According to statistics, around 736 million women worldwide have been victims of physical and sexual intimate violence, either by a partner or a non-partner. This staggering number accounts for one-third of all women globally, highlighting an urgent need for solutions to enhance their safety. In this context, the development of women’s safety apps has become crucial to empowering women to feel protected and safe, especially when they are out and about. Fortunately, such apps already exist in the market. In this blog, we will delve into everything about these apps, focusing on Women’s Safety App Development and how it contributes to addressing this critical issue

What Is a Women’s Safety App?

As the name suggests,  the apps that enhance safety for women are known as women’s safety apps. People have developed a range of women’s safety apps by learning from their own experiences or those of their loved ones. Most apps help notify friends or family when the user is in trouble. Moreover, the apps can even automatically record the incident to report the molestation in court. Other apps inform about the nearby medical facilities, navigate the safest path, track options, identify crime hotspot areas, and much more.

What to Know About Personal Safety Apps for Women?

Interpreting everything about women’s safety apps in one line will look like a solution that helps ensure women’s safety when they are out of their homes and might face any endangered situation. Different apps perform the purpose in their respective ways, and some send an alarm to friends and relatives while others inform the police. Many apps follow the principle “prevention is better than cure,” and thus, they talk about the safest routes one can take to reach home or destination. 

The apps might follow different working principles but share the mutual goal of ensuring women’s safety. 

Why Develop a Women’s Security App?

In 2020 alone, a woman or girl was killed every 11 minutes in their home (let alone the roads and public areas). The number takes it to 81,000 women in a year. 58% of these victims died at the hands of a family member or partner. 

The stats communicate the need for women’s security solutions efficiently in practical language. Besides law enforcement and defense courses, promoting the women’s safety app is one of the easiest and most effective solutions to the problem. 

The app’s target audience is large enough to secure millions of downloads. However, the plot for developing women’s security apps is not limited to achieving financial success. Instead, it is more like a social contribution to reducing the crime rates against women.

Types of Safety Apps for Women

1. Emergency Alert App 

Emergency Alert App

When a woman is in trouble, at risk, or seems trapped in any physical violence, an emergency alert app instantly sends the notification/alarm to friends or family members of the subject. Here, the user can select the people she wants to send the warning to in such a situation. To send the SOS alert, the user taps the power button repeatedly and uses the volume button or any other configuration defined by the respective apps. 

When facing trouble, the user might not be in a situation to contact someone manually. So, the app automatically sends the location and alarm to selected people. 

App NameAbout Features  PlatformDownloads
SOS Alert The app instantly sends the location to your emergency contacts when you are likely or have been trapped in a violent situation.No AdsBasic and easy-to-use interfaceLeverage to select emergency contact and message Android100,000+
112 India 112 SOS mobile app is part of the Emergency Response Support System initiated by the Indian Government. One can contact the state emergency department through the app or simply tap the power button thrice on their smartphone.24*7 services Timely dispatch of emergency services (health, fire, police, disaster management)Integrated with existing emergency response systemAndroid/iOS500,000+

2. Location Tracking App

women safety Location Tracking

Similar to the name, the app helps you track the live location of your female family member or friend. So, if she is late in reaching home, stuck at a place for an abnormal time, or being taken to an uncommon route, you are there to track each location and pull her out in no time. 

Not every incident allows one to push the power button or send the SOS alert. So, the location tracking app ensures that the user is monitored even when she has not issued any alert. 

App NameAbout Features  PlatformDownloads
Life 360The app is a personal safety app that helps to enhance family safety by giving live updates of locations. One can track the location history for over two days.Location sharing Location HistoryPlace alertsCrash detectioniOS/Android100,000+

3. Women Safety Tips App

Women Safety Tips App

Undoubtedly, precaution is better than cure. So, this type of app provides several safety tips to its users. It includes tips for preventing such incidents, to-do and not-to-do actions when stuck in such a situation, tips for reporting the incident, and much more. 

One needs assistance and guidance to deal with such a situation. So, these apps make assistance available to users.

