Well, we all know that investing has always been a risky job that may even lead to a considerable loss. But, today, things have changed. Nowadays, we don’t have to fret about anything while investing, as a share market investment app is always there for you.

Such apps help in saving your extra fees and facilitate you to reap the benefits of investment tools. The new trends, technology innovation, and various opportunities are the reasons behind the improvement and growth of the financial technology (fintech) industry.

Today, in this post, we will discuss the fintech industry, stock trading apps, reasons to invest in such an app, stats, top stock trading apps, the cost of developing such apps, and many more.

First, let’s start with the introduction of Fintech.

What is Fintech?

Well, you might not be aware of it, but you are already a part of the Financial Industry if you have ever used an app to transfer money or pay for some goods or services with your phone.

Financial technology assists in describing new technology that seeks to automate and improve the use and delivery of financial services. Fintech helps business owners, companies, and consumers manage their financial processes, operations, and lives better by using specialized algorithms and software on computers and smartphones.

The term fintech incorporates a wide range of technologies, product, and business models that leads to changes in the financial services industry.

Stock Trading Mobile App Development

Stock Marketing App: A Common Man’s Approach

Stock Trading apps offer trading of stocks as well as Exchange Trading Funds free-of-cost with real-time data. Additionally, these Stock Trading apps can work wonderfully for both amateurs as well as experienced.

Usually, the apps are created to make everyday life easy, and in the case of business persons, they benefit from this technological advancement for enriching their business efficiency. And by making a virtual share market app, it is possible to have your entire Stock Exchange business totally under control. At the same time, it enables both traders & investors to execute all kinds of transactions in the stock market at any time and from any place they desire.

This brilliance urges people to get into the stock market, and the apps work best for those seeking excellent firms for investment and even for the short period deal.

Despite many options out there, it is best to go with a mobile trading platform as these stock trading apps perform best even for beginners interested in stock trading and investment.

How do Stock Trading Apps Work?

The application offers a smooth transfer of funds from your bank account to your trading one, and vice versa, all through your smartphone. It makes sure that you always catch up with trading opportunities even if you lack funds in your ledger. Moreover, the app offers profitable trading ideas, besides access to company-specific financial data.

Why Invest In A Stock Trading App?

So, the stock trading apps, which are very much the talk of the town, offer unique features, where few allow commission-free trading, send useful alerts to the stock market enthusiasts. Then there are the others offering free shares if a user welcomes friends to the stock trading platform.

All in all, these apps are pretty popular, belonging to the “Finance” app category, and you must know that this category is known for its impressive penetration rate. For instance, as per this Statista report in September 2019, the Android finance mobile apps penetration rate was remarkably 25.75%. And this kind of interest in the Stock trading apps has been there for a while, like, searches related to such apps increased by 115% between the time of September 2016 to September 2017.

And in 2021, it is expected that the trading industry will be investing more money than ever before in trading platform development. As per a Statista report, at the start of 2021, the largest stock exchange in the world is the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). It has an equity market capitalization of over US$25 trillion.

The three next biggest exchanges are NASDAQ, Tokyo Stock Exchange, and London Stock Exchange. However, even their combined market capitalizations are lower as compared to the NYSE.

Stock Trading Mobile App Install Growth H1 2019 To H2 2020

Mobile Apps Are Revolutionizing Access to The Stock Market
Source: applause

Trading apps like Cryptocurrency & Stock Market Apps that are using algorithmic trading strategies yield huge profits, and they also revolutionize the stock trading mobile app development. Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that there is no better time than this to create a Stock Trading mobile app to reap its full benefits.

Statistics for investing stock mobile apps
app growth mobile playbook search stock investment

Tools and Technologies Needed for Developing a Successful Stock Trading Platform

  • Profound research
  • Marketing strategy
  • Suitable platform
  • Stock trading platform
  • Testing & quality assurance

Traditional vs. Online Stocks & Crypto Trading

Traditional vs. Online Stock TradingThere are several ways to classify Stock trading platforms. However, here we have mentioned the easiest option, dividing them into two main groups, they are:

Traditional Stocks Trading Vs. Cryptocurrency Trading

Stocks Trading Cryptocurrency Trading
Trading Assets When you buy the stocks of a company, you hold its shares Here you get digital currencies holding a subjective value.
Ownership You become a part-owner of a company when you buy stocks on a stock exchange, as every stock represents a share. The value of cryptocurrencies is subjective. The price of coins may go up and down, but they don’t exhibit company shares in many cases unless you buy them through an STO (Security Token Offering), where a company share backs every token.
Setting A Trading Account It needs much paperwork to get started and a broker and approval to buy or sell. Here the process is easier and quicker, simple sign up, account verification, and you are good to go.
Market Maturity More mature as have been around for much longer. Still young but is constantly growing.
Trading Hours You need to perform transactions at a certain time. It’s available 24/7, despite weekends or holidays.

