Instagram has now become the new destination for e-commerce businesses to unleash new shopping desires of buyers and explore new trends in online shopping. You too can make the most out of Instagram’s shoppable posts provided you have a foolproof shoppable IG strategy in place. As far as this strategy is concerned, it is beyond the link in the bio section of your Instagram profile.


According to an article published on HuffPost, Instagram has come up with an all-new shop account, which is extremely curated to trigger more sales. The photo-sharing social app has created a shopping account to highlight beauty, fashion, as well as, lifestyle products.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss why you need to use Instagram’s shoppable posts for more e-commerce sales.

Shoppable Posts Augment The Storytelling Status

When your e-commerce products are visually stunning, shoppable posts are your best bet to improve your sales. Usually, brands selling beauty, food, fashion, art and crafts, furniture, and lifestyle products can reap the maximum benefits out of Instagram’s shoppable posts. Use stunning IG posts to display your products that have a context and include a natural story, which makes sense for your e-commerce brand. A genuine increase in Instagram story views will lead to increased ecommerce sales.

Pique the interest of your buyers by building a narrative through your IG posts, as modern consumers are knowledgeable about marketing and advertising, sometimes, more than the retailers.

There are a couple of steps to create stories for your shoppable posts. These include choosing visually appealing products, brainstorming for new story ideas or narratives, and design Instagram photos that highlight your products naturally within a theme such as festive shopping during Easter, Thanksgiving, or New Year.

Including storytelling into your social media strategy will help you improve engagement naturally. Such content will resonate with your audience, unlike traditional advertising that looks bland and extremely bleak.

Shoppable Posts Use Tags For Enhancing eCommerce Sales

Shoppable posts are easy to set up, as all you need to do is include the tags in the photos within your Instagram account to promote the images. As far as these tags are concerned, they serve as product descriptions for the stuff you would like to sell.

The tags help in breaking down the products for mobile devices so that your customers have a better understanding. Today, just asking your audience to purchase items is not adequate; you need to create a context surrounding your products for sale. You can use the tags to display the product names and prices. Moreover, these tags are clickable links that drive buyers to your e-commerce website for making a purchase. When you share high-resolution product images through your shoppable posts, expect to buy followers on Instagram, who may eventually turn into your loyal customers.

Most online shopping happens on smartphones these days, and people do not have the time to read detailed product descriptions. That is why your tags should mention your brand name in the first place, next, the item to let buyers know about the product manufacturer. Keep things clear, short, and simple to increase the possibilities of a quick sale.

Shoppable tags are the key to the success of Instagram sales without pushing your products too much or resorting to hard selling.

Partner With Influencers

As per reports, 92% of buyers trust the suggestions of friends over different types of promoting. While this doesn’t really mean you should jettison all your other publicizing endeavors, the number unmistakably shows how significant social influencers actually are, and why you should use them to enhance your present showcasing plan.

Need to discover influencers to join forces with? Have a go at looking at influencer marketing stages like Upfluence or Hype Auditor. Search through their data set to see which ones have the arrive at that best fit your image. Obviously, you could do the DIY technique and filter through your followers and think about those with a generally huge after.
After you’ve discovered likely accomplices, study what they’re after and decide your goal.

It is safe to say that you are hoping to fabricate your crowd? Have your accomplice influencer acquaint your image with their followers.

Would you like fast outcomes regarding deals? Go for influencers whose after is like yours, at that point have them advance your items.

Simple To Target (& Retarget) Your Audience

We realize that focusing on the correct audience is critical to the achievement of your advertisements. Yet, how does Instagram help you arrive at your main fans?

All things considered, in case you’re comfortable at all with Facebook publicizing, you comprehend the force and profundities accessible to contact your crowd. A portion of the focusing on highlights includes

Area: Whether you’re focusing on an entire country or only one city, the area isn’t an issue.

Demographics: Want to send your advertisements just to 37-year-elderly people ladies who speak Catalan? Instagram can pinpoint language and sex demographics.

Interests: Base your promotions on what your crowd follows on Instagram, including different organizations that might be your immediate rivalry. You likewise can put together your inclinations with respect to the promotions they click and the applications they use.

Practices: Define an advertisement’s crowd by the moves they make on (and off) Instagram and Facebook. For instance, effectively retarget potential clients who have visited your site before yet never made a buy.

Lookalike audiences: Your supporters are important for a particular individual who is anxious to see your content (and ideally purchase your items). Along these lines, you can target promotions to individuals that are like the ones that as of now follow you or have bought on your site.

Instagram additionally offers automated focusing; giving you a head start in making a crowd of people that may be keen on your image. To get significantly more data, look at our Instagram sizes and promoting measurements control!

Shoppable Posts Reduce The Obstacles To Sales Unlike Standalone Websites

It is true indeed that e-commerce websites and retailers face some challenges when it comes to sales and convincing buyers to make a purchase. Based on the findings of Marketing Carts, approximately $4 trillion products result in shopping cart abandonment. This is not the case with the shoppable posts of Instagram, as they reduce the obstacles to a possible sale unlike standalone e-commerce stores online.

The e-commerce sites beleaguer online shoppers with several aspects such as product overload, elaborate descriptions, shipping prices, and things like that. When it comes to Instagram’s shoppable posts, they lift the burden off customers by confusing them with too many options or choices.

If you look at some of the shoppable posts, brands use clear photos to show people how to use a product and persuade buyers to purchasefor a couple of reasons. An ideal shoppable post will use an image that looks relaxed and product-based. The post will inform customers as to how to use the product. For example, a sneaker and how one should lace it up. Shoppable posts also eliminate the common barriers to shopping like complex product descriptions, shipping information, and too many products to choose from, making customers perplexed.


Shoppable posts help in improving sales because they do not overwhelm or annoy buyers on Instagram. On the contrary, these posts motivate and inform online customers that result in positive outcomes. Your customers should feel comfortable and safe when shopping online. Once you manage to remove all barriers to shopping, customers will like to buy products from your brand. Now that you know the benefits of shoppable posts, design your Instagram content accordingly.

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