When it comes to developing an online store, you need to choose an eCommerce platform suiting your business requirements, and this job emerges to be quite challenging. It becomes tough to choose the best among various options. 

However, if you recheck a list of the best eCommerce platforms, you will catch up with a name that would prove to be useful for you, the 3dcart. 

Whether you are looking to sell tangible goods or digital products, 3dcart will offer you every feature you would need to successfully develop and run an online store. 

3dcart is an industry-leading, well-established, and robust eCommerce platform that was founded in the year 1997. It comes with a plethora of features that make an online store easy to start and run faster and effortlessly. 

3dcart empowers various global merchants and supports them freely and round the clock. To attain success in this competitive world and to craft an online store, 3dcart would be the best choice for you. 

What Is 3dCart?

3dcart is a popular eCommerce platform that has been in use for a decade and more. It’s a product of “Infomart 2000” founded by Gonzalo Gil and headquartered in Tamrac, Florida. 

The first version of 3dcart was a big hit; after that, its various updates have been launched over the years, because of which it has got improved and now holds various features that customers love. 

The all-inclusive eCommerce development platform integrates all the features one needs to build an eCommerce website without installing any software. It’s a complete solution crafted for advanced users who need to hold complete control over the website experience. 

3dcart supports multi-channel eCommerce also, permitting one to sell on mobile and on Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Google, and Shopzilla. 

Using 3dcart, one can sell both digital and physical products, and it holds the caliber to support many fulfillment modes, including regular shipping, downloads, and drop shipping.

Core Marketing Tools Of 3dCart

  • Drip campaigns
  • Configurable custom coupons with customizable variables
  • Built-in affiliate program
  • A loyalty program with a reward points system
  • Advanced SEO tools for both desktop and mobile
  • Targeted e-mail marketing
  • Promotional coupons
  • Gift cards
  • Tell a friend – user incentivization
  • Pre-built complex marketing checklist

Top Features Of 3dCart

Now, let’s go through the top features of 3dcart. 

1. Add-ons & Integrations

3dcart offers smooth third-party integrations that make the stores more functional. 

Besides, you can also find an ultimate solution as an app on the 3dcart app store. 

Some add-ons are available free of cost, and some are paid, demanding one-time purchases or recurring service subscriptions.
When you choose a professional plus plan, you can expect seamless integration with DOBA, E-bay, Amazon Order Sync, QuickBooks at no extra cost. 

2. 3dCart Payment Processing

Some eCommerce development platforms come with more payment processing systems than 3dcart. This platform arrives with 100+ payment methods from which you can choose. Therefore, with 3dcart, you can find a suitable payment processor easily. 

3. 3dCart Security

3dcart also provides security features that are pretty impressive, like its various payment options. 3dcart plans hold 256-bit SSL encryption as the essential feature that’s the same security level that big financial institutions use to catch up with secure online transactions. 

The network security of 3dcart is PCI DSS compliant that permits credit card payment processing without breaking any law and compromising with sensitive customer data. 

4. 3dCart Templates & Design

When you choose 3dcart for developing your online store, you will get lots of free templates to start easily. 

Holding higher-level plans, you will gain access to more premium templates designed to offer a better browsing experience for both mobile and PC users. 

3dcart offers customization tools that assist in creating a unique storefront. Also, you can edit HTML and CSS using the quick bar editor after choosing a template. 

The editor’s drag and drop feature eases the movement of elements within the template and offers menu options for appending pages, products, categories, and blog posts directly. 

Once you put content in your store, your customers will view enlarged images using 3D features whenever they hover over a product. 

Additionally, 3dcart features an in-built search functionality that showcases relevant products after running a search. 

Quick product leads pop up even as the visitor types the product names into the search box. 

Advantages Of 3dCart

3dcart provides various marketing tools to assist its users in promoting their online store. There are many methods to attract customers, and you can run promotional campaigns that provide gift cards, limited deals, or discount coupon codes. 

You can integrate product comparison tools with software also to help your customers to make a buying decision. 

A robust affiliate marketing model in 3dcart helps expand your reach as other visitors spread the word related to your brand. 

1. Built-In SEO-Friendly Blogging

The RSS feed and in-built blogging platform are best for online merchants who need to use the strength of content marketing. 3dcart offers optional managed SEO services at an additional cost to help you attain a higher ranking. 

2. Newsletter Smartlists App

Additionally, this eCommerce platform offers access to the Newsletter Smartlist app. This auto-responder will come along if you plan to craft a mailing list and send targeted and promotional messages to motivate customers to spend and boost sales.

3. Customer Service and Technical Support

The 3dcart technical support team offers round-the-clock support for queries, comments, or concerns. Also, you can get in touch with the team easily via call, live chat, or email. 

4. Social Media Promotion

3dcart eCommerce development platform eases products selling on Facebook. All the 3dcart plans arrive with $50 ad credits. You can reap the benefits of social bookmarking features to promote your eStore on other social media websites. 

5. SKU & Inventory Management

As per the plan you choose, 3dcart permits you to add 200 to infinite products anywhere. Its storage capacity stays unlimited while bandwidth limitations are available in all the plans. 

6. Knowledge Tools For Your Business Growth

3dcart offers a deep knowledge base, video and written tutorials, and more that assist users in developing, promoting, and marketing their online business. 

Moreover, 3dcart hosts webinars on varied occasions and sends newsletters with helpful tips on using them and maximizing sales. 

Disadvantages Of 3dCart

Well, 3dcart also comes with some cons. Let’s talk about some below:

3dcart claims to provide 100+ free templates, but some designs are duplicated with just minor color changes. 

Also, its admin section is a little old-fashioned but is easy to use once you understand it. 

Yes, 3dcart plans come with bandwidth restrictions, but it varies with the plan you select. 

Alternatives To 3dCart

If you find 3dcart not meeting your business needs, you can choose its alternative options also. 

1. BigCommerce


When it comes to the eCommerce development industry, BigCommerce is counted among the top ecommerce development platform names. 

BigCommerce claims that it provides more offers at a reduced cost than, say, Shopify; if you want to choose Shopify but its cost is hindering, you can consider BigCommerce. 

2. Shopify


One of the widely-known eCommerce builders, Shopify, is used for various good reasons. It’s an easy-to-use and robust platform that meets the needs of all-sized businesses. 3dcart comes with a 14-day trial so, you have sufficient time to use it and then decide if you are unsure about its features and functionalities. 


3dcart provides a wide range of pricing tiers crafted to serve different online stores. The basic feature array of 3dcart is complete and is competitive among the other eCommerce development platforms, like BigCommerce, Shopify, and more. 

Altogether, one can choose 3dcart as it maintains an equilibrium between affordability and functionality. So, unless you need huge bandwidth to host your eStore, 3dcart will meet your business needs more expectedly. 

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