As Shopware always bends over backward to enhance its working, this time, it again released its new feature on 7th Aug ’23, Shopware Being a subscription function, it has arrived with unique gains with boosted flexibility in customer salutations offering speedy orders for the new B2B components. By expressing gratitude to Github, Shopware gave the credit for pulling requests the company has included in this improved version. 

This write-up will aim at showcasing the best part about this month’s new release, Shopware 

General Updates – Noteworthy Points

New Condition for Rule & Flow Builder – Enable verification if a specific type of document is already created

With this new update, you can check if you have created a specific document, delivery note, invoice, or shipping information for an order. 

More Flexible & Comprehensive Customer Registration – Salutation No-longer Mandatory

Now, the salutation is optional while registering customers in a Shopware store. 

News for Developers – Points to Consider

sw-extends  for Fixed Extending Document Templates

With this new release of Shopware, developers don’t need to overwrite document headers once for any document type, as they can simply extend generic document headers again. 

Added Generics to EntityRepository and EntitySearchResult 

The Shopware team has appended generics to EntityRepository and EntitySearchResult.

Added Configuration to Disable fine grained-caches

Developers can now turn off Shopware’s fine-grained caches through a newly added configuration. 

Loosen Composer Constraints

In the composer, the developers will discover loosened constraints to facilitate minor updates and install some composer packages. 

Normal Symfony Settings to Make Trusted Proxies Configurable

Developers will find it relaxing to discover a way to configure trusted proxies using the regular Symphony configuration to work behind a reverse proxy or load balancer. 

Service News & Commercial Features

B2B Components – Quick Ordering to Drive Customer Engagement

Now available for Shopware Evolve and Shopware Beyond, customers can place quick orders just by entering the product number or uploading a CSV file. 

Shopware Subscriptions for Empowering Customer Loyalty 

This new release by Shopware is exciting news for Shopware Beyond users, as subscriptions are now available to pick from. Businesses can boost their sales by providing products via subscriptions. 

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Things to Ensure Before Installing the Updates

Final Note

Doubtlessly, Shopware is accomplishing an improved edge to stay ahead of the pack. By choosing this e-commerce platform, merchants can create online shops and market at their best. The platform assists businesses in catching up with ultimate growth streamlining their operations, and reaping the benefits of a wide range of features it arrives with, like fast ordering, product management, order management, and more. 

You can also exploit the power of this leading e-commerce platform by hiring a trusted Shopware development company with teams of expert developers.

Ganesh Tharol

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