Traditional Way

This is about the traditional-time-tested assets, like stocks, currencies, precious metals, ETFs, and a lot more. These first types of platforms enable the users to make listed prominent investments. Even the people demand traditional-oriented groups the most as the Stock trading market participants like dealing with assets they well understand. And your customized trading software doesn’t need to be restricted to only one asset.

Online Stocks & Cryptocurrency

Online share trading incorporates buying and selling stocks using an online platform. From your online share trading account, you can buy or sell share stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other securities easily with no requirement of any agent or intermediate broker.

On the other hand, the cryptocurrency-oriented type is more specific. Everyone is familiar with the big names of Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., and this kind of trading platform focuses on managing these assets. They tend to sell or buy them, conduct all types of transactions, and do much more. Also, keep in mind two options to exchange the cryptocurrency assets, i.e., centralized (with the participation of brokers) and decentralized, and the latter works as per the P2P model.

There are many types of online trading platforms. However, what works best is the full-fledged mobile/online platform that can become a loyal assistant even for beginners, helping them participate well in the stock investment.

Types of Trading Software You Can Develop

There are many variants you need to know before you develop a trading platform.

Trading Software By Platform

According to the preference of your target audience, you can develop a stock trading app for desktop, web, or mobile platforms.
The mobile trading app may appear different on tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches.

Educated VS. Novice Investors

Finally, some mobile electronic trading platforms are available in the market that is best suited for novice users, like Robinhood.
Moreover, there are some advanced platforms that knowledgeable investors would find easy to use.

Day Trading VS. Investing

Some apps are more suited for day trading, while others prefer long-term investing. Day trading app is more suitable for stock traders, whereas another one is best for stock investors.

Types of Trading Platforms

There are various types of online trading platforms that you can use to open your account. Let’s check out a list below:

Downloadable vs. Non-downloadable Trading Platforms

Downloadable platforms need a specific device to get accessed on which they are downloaded and installed.
Non-downloadable platforms are web-based, and you can access them on any device that holds an internet connection. You just need to open the websites and log in straight away.

Dealing desk Vs. Non-dealing Desk

  • Dealing Desk Platforms: The system connects with the dealing desk of brokers from which complete pricing information starts. Transaction orders from traders need to go to the dealing desk for implementation.
  • Non-dealing Desk: In this, many liquidity providers send the prices, and traders need to review them. Therefore, this system is known as direct access trading.

According to the Programming Language

Various platforms utilize complicated programming languages permitting the users to develop and deploy their execution vehicles or trading platforms. Depending on the programming language, let’s classify online trading platforms:

  • ActTrader: Holds downloadable and non-downloadable options.
  • TradeStation: It is developed on the Lua programming language.
  • MT4 MetaTrader and MT5 MetaTrader: It is a heavily used trading platform.
  • Currenex: Holds a complex version.
  • cTrader: It assists with a direct connection to the trading market.

What Is Stock Trading API?

A Trading API permits the traders to develop their computer programs for trading or utilizing third-party trading platforms. Traders use Trading APIs to run algorithmic models of their trading systems, get real-time pricing, and perform trades.

What Is The Working Of Stock Trading API?

A Trading API permits the traders to develop their computer programs for trading or utilizing third-party trading platforms. Traders use Trading APIs to run algorithmic models of their trading systems, get real-time pricing, and perform trades.

Top Stock Market Data API

Let’s check out the best stock market APIs

Investing Cryptocurrency Markets

It permits the stock market software developers to access stock data for markets and cryptocurrencies. It is best for tracking price modifications and exchange rates.

Finage Currency Data Feed

It is a financial data provider brand. We can request 700+ and more symbols, including metals, cryptocurrencies, currencies, and stocks.

