Shopware 6 Pre Order Plugin overview

Shopware 6 Pre Order module enables customers to place orders for products that are coming soon to your store after paying a preorder amount. To place a pre-order, the customer must be logged in. Pre-order is a marketing concept for industries such as retail, manufacturing, publishing, and so on that allows buyers to keep products in stock before they are released.

Shopware 6 Pre Order Plugin Features :

  • This Shopware 6 pre-order plugin is only available in English language.
  • This pre-order plugin setting does not apply to customer group prices.
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Ready.
  • User-friendly and self-intuitive interface.
  • Only 1 quantity of an article can be added in Pre-Order.
  • Only one item is added to cart while using Pre-Order functionality.
  • In case of Pre-Order customer just need to pay specific amount for the product which is not actual product price, The Pre-Order amount can be set via admin.
  • If Pre-Order product is already added in the cart, you cannot add any other Pre-Order product item or any other normal product item in cart, On checkout it show the Pre-Order product item which is already in the cart.

Download Pre Order for ShopWare 6 Now

Shopware 6 Pre-Order Plugin Installation – User Guide

Install Plugin then configure plugin settings, you must activate for all sales channels (Default Inactive).

  • Go to Extension > My Extensions > Upload Extension > Install App
  • Then Activate the App
  • Then Configure the App
  • Activate The Configuration and save, You will Receive Success Message
  • Now go to Catalogue > Main Product > Specification > Select Custom Field > Place Pre-order price
  • Now Activate Pre-Order App
  • This is how pre-order product will be visible on fronted
step-11-Product Visible On Frontend
  • Pre-Order product condition will be visible to customer
  • Once the order completes the checkout process the order will be visible on admin dashboard
  • Orders -> Select order with Pre-Order status -> view (…)
  • Now the admin can change order status accordingly
shopware plugin

How To View Pre-Order

Orders -> Select order with Pre-Order status -> view

In the view option you can update the order state -> You can set the order status to In Progress/Cancelled

Admin is not able to change Payment Status and Delivery Status.

How To Uninstall Pre-Order

Go to Extensions -> My extensions -> Pre-Order -> Click Uninstall -> Select option -> Remove all app data permanently -> click uninstall

When you want to delete data permanently you must select “Remove all app data permanently” this option. otherwise, the data will always be there in the database.

When the extension is uninstalled, it will also delete its related configurations and other co-related data from the database but it will never remove Pre-Orders because the invoices for those orders are already generated.


Only when we change the language of order it will affect the language of orders, not affected by admin language.

Checkout Process Of Pre-Order On Customer Level

A customer can add the Pre-Order product to the cart and order a single product at Pre-order price.

The customer is able to view the status of its order.

Customers can add the Pre-Order product to the cart but as with other orders, it is also required to register and log-in before checkout.

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