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Emizen Tech began as a web development agency and quickly expanded to become a full-service IT company. We deliver the most cutting-edge business solutions, but we know that potential buyers don’t want to hear this from us — they want to hear it from the people who have actually used our services. According to a recent survey, 90% of consumers claimed that positive reviews influenced their decision to buy. And on the other side of that, 86% reported that negative reviews had also influenced their buying decisions.

Online reviews are playing an increasingly important role in how customers are making their buying decisions — which means that a company’s credibility, reputation, and ability to deliver are more and more determined by online reviews.

Because potential buyers rely so heavily on client testimonials, we knew that we needed to expand our presence on review sites — and for that reason, we partnered with Clutch and their partner site, The Manifest. While Clutch is a ratings and reviews site that features in-depth client reviews and vetted market leaders, The Manifest is a business data platform that provides ranked lists and shows the benefits of top agencies. According to The Manifest, which creates agency shortlists based on market research, we’re a top e-commerce development company in India!

Top Ecommerce Development Company in India

We began collecting reviews on Clutch in 2018, and we have 20 to date. What sets Clutch apart from other review sites is their commitment to transparency and impartiality; they ensure that all feedback is thorough and unbiased, and they require that reviews be left by verified clients. For that reason, it’s especially meaningful that we have a perfect 5-star rating!

One of our recent reviews came from Sunrise Computers. They needed help building a robust, functional, and easy-to-navigate website with an ‘unmatched user experience.’ They also wanted to use the site to showcase their company in an intriguing way.

Emizen Tech had the services Sunrise Computers wanted, and we fit their budget, so we got to work developing the site. Our all-inclusive web development services included laying the blueprint, developing the front- and backends, creating graphics, executing website performance and speed tests, and doing server-level optimization.

The client reported that they saw a ‘significant impact’ on their business after we developed their website; they not only saw a major increase in brand awareness, but they also witnessed a huge uplift in online sales. They were excited to note that they have not yet detected any issues or glitches on the site.

“The project was delivered way before deadline which, is simply remarkable. Kudos to team Emizen Tech!” — Manager, Sunrise Computers

Top Ecommerce Development Company

If you have any development needs, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch — we are in India, Singapore, the US, and the UK, so we’re well-prepared to answer your questions


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