When your job is to conduct online meetings and phone calls, voice memo to text is extra work you would like to perform parallelly. 

To ease your piece of work, a speech-to-text transcription app comes into the limelight. One such name is Otter.ai. 

People, usually journalists, usually look for a better way to record and hit their interviews without wasting their time on transcription. Here, they will find such speech-to-text transcription apps helpful. 

This is not a new concept but is not widely known either. So, more and more business persons are developing speech-to-text converter apps to catch up with the peaks. 

This post will let you dive in and emerge with essential and relevant information about a transcription app, its features, cost, development ways, and much more. 

What Is a Transcription App?

An app that helps you ease your file selection and upload it for speech-to-text is a transcription app. It doesn’t demand to transfer your mobile recorded audio files to your desktop to transcribe them with the software. 

You need to choose a file that such apps support, upload it, and let the app do its magic. It will convert your uploaded file (like mp3, mp4, etc.). Next, you can download and even share your transcribed files.

What Is a Real-Time Transcription App?

An application that offers live transcription of speech in real-time is a real-time transcription app. Such applications use a speech recognition engine for converting spoken words into text that we can display on the screen in real-time. You can use these apps for varied purposes, like conferences, transcribing lectures, and meetings. 

Speech To Text Made Easy with Otter.ai


An eminent name we perceive while debating about a transcribing app, Otter.ai, an app that empowers users with accurate, real-time notes stored in a secure, central, and searchable spot, allowing users and their teams to get engaged, productive, and collaborative. 

This transcription app will enable you to engage more with your meeting participants without fretting about taking notes. You can use Otter’s real-time transcription trait never to miss even a single word, get access to your notes, and share them for better collaboration. 

Transcription App for Business, Education & Individual

1. Business

With Otter, you can make your team meetings more collaborative and productive with automated meeting notes and transcription, including key takeaways. 

You need to connect with your Microsoft calendar or Google and schedule your Otter Assistant to auto-join Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Google Meet to share and take meeting notes. 

Before Meeting   From Otter, you can join your virtual meetings.
During Meeting Otter, a transcription app, records and takes meeting notes for all to allow you to engage in the conversation. The meeting participants can highlight the notes, add comments, and allocate action items in the Takeaways panel. There’s no need for any separate emails for follow-ups.
After Meeting Meeting notes hold keywords summary and a NEW Outline (Beta) to assist users in rapidly navigating the meeting notes. You can search, read the notes, and also playback the audio. Besides, you can allocate action items or append comments or queries to the notes. 

2. Education 

Using Otter, you can make education easily accessible with real-time notes. Otter offers the students and faculties real-time notes and captions for virtual and in-person classes, lectures, or meetings. 

Inclusivity & Accessibility This transcription app ensures users can access classes using Otter’s real-time captions. Such apps empower students to comment, mark, and insert images in the class notes. The students also get advanced study tools with search power, stored transcripts, and keyword highlights. 
Access to Notes Using Otter on iOS, Web, Android mobile apps or Google Meet. Otter Assistant helps integrate Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. 
Administrative Controls With Otter, you can use analytics reporting to inform decisions. 
Post-Class Features Otter automatically offers meeting analytics and summary keywords. You can share Otter for extra edits and team highlights. 

3. Individual

Individuals can get engaged using Otter.ai even more than ever. It covers real-time transcription and collaboration features to let you engage excessively and be much more productive. 

Easy & Accessible Using Otter, you can increase your engagement in conversations by recording and transcribing virtual or in-person conversations in real-time and collaborating by marking images or inserting comments. 
Developed for Hybrid World You can access Otter.ai anywhere you need worldwide to record and transcribe your mobile, in-person, or video conversations through top internet browsers, and Android, and iOS mobile apps. 
Analysis & Search All your important conversations are stored in one spot that you can search easily as integrated with search powers. 
Customizable You can make your notes particularly as you want with customized acronyms, vocabulary, and names. 

What Are the Popular Use-Cases of Transcription Apps?

1. For Product Teams 

Using Otter, you can keep your product teams aligned. You can get real-time automated notes in conversations and meetings to target pushing the team ahead and crafting the best product. 

  • Get Every Detail

You can get all the meeting details to help you target your product roadmap and accomplish your jobs. 

  • Connect With Teams

On Otter, you can use live notes to strengthen your team members to highlight, comment, and insert the images to align with your priorities, ease sprint planning, and witness seamless launches. 

  • Make Workflow Seamless

You can save your effort and time connecting Otter with your calendar or get Otter Assistant auto-join to your real-time notes and automatically share them with your meeting participants to focus on execution. 

