“The future belongs to robotic cars” well you might be wondering why we are stating this, then you must read this article to know what the future holds and why we are right.

There is no doubt that automobile softwares are changing the future of the mobility industry with a flawless automated experience of driving. Software applications are used to implement the car’s functionality that runs on the essential processors, memory, and sensors. Technology innovation is evolved the overall traditional driving setting.Types Of automotive Softwares

The mobility industry is moving to the future at a fast speed with continuous up-gradation of software and turning a dream into reality. The human-machine interface becomes the new focus of a car’s functionality that how fine they work. We are looking forward to the newly added expansion in Advanced driver assistance system capabilities.

Mobility industry providing software to clients as software as a service (SaaS) and embedded software. In modern times SaaS is getting more popular and will have more dominancy in the future mobility industry. A vehicle with OTA (Over the air) allows the vehicle to obtain updates for ECU (electronic control unit) software technology from the cloud.

Use Of Software In The Automotive Industry

There has been a huge involvement of software applications and AI in the mobility industry. SaaS platforms provide delivery through cloud platforms will be further significant in the upcoming time. Over the air with built-in cybersecurity will be essential for all software clients.

automotive software market stats
Automotive Software Market Size Worldwide 2018 – 2024

The enlarged advance services that are connected with cars are snowballing the progress of the Automotive Software Market scope. The automotive embedded calculation has developed the main area for progression in the respective automobile software market. The quick acceptance of internet of things sensors in vehicles is increasing the safety of vehicles.

According to the latest Valuates report, in 2018, the software market raised $8,660 million. The worldwide mobility Software market by the end of 2025 is predicted to grasp USD 18,600 million. CAGR is expected to rise 0.1% from 2019 to 2025.

There are numerous uses of software in the mobility industry, check it below.

  • Vehicle Consultation Appointment: It gets difficult to manage workload at garage offline with several customers coming at the same time. Where the garage is understaffed, they felt this issue at an extensive level. In this scenario, vehicle consultation has been (is proven to be) a boon to this industry. It works exactly like having an appointment for business counseling.
  • Early booking for vehicle appointments enables the staff to provide better services. It also saves the time of customers.
  • Real-Time Status Tracking: Customer will get to know live status update whether the maintenance has started or not. Customers receive an estimated time of when the vehicle is ready to be picked on the mobile application.
  • Designing The Model Of Vehicle: CAD, CAM software applications are used to model the car’s engine parts. It helps determine the mechanics and functional design of the vehicle.
  • Photography Of Vehicles: With HDR light studio software A virtual lighting set is provided with real studio techniques to generate photos. With the use of this software better HDR photography of vehicles is generated as it helps in creating a wide variety of lighting effects in no time. This software reduces the interpretation time of photos.

List Of Most Common Software In The Automotive Industry

The software has entirely changed the functionality of the mobility industry as it improves the overall experience of drivers with unbelievable safety features. Automotive software is making life much easier by providing numerous benefits. We have listed some of the software that is exactly like a dime in a dozen, check the list below for better understanding.

Vehicle Design Software

blender vehicle design software
Source: Blender

Computer-aided design (CAD) design software is a combination of hardware and software that makes the designing process flawless for the designer. The automotive industry in CAD software is forecasted to see immense growth at a worldwide level.

The paper design was replaced by drawing design on the computer in modern times with software. It is easier to do complex design on the computer while eliminating the problems occurring in detail & measurement. Design can be easily checked with rotation and tilting images from diverse angles. It gets easier to circulate the design on computer-completed item configuration.

CAD 2D,3D software is used by many popular companies which include Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Mahindra & Mahindra, Tata, Hyundai, Kia, and Maruti Suzuki. Consequently, it is estimated that in 2022 the CAD In the mobility Industry is predicted to display the uppermost CAGR in Asia.

For better understanding, we’ll cover top vehicle design software available for the automotive industry that removes the hurdles in process of designing.

1. 3DS MAX

3DS MAX software3DS MAX software was created for 3D animation and liveliness by Autodesk. This product is designed to deliver visual feedback and an efficient editing process. Several layout designs are provided to speed up the process and it also has copy and pastes functions. This software is a paid service on a monthly subscription of $185. you can get a full-year subscription based on 1 year, two-yearly, or 3year subscription.

2. Blender

blender_community_badge_orangeBlender is an open-source 3D creation software available for free. Blender supports displaying, wires, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, 2D animation, video editing. It is easy to manufacture your highlights with great help while being a pushed client. With the Blender cloud stage, it is easy to share your effort with clients.

