The nonstop evolution of technology brings tremendous variations in smartphone devices. In prior days it was only used to make calls but now we can send emails, take photos, set alarms, etc. Surprisingly, the same thing happened with Automobiles; in prior days it was only used to take people around without any advanced features but now comprises tremendous functions with OTA (over the air) update. As per market reports, the worldwide OTA updates marketplace for automotive is valued at $2,422.6 million in 2020. It is predictable to increase at a CAGR of 19.5% in 2021–2030.

OTA Update For Advanced Driver Assistance System


What Is OTA Update For Automobiles?

OTA stands for an over-the-air update. The idea is to send software updates with vehicle-connected technology from the cloud to update the features and functionality of the car. OTA update keeps your car better even if it ages. OTA adds value to your car. OTA enables the vehicle to receive updates for ECU (electronic control unit) software technology from the cloud.

Electronic control unit runs more of the electrical systems or subsystems in a vehicle such as from your car’s engine to sunroof. The feature enhancements and boosting operational efficiency of vehicle parts become effective with OTA. Consequently, if all the update is available to them from the cloud, then it will assuredly decrease recall possibility for an original equipment manufacturer.

Cars and driving are changing faster today than at almost any other time in the last century. We can take an example with adaptive cruise control (ACC), which lets a driver keep a constant speed, at the same time maintain a constant distance from vehicles moving on a similar path. The car can robotically accelerate and brakes within the pre-set limit on its own. After getting clear about OTA, we will also go through its advantage and drawbacks for better understanding.

Over-The-Air Update Advantages

  • No in-person recalls by car dealers. An OTA update recall eliminates the visit to car dealers by car owners for making updates.
  • Besides saving time for the vehicle owner, OTA updates can mean significant savings for the automobile maker.
  • The value of the vehicle is increased and the vehicle becomes better equipped even if it ages with the OTA update.
  • New safety features are continuously updated and if any issue occurs it will also be quickly addressed with OTA.

Over The Update Drawbacks

  • Less opportunity for car dealers as their interaction with Car owners is eliminated with OTA.
  • Higher risk is associated with cybersecurity malware and personal information exposure.
  • What if one application is updated and the other one is not, this will lead to a problematic issue.

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How Does ADAS Work?

OTA Update For Driver Assistance System

Well, the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) is a type of advanced electronic system technology implemented into vehicles. ADAS systems use automotive technology to help drivers in driving and parking functions. Overall, the main object of ADAS is to comprehend the surroundings and develop an awareness of possible circumstances in an improved method by semi-autonomous cars for harmless driving.

But how they can do now understand it on the technical front. A system on a Chip (SoC) is a combined chip that holds autonomous application solutions or maximum components of an electronic system. These chips attach sensors to actuators through interfaces and high-performance ECUs (electronic controller units). Self-driving cars use this technology and hardware designs to match higher performance goals while instantaneously dropping strains on power.

ADAS Work In Automatic

A camera AI sensor-based device is installed to assist the driver to be better aware of driving surroundings. The camera in the car could be placed at the top, front, back, sides to capture the images of various objects. Sensor-based camera with 360-degree vision also acknowledges traffic sign-language like a highway, roadside signs, vehicles, walkers, and other things.

In case you are wondering but everything happens under the hood with camera software. After capturing the image, the camera software analyses the information. The software is particularly developed for understanding the information captured by the camera for safe driving.

ADAS Work In Safe Driving

The reason for many accidents and Collison is caused by lack of attention or the unexpected arrival of an object. In this scenario, ADAS provides a big help by maintaining attention on driving which results in decrease pressure of driving. ADAS helps in safe driving with Night Vision View, Driver Monitoring, Adaptive Cruise, Control, Surround View Park Assist, Blindspot Detection/Monitoring, Lane Leaving Cautionary System.

ADAS Applications

ADAS technology such as sensor fusion, lidar, and radar, understanding of information similar as human and can respond more quickly than any human ever can. What could be better than having ADAS applications, check the details of some of the wonderful applications below. Internationally, about 80% of the passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles are featured with the ADAS system. The Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Market is foreseeable to list a CAGR of 16.22%.

1. Adaptive Cruise Control

ACC system is developed for helping the next generation drivers to maintain a safe distance from another vehicle. ACC system uses the lidar system or radar system to detect the distance and speed of the vehicle. The brake and accelerator controls are done to keep the vehicle safe from Collison with the vehicle ahead and maintain the safe position with each other. The automatic system all by itself can accelerate, brake, slow down when detecting any mishappening. It provides great help to highway drivers where it gets difficult to control the vehicle and understand the distance and speed of another vehicle.

2. Glare-Free High Beam and Pixel Light

It creates forward expansion of vision and drivers can drive with the high beam on at all times. High beam and pixel light also Help in getting early identification of obstacles and dangers so the driver reacts early. Glare-Free High Beam and Pixel light use sensors to adjust to the darkness and the vehicle’s environment deprived of troubling approaching traffic.

3. Adaptive Light Control

With Adaptive light control, the vehicle’s headlights get adapted to outside lighting surroundings. Lack of sleep has become a social issue, and it increases the chances of an accident by a driver. The main aim of its design is to provide night-time traffic safety. This lighting method will support the growth of new brainy lighting devices that decrease the bad consequence of light on sleep and also lower power consumption.

4. Automatic Parking

It is an autonomous car parking system that assists drivers of unsighted spots so they can easily distinguish at what time to turn the steering wheel and brake. This system is used to park cars from a rush-hour traffic lane into a parking spot to make equivalent, vertical, or viewpoint parking. The automatic parking system’s goal is to improve the ease and security of driving in controlled surroundings where plenty of attention and skill is compulsory to park the car. The main aim of this system is to direct the vehicle’s secure position and swiftness in direction to attain the wanted shape of the vehicle’s way inside the accessible space.

5. Autonomous Valet Parking

Parking your car automatically is no more a dream with autonomous valet parking is an innovation that provides an automatic drive-up and park service. This technology performs through vehicle sensor meshing, 5G network communication, with cloud services that manage autonomous vehicles in parking areas. VP lets the car be left at the drop-off area of the parking garage without further bother, for this driver has to install an app on a smartphone device.

It comprises cameras that identify appropriate, empty parking spots in the parking garage, monitor the driving environments, and that sense unforeseen complications or people in the car’s track so that the vehicle can respond instantly.


In a nutshell, the ADAS automotive software helps in creating advanced driving services and secure surroundings for road complications, further vehicles, and walkers. ADAS use a sensor visual processing device to recognize and track information. It provides a great safety feature for drivers such as lane departure warning, collision evading, avoid accidents. Consequently, these features will improve the driver’s experience. hire a best software development company who has experienced software developers and can take your idea to next level.

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