  • Be Best Anywhere

This transcription app allows you to grab all your essential meetings and conversations, whether hybrid, in-person, virtual, or mobile. 

Otter Assitant integrates with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet while you store notes in one secure, central, and accessible place. 

  • Recall Your Details

You can search all your meeting notes to remember all your essential details to craft issues, stories, and plan scripts for a specific project or team. 

2. For Sales & Account Teams

Transcribe apps are also best for sales and account teams. They can take notes and share them during their sales meetings so they can understand their customer’s concerns and needs perfectly. 

3. For Media Teams

Apps like Otter can help you narrate the stories with your people through real-time, automated transcription. Besides, you can capture everything you want accurately and cost-effectively, whether it’s a lengthy interview or a swift sound piece. 

Transcribe mobile apps facilitate you to share and perform directly within your live transcript with your entire team to highlight sound pieces, edit it, share your ideas, and even ask questions. 

The automated transcription can help you save time, then collaborate with your colleagues by sharing the text you want to edit or finalize. 

You can use these transcription apps on a web browser, Android app, or iOS app for live interviews, upload video or audio files, or automatically sync media files from Dropbox for accurate, real-time transcripts. 

Vital Features to Look for When Developing a Speech-To-Text Transcription App  

Speech-to-Text On-Premises Speech recognition and transcription technology hold the caliber to control your protected speech data and infrastructure on-premises and in your private data centers. 
Speech Adaptation The transcription apps increased transcription accuracy to domain-specific phrases or words. The spoken numbers can also be converted into years, addresses, currencies, and more. 
Easily Compare Quality You can experiment with your speech audio using the easy-to-use UI of transcribing apps. You can even try manifold configurations to optimize accuracy and quality.
Global Vocabulary Some features back the worldwide user base with its extensive language support in many languages and variants. 
Streaming Speech Recognition The API in transcribe app processes the streaming audio input from your app’s microphone or a pre-recorded audio file. 
Multichannel Recognition Speech-to-Text holds the caliber to recognize varied channels in multichannel situations and note the transcripts to preserve the order. 
Domain-Specific Models Some app provides choices of trained models that you can pick for a phone call and voice control and video transcription optimized per domain-specific quality needs. 
Transcription Evaluation You can use transcribe apps to upload your voice data and transcribe it without any coding. By integrating your configuration, you can even evaluate the quality.
Speaker Diarization (beta) You can also know who said what just by getting automatic predictions relevant to speakers who spoke in the conversation.
Automatic Punctuation (beta) Speech-to-Text punctuates the transcriptions accurately, like question marks, commas, and periods. 

Best Transcription Apps Like Otter

1. Gong


Using Gong, you can analyze customer interaction across various channels, like phone, web conferencing, and email. 

Top Features >> Personalized Coaching
>> Market Insights
>> Faster Onboarding
>> Complete Visibility
USP This platform allows users to record and transcribe calls. The transcripts act as assets that this app uses for analyzing client interactions. This way, you can understand your customers better and improve them if needed.
Price Free

2. Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe

This mobile app offers human and automatic transcription services. It uses automatic speech recognition engines that help transcribe video and audio files or general subtitles. 

Happy Scribe comes with various features that make it chosen over otter.ai.

Top Features >> Supports 100+ languages
>> Provides speaker identification, translation, and a collaboration tool that allows you to share your transcript with anyone 
>> Develop custom workflows from the integrations and APIs on Happy Scribe
USP Offers automatic and human transcription services
Price $0.20 per minute for automatic transcription (around 85% accuracy)

3. oTranscribe


A free, open-source transcription service, oTranscribe assists in transcribing recorded video and audio conversations. If you want a free tool with a minimalist interface, you can prefer oTranscribe over Otter.ai. 

Top Features >> No more switching is needed.
>> Interactive timestamps
>> Video file support
>> Pause, rewind, and fast-forward without the keyboard
>> Open-source
>> Export to Markdown, Google Docs, and plain text
USP It’s free to use and transcribe your speech into text
Price Free

4. Trint


A transcription service; Trint uses the latest technologies, such as machine learning, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence. Also, you can transcribe video and audio files using any platform, but this transcription app recommends uploading files under 3GB or three hours in size. 