Stock and Options Trading Data Provider

This stock API offers data for US-listed stocks and for ETFs all through a restFUL service.


It is a tech-based BI company that utilizes AI to produce top-notch data products.

Alpha Vantage

It offers an API service for historical and real-time data on stocks, cryptocurrencies/digital, and forex.

World’s Leading Stock Trading Mobile Apps

If you are looking for Stock Trading Software development to offer the best results, it is advised to analyze your competitors. i.e., the Stock trading apps that are already performing great in the market. Here we discuss a few of them:

E-Trade App
E-Trade App Logo

This is one app that you must research. Among the most successful stock trading apps, the E-Trade app has successfully pleased the users for many decades, allowing the investors & traders to interact easily with the Stock Market. This is the most optimal app solution that has advanced features which well-fit to place trades, track the latest stock market information, update quotes, and much more, and most importantly, it offers all of this in real-time.

Robinhood App Logo

This free-trading platform enables the compilation of personal lists of the financial credit documents & security papers, gets real-time information regarding quotations and trades the shares of firms without the need to pay for a transaction. The app’s revenue comes at the expense of accumulated interest from its users’ accounts.

This app offers free stock trades and helps its users in searching, managing, and trading their stocks. Another reason for its success is they launched their mobile app before the official website. Mobile apps work best for reaching a wide audience in the present mobile era.

The app’s free version offers access to ETF’s, Bitcoin, and stocks. And thus, by offering great features in the free version, this stock market application app has attained great success in the world of stock trading.

Stash App Logo

This app is much-loved by beginners in the stock market investment. Stash helps its users invest in tiny amounts and offers them the knowledge required for the stock trading world. It provides a lot of tips, and blogs, thus making the investment journey of its users relatively smooth.

Acorns App Logo

This stock trading app is best for people interested in stock trading but got no idea where and how to invest. After the user connects their debit or credit card with the Acorns account, the app rounds each & every purchase, and it saves changes next to a dollar in the Acorns account. Also, the user can do this process manually in the app.

Now that we have studied the main competitors let’s move on to the next important topic.

Monetization Opportunities In The Stock Trading mobile apps
Monetization Opportunities In The Stock Trading mobile apps

Membership Fee

In this revenue model, the user needs to pay the membership fee to become a member, allowing them to participate in the stock market.

Transaction Charges

Every time the app user makes a transaction via the app, the app charges a specific amount as a transaction fee, making money for the app.

Sell Financial Products

In this revenue model, the app can sell different financial products, like Mutual Funds, Gold ETF, Insurances, etc.

Sell Early Alerts

Here, the app offers to sell early alerts so the app users can make good money on their transactions. Here these users receive alerts before the other primary app users.


Here, the app owners can charge to play or show the advertisements from other service providers on their stock market investment apps.

Steps To Take To Start Your Trading Platform

  • Register with the SEC
  • Register with FINRA
  • Register and become a member of Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC)
  • Follow with a state’s stockbroker regulations

Top Trading Mobile Apps In India

1. Zerodha KITE
Zerodha KITE App Logo

This online trading software allows the customers to trade at BSE, NSE & MCX. This front-end app is built in-house by the Zerodha engineers. The KITE platform has three main products, and they are all available to its customers for free. The app gives users access to all the features.

2. 5Paisa
5Paisa App Logo

This successful online stockbroker offers discount brokerage services to retail investors in India. 5paisa Capital Ltd is a publicly traded & professionally managed firm that the IIFL founders promote.

Presently, it has more than 1.2 million clients all across. This online trading charges a flat Rs. 20 brokerage regardless of the size of trade, exchange, or segment.

3. Grow App
5PGrow App Logo

This online investment platform has its headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka, and it offers investors to invest in mutual funds & stocks. This has raised more than $140 million and has a valuation of $1 billion.

Initially, the firm began its operations via a Whatsapp group and other social media platforms where it engaged with the members on topics regarding investments and wealth management. And then, in 2020, the company stepped into the stockbroking service. And currently, the platform offers direct investment in mutual stocks, funds, digital gold, initial public offerings, and exchange-traded funds.

