Shopware's November Release,, Is out Now. 

Shopware has arrived with improved error notifications, the app system’s CMS elements, and a minute enhancement in performance.

General Updates of Shopware

1. Increased Price Calculation Performance

With the earlier version, whenever you would have attempted to connect your shipping methods to varied rules and increased prices, it created issues ahead. Also, with the same version, in the shipping cart, the change in shipping methods results in performance issues. 

Now, with the latest Shopware release, you will witness an improvement in such problems to experience a seamless shopping experience. 

2. Smooth Shopping Experiences

For Shopware, the shopping experiences play a vital role, and they facilitate appealing and easy layout designs for various online store pages. 

With this new Shopware version, app developers can augment the shopping experiences. Using their apps, they can now append custom elements to let merchants enjoy increased freedom in crafting engaging content pages. 

3. Updated Display of Error Notifications

The Shopware team has upgraded and unified the error notification display. With the new version, while configuring in the administration, if an error message appears, you will understand the error and its resolution easily and quickly. 

4. Symfony Flex

Shopware has emerged with the rollout of a Symfony-based, new Composer template. 

5. Storefront Design Library

With this latest release, you can now find Shopware’s Storefront Design Library on Figma. You can uncover the details in their blog post, also. 

Commercial Features

The Community Edition hasn’t mentioned some features; let’s talk about them. 

1. Easily find the profile settings in the storefront

Earlier, the profile administration was found through the “My Account” item, which B2B suite users found confusing. 

Now, users can easily and quickly find their profile setting on the B2B suite storefront with “Your Profile,” an extra item in the navigation bar. 

2. Change profile details directly on the B2B Suite storefront

Since last month, customers have been free to modify profile information directly on their B2B Suite storefront. 

Something new has been caught: 

Contacts (debtors’ sub-accounts) and debtors can now manage contact details, like first name, last name, salutation, and email address, as a self-service and also edit it directly on the storefront. This ease will lead to the reduced effort of debtors and administration.

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Ganesh Tharol

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