App NameAbout Features  PlatformDownloads
SHEROES: Learn Earn Community It is not a dedicated women’s safety tips app but a community app. It helps its women users to establish or promote their businesses and conduct sessions on safety, debates, cooking, poetry, art, writing, fashion, and much more.  Platform to learn focuses on numerous aspectsTips of women’s personal, professional, and financial lifestyles. iOS/Android1,000,000+

4. Heat Map App

Heat Map App

Another app type based on precaution communicates about safe and dangerous areas of the city. The app uses crime data and marks the areas with different color shades. The dark shade of red represents the danger zone that must be avoided. 

This app helps the user take the safer route to the home to avoid any chances of violence or mishappening. 

App NameAbout Features  PlatformDownloads
My Safetipin The app takes the nine parameters to determine whether the area is safe. The parameters are lighting, openness, people, visibility, security, public transport, walk path, feeling, and gender usage.Know about the dangerous and safer areas. Marking the areas by simply uploading the picture iOS/Android50,000+

5. Women’s Safety eCommerce App

Women’s Safety eCommerce App

Dedicated women’s safety apps are there that help women to buy safety equipment and products. You can buy stun guns, pepper spray, Mace, fight fobs, campus safety, and more. 

One might not have an idea about the safety equipment that should be carried around. So, this type of website talks about such equipment and makes it available to everyone.

App NameAbout Features  PlatformUser Per Month
Defense Divas The website is an ecommerce store dedicated explicitly to safety equipment for women. The app doesn’t only focus on selling the product but also suggests and provides knowledge about must-have weapons in certain situations. Numerous equipment under one roof Knowledge blogs  Web12,200+

6. Fake Call App

Fake Call App

Violence and offense are not always physical. Sometimes, women are stuck in certain situations where the aura, vibe, conversation, or environment might not be comfortable. So, fake call apps create a fake phone call with pre-recorded sound to make it seem more real to others. You can record anything, any responses, any questions, for any time frame (let it be 1 minute and an hour).

It works as a strategy for the user to get out of an uncomfortable or offensive place when it might not be a good idea to leave the site without any specific reason. 

App NameAbout Features  PlatformDownloads
Parry: Women Safety The app generates a fake phone call from the previously recorded voice or conversation. The length of the call can vary as per user choice. So, the app provides the strategy to leave an uncomfortable place without disrespecting other people at the table.  Generate phone calls Variable length for the call Automatic send location to emergency contacts iOS/Android5000+

7. Women Safety Device App

Women Safety Device App

Other than the apps, several devices can also be used for women’s or personal safety. These devices are integrated with respective apps and help inform friends and family about danger, offense, or any uncommon event. 

Safety devices automatically inform the selected people about your location. Moreover, it establishes the coordination between different informed people to make them reach you even faster. 

App NameAbout Features  PlatformDownloads
Safelet  Safelet is a bracelet that connects with Safelet apps to enhance its functionality. The device sends the location of the victim during any mishappening to the selected contacts. The app connects the concerned people to communicate and take the appropriate actions. Guardians can see user’s as well as each other’s location Free audio streaming Check-in functionality  iOS/Android5,000+ 

8. All-In-One Women’s Security Super App

All-In-One Women’s Security App

So far, you have read about the dedicated apps that ensure women’s safety in one way or another. But, some apps comprise all the above principles in a combined form. So users don’t have to download separate apps.

One might be living in a dangerously exposed area that requires the support of different safety services. So, the app makes the different features available under one roof instead of downloading the dedicated apps. 

App NameAbout Features  PlatformDownloads
bSafebSafe is the app developed by Charlene and her father after being a victim of sexual assault. The app is one of the best women and personal safety apps. It provides support for different safety services in one interface only. You can share location, keep track of location, send SOS alerts, record audio/video, make fake calls, and much more.  Make fake calls share live location Track, the locations audio/video recording Voice activation  iOS/Android1,000,000+

Must-Have Features in A Women Safety App

A women’s safety app is meant to be featureful to fulfill its purpose. It will not be wrong to say that more features will attract more benefits and thus more users to the app. Some of the features that users look for before downloading the app are but are not limited to

