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Best Sylius eCommerce Development Companies

Sylius is an Open source framework based on the Symfony and released under the MIT license, which is most permissive. It is completely free and maintained by the creative community of developers and companies. It is developed from fully decoupled components. Therefore, every feature of it, i.e., products, catalog, shipping engine, promotion system, and others, can be used in any other application. The integration of existing systems with Sylius is also easy and asks less time if no customization needed.

Top Sylius eCommerce Development Companies

Sylius is a good choice of eCommerce platform for simple, small stores that can be developed in the blink of an eye. But yes, the blink should be one or two months long. It is also an excellent choice for highly custom online stores at which the purchasing experience is quite different than traditional e-commerce platforms like Magento. For instance, if there are highly custom products with quite complex configurations or a complete custom ordering process which has no shopping cart or checkout process.

It is developed with testing in mind and great care of the quality of code. Sylius is highly flexible and also easy to use.

In comparison to Magento, Sylius has a great coding environment which makes Learning Sylius eCommerce development is much easier in comparison to other complex self-hosted platforms like Magento. The testing environment on Sylius is also well extended, so the developer can’t test any essential part while making changes. Sylius also requires quite fewer actions to configure, in fact, the page load without caching mechanisms in dev mode takes only 0.5 seconds in Sylius. It is designed to resolve 70-80% common e-commerce issues in a framework. The remaining 20 – 30% is what makes the ecommerce site special. Hence, if you find that the native features are not enough for you, you can extend or integrate these features with other software like CMS, DAM, PIM, or automation tools via API or HTTP protocols.

You can develop every type of eCommerce website on Sylius, i.e., B2C, B2B, and even C2C. As the architecture of Sylius is decoupled, so you can either use the whole Sylius stack or if you wish, then some of its components. This makes it easy for developing a custom e-commerce app.

Let’s understand this platform in a bit more detail…


There are all essential features required necessarily for the successful growth of your e-commerce store. Through the template system, you can create a beautiful and unique design for your eCommerce website. It gives you full freedom to make your store look the way you want. With the combination of design and flexibility of the shopping process, it allows creating a truly unique look-and-feel for your customers.

Made for every device

There are in-built eCommerce APIs that make it quite easy to develop native mobile applications on both iOS and Android plus Progressive Web apps.

Adaptable Admin Panel

The administration panel fully adapts to your workflows. It is constructed from reusable and easily configurable components that can adjust as per your unique business needs.

Easy Hosting & Scaling

You can deploy the Sylius on the most popular cloud hosting like Google Cloud, Heroku, and many others. It consumes less time for implementing new features and scaling, and of course, extremely high performance is ensured.

Support Major Payment Providers

Sylius comes with out-of-the-box integrations with most of the popular payment gateways providers. Even if you use an exotic payment processor, it can be added with little more effort.

Quick Upgradation

A lot of care has been taken in the semantic versioning concepts of the Sylius, and the developer will always be provided with proper upgrade instructions that make the process easy. It has been recently upgraded from Symfony 3 to Symfony 4, which was a great change. Currently, it is amongst the most modern eCommerce solution, following every minor Symfony release. Upgrading an application build from Sylius can take just one week of developer’s time.

Outline of Sylius Features

  • Can sell on multiple platforms
  • Allow multiple currencies
  • Advanced multi-store
  • Advanced user permissions
  • Returns management
  • Multi-source inventory
  • Easy catalog for products
  • Product options and attributes
  • Manage Taxation
  • Customers & groups creation
  • Addresses
  • Cart, Order, & invoicing
  • Manage Shipping
  • Customize checkout process
  • Promotions & Discounts
  • Payment methods integration
  • Social media logins

Top Sylius eCommerce Development Companies

A right platform works best when it is in the hands of dexterous developers. We are ending this article by providing you the right company to hire for your next e-commerce project in Sylius. These companies have gained expertise in working on this platform by providing highly successful projects to their clients.



Emizentech is a dedicated e-commerce development company having a pool of ecommerce experts for each technology like Shopify, Opencart, Sylius, Shopware, Magento Commerce, Salesforce, and others. The company is having a wide pool of clients in varied industries, both domestic and international.



Webkul is one of the most reputed names in the field of Sylius development. It is having many reputed firms on its clients in different domains. Having dedicated Sylius developers in the company can give you reliable solutions for your requirements.



Inchoo is a widely known company for its E-commerce services in Sylius, and other platforms. The company is having 11 years of experience in different e-commerce technologies and provide services for each aspect.

Velox Softech

Velox Softech

Velox Softech has established itself as a top development agency in the last few years and provides robust and high performing development solutions to all types of customers with a wide range of demands and requirements.

Itristan Media Group

Itristan Media Group

Itristan Media Group has developed some of the most profitable, innovative, high-performing Sylius ECommerce Websites globally. They have integrated CRMs, payment security, custom application extensions, and innovative mobile user experiences aimed at conversion goal strategies.



Xigen is committed to building high-performance e-commerce solutions for enterprise and SMB clients who want to grow their businesses. Their data-driven approach ensures that the ecommerce solutions, digital designs, and marketing collateral they create engages users.



Bay20 has passionate and quality Sylius developers and designers. The company provides services project conceptualization, design, development, testing to marketing.



Brandcrock is also having a proven record of on-time project completion and its delivery to its valuable customers. The company doesn’t compromise on the smartness, quality, and sharpness of the product.



Whether it is Sylius store development, performance optimization of the existing store, or any other requirement, Treolabs are skilled and creative enough to handle projects of all industries and complexities.

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Amit Samsukha

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I am a certified Magento developer and Magento 2 consultant with a decade of experience in the e-commerce development segment. My expertise can make your business objectives overcome any obstacle you are dealing with the Magento ecommerce platform!

About Emizentech:

An acclaimed IT solution provider and a leading Magento 2 development company with its expertise lies in delivering top of the line e-commerce solutions, Salesforce commerce cloud services, mobile app development and many more verticals.

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