Salesforce Cloud Commerce has been a strong backbone for most organizations across industries. The CRM system is organized in a manner that caters to all industries, especially the eCommerce industry. They cater to the needs of all companies by integrating customer support management for them and providing them with the support necessary to them in any way. The eCommerce industry is quite dependant on Salesforce as times have changed and people have started relying on the online shopping medium than standing in long queues at the stores, waiting for their turn to first select clothes, then try them on, and lastly wait at the payment counters, since there are limited cashiers available.

To speed up the process, people have started turning to online shopping and other eCommerce sites and mobile applications. Firstly, these allow them to shop at their convenience, even while watching TV from their comfortable couches, secondly, they can go through all the products in one place without having to meander to different sections.

Recently Emizen Tech Pvt. Ltd. has widened its horizon by expanding its working into the CRM system as well for its clients. They have successfully launched Salesforce Commerce Cloud Service for the eCommerce industry.

We are a web development company that has now come up with the vision to help their clients grow leaps and bounds. It is now launching Salesforce commerce cloud services for the benefit of their clients.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is principally a cloud-based platform that helps the companies in making very unique and personalized experiences of buying a product online for the customers. The buying procedure for customers becomes very easy and simplified. Also, they can offer their services to clients across all channels such as mobile, social media, web, or physical stores.

What is Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

salesforce Commerce Cloud Service for ecommerceSalesforce Commerce Cloud is an integrated service provided by platforms for offering CRM services to their clients and offering a personalized shopping experience to the users. From looking at the products on the eCommerce apps to trying them virtually and then adding them to the cart, followed by the payment procedure, Salesforce covers everything and makes the entire process a seamless and unmatched experience.

The eCommerce app owners have to just get the app developed for their brand and add all the products they are dealing in on the app. Once that is done, the Salesforce comes into action and takes care of the rest of the things. That is when the app eCommerce platform owners can leave all their worries to the Salesforce team.

The functioning of Salesforce can be further segregated into two categories- Demandware and Cloudcraze.

Businesses that follow the B2C model of transactions can use Demandware, which not only allows them to use AI (Artificial Intelligence) on their platforms but also allows them to customize the mobile app experience and manage the orders.

On the other hand, Cloudcraze is mostly used by B2B type models. In the case of Cloudcraze, which has been quite new on Salesforce, one can track, analyze, store, and record the important data of various organizations.

Unprecedented Growth of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

With the growth of online platforms for eCommerce and the evolution of technology, there has been unparalleled growth in Salesforce Commerce Cloud services as well. The more we witness the growth of online platforms and the introduction of each eCommerce website or application, will take the Salesforce an inch higher.

The subscription and support industry has been witnessing a surge in recent times. An eCommerce platform cannot function without having a proper CRM in place. While most businesses might perform its functions on its own, it is very difficult to get a support team onboard and train them in dealing with the customers. This is why the Salesforce Commerce Cloud has taken the market by storm and has been on top of everyone else.

According to a recent report by Salesforce, the revenue generated by the subscription and support services of the company’s Marketing and Commerce Cloud software witnessed an increase by 1.1 percent year over year in July 2020, which estimated to $ 746 million. It was stated by the officials that the online presence of commerce and trade led to their growth.

Bret Taylor, President, and Chief Operating Officer said,

We saw over 100% year-over-year GMV growth this past quarter, and I think it really reflects the broad digitization of commerce. And, I think when I looked at our Commerce Cloud and our differentiated value proposition, it’s two things. One is we do both B2C Commerce and B2B Commerce. And I think that when I talk to customers, it’s really about all of their channels.

Salesforce Revenue from 2015 to 2020 in U.S. million dollars

Salesforce commerce cloud revenue

Importance of Having Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Having a Salesforce integrated platform has become quite essential in these competitive times when everyone is trying to thrive in the competition and prove to be the best. How can you beat your competitors? The easiest and most effective way by offering unique and different services to the customers than what the crowd has to offer. That is why CRM has become so important to any eCommerce platform. Here are some features that make an eCommerce platform strong:

Business Intelligence

Salesforce einstein-analytics business intelligenceThe key business decisions can only be taken by an organization if it has the access to accurate data of all transactions done on the platform in a day or a month. That is where the Salesforce comes into action. It helps the B2C platforms by providing them assistance on each step including managing the hundreds of customers that visit their site of an app in a day along with other functions. On the other hand, the B2B platforms deal in large transactions, which are again easily manageable with the help of Salesforce as they get access to all data of their platform.