Features Description 
Sos Alert The app must have the feature to send an SOS alert when an uncommon practice is observed.
Location Sharing The app should allow the location sharing feature to communicate the current state to guardians. 
Low Battery Consumption It is important that such a safety app is not making you compromise your battery life.
GPS Tracking The app should be equipped with GPS tracking feature to communicate the location history to guardians.
Data Management The app carries the data of users. Let it be location history, common routes, common stay time, etc. 
Family Safety Assist The feature connects all the family members to each other so that they can know about the safety of all the members. 
Location ETA The feature allows for tracking the arrival time of concerned women in a particular place.
Color Code for Danger LevelMany apps indicate the danger level using different color codes. Red color mainly represents the danger zone, while green is used to represent safer areas. 
Voice Activation One might not be in a situation to press the buttons or activate any SOS. So, this feature allows the user to send an emergency message with just a voice command. 
Add Close Ones The user must be free to select the emergency contacts and add them to the list.
Emergency SOS Emergency SOS is the feature that instantly sends a predefined message to the selected contacts in case of any mishappening.
Offline Mode Misdeeds can take place anywhere, including the areas with no internet. So, the app should have the capability to work entirely offline.
Location Tracking Location tracking is the fundamental feature that any personal safety or women’s safety app is supposed to carry. The feature helps ensure safety throughout the way. 
Crash Detection If the concerned subject is driving or riding, the app should carry the feature to inform emergency contacts about any accident, crash, collision, or any kind of unusual happening. 
Geofencing Feature If you know about some areas where the family member is supposed to be or not, the geofencing feature allows you to get a notification whenever the member enters or leaves the area. 
Real-Time Update The safety app can provide you with all the updates like location, time of leaving the place, the route being traveled, arrival time, on-route stoppage, and much more.
Family Safety Assistance The feature makes a room where you can track the location of all family members and the places they have been, communicate with each other, share the location, or send SOS messages. 
Feel Safe Even in A Taxi With this feature, users can send the complete information along with the license plate number to their SOS contacts and police control room. The contacts and police will be tracking the vehicle all the way. 
Self Defense Training Many apps contain the feature of self-defense training where the women are taught about some basic self-defense techniques. The lessons are given mostly via video sessions.  
Tips for Personal Safety Similar to that of self-defense training, this feature suggests personal safety tips to its users. It includes tips about safety equipment, choosing the right path, or analyzing an area on the basis of facilities available. 
Marked Red Zone By marking different areas with red shade, many apps represent the danger zones that must be avoided by women or users.
Directions to Safe Locations This feature finds out the best and safest route between two locations that should be followed by the user.
Pin Unsafe Areas One can pin the unsafe areas for self or other family members, which are meant to be avoided.
AR/VR Integration The ability to record audio or video helps collect the proof of the incident to prove the culprit guilty and subject them to the right penology. 
AI Voice Integration AI voice integration helps to study the sound and noise from the surrounding environment and generate the SOS alert for emergency contacts.
Location ETA Location ETA refers to the feature that shows the time when the user arrived at a particular location.
Pre-Recorded Fake Calls As defined earlier, these are the fake calls in which the conversation is pre-recorded. The feature helps the user significantly to get out of an uncomfortable situation. 
Fake SMS Features Similar to the fake call feature, it helps you receive a preset fake message to get yourself out of an uncomfortable situation. 
Shake and Activate Feature When the device is shaken violently, the app sends the SOS alert and notification to selected contacts. 
Active from Volume Button Another feature of SOS activation that sends the alert by tapping the volume button multiple times. 
24*7 Support Needless to say, the app must function round the clock to support the safety of the user. 
Live Streaming The feature uses the sensors to detect any incident or violence. It then records the audio and video and saves it away from your device. So, the whole incident is kept recorded to take action against the culprit even if the device is lost or destroyed. 
Automatic Recording In case the visuals are not meant to be recorded, the recording option helps to record the audio when someone uses offensive language. 

Workflow Of The App

Workflow Of The App
Source: iieta

The app’s target audience even includes people who are not very technically exposed. The interface automatically leads you and provides access to all the features you expect from the app. Let’s understand the workflow of safety apps in simple steps-

  1. First, the user must log in or sign up for the app. A verification code is generated over the email that has to be used to complete the login. 
  2. Once you have signed in to the app, you will be welcomed on the home page. The home page will show you panels where you can update your profile, select the emergency contact, share the story, know about the app, or access the tips provided. 
  3. After setting up the profile and contacts, the same home page will show you the options for call, alarm, recording, panic, contact to hospital or police, and de-stress. You can activate any of these actions with the accessibility you have set in the app. 

