In the growing technological advancement, it is one of the necessary things to deliver personalized experiences to retain and capture customers. As customers access most things online, personalization makes the difference for a platform to be remembered by most users. 

Personalized experience can be useful in many ways, from providing ease of customer journey and improving customer purchase patterns to coming back to the platform again and again. Now, a new issue arises: how should one personalize the experience of the customers and analyze the behavior of the customer, to convert them into a profitable source of company?

Here is where Adobe Target comes to the rescue!

Why Is Real-Time Personalization is Important? 

In the competitive market, customers crave a personalized experience that provides preferences and specific needs. With the help of personalized content, businesses can deliver the content and services in a more precise way, making them relevant and engaging for users. It also results in increased customer satisfaction, increased customer experience and fosters long-term loyalty. 

It also impacts the marketing efforts by ensuring the resources are put into the best strategies, resulting in better ROI. Thus, personalization becomes a part of the businesses aiming to create meaningful connections with the customers and stand out. 

What is an Adobe Target?

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Adobe Target is the personalization solution; it can personalize everything without writing code and create experiences across channels, mobile apps, iot devices, websites, and single page apps; it is also helpful for the developers without getting bugs down. Adobe Target can be used for A/B test results; with the use of autotarget on the login page, one can reach the always-on AI personalization machine that constantly personalizes tests and analyzes page design and then delivers the best experience to every customer every time with this, customer retention increases and the graph of the growth increases.

It takes regular marketing tests based on the superhuman levels for Adobe Target to become so good, like a recommendation; with this, it can provide content-specific guidance to one person by seeing the individual’s previous history. Other than this, there are multiple benefits that businesses can use for better results.

Let’s have a look at each one of them. 

Key Benefits of Adobe Target for Businesses

With the help of Adobe Target, businesses can get personalized, cross-channel, and engaging experiences that keep customers coming back repeatedly. Here are the benefits to look at:

1. Omnichannel Personalization

As customer expectation changes day by day, it is necessary to serve them generously and also make sure that one size does not fit all the customers; thus, they leave the site. With the help of omnichannel personalization, businesses can serve customers on different platforms such as websites, mobile apps, iOT devices, and single-page apps also. 

2. A/B and Multivariate Testing 

Customers’ choices change, and this is the reason that businesses get to see the changes over a period of time, which requires proper and timely improvement. This is where the optimization through the detailed and constant testing helps keep you pace with all these things. With the help of unbiased, factual, and real-time tests, businesses can get insights about everything from the overall experience layout. 

Adobe Target lets businesses decide whether they want to run A/B tests or multivariate tests, and with this, they can make variations by selecting and swapping out. This analyzes all the data and helps the businesses to provide the best experiences to offer their customers faster. 

3. AI-Powered Automation and Scale 

With the help of AI and Machine learning in Adobe Target, businesses can make everything personal for every user with one click. The personalization engine in Adobe Target is powered by Adobe Sensei, which uses the algorithm of AI and ML to ensure that it provides the best experience to every individual; it does not matter where and when the interaction takes place. 

It helps businesses to add depth and relevance to optimization efforts- no matter the scale. It currently makes every consumer encounter unique in a way that you could never achieve on your own manually. 

Leverage the Features of Adobe Target in Your Business

The customer experience is the major factor for the business; opting for Adobe Target helps you get the best with testing and personalization. Mentioned below are the features of Adobe Target that make meaningful optimization a reality. 

1. Use A/B and multivariate tests 

With this feature, businesses can create tests and see the results there are three options present 

  • A/B Testing

To determine the best experience, A/B tests your entire experience, including graphics, copy, UI, and more. Target’s meticulous testing strategy is intended to test several variants concurrently and identify the winner more quickly and confidently. 

  • Multivariate Testing 

To identify the most successful combination, test many elements simultaneously, such as the image, layout, background color, copy, and so forth.

  • Multi-armed bandit testing

To maximize conversion and income, automatically distribute traffic to the most effective experience to more visitors earlier.

2. Improve Experience

Businesses can opt for optimization across the platforms. There are multiple variations present that can be shared with the stakeholders before execution. Here are the things that can be done to improve the customer experience.

  • Website Optimization 

Recognize and implement the ideal offerings and layout combinations as soon as possible to assist your customers in moving forward and converting.

  • Single-page app optimization

For your single-page apps, test, improve, and personalize the user experience.

