What Is Outsystems Low-Code Platform?

OutSystems is a renowned platform for developing low-code applications. Using this platform, you can develop highly responsive applications that can easily integrate with existing and 3rd party systems.

Let’s know in detail…

Low Code Development Platform:

The low code means that the developer will require little programming knowledge to develop an application. And it is not just limited to basic applications but also standard applications. The developer can rapidly design a screen within just a few clicks. However, no application is standard. Outsystems provide developers with a better and easy way to develop an application.

Shorter Development Time:

Shorter Development is one of the main keystones of Outsystems. You can create a fully functional application using visual programming within a very short time span. Earlier, the client must require a whole team for several months to develop an application, but now this is possible with just 2 developers in less than half of the earlier required time.

Fully Responsive:

As the world is moving towards mobile, smartphones, and tablets, it is vital that an application (web) is fully compliant with these media. An application should be shown properly on these platforms. The designs of Outsystems are fully responsive. Using Outsystems low-code development platform, you can also create mobile apps either on Android or iOS. Now by using Outsystems 10, you can also develop native apps.

Existing systems Integration:

Outsystems can be easily integrated into your existing systems. As switching directly to a new development environment is not easy, Outsystems is built so that it is flexible to integrate into existing systems. For instance, you can use OutSystems as your front end to communicate it with the backend systems. This makes it easy to switch without transforming completely.


It has built-in security. Security plays a major role in every application when hackers are loitering to find potential loopholes. Sometimes developers deliver a fully-functional application but forget the concern of safety there. But this is not the case of Outsystems because the security is fully integrated with Outsystems.

Benefits of OutSystems Low-code Development

Every aspect of this platform is formulated to help companies create enterprise-level apps quickly and digitize the business faster. Now let us find out how Outsystems app development can benefit your business.

1. Delivery to multiple devices using a single code:

As Outsystems have the ability to develop highly functioning hybrid applications, you can deliver your clients applications for multiple mobile platforms faster. Applications develop using Outsystems have the capability to run on both iOS and Android devices easily. There is no need to write separate codes for each platform.

2. Develop Apps with captivating UI:

Apps developed with Outsystems come with a perfect and self-intuitive user interface. A fully integrated user interface framework, “Outsystems UI,” is already integrated within the system that offers highly customizable themes for app development. There is also a huge library of patterns and samples using which you can get apps with a magnificent look and feel.

3. Fast Development:

Manually coding the application requires a lot of time and effort from a developer. This ultimately increases the costs and time of development. However, when the applications are developed using Outsystems, the time-lapse decreases by almost 9-10 times, accordingly boosting the development speed. Hence, Outsystems allow companies to reduce development costs in the long marathon of development.

4. Take advantage of a native app:

Apps developed using the OutSystems low-code platform harness the native capabilities plus APIs of the device doesn’t matter it is Android or iOS, by using plugins. The competency is not limited to cameras, GPS, and notifications but also includes BlueTooth, QR code scanners, and a lot more.

5. Easy to create offline apps:

OutSystem has all the required tools which are needed for developing applications that can run offline. The apps developed using Outsystems store all the app content automatically on the device so to easily access offline.

6. Highly Secure:

In digitization, security is the foremost concern. OutSystems comprises a broad set of built-in security features that can support an application’s complete development lifecycle. There are secure code patterns that are automatically included in the apps developed with this platform. These patterns act as protection against prevalent application vulnerabilities.

In addition to this, OutSystems also provides automated application security checks. These checks warn developers about potential security risks when they publish applications.

7. Faster Updates:

By using Outsystem’s low code platform, you can quickly update the apps on your users’ devices quickly and efficiently. Just deploy your application on Outsystems. As the updated version of the app is published, Outsystems automatically push the updated version on users’ devices. This ensures that your users will use the latest version of your mobile app.

Outline of Outsystem Features:

  • Complete access and permission management
  • Real-time monitoring of usage & performance of all apps
  • Real-time reporting of Full access control and permission management
  • Native Support for Agile Development
  • Best for custom application development
  • Support the complete development life-cycle of an app
  • Complete DevOps automation
  • Integrated version control along with single-click deploy and roll-back
  • Debugging engine integrated
  • Completely extensible through APIs
  • Complete support for Scheduling & Batch Processes
  • Mobile app deployment and monitoring
  • Multilingual support
  • Full application change management with self-healing
  • Can use for development of enterprise-grade applications

Top Outsystems Low-Code App Development Company

An efficient application doesn’t only depend only on the technology it has been built but also on the expertise of the Outsystems low-code platform development team. Therefore, in this article, we have also mentioned those companies which excel in developing apps using Outsystems. These are:’



Emizentech is amongst the leading Outsystems developers having expertise in developing simple as well as standard applications. They are having a good range of client with varied industries both inshore and offshore.



Cignex is having a dedicated team for the Outsystems app development. The company also having a separate testing team. The company also provide services for Big data, and Hadoop.



Solverines has a team of experienced OutSystems Certified developers who develop visually appealing web apps for better user engagement.



Metizsoft boasts highly skilled OutSystems developers with command over a whole array of programming languages and tools. Their OutSystems developers are versed with all major web and mobile technologies.



Panacea holds expertise in OutSystems. They provide next-gen digital consulting and services. They provide services in varied aspects including web and mobile development services.

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