Interaction Studio is a Salesforce Marketing Cloud solution for real-time personalization and interaction management. But what exactly does this mean?

To begin, this means that organisations (particularly marketers) will be able to promote relevant products and services to their customers and prospects in real-time via channels such as web, email, and mobile with offers that are specific and unique.

Salesforce Interaction Studio

For example, when customers browse your website and navigate to different pages, those interactions can be recorded and then used to generate product recommendations, offers, home page imagery, and other content suggestions, which they can view in real-time as they continue to browse your website. Consider your website to be dynamic for each individual customer!

Salesforce Interaction Studio (Marketing Cloud Personalization) is more than just a powerful promotion platform; it also has the ability to harness data and use it to gain insight into your customers’ behavior. Understanding website behavioral trends at both the individual and macro levels will provide insight into which offers and products are driving customers to your website and converting them into sales.

This information could also be used to send relevant emails, SMS messages, or push notifications to customers. As a Salesforce product, Contacts can be placed throughout the customer journey (via Journey Builder) to receive these marketing communications, or the data can be exposed in Sales Cloud information so that sales reps can know what personal information is available. What kind of material was the customer looking for?

What is Salesforce Interaction Studio
Salesforce Marketing Cloud

So, why do businesses require this level of customer personalization in today’s marketing landscape? Capturing and retaining a customer’s attention is the goal of all marketers, and if your content, products, and messages are static or not aligned across channels, your customers will believe you do not know them or what they are interested in, and they will leave the site, email, or message.

customer personalization salesforce

What does Salesforce Interaction Studio do?

To demonstrate Interaction Studio, let’s cover website and email use cases — as well as data and analytics capabilities.

customer personalization

Personalized Website Experience

Instead of having static web pages with the same offers for each potential or returning customer, what if your website could show a different home page image or blog content based on that customer’s previous page view history or previous purchases?

You can offer relevant next best offers based on past purchase history, promote blog content based on product pages visited, and even capture sign-ups with Interaction Studio. You can also create a pop-up for the page as the customer navigates to the top-right exit.

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Personalize Email on Open Time

Email messages can be personalised with recommendations based on a customer’s most recent actions, product purchases, or browsing history – all of which are current at the time the email is opened!

These suggestions can be used in Marketing Cloud emails, but if your company does not use Marketing Cloud, HTML code snippets can be created and used in other email service providers as well.

You can also export customer segments from Interaction Studio and use the data in the Marketing Cloud Journey Builder to guide your customers through a journey based on their actions or behaviors.

Data and Analytics

How Interaction Studio Captures Website Visitor Behavior?

Interaction Studio collects information on a variety of factors, including time spent on the Site, actions, purchases, browsing history, and many more.

This data can be used to generate Einstein “recipes” based on customer profiles in order to create the above-mentioned meaningful experiences. Furthermore, all of this data enables marketers to conduct A/B testing and take it to the next level. Results can be viewed in real time and then accessed in real time.

Customer Service Interaction

This integration is not limited to digital channels. Organizations can use the Interaction Studio Connector for Sales and Service Cloud to provide agents with a customer’s profile, last visited web pages, and next best recommendations, including content, offers, or product information, by using the Interaction Studio console. Making customers feel as though the company understands their requirements.


It is critical in today’s marketing environment to provide your customers with the best possible experience when they interact with your brand. It is no longer acceptable to use a single promotion, channel, or message to reach out to all of your customers in the age of mass marketing. Emizentech is a leading Salesforce development company which has been helping businesses enhance their business processes with Salesforce. So, if you ever need professional assistance then get in touch with us.

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