  • Mobile Optimization 

The user can also test for mobile optimization and personalization along with the websites. While you’re still testing, increase your profit from the best mobile experiences as quickly as possible.

  • On-Device Decisions

Developers and product owners may deliver experimentation and personalization from within the user’s device across channels with almost low latency thanks to on-device decisions.

  • Server-Side Optimization

Run your server-side personalization or optimization processes using Target’s unified delivery platform. Using our node.js environment, run your client-side Javascript code on the server as well.

  • Email Optimization 

You can test, target, and personalize emails in real-time with Target, thanks to its server-side design, true real-time marketer control, and customizable deployment.

  • Connected Device Optimization 

More and more products, services, and customer interactions are becoming internet-enabled and intelligent every day. We can assist you with testing and improving the user experience for your clients if your product is available online.

  • Visual Preview QA 

Without activating them, review your testing and personalization activity. Key stakeholders can fully see each variation for approval through a shareable link, allowing you to execute with confidence.

  • Batch Experience Prefetch

Cache and pre-fetch the different experiences that result from testing and personalization efforts across your consumer journey. These boost the speed and performance of experience delivery and enable you to provide always-on customization even in the event of an internet or network connection failure.

3. Personalized experience 

With the help of Adobe Target, businesses can provide the exact things that a customer wants, a personalized experience every time. This uses the personalization engine powered by AI. Here are the personalization businesses can opt for:

  • Rules-Based Personalization 

Personalise based on gender, age, brand preference, or any other profile information you may have on hand. Create your own rules to encourage personalization at various touchpoints.

  • One-Click Personalization 

Utilize strong AI to find the best performance experience for each visitor by activating testing and customization with a single click.

  • Profiles and Segmentation 

Utilise Adobe Target to gather information on the length of time spent on the website, browser history, age, gender, customer loyalty status, etc.; this information may then be stored in a single visitor profile. Create a single profile and import your data, such as CRM or third-party data you have purchased, to get a better understanding of your customers.

  • Behavioral Targeting

Personalise depending on search terms, gender, age, occupation, language, brand affinity, and other profile information that is available on your website. Additionally, create your own business rules to guide personalization at all points of contact with your customers.

  • Automated Offers 

Automate extensive testing and experimentation with Adobe Sensei’s various machine-learning techniques to determine which offer will perform the best for each visitor.

  • Product Recommendations

Utilise effective AI-driven algorithms to continuously show your customers material or products that may be of interest to them. Without assistance from IT, promote, weigh, and filter recommendations using a simple interface.

  • Content and Media Recommendations

To give your visitors an engaging experience and increase the amount of time they spend on your site, suggest content for your subscribers based on what others are watching, what’s popular, etc.

  • Location-Based Personalization 

Even if your company is dispersed over several sites, you may still offer an experience that speaks to each area. Find your visitors so you can target them with offers, images, material, and more that are relevant to their location.

  • Enterprise Governance

Keep tabs on who has access to what while granting people and teams the necessary rights to produce effective personalized experiences.

How can Emizen Tech help you? 

Emizen Tech, as an AEM consulting service provider, can get valuable assistance to several businesses in many ways with the help of our experts. We can help assess and plan the AEM implementations in your project, customizing it to align with needs and improving user experience, performance, and many more. 

With this, we also have AEM integration services that help businesses integrate multiple Adobe solutions, such as Adobe Target, with their system. Along with this, you can also integrate multiple digital marketing tools to make the customer experience and retention better. These services collectively enable businesses to create better digital experiences, enhance content management, and achieve strategic objectives. 


The power of personalization in digital experiences cannot be underestimated, and Adobe Target is at the forefront of making this vision a reality. With its advanced capabilities and amazing features, it can empower businesses to enhance their content messages and offer better experiences to individual users, resulting in enhanced engagement and conversion rates. 

By integrating Adobe Target’s tools for testing and analytics, enterprises can create dynamic and relevant experiences that not only meet customer expectations but also drive business growth. 

So, if you’re looking to enhance your digital strategy and provide exceptional customer experiences, Adobe Target is undoubtedly a powerful solution to join on your journey toward personalized success.

Ajit Jain

Ajit Jain has been working as a Magento specialist for quite some time now, and he has all the credentials to back up his claim to the title. In addition, he has extensive experience in designing and implementing high-performance, integrated, and complicated eCommerce systems. He has evidently used his talent to great effect at Emizentech in the Adobe e-Commerce development solutions.