Shopware 6 is here again with one of the most significant advanced features in the latest release. The previous version, Shopware, is now updated to Shopware to with new options like Flow Builder and improved multi-inventory features introduced. 

So, to understand better, let’s jump into some important general updates.

Embedded Youtube Videos in Compliance with data protection regulation 

To engage customers, embedding youtube videos in your webiste is one of the best ways, along with the advantage of reducing server load. But, as the data is transmitted to youtube, it’s necessary to take your visitor’s consent to comply with the privacy policy. By following this, you can be sure that you are legally compliant regarding data protection. 

Shopware 6 New Release: to is Out Now!

Now available: Disable HTML Sanitizer as required

HTML Sanitizer 

A new feature HTML Sanitizer was introduced by Shopware 6.5. With this, you can improve the editor’s reliability, security, and usability by removing unsafe HTML code. And to ensure the correct rendering and consistency of the code across different platforms and browsers, the sanitizer also cleans up attributes and styles. 

Disable HTML Sanitizer 

Many users faced difficulty working with the feature HTML Sanitizer as it removes custom styles from blocks in Shopping Experiences. 

From now on, Shopware said developers can completely disable the sanitizer via a flag in YAML configuration.

For more details about the options, visit here: HTML Sanitizer Tutorial

New: Combine Events from Apps with The Flow Builder.

One more feature has been added to the Flow Builder. With the help of this, you can now use the app system to add your own triggers to the Flow Builder. Because of this now, if any event occurs in another system, the Flow Builder can now react accordingly. The event can be any order management or shipping system, interaction with social media, or a newsletter tool. This enhances expanding your range of actions even further.  

Shopware 6 New Release: to is Out Now!

Mentioned are the points that are recently enabled merchants in Flow Builder to drive their business forward- 

  • To use flows exclusively within Shopware
  • To create flows that start with an event in a third-party system and trigger a flow within Shopware 
  • To create flows that start with an event in Shopware and interact with third-party systems via webhooks. 

Release Video

Here is the released video by shopware, showing new features of Shopware,, and and giving valuable tips and tricks. 

Use the Flow Builder for Return Status Updates

With the help of the flow builder, you can elevate your returns management. Now with the new update, you can keep your employee and customers updated about any change with the help of email notifications. To facilitate this process, Shopware created relevant triggers like “Status change” and ” Return created,” with corresponding email templates and status transition flows. 

Here are the tools you can use to enhance your team’s return workflows and provide a better service to your customers. 

  • Flow Builder: With just a few clicks, quickly adapt the flow within the Flow Builder to your preferences and processes.
  • Automation: Seamlessly notify your customers and employees about return statuses or status changes, fostering transparency and better service.
  • Email templates: Personalise your notifications to match your needs exactly, ensuring successful team and customer communication.
Shopware 6 New Release: to is Out Now!

Improved Multi-Inventory 

With the help of the multi-inventory, you can manage multiple warehouses and inventory levels, enabling faster deliveries. Shopware has revamped and enhanced this feature in various aspects. It can run faster and smoother, even with large product quantities, and it is now easier for developers to extend its functionality. This is available for Shopware Beyond. For more details, you can look at the plans and pricing overview. 

Developer News 

Shopware mentioned that with the enhancement of the Flow Builder with triggers from the app system, you could consider the developer documentation provided by them to utilize the app system and define the custom flow triggers. 

Commercial Feature & Service News 

This note is about the features that are not included in the Community Edition. To use the commercial capabilities, activate the Shopware Commercial extension and review our overview to compare the various Shopware plans.

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