1. Integration with Wearable Devices 

One might compromise the safety of a family member or self by entirely relying on an app. Any issue with the smartphone and the app will do nothing. So, safety-dedicated gadgets like bracelets, smartwatches, or anything like a small device have become more reliable. Most of the safety apps also work in the integration of these devices to enhance their functionality. For example, the message will be sent by the device but edited by the app.

2. Blockchain Technology to Secure the Data

To ensure safety, these types of apps have to carry numerous personal information about the user. It contains the contacts and details of family members, the location of home and office, daily activities, work history, and much more. So, to make the app reliable for the users, many such apps use blockchain technology. It helps ensure that the data of users owned by the app is safe and far from any risk of breaching.

3. AI-Based Mobile Application 

Most of the time, the user doesn’t have the chance to send the message or SOS manually. So, artificial intelligence has helped enhance feasibility by automating tasks. For example, constantly pressing the power or volume button, the app automatically starts sending messages, location, pictures, and other information to selected contacts every five minutes.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Women Safety Mobile App

Advantages Disadvantages
Nothing but the safety of women is the foremost and most significant advantage of such apps. Minimal apps have the capability to work in no network area, while most of the crimes happen in these areas only. 
With these apps, women feel connected to their family and friends all the time. It instantly informs the concerned people about the incident, but the rescue process takes time. So, it solves the problem only halfway. 
Location tracking features help make sure that your family knows where you are at the moment.  It is often not feasible for users to take action on mobile apps due to fear or shock. So, as long as the app is not equipped with sensor functioning, it doesn’t make any sense. 
The app helps send instant alerts about any incident. It makes sure to arrange help from the emergency department, family, or friends at the earliest. The low battery of smartphones, and there is nothing the app can do.  
Numerous apps help identify your city’s danger zone and safe zone so users can take the safest route home.
Women safety apps make instant contact with the police, healthcare, and emergency departments in the chances of any risk.

Convert Your App Idea Into Reality

Let’s Build A New App Together

You will find hundreds of similar apps in this category when you surf through the app list on Google Play Store or Apple Store. However, when you come to safety, there are very few apps you or your fellow women, friends, colleagues, or family members can rely on. We are here enlisting some of the mobile apps you can rely on for your or the concerned person’s safety. 

1. Women’s Safety

Women Safety

With over 100K downloads on Google Play Store, Women Safety is a popular app that helps ensure the safety of its users. The app provides three buttons indicating the level of seriousness. Green refers to a safe situation, orange refers to a cautious situation, while red indicates an emergency situation. By just tapping on the respective button, the location of the user, google maps link, two photos (one from the front and another from the rear camera) are sent to the preconfigured emails.

2. Safe UP

Safe UP

The app has a user base of more than 150K and is operating in over 38 countries. The app has the vision to make women feel safe anywhere, everywhere. The vision is supported by the app’s key features, including guardian calls, safety checks, safe zone, community chat, guardian training, etc.

3. Shake2Safety


Noting the functionality of the app, Shake2Safety is one of the best and most advanced apps for personal safety. As we interpreted in the earlier section that the person in danger might not be in the situation to open the app or send the message manually. You can just shake your phone, and this app will instantly send your locations, audio recording, pictures, and messages to your selected contacts.

4. Noonlight: Feel Protected 


The app is the most downloaded app in the list. With over 1 million downloads on Google Play Store, the app features some exceptional safety options. With this app, you just need to press hold a button on the app when you are in a dangerous situation. Release the button and enter the safety pin once you are safe. On the other hand, if you have been attacked, release the button and don’t enter the pin. Your nearest police station will get your exact location and help will be arriving in no time. 

5. UrSafe


The app provides its all-rounding feature in over 200 countries. By signing in to the app and setting the profile, you can access a range of features such as follow me, safety checks, live streaming, fake calls, emergency SOS alert, voice activation, nearest locations, geo-located 911, etc.

How to Develop a Women’s Safety App?

