Shopware is Out Now!!

Shopware 6 is here again with its must-have features to ease you in selling your digital products and content customization based on your device. 

Let’s dig deeper and get the details of all the Shopware general updates to understand better.

General Updates

1. Improved Search Logic in The Administration

In the Shopware admin, the user should get what he’s looking for, and that too quickly. To meet this routine operation needs easily, the Shopware team has optimized the search logic. Now, you can configure it and use it for a clearer “And” search despite the “Or” that you were required to do earlier. 

2. Offer Digital Products With Shopware

Offer Digital Products shopware

Besides physical products, merchants sell digital products also, like ebooks, movies, TV series, games, music downloads, software and software extensions, graphics, font styles, and much more. 

You would also be planning to match the steps of this revolution of digital product selling. So, to ease you, the team of experts at Shopware allows you to build a digital product in the administrations under the “Product” and upload your product file. Apart from that, you can provide varied options for the same digital product, like a game in both physical and digital formats. You can then clearly see the label of all the digital products with a badge, which you can easily identify. 

So, what will happen is, when your customers will buy digital products from your store:

  • Your customers will see an extra checkbox relevant to the right to cancel the digital products.
  • Also, post buying a digital product, your consumers will get an email with a download link (for the purchased digital product). 
  • Customers can find the download option on the storefront and also under the menu item “Orders.” 

3. New: Flow Templates for the Flow Builder

With this new “Flow Builder,” you can set and automate individual business processes even with no need for any code. The Shopware experts are constantly trying to improve the chief features. So, this time, they have appended flow templates to the Flow Builder. 

In the administration, you can find these in the new tab:

Settings > Flow Builder > Flow templates. 

First, you will see only the templates the Shopware team has created that you can use as inspiration. Ahead, you can save your flows here. Moreover, Flow Builder can be integrated with apps, and those apps will provide flow templates as output. 

You can create a new flow based on a specific template by clicking “Create a new flow from template.” 

4. Shopware’s Shopping Experiences: Mark the Blocks as Your Favorites and Find Them Faster

Shopware's Shopping Experiences

One more new feature for Shopping Experiences of Shopware will let you mark the elements and blocks as your favorites. 

For that, just click on the heart symbol. To find the elements or blocks quickly that you mostly use, filter in the dropdown menu by favorites. 

5. Show Or Hide Your Content Depending On The Device

Show Or Hide Your Content Depending On The Device

Based on your device, you can enhance the user experience by hiding or showing content. 

With Shopware’s Shopping Experiences, you can make your content appear and even disappear easily on various devices, such as tablets, mobile, or desktops. For that, you need to click on the “block or section settings” and choose “visibility.”

6. Manage Multiple Warehouses And Inventory Levels With Multi-Inventory

For the success of any business, your inventory management should be efficient. To ease this, Shopware has arrived with “Multi-inventory” to help you manage and meet orders across varied locations, leading to satisfied customers and seamless business operations. “Shopware Beyond” can reap the benefits of this feature. 

Using the multi-inventory feature, you can:

  • Organize the warehouse into groups.
  • To those warehouse groups, you can assign the products and define stock according to the warehouse.
  • Connect warehouse groups with rules to display the accurate stock automatically to customers. 

7. Introducing the final release of Guided Shopping!

With Guided Shopping, a top-notch feature, you can enhance your customer experience by allowing you to host interactive, customer-focused live video events directly on your website with no need to switch between varied tools. So, with this feature, you don’t need to juggle more between video conferencing, presentation software, and your online store. 

Previously, Guided Shopping was available in beta, but the wait is over now. Now, Shopware Beyond can avail of this feature officially. 

8. Flow Builder | Share Flows

We have already discussed the new flow templates. Along with that, with an Evolve, Rise, or Beyond Plan, customers can share flows. By uploading and downloading functions, this transfer is accomplished. These shareable flows include varied references, from products to customer groups to email templates, custom fields, or rules. 

9. Remember to Activate Shopware Commercial

Users of self-hosted versions can reap the benefits of these new features, like shareable flows and multi-inventory, by activating Shopware Commercial. 

You can: 

  • Log in to your admin area
  • Go to Extensions
  • Go to My extensions
  • Activate Shopware Commercial

This also makes sure that you don’t have to implement new features separately manually. Instead, you will receive updates automatically. 

If you’re looking to take your online business to the next level, consider working with a Shopware development company! With the help of experienced developers, you can build a custom, user-friendly e-commerce platform that fits your unique needs and helps you stand out from the competition.

Ganesh Tharol

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