The partnership of YouTube with one of the popular eCommerce platforms, Shopify, will allow creators and merchants to connect to consumers, strengthen their businesses, and put their stories before the world. 

New association means, from now, merchants and creators can merge commerce and community with the unique ‘YouTube Shopping’ to millions of Shopify merchants worldwide. 

Country Head and Director of Shopify, India, Bharati Balakrishnan, told a business news brand, “Influencers can now talk about a product and customers can click on pop-up tags, buttons and widgets which appear on the video itself.

Also, she added, “There is a shift happening from direct-to-consumer to connect-to-consumer. Increasingly where consumers spend time is where they are going to spend money. It is no longer enough to empower a merchant to set up his or her website and be available and help them go and spend on performance marketing and promotion and whatever else to get traffic — they have to show up where the traffic is.

On Shopify, the release of YouTube Shopping will help merchants easily integrate their online business with the leading entertainment platform, clutching 2+ billion logged-in users, to reach their viewers and consumers.

Also, the creators will benefit from this partnership as they can exhibit their products across their channels and use real-time inventory syncing of Shopify. In the US, creators can now facilitate onsite checkout to let viewers complete their purchases while watching videos on the YouTube website. 

Even YouTube Studio will now display its “Shopping” tab that will be helpful for creators to manage their products’ tagging and appearance across their channels.

YouTube also said that it is planning to add more features to its Shorts, Live, and long videos. 

Moreover, the company added that the US, India, and Brazil will now see the products they can purchase in the Explore tab, starting in the upcoming week, with more countries to commence this year. 

Now, after this collaboration, Shopify merchants can also sell their products to YouTube users in below three ways:

  • Videos: Merchants can exhibit a curated product list on a product shelf below the on-demand videos. 
  • Live Streams: Merchants can pin and tag products at critical points while live streaming and picture-in-picture playback. It means that while the consumers check out, they can watch videos too. 
  • Store Tab: A merchant’s YouTube channel will showcase a new tab now, featuring the exclusive products section.

What Will Shopify Do?


Shopify will sync and update product details, including names, pricing, images, and shipping, flawlessly across channels. 

If the products get sold, they will be automatically removed from the platform, YouTube. 

Even, merchants can track the live performance and on-demand videos from their Shopify admin with a complete view of multichannel sales. 

Furthermore, Balakrishnan said on YouTube integration that it would be available for enterprise clients who subscribe to Shopify’s premium plan

Lately, a few months back, YouTube teased its soon-to-come features with a claim that they will ease viewers to discover and purchase from brands. 

Earlier, Shopify partnered with Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and other social media websites. The brand said that it noticed increased order placement via these partners in the first quarter of this year.

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