Per the Shopware News, the e-commerce platform has rolled out a Bugfix Release, Shopware, on 3rd July’23. 

If you still need to install it, you can download it from here

Or, if you have already installed this bugfix release, you can update it from here

This bugfix release has resolved varied issues created by various authors on the “Issues Overview” page of Shopware. Let’s review a few:

  • In admin, it has fixed the issue of load indicator absence for user deletion. 
  • Allowed disabling HTML sanitizer
  • Updated CleanupCartTask Handler for the usage of the database index. 
  • In order types, appended children to LineItem. 
  • With One-to-One Association, the Bulk Edit is working properly.
  • Aligned toggle switch, etc. 

Let’s check out various new improvements and features in this release. The changelog of Shopware showcases all the latest product updates from the July release. 

Further details will be revealed in their news blog post and release video. 

Key Highlights

  • In Shopware changelog or the, you can see the concrete alterations.
  • For missed released updates, you can check out the release. 
  • Discover more on the Shopware Knowledge Channel.
  • Ensure you create a backup before updating Shopware. 
  • Also, first, check the documentation before you start. 

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Ganesh Tharol

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