3. AutoCAD Revit LT Suite

AutoCAD Revit LT SuiteThis designing software is easy to use for those designers who are complete beginners. PDF files are easy to bring in as AUTOCAD objects. There are several options are available to change the settings. Settings can be customized to drive them to the novel interface. This software application is settled in the direction of a specialized structure. In addition to this wonderful application offers you a chance to change your AutoCAD drawings irrespective of your location.

You can select a package on a yearly or monthly basis as per requirements. Long tenure subscriptions have several benefits added to them such as the support team will answer queries. A monthly subscription to this software is available at $45.

4. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe PhotoshopIt is one of the top popular software, if you are well attentive to Adobe Photoshop editing tools then you can make fine use of Adobe Photoshop for car designs. This software offers several video lessons and manuals to make the learning process easy.

3D changing and image examination tackles have been combined into Adobe Photoshop. It is easy to share, alter and match up work when required. A monthly subscription to this software is available at $676 per month.

5. Sketchbook Designer

Sketchbook DesignerSketchbook designer offers a designing setting where mutually paint and vector tools are available. Sketchbook offers various brushes and pencil with more than 100 exclusive sorts of brushes, and entire set are flexible.

This application lets you design in full screen through a scene or image direction that will help in creating a design with detail. You can style your design extra exclusive with its design layout and features. Having onboarded the paperless feature does not put the restriction in layers.

build your own automotive dms software

Vehicle Safety Software

Vehicle Safety Software
Source: TrackPod

Vehicle safety software is mainly designed and developed to improve vehicles, how the roads can be improved, driver’s safety. The vehicle includes safety features to stop crashes and accidents by informing the driver and at the same time captivating control of the vehicle. Safety software provides adaptive features that consist of automated lighting, automated braking, showing blindspots, and assisted reversing. Some features are provided as embedded and some areas SaaS add-on.

In 2020 the automotive safety systems market reported for USD 88 billion. It is forecasted that in 2026 the mobility industry market will hit at USD 120 billion with prominent growth of CAGR of over 6%. The safety software demand is increasing continuously as people are looking for more protection while driving.

The new-generation vehicles are possibly be fortified with adaptive cruise control (ACC) and blind-spot detection (BSD), as ordinary features. Advanced Driver Assistant Systems (ADAS) demand is increasing continuously due to the increased number of accidents on high-speed roads. The main focus of OEMs is on uninterruptedly manufacturing and revolutionary vital security systems on the automobile. The market is predictable to unceasingly advance the know-how, with strict safety standards being executed.

Vehicle Navigation Software

Vehicle Navigation Software
Source: NYTimes

Navigation software is highly popular and a must-have in vehicles. If you are having a problem finding a location while driving, don’t worry this navigation software helps you in finding the destination easily. This software application is embedded with the car’s functionality. A satellite navigation device helps in finding the current location of your vehicle regarding your traveled destination. Automotive navigation is constructed on the shortest path problem, within diagram philosophy. It inspects how to recognize the track that meets some criteria shortest, cheapest, fastest from one place to another.

The global navigation satellite system (GNSS) market in 2019 was valued at euro 150.7 billion. predictions for 2029 signifying that the GNSS market is probable to increase to 324.4 billion euros.

The navigation system in the 2021 Cadillac Escalade is the perfect example that how navigation will evolve in the future. If you select audio driving directions in the system menu the voice will give you direction. If you need to turn on the left side the voice will come from the right side and so on. When you switch the camera on, it will show the augmented reality to show you the surrounding location.

The images will be available on your device when you select a location and all thanks go (goes) to Google street view. Extravagance brands such as Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, and Cadillac are all offering embedded GPS navigation systems.

Top applications of navigation

  • Google maps
  • Waze
  • Apple maps
  • Citymapper
  • Magellan TRX

Vehicle Diagnostics Software

Vehicle Diagnostics SoftwareWith automatic diagnostic software, a smart vehicle can alter its productivity to lesser fuel consumption. It helps in display the top way taking into account traffic flow and climate environments. What could be better than detecting errors in the engine and gather information to assemble lesser insurance rates.

Modern vehicles are fortified with an onboard diagnostics port that delivers access to data from the engine control unit (ECU). After plugging in the outside gadget, information can be accessed. Car’s condition can be diagnosed with an onboard diagnosis. you can purchase a diagnostic software application that allows attaching a laptop to the OBD.