Looking at society’s current situation, the need for women’s safety apps and personal safety apps is vast. So, developing a similar app will help you make a good income and contribute to society’s well-being. However, if you don’t have any significant experience in the field of app development, you can go through the following steps to get your app-

1. Plan Your App and Develop the Vision 

Every project requires specific planning and vision to focus on. So, plan efficiently for the app you want to develop. You must decide if the app will be merely for women’s safety or if it will ensure personal safety irrespective of gender. Get a vision behind the development of your app and decide according to that vision. Also, determine the platform you want to develop your app for (whether it is Android, iOS, or both).

2. Go deep in market research 

Know the depth of water before you step in. know everything about the industry you are planning to enter. Study about the other apps already operating in the market. Carry out the list of features you will have to provide in your app. Learn about the competitive advantages that you can use. Note down the performance of different apps as per their respective capabilities.

3. Get in contact with an app development team 

The app development team will play the other half of the role in developing your app. Get in touch with an app development team to share your idea and transform it into an app. Communicate all your needs with the vision you hold with the app, features you want to see, etc. Make sure you work as the partner of the team rather than just an external stakeholder.

4. Demand and check the prototype 

The prototype is the raw structure of your app. It will provide you with a rough idea of the user interface that the app will carry along with the functionality it will offer. Make sure the prototype meets your expectations. Take your time to analyze the prototype as once the prototype is passed, it might be time and money taking to make any changes. 

5. Check, Check, and Re-check the developed app

Once the app has been developed, pass it through the quality check stage multiple times. It will help find bugs, remove them, and smoothen the functioning of your app. To be simple, you can assume that the fewer the bugs, the more efficient the user experience.

6. Upload and market the app

Upload the app to its respective platform/s to make it available for everyone. However, there are millions of apps on the Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store. So, market your app via different marketing channels. Use social media, digital media, and traditional media as all these media covers the target audience for this type of app.

7. Maintain the app

The needs of users keep evolving, and so should your app. Provide the updates, upload the new features, keep marketing, and maintain the app to keep it working for you. 

Ways AI can be used in Women Safety App Development

AI technologies can play a pivotal role in making the world safer. A women’s safety mobile app powered by AI & ML can assist in overcoming the limitations of traditional safety mechanisms and offer more robust, accurate, and immediate responses. Below, we explore ways AI can be incorporated into a women’s safety mobile app.

AI FeatureApplication in Women’s Safety Mobile App
Emergency Alerts and Predictive AnalysisIt analyzes user behavior and sends automatic alerts during potential danger.
Facial RecognitionVerifies individuals through facial recognition, enhancing user security.
Real-time Tracking and NavigationUses geo-location technologies for real-time tracking, assisting in emergency situations.
Speech Recognition and Voice CommandsAI allows hands-free interaction with the app, aiding quick activation of safety features.
Anomaly DetectionAI can detect anomalies in daily routines or environments, triggering automatic responses.
AI ChatbotsAI-powered chatbots offer immediate assistance and advice and can auto-contact authorities if required.
Data Privacy and SecurityAI enhances user data privacy by detecting unauthorized access attempts.
Self-defense GuidanceAI provides guidance on self-defense techniques, building user confidence in threatening situations.

How to Integrate AI into Women’s Safety Applications

Integrating AI into a women’s safety application involves careful planning, execution, and continuous testing and improvement. Below are the key steps involved in this process:

  • Identify Key Features: Determine necessary AI functionalities that meet users’ safety needs.
  • Assemble a Skilled Team: Gather data scientists, AI specialists, and app developers knowledgeable about AI and safety concerns.
  • Data Collection and Preparation: Gather and prepare high-quality, anonymized data for training AI models.
  • AI Model Selection and Training: Choose suitable AI models, and train and validate them using the collected data.
  • Integration with the App: Incorporate the trained AI models into the app, either embedded or via APIs.
  • Testing and Improvement: Conduct comprehensive testing and make iterative improvements based on performance and user feedback.
  • User Education and Transparency: Ensure users understand the AI functionalities and their data usage and protection.

Continuous Monitoring and Updates: Regularly monitor and update the AI models to maintain performance and adapt to changing user needs.