4. Upstox
Upstox App Logo

Among India’s most prominent investment platforms, Upstox is trusted by more than 29 lakh investors, who take the help of this app to meet all their investment requirements. Here, users can invest in mutual funds, stocks, IPOs, Gold, and futures & options with a state-of-the-art investment platform.

Key Features Of Stock Trading Mobile App

Key Features Of Stock Trading Mobile App

Authenticated Login

The app should offer easy check-in to the app and offer many different ways to register into the app involving various options like phone number, email ID, social networking sites, and even the Touch ID System with biometrics, etc.

Sorting & Filtering

This feature allows the authenticated app traders to analyze stocks using the Sorting option that filters necessary details from the ledger that effectively prescribes trade records. This allows the users to navigate via the stock market in a user-friendly format.

Accessible User Page

The app user must be able to edit and update their profile. This helps acquire all options that hold users’ personal data & preferences that they’re interested in trading upon. It is necessary to focus more on this as the app is being created.

Transaction Management

It is crucial to record & monitor all transactions history. This way, the users would be able to handle their payments and securely view the order executions sans any difficulty. All transactions regarding deposits and withdrawals of currencies should be notified with the desired requirements.

Maintenance Of Trade On Stocks

The central aspect of accessing the stock trading app contains the functionality that the app user can get to know the feature that allows the app users to get to know all their stock exchange features of dispatching orders as well as their funds dealing with Stock exchanges.

Stock Hunting

Every trading app can benefit from this option to “Search” or “Hunt” the investors & traders in a Stock Trading app to search for available stocks and trending stock market rates.

Market Trends & Analysis

This feature helps the participants of the stock market in collecting the information that is analyzed based on their statistics in the Stock Market. This is done by acquiring an opportunity with the acknowledgment of their trades, transactions, etc.

History Of Holdings

With the Stock Market being sensitive at both local and global levels, it is vital to constantly keep the traders and the investors updated, along with the management of history serving action plans, events, and news imported all across the world. It must follow KYC regulations that ensure software and app safety.

Push Notification

The alerts and push notifications are a must-have functionality for the Stock Trading app as it allows to keep in touch with the app users.
Stock Trading Mobile App

Real-Time Analytics

The Stock Trading participants appreciate having this opportunity to observe statistics and analyze transactions’ results, trades, etc. It is great to offer them various kinds of reports and performance charts.

Dashboards & Report

The feature allows the app owners to stay fully updated on the app’s ongoing and allows them to decide on how to improve the app experience further for the app users.

CMS Integration

The success of an app depends significantly on its content. The Content Management System feature allows the Stock Trading app to skillfully manage the content and offer exactly what is important and desired by the app users.

CRM Integration

It’s a seamless connection between CRM software and 3rd-party apps. These integrations lead to automated actions that enhance the functionality of the software.

Payment Options

A Stock Trading app needs to offer multiple payment options to the app users, and the users love the ease of transactions. Hence it is an integral feature.

Loyalty Programs

These allow the app users to stay loyal to the app and help in keeping the users hooked to the app. Such programs increase profits, boost sales, retain existing consumers, attract new ones, and drive profits.

Things To Consider in Stock Trading App Development

Self-Intuitive Interface

Usually, in the Stock Trading app, not everyone is well-familiar with the working of the Stock Trading market or Stock trading app, and thus it helps when the app has a self-intuitive interface that is almost self-explanatory.

User Authentication

It is helpful to keep the check-in process to the app very easy and simple, offering many ways to signup and login into the app, using phone number, Mail ID, social networking mediums, and Touch ID system with biometrics, etc.

Great Speed

In the Stock market app, customers appreciate when the app has lightning speed as the stock market is fast-running, and hence it is vital to have an app with excellent speed.

Safety & Secure Database
Safety & Secure Database

Wherever there is Finance involved, it is crucial to focus on security. However, there are several users who dislike confirming authentication as they find this entire process quite tiring. Thus, it is essential to balance safety and convenience and still keep security as a priority. After all, your users would not like it if someone else gets access to their assets simply because you preferred their convenience during the development of stock investing apps.

Hire Legal Consultation

In case you have been involved in the brokerage market for since long then you must be fully aware of the issue of legalities. Hence, ensure that you timely hire the legal consultation for your app. Find a good one.


It is required that you get a license to work in all the countries with which you plan on cooperating, like where your stock market app is going to be accessible.