Predictive Analysis

All platforms that use Salesforce have artificial intelligence deployed on their websites or apps that help them in generating the required data and making predictive intelligence. We have started integrating this system in all the platforms to see the number of customers that visit the platform and their behavior. Based on the likes and dislikes, we then provide personalized services to the customers, so that they are not flooded with unwanted and spam emails or messages.


Salesforce gives you a wide scope of customizing your services for each customer. We have deployed a team of experts who are here to understand your needs and personalize plans for you according to your choices and preferences. Since there is a lot that the ecommerce platforms deal with, and the number of stages are also quite a few, the team can study customer behavior and customize their shopping experience accordingly. We make sure that the customers get an enhanced shopping experience.

Marketing Tools

salesforce marketingApart from performing various functions for your eCommerce platform, Salesforce can also play important role in marketing your products as it is self-sufficient in marketing tools. These tools can help make marketing campaigns and promote a company’s name or products on the virtual platform.

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Customize Platform for Mobile Devices

Since most people are using their mobile phones while browsing through the eCommerce platforms, we make sure to provide them the best experience by customizing the display of products among other things with the help of Salesforce. We also offer our clients a higher ranking on Google search results as the latter can now determine the ranking of an ecommerce platform on SERPs.

The eCommerce industry one of the biggest online industry which has been growing exponentially in the past few years and there is a lot more scope for its growth in the coming years. There are a lot of technicalities and steps involved in the functioning of an -Commerce website or an app, and the app developers and owners might not be self-sufficient in dealing with all these things on their own. Therefore, Salesforce can help them in every aspect and most importantly, offer their customers an experience like never before. All these things make Salesforce a complete package for eCommerce. Here are all the aspects that can be covered by the Salesforce in real-time:

  • Promotions
  • Interactions
  • Customer support
  • Inventory
  • Pricing
  • Products
  • Availability of products
  • Customization
  • Stores
  • Orders

Emizen Tech is a salesforce development company that has been helping eCommerce businesses grow with the help of salesforce commerce cloud services. We have been providing them assistance in CRM and helping them manage their platforms to enhance user experience. This does not only bring loyalty to their eCommerce platform but has also been helping them attract new customers and users.

Here is a list of services that we have been providing to our eCommerce clients:

  • We assist our clients with testing capabilities, wherein they can manage their inventory and promotions on their own.
  • We have deployed a team of experts who work on understanding customer behavior. They are then responsible for creating customized plans and experiences for them based on their likes and preferences.
  • Our process is very simple, which will further simplify your tasks including the managing of all orders, payment, inventory, etc.
  • We understand that the in-house teams need access to the data and all reports, we aim to provide them with a platform that is more centralized and accessible to everyone.
  • We also offer you services wherein you can implement multiple language integration.

Emizen Tech Pvt. Ltd. is an all-inclusive platform that offers a wide range of services to its clients. We have a team of skilled experts who have years of experience in handling and developing the technical know-how of ecommerce platforms. We have served some reputed big names including the likes of Fun Corp, Rebellious, EGO, Moriitalia among others. With a team of over 200 people, we have successfully served more than 450 clients in our 8 years of functioning. Based out of Jaipur, Emizen was founded in 2013, We saw over 100% year-over-year GMV growth this past quarter, and I think it really reflects the broad digitization of commerce. Bret Taylor, president, and the chief operating officer said on a conference call with investment analysts, according to a transcript from Seeking Alpha.

And, I think when I looked at our Commerce Cloud and our differentiated value proposition, it’s two things. One is we do both B2C Commerce and B2B Commerce. And I think that when I talk to customers, it’s really about all of their channels.

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