access the “Edit new prompt template” button.
  • Post that, you will get a form where you need to fill in your prompt’s details. 

You will notice two chief placeholders in your prompt template:

Target Language – Here, you can specify your preferred language for your prompt. 

Prompt – Here, you enter the prompt that you will send to ChatGPT. 

  • For your prompt promotion, you can take the assistance of a compelling and descriptive text in the teaser to showcase your prompt accurately.
  • Keep the title of your prompt brief and descriptive. Besides, it would be better to categorize your prompt for fast reach. 
  • Next, before you share, you can test your prompt, modify it if needed, and then share it publicly. 
Shopware 6 prompt emizentech

How to Share Your Prompt Template?

Post the creation and testing of your prompt template and time to share it for others’ use in the AIPRM Community Edition. For this:

  • Click on the “share prompt template public” button.
  • Apart from that, in any analytics solution, like Google Analytics, you can track the traffic by adding UTM campaign links to your shared prompt template URL. 
  • Also, to boost your reputation and visibility as a prompt engineer, you can link your prompt template to your page. 

Be mindful before you publicly share your prompt, as every community member will see it. The users of your prompt will like it and vote for it, which may boost its reputation and visibility. 

How to Use Your Prompt Template?

  • You can use your prompt template by inserting the text (you want to summarize) into the prompt placeholder. 
  • Ahead, your prompt template will crop up with a prompt that will summarize the text in a particular format.

How Can Emizentech Help You?

eCommerce CTA

Well, you can also create your prompts following the steps we discussed to fulfill your custom business needs. But, let you know that it will demand much of your time, effort, and proficiency. You may be proficient enough to create such prompt templates, but being a professional, it would be much more time-consuming. You should focus on other higher-valued tasks, like increasing personal engagement with your customers to better understand their needs and preferences, despite creating prompts yourself. 

Obviously, you would need to hire a software development company that provides the best AI developing services, making the best of AI, ML, predictive analysis, natural language processing, and other latest technologies to accomplish their projects.

Emizentech can help you here with what you are looking for. The team of professionals is experienced and holds the skills one needs to meet their business requirements. With time, we have improved, matching the steps of transforming the digital world to stay ahead of our competitors. 

Connect with us to get assistance in creating your prompt templates now!

Final Note

AI models usually get blocked with risks; here, AIPRM can act as a savior in managing those issues. A large language model, ChatGPT makes the best use of AIPRM to ensure users get unbiased, accurate, and harmless responses. 

You can also develop a tool like AIPRM leveraging the power of AI and ML that may be beneficial for companies and businesses from varied industry verticals. For that, you should again connect with a software development company with an eye-catching portfolio. 

Get in touch for further assistance!

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