AI Based Women Saftey App Development

Required Team Structure for App Development Team

In the above section, we studied the significant role of app development teams in the process of transforming ideas into reality. So, you should also know about the team to select the best one. Here, you should not focus on the number of team members. Rather, you need to focus on the number of roles working on your project. To get your app developed, make sure your team consists of at least- 

1-2 UI/UX Designer1 Business Analyst
1-2 iPhone Developer1 Quality Analyst
1-2 Android Developer1 Project Manager
1-2 Web Developers

Cost to Develop a Women Safety App 

So far, you have learned a lot about the women safety app as well as the personal safety apps. The article talked about the features, functionalities, APIs, development team, APIs, tech stack, and much more. The cost of your app development is going to depend on all of these terminologies. So, it is impossible to commit a specific amount for developing the app because the cost will change per your needs and preferences. You can consider the following factors as the catalyst for your app development cost- 

  • Number of features you wish to instill,
  • Type of features you want to provide, 
  • The country you are hiring the team from,
  • Platform (Android or iOS) you are developing the app for, 
  • The time it takes for developers to develop the app,
  • Tech stack used in the application, 
  • Changes you seek at different stages, and much more.

To give a rough price range, you can assume that a basic functional women safety app costs anywhere between $30,000 to $50,000.

How Can Emizentech Be the Helping Hand? 

Emizentech can be the best partner you can rely on to get your app developed. Operating in the industry for a long time and carrying experience of more than a decade has helped us to learn and understand the needs of our clients. More than we work on the app, we work on your idea and vision. Our highlights are but not limited to-

  • Experienced and innovative developers- our app development team believes in innovation to deliver the worth to their clients. More than half of the developers have ample experience in dealing with any issue in the process. 
  • Market knowledge- we know about the market stats and trends you want to enter. So, you will not receive merely the app but the right guidance as well. 
  • Everything under one roof- no matter what platform you want to develop the app for, what framework you want to use, or what tech stack you want to instill, you will get everything under one roof. 
  • Cost-effective solution- our experience in the industry assists us in bringing financial benefits to our clients. We know the areas where we can save cost, features that can be ignored, and tactics that simplify the process.  
  • Pre-service support- even before you make any deal with us, we are eager to discuss your idea and provide guidance. You can opt for a one-hour free consultation session with our project manager to get all your doubts about the project. 
  • Post-service support- we believe in maintaining professional relations, so we provide ample support to our clients even after completing a project. 

Wrapping up 

Technology has played a significant role in transforming every walk of life. Nothing is the same as before, whether traveling, shopping, eating, touring, interacting, studying, or anything else. However, none of this transition enhanced women’s security in society, so technology developed women’s security apps. With innovative features and functionalities, the apps ensure that women are not more than a tap away from their friends and family. 

When such a solution is available in the market, it definitely receives a response. So, developing a women’s safety app can be an excellent initiative to earn a good income. You can easily attract a good audience by maintaining the app regularly, providing innovative features, and introducing new updates regularly. So, get in touch with Emizentech and give fuel to your idea. 


How would a Women’s safety app give users locations without the internet?

The current location can be used to send the message. However, the receiver will be able to access the current location only and cannot track the location if the user moves to another point.

How do digital tools contribute to improving women’s safety in India?

Digital tools like women’s safety apps make sure that women folks are always connected to their friends, family members, and emergency services. Just a small tap and the selected contacts will get all the information all the way.

Why do we need IoT in Women’s security? 

The Internet of Things makes tracking and other safety practices very efficient and smooth. Catching the latest location, sending a message, or receiving fake calls becomes easier.

What Do You Mean by Women’s Safety App with Automatic Sos Alert and Location Tracking

A women’s safety app with automatic SOS alerts and location tracking is an essential tool for ensuring the safety and security of women. The app can be designed to automatically send an alert to emergency services or pre-selected contacts in case of an emergency, along with the woman’s location details.

In addition, the app can be equipped with other safety features such as a panic button, a fake call option, and the ability to record audio or video in case of an unsafe situation. The app can also include safety tips and resources for women, such as local helplines, self-defense techniques, and legal support.

The development and use of such an app can go a long way in reducing the incidence of violence against women and providing them with a sense of security and empowerment.

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