Government Regulatory Bodies

The government regulates the brokers’ actions to ensure that everything is going fairly in the stock market. The company that will engage in a stock market transaction on behalf of the clients needs to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission. In India, it’s the Securities and Exchange Board of India, and in the USA, it’s the Securities & Exchange Commission.
So, you may consider the below if you are planning to develop a trading app:

  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML)
  • Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Customer Identification Programs (CIP)

You may check some self-regulated organizations also:

  • CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange)
  • MSRB (Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board)
  • NFA (National Futures Association)

Real-time Data, Alerts, & News
Real-time Data, Alerts, & News

The app users of the Stock Trading app highly appreciate it when they are offered real-time data, alerts, and news. This way, the app users will always stay updated on the latest news, alerts, and everything that would be an add-on.

Other Compilations

If you are willing to earn the reputation of being a reliable partner, then ensure that you take part in the special programs that are designed for protecting the interest of investors (SIPC, FINRA, etc.) It might be expensive to obtain a license, but it is not the most critical factor. What is most important is that you put up a comprehensive review of the entire data you are providing.

Required 3rd Party API Integration For Stock Trading Mobile App

AlpacaEasily manage stocks, algorithms, and capital using the single integrated system

Zirra Best for Stock and Company Timeseries
Alpha Vantage Best for Historical Stock, FX, Crypto & More
Barchart Get deeper insights
Twelve Data Best for Real-time and historical data
Finage Currency Data Feed Best for Currencies, metals, stocks & more
Investing Cryptocurrency Markets Best for Tracking Cryptocurrency Prices & Exchange Rates
Stock and Options Trading Data Provider Best for US Stocks and Options
Marketstack Get historical market data, intraday, or real-time data
Finnhub Obtain data for building your financial products

Required Tech Stack For Stock Trading Mobile App

Application & Data DevOps
  • Nginx
  • Bootstrap
  • Python
  • React
  • Ubuntu
  • PostgreSQL
  • AmazonEC2
  • Redis
  • Saas
  • Django
  • Redux
  • Go
  • Swift
  • RabbitMQ
  • Kafka
  • Memcached
  • Kotlin
  • Celery
  • Django REST Framework
  • Airflow
  • RxJava
  • Retrofit
  • GitHub
  • Git
  • Docker
  • Jenkins
  • Webpack
  • Kubernetes
  • BabelSentry
  • Vagrant
  • Kibana
  • Grafana
  • Logstash
  • Terraform
  • Prometheus
  • Consul
  • Zookeeper
  • Fabric
  • Salt
  • Vault
  • ELK
  • StatusD
  • Phabricator
  • Sensu
  • LXC
Utilites Business Tool
  • Google Analytics
  • Elasticsearch
  • Slack
  • G Suite
  • Onfluence
  • Asana

Required Team Structure

The share trading app development team consists of:

  • Project Manager
  • Team of iOS/ Android Developers
  • Back-end Developers
  • UX/UI Designers
  • Quality Analysis Experts
Hire mobile app developers

How Much Does It Cost To Create A Stock Trading Mobile App?

The cost to create a Stock Trading mobile app mainly depends on the time taken by the mobile app development team to develop the app. The cost is determined by the app idea complexity, features provided, additional features like connecting payment gateways, Robo advisors, cloud services, etc. However, on average, developing an Android or iOS mobile app takes around five to ten months, while the web app takes approximately four to nine months. The timing cost must be adjusted for an average hourly rate of the designers, programmers, QA engineers, and other specialists.

The total cost of creating the app depends on the company’s location and model of engagement between the customer and the development company. Usually, the median market hourly rates differ from US$15-20 to US$100 or more. This way, the entire cost of creating a Stock Trading app can be anywhere between US$25000 – US$300,000, depending on several factors. However, the average app price with basic features for a single virtual trading platform, and when chosen Indian development firm should be around $30000 – $50000.

Wrapping Up

We hope you find this post informative, as after reading it, you have caught up with almost every detail that you may need to develop a successful stock trading app.

Suppose you are planning to develop a competitive stock trading app. In that case, you may connect with a top app development company and put forward all your needs and expectations regarding your app. The company will offer you every needed assistance to satisfy all your business needs and make your app stay ahead of the curve.

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