Since the last decade, the ecommerce industry is thriving with tremendous momentum. It is hard to imagine the life of a modern millennium without shopping on the internet. It saves the consumers’ efforts and time, and the sellers avoid certain expenses of running a physical store. However, you must have observed that certain online stores are more popular and successful than others. Mostly, it is due to the features of the ecommerce development platform itself. To ensure the best customer experience, next-level features and functionalities, and a successful conversion rate for your ecommerce store, platforms like Shopware have been created. Today’s article will compare the Shopware versions, i.e., Shopware 5 and Shopware 6.Shopware Comparison Shopware 5 vs Shopware 6

Shopware 5

Shopware has been created to deliver vast features and functionalities for ecommerce. Shopware AG has been steadily developing new solutions and upgrading this product for the past two decades. The headquarters of the company are located in Sheppingen, Germany.

Shopware 5 Themes

Shopware 5 comes with a vast range of modules and unique themes suitable for every business and industry need. About 80,000 merchants are using Shopware for their ecommerce stores. Some popular brands using Shopware are Aston Martin, M&M’s, Discovery Channel EU, Philips, etc.

Shopware 5 Templates

An ecommerce development platform is identified by how much it is easier for merchants to master it. The template system of Shopware 5 allows merchants to quickly change the visual appearance of store pages and improve the quality of service. The customers will be able to buy their favorite products easily and get satiate with goods selection.

Most Important Shopware 5 Features

The Shopware developers claim that by using the correct Shopware 5 plugins, you can significantly increase the emotional purchases on your ecommerce store. Also, the customers will get vivid impressions of the products.

As the t3n magazine survey, it made Shopware ranks the most popular ecommerce development platform in Germany.

Shopware 5: Platform Benefits

1. Highly Intuitive & Easy To Use

The backend of Shopware 5 is well structured; the interface is highly intuitive and optimized for simplified use. You can customize the footer of Shopware 5 to send notifications to the customers about current discounts and promotions. It saves time and allows the user to focus on more complex tasks.

2. Convenient Personalization: Shopware 5 template system, Shopware 5 themes

Themes and templates let the users create a unique and attractive store. Also, any change in the UI will not affect the code, and the program should perform all actions properly.

3. High-Tech Capabilities Of Shopware 5 API

Shopware 5 architecture supports HTTP/2 server pushing, HTML minification, SVG format, PHP 7.3, MySQL, and ElasticSearch.

4. Fast Implementation

Even after making massive changes, you can quickly and effectively resume the operations of your store. It is most critical in the ecommerce development platforms.

5. Filtering System

You can choose from a wide variety of existing filters or create new filters and sortings for a better user experience on your Shopware store.

6. Open Source Code

The Shopware developers have complete freedom of action to add new configuration options and code modules to make the store more user-friendly and convenient.

7. Convenient sub shop hosting

The hosting of Shopware 5 allows you to publish your ecommerce store immediately without the intervention of any technical details. Also, you can use virtual URLs for various store versions.

It is easy to install Shopware 5 and will not take a lot of time. There are four editions of the Shopware 5:

  • Community Edition
  • Professional Edition
  • Professional Plus
  • Shopware Enterprise

The choice of the edition depends upon your requirements. E.g., if you are a new startup or want to try your luck in the ecommerce industry, you may start with the community edition. However, if your business is now thriving or already an established brand, you must go with the Professional edition. In turn, the Enterprise version has a high selection of capabilities tailored for large online projects. The developers also supplied the detailed Shopware 5 tutorial.

Shopware 6

When creating the roadmap of Shopware 5, developers used to spend a lot of thought and effort making the platform suitable for high-quality work in ecommerce. After the release of Shopware 6, customers get more complex but easy to manage programs. The Shopware developers are already working on the previous Shopware versions for a long time and consider it the perfect answer to meet the rising challenges in the modern ecommerce industry.

In January 2020, the first Shopware stable version was released. Within this time, many companies already able to recognize the strengths of Shopware and understand how it is better than its predecessor.

Shopware 6 Advantages

1. Augmented Admin Panel

If you compare Shopware 5 and 6, you will find that Shopware 6 comes with more intuitive management and is more minimalistic than the Vue framework used for the frontend. The processes are more accessible due to fast control element search mechanics.

