Again, Shopware is here with its new release notes,,, and Every release has arrived with new and important technical changes and improvements for developers. 

We will talk about each separately. 

Shopware Release Note

The Shopwar release note has emerged with 69 bug fixes. Let’s talk!

Deprecated SEO URLs for Headless Sales Channels

The Shopware has deprecated the SEO URLs for headless sales channels, which will be removed in the 6.6 release. For SEO URLs in a headless environment, you can use the Storefront Sales Channel type or a custom sales channel type employing a custom plugin. 

Support for Maintenance Mode in Store-API

Sales Channel’s maintenance configuration is now respected in headless store-api requests. You will get a 503 http error as a response when the maintenance mode is ACTIVE. 

Disabled Doctrine Database Profiler in CLI

Installed Symfony Profiler collects database queries in the CLI, even in the production mode. The brand Shopware has now disabled it entirely in CLI despite the current environment in which Shopware is running. 

Improvements to Logging

In the previous releases, we continued to improve the Shopware logging. Therefore, we appended more down-ranked and more logging errors to noises to clean the logs for important messages. 

Media Path Refactoring

The Shopware has refactored the media path handling to keep on the media paths regardless of recalculating in the request. It enables the media to be queried entirely only with the path. Lately, in the past, the entire media entity was required to be loaded for path generation. 

Deprecated LoggerFactory

For plugins for 6.6, Shopware deprecated the LoggerFactory as this doesn’t consider the project configuration of logging. Their recommended replacement is to use Monolog Channels that perform in any Shopware 6 version. 

New low_priority Queue

The company has emerged with a new queue, low_priority, along with the existing async queue. The plugins can use this queue to queue up messages that are not essential in a short way. 

The current messenger:consume or admin watcher will use the new queue without configuration changes. With Shopware 6.6, it becomes necessary to set up an extra messenger:consume or only add the queue additionally to the current messenger:consume async,low_priority

Soft Delete Of Custom Entities On App Uninstall

Custom Entities that Apps created will now be soft deleted so that the user can preserve the app data on uninstallation. 

System Update Now Uses The Regular Kernel

Now, the commands system:update:prepare and system:update:finish use the regular kernel while updating Shopware. It fixes varied issues when plugins extend the root componenets, like Symfony Configuration or created themes. 

MySQL 8.2 Support

Showare has fixed internal queries of DAL to become capable of supporting MySQL 8.2. 

More bugs were fixed; you can check them out on the page

Shopware Release Note

This Shopware path release includes only one bug fix. 

Fixed Bug: NEXT-31845 | Kernel cannot be booted without tests. 

Shopware Release Note

Shopware patch v6.5.7.2 includes only one modification that fixes a missing injection in the admin panel. This missing injection results in an error with the PayPal integration. 

Fixed Bugs: PPI-836 | Entering PayPal credentials not possible

However, people are facing issues in Shopware’s latest version,, where Paypal is not working. Even after configuring PayPal, this version throws an error in the console. 

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