Top Features >> Capture live content.
>> Offer easy-to-use tools, like highlights, tags, and comments.
>> Transcribe in about 30+ languages.
>> Generate and edit the closed captions instantly for all your video content.
>> Store your content securely in one place. 
>> Offers top-class security.
USP You can transcribe all the popular audio and video formats, like AAC, MP3, MP4, WAV, M4V, MOV, WMA, and AVI. 
Price Starts at $48 per user per month

5. SpeechText.ai


It includes various similar features to Otter.ai and uses speech recognition technology to transcribe video and audio files. The users record calls, upload them manually to SpeechText.ai, pick a domain, and generate the transcripts. 

Top Features >> Multi-language support
>> Better speech recognition
>> Detect speakers participated in the conversation.
>> Offers domain-specific models
>> Allows audio data search 
>> Allows speech editing and verification
>> Include automatic punctuation
>> Export audio transcription outcomes in any format
USP It assists the voice recognition algorithm in transcribing domain-specific words accurately.
Price Starts at $10

6. Rev


One of the top transcription services, Rev, provides human and automated transcription. It provides more flexibility with its training resources and services, such as webinars and eBooks. 

Top Features >> 99% accurate captions, transcripts, and subtitles. 
>> Fast and flexible
>> Scalable transcription solutions
>> API Builder
>> Time-saving dashboard tool
>> Automated closed captioning
>> Automatically transcribe notes
USP It offers “rush transcriptions” buying, which at an extra cost, you can get a rapid order 5x faster compared to standard turnaround.
Price Starts at $0.25/minute for automatic transcription

7. Amberscript


An audio and video transcription service, Amberscript converts speech to text, and you can use it on your mobile and desktop. It provides a subtitling service and performs closely with hearing impairment users to ensure they are getting accessible services. 

Top Features >> Automatic subtitles
>> Manual transcription 
>> Automatic transcription
>> Manual subtitling
USP Better support service and offer access to an online support team.
Price €10 per hour of audio or video uploaded.

8. Scribie


Just following four steps, you can convert your speech to text. First, Scribie split the files into fragments, type them, then reviewed them to add speakers, check parts, and time codes. After that, it combines the parts and proofreads the outcomes; at last, accuracy is checked, which is about 99%

Top Features >> Keep your data confidential.
>> Offer 99% accuracy on the transcribed data.
>> Online editor to verify the transcript and edit.
>> Offer SRT/VTT files, audio time coding, strict verbatim transcripts, etc.
USP It strictly restricts access on a need-to-know basis, and all transcribers are under NDA. 
Price Manual – $0.80 per min and Automated – $0.10 per min

9. Descript


Transcription software, Descript, uses technologies to secure your information. It’s easy to use and leads to accurate results. It’s best for professionals, businesses, and even students. The software is available at an affordable price with a monthly subscription and free trial options. 

Top Features >> Up to 30 hrs of transcription
>> Cloud sync
>> Flexible export options
>> User-friendly options to edit
USP It has a native desktop app for Mac and Windows.
Price Free Trial; $12/editor/month

10. Fireflies.ai


You can invite the Fireflies to your appointments using any web-conferencing app. It will immediately transcribe what you speak in real-time. You can even transcribe audio files or live meetings and listen to the audio while reading your transcript. 

Top Features >> Playback audio with a transcript.
>> Allow comments on a transcript.
>> Transcribe meetings remotely
>> Easy to scale
USP It backs call recording and performs best with audio snippets. 
Price Free trial, Starting at $10/month

11. Airgram


Transcription software, Airgram, eases recording the meetings. It’s best for transcribing audio files, also. It’s easy to use and accurate and detects the speaker participating. 

Top Features >> Use clips to pull highlights
>> One-click for live transcription
>> Action items and notes are open for collaboration
>> Amazing test editor
>> Users get free access to all features
USP It holds the caliber to clip video snippers and is easy to find and share essential parts of your conversation. 
Price Free Trial: $15/month

12. Sonix

It quickly generates transcripts and takes a few minutes to offer complete and accurate transcripts for your audio files. It can also translate into other languages. Sonix media player helps share transcripts. You can even publish them on your site to attract traffic. 

Top Features >> Automated transcription
>> Automated Subtitles
>> Collaborate by offering various users access to folders and files.
>> Directly upload from Drive and Dropbox.
USP It supports various languages and is good for transcribing interviews with people who speak in different languages. 
Price Starts at $10 per hour

13. 360Converter


360Converter, transcribing app, offers diverse varieties of converters, chiefly targeting audio, video, voice, and speech-to-text. With this app, you can transcribe all such files, which can be Internet files, local files, or even files in your Google Drive, cloud storage, and Dropbox. 