2. Easy To Fill Quality Content

The graphical interface of Shopware 6 allows you to develop an original design even without programming languages knowledge and regardless of which product and in what amounts you put up for sale.

3. New Tools Of SEO

The merchants will appreciate Shopware usage when they will open the store on any device. Also, it is simple to write content on your Shopware 6 store due to the new SEO features. The new Shopping Experience solution makes each page of the online store regulated and adapted to user needs. Also, unlike Shopware 5 SEO capabilities, the new version allows adapting to ever-changing search engine requirements much faster.

4. Find New Sales Channels

There are new program options that can increase your ecommerce store and brand awareness and pick up new product promotion types. You can attract new potential buyers with the opportunities such as social networks or collaborative trading platforms. There are tons of other options where your target audience meets and communicates. Thus, you will not just promote the brand but also improve customer loyalty. This difference is highly noticeable when matching Shopware 5 vs. Shopware 6.

5. Connect With International Markets

Shopware 6 comes with features that let you reach the international market as well. There is multi-lingual support, and with multi-currency support, the developers can specify prices in foreign currencies. It can also work with the legislative framework of other countries and select the appropriate channels for finding customers.

6. Advanced Business Opportunities

The Rule Builder option in Shopware allows adjusting an online store’s individual rules and policies. You can find an approach to unusual business groups. Mention the formulas of the final price of the goods, choose individual fees, and set the delivery costs.

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Shopware 5 and Shopware 6: Differences

The Shopware developers claim that the new version has been developed from scratch using the most modern technologies for making this platform an ideal platform for ecommerce requirements. Let’s know about the differences between Shopware 5 and Shopware 6:


Shopware 6 comes with an all-new Symfony-based kernel which gives you a very high level of performance. API-first approach assumes that the integration capabilities of Shopware 5 have been improved a lot. The Community editions are distributed based on MIT license. Also, Shopware 6 has better integration capabilities, which makes it more practical.

2. Admin Panel

The admin panel is probably the most notable feature among the differences between Shopware 5 and Shopware 6. It has been developed from scratch using the Vue.js framework, which in the future can replace even React and Angular.

3. WebPack

Shopware 6 comes with a Webpack builder. It is a static asset generator that has gained the most popularity among technology giants such as Airbnb, Adobe, and Slack in recent years.

4. General Impression

If we go through the general impression of Shopware 5 vs. 6, Shopware 6 is surpassing Shopware 5. The core features in Shopware 6 have been improved or reworked. Also, the developer did a lot of work on the bugs and removed many flaws. The paramount convenience of the new version is that interaction with potential customers has become more accessible.

Comparison Chart: Shopware 5 and Shopware 6

Shopware 5 Shopware 6
APIs are complicated to use Developers can easily integrate APIs
Smarty (Template Engine) Twig (Template Engine)
CSS and LESS Bootstrap 4 and SASS
Extend.Js ES 6, VUE JS and Webpack
Plugin Structure (plugin.xml) Advanced Plugin Structure (Composer.json)
Shopping World usage Experience world usage

How Shopware 6 Is Beneficial For Your Business?

In comparison to its predecessor, Shopware 6 is having a different level. Shopware 6 has been developed from the ground level for promoting online sales in the best possible ways. The designers, developers, analysts, and other entities have worked a lot on Shopware 6 platform to make it highly flexible and intuitive to use. Focused on meeting the new challenges of modern ecommerce expectations, Shopware 6 has numerous options that predict your steps for business development. You can build strong relationships with your clientele or customers, regardless of their location. Its growth hasn’t stopped, and it is ongoing. You can find new tools and functions anytime.

If you want to develop your ecommerce store, design it with a perfect UX, and prioritize the high-quality service, then Shopware 6 is the best choice. The previous version has proven itself worthy enough, but one needs to keep up with the times to stay competitive and conquer new areas of ecommerce.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have seen the compared differences between Shopware 5 and Shopware 6. Shopware 5 was an ultimate ecommerce platform, but as we entered the 3rd decade of the 21st century, there are new customers’ expectations that may not be fulfilled by Shopware 5. Also, regular updates of Shopware 5 can end at any time in 2021.

The transition of Shopware 5 to Shopware 6 is not a highly complicated process, but you will require developers’ hands. At Emizentech, the best Shopware development company in India, we have expertise in developing Shopware from scratch and upgrading the Shopware stores to the latest platforms. Let us know your requirements.

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