Top Features >> Audio transcription
>> Works with internet files, cloud storage, and local files.
>> Video transcription
>> Voice and speech file transcription.
USP It’s a free transcribing tool that offers an offline transcriber and YouTube converter for audio, YouTube, and video files. 
Price Free

14. Temi

You can use Temi to transcribe voice into text just in five minutes. It’s easy to use and holds the caliber to customize your transcripts and expert them in varied formats. 

Top Features >> Speech to Text transcription 
>> Supports multiple video and audio types
>> Export your transcripts in various
USP Temi provides a pay-as-you-go, affordable plan for those who want to transcribe short files. Also, it arrives with various things other transcription apps don’t provide, like integration with Shift and Rambox. 
Price $0.25 per minute

15. Dictation.io


A free online dictation tool, Dictation.io provides real-time multi-lingual transcription along with voice-to-text features. Compared to other transcribing options, Dictation.io is only a voice dictation tool, not a meeting transcription tool. But you can compel it to change its use cases. 

Top Features >> Append punctuation marks, paragraphs, and special characters via voice command.
>> Accurate speech recognition
USP Dictation.io is the best option if you are looking for easy-to-use voice dictation tools that can perform on Max, Windows, and Linux. 
Price Free

Transcribe Speech to Text by Using the API

Transcription API

An Application Programming Interface that allows developers to improve their apps with transcription services is known as a Transcription API. You can best locate such APIs in the ProgrammableWeb API directory’s Transcription category. 

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10 Popular Transcription APIs

The Most Popular Transcription Ap Is Are:

  • SpeechText. AI API
  • Google Cloud Speech-to-Text API
  • Rev.ai API
  • Scale AI API
  • GoTranscript API
  • IBM Watson Speech-to-Text API
  • Speechmatics API
  • Bible Brain API
  • Assembly AI API
  • Liopa-LipRead API

What Is the Difference Between a Transcription App vs. Speech Recognition?

Factors  Speech Recognition App Transcription App
WorkingIt recognizes idiosyncrasies, like accents to detect words.It targets recognition of the person uttering the words, not the words from them. 
Search Engine OptimizationIt makes content extra searchable online.It offers a text-based format of video and audio content that increases its visibility on usually used search engines, such as Google. 
Technology UsageIt uses the Natural Language Processing (NLP) process to permit computers to mimic real human interactions.It uses Artificial Intelligence to recognize and decode human speech patterns. 
Best UseDevice control, car Bluetooth systems, voicemail.Intelligent transcription, edited transcription, and verbatim transcription. 
Monetary TermsCheaperExpensive
AccuracyMeet the demands when there’s just one speaker. Superior in all cases. 

Why Do Businesses Turn To Otter.ai Alternatives?

A widely-known transcription app, Otter.ai arrives with varied features and enough plans to provide users the flexibility to meet their business needs. 

We Need an Otter.Ai Alternative Because of The Following Reasons:

1. For an All-in-one Solution

You may prefer an all-in-one transcribing solution despite using different platforms to fulfill your audio and video call transcribing requirements. 

2. Unlimited Transcription Opportunity

A free plan by Otter.ai enables you to transcribe just a half-an-hour per meeting. So, for longer transcription, you need to buy its paid plan. 

3. For More Value for Money

The Pro plan of Otter.ai costs around $8.33 per month and provides just the basics, such as automatic transcription and call recording. 

4. Data Privacy Concerns

As revealed by some reports, Otter.ai might not be the best-concerning terms of privacy that may affect confidential communication.  

How to Build a Transcription App Similar to Otter.Ai?

Below are the essential steps you can follow to develop a transcribing app. 

  • List out your app requirements.
  • Set up the project environment.
  • Add API key 
  • Import the needed modules
  • Build UI
  • Create UI components

How Much Will It Cost to Develop a Transcription App?

Generally, the cost of developing a transcribing app starts from $80000. We can’t emerge as the final estimate as the cost of developing an app relies on varied factors, like the framework, team you hire, location of the team you choose for your project, features and functionalities you would like to include, and a lot more.

So, before you fix a budget for developing a speech-to-text, text-recognition, or transcribing app, you should consider all such factors. It will help you in the long run. 

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We would like to wrap up now with the hope that this post will be useful for you in almost every aspect, considering transcribing app development like Otter.ai.

A takeaway for you in this respect is to keep track of your competitors, pull out the features they are lacking or missing, and try embedding them in your app to increase the chance of being ahead of the curve. 

If you find it complicated,  coming from a non-technical backdrop, you can connect with a mobile app development company and discuss your specific requirements about AI-based app development services and how Emizentech can help transform your vision into a reality.

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