Vehicle application has two parts, one is a device and the second one is the application on the computer.

When the car owner or driver drives the vehicle, the car diagnostic app analyzes the histories and performs the work as a smart assistant. It guides, how to drive extra carefully, how to decrease fuel consumption in the vehicle, and how to increase vehicle life.

The automotive global distant diagnostics market will rise at a CAGR of closely 18% in 2028, according to a study of Future Market Insights (FMI). The diagnostic market is growing fast because of continuous automation and smart mobility.

Garage Management Software

garage management softwareAuto repair shop’s functioning is getting complex that’s when the requirement of garage software arises. This software enables your commercial to encounter the current and upcoming demands for your client’s vehicle service, repair, and maintenance at garages. There are numerous softwares available with automated procedures which bring competence and enhance output that boosts profits. A cloud-based platform offers real-time information over their Client app and Operator App.

Garage management software is suitable for the automobile industry as it provides manifold functionalities. The garage management business is completely handled by garage software. It makes the complete process automated from arrival of the vehicle to its repair & tracking till it is picked by the car owner. It gets easy to maintain and record a database of customers and vehicle and history.

  • This software robotically upsurges or cuts the inventory equal grounded on sales occurrence.
  • It helps in keeping the maintenance record that provides improved customer vision.
  • Follow-ups, track vehicle history, and manages the due date becomes automated with software that helps in increasing better relations with the customer.
  • The workload of the garage gets reduced with its functions of Analytics, reporting, and invoice generation.

Dealership Management Software

car dealership management systemWith its name, we can understand that it is created specifically for the mobility industry’s dealers and sellers to manage inventory. This system effectively manages finance, sales, components, inventory, and management mechanisms for successively running the dealership. Dealers don’t have to remember the tax filing date as with this software it becomes automated.

This software also provides automation for handling promotion, customer relations, and sales. It provides real-time updates of inventory to manage it. This software has an eCommerce interface, online ordering, and selling.

In 2019, the dealer management system market was reported at approximately USD 6,981.67 million. It is forecasted that in 2027 the market will reach USD 10,028.30 million. CAGR is expected to rise at 6.8% throughout 2020–2027.

Automobile ERP Software

An ERP system stands for Enterprise Resource Planning system which helps to achieve competently company’s resources. This software helps in mix-manufacturing, stock, seller, obtaining human and other resources to redefine automobile business importantly. The setting up of an ERP system is approved out by a team of specialists who are conscious of the exact features of the motorized business. This system helps to track and analyze present strategy creation, make rational variations and regulate the work of every division.
The ERP software is estimated to record relentless growth with an entire market extent of about $50 Billion in 2024. The mobility industry contributes approximately USD 3.9 billion, which is projected to raise approximately USD 9 billion in 2026.

Automobile CRP Software

The CRP stands for Capacity Requirement Planning software. This software solution is mainly developed for the manufacturing industry with separate manufacturing developments. It lets the upkeep and interrelationships of resources, apparatuses, products, manufacture strategies.

OBD Application Development

On-board diagnosis port (OBD) app is used to read out the fault memory as well as to control restrained standards and Engine control unit information. Announcement information from ongoing processes can be kept and analyzed disconnected. With OBD it is easy to check the display of speed, engine swiftness, and chilling temperature at a peep. It shows errors code in symbolic explanation.

OBD Application development market size in 2019 was reported at USD 1 billion. The market size is estimated to grow at a CAGR of around 17% in the year 2020 to 2026.

Autonomous ADAS Solution

Advanced Driver Assistance SystemThis solution brings the requirement of testing as it augmented complications. Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) is a type of advanced electronic system technology applied to vehicles. Advance imitation and the application of high-performance computing is needed to check while discovering all the situation in the product development schedule. It is used to ensure driver and vehicle safety on the road with human less mobility.

The core aim of ADAS is to understand the environments and develop a consciousness of possible situations in a better-quality method by semi-autonomous cars for harmless driving. System on a Chip (SoC) is a joint chip that holds autonomous application solutions or all-out components of an electronic system. These chips assign sensors to actuators through interfaces and high presentation ECUs (electronic controller units).

The global ADAS and AD system sensor market in 2030 will be worth USD 43 billion, according to reports given by McKinsey and Company. LiDAR sensors are the swiftly rising part that can scan a zone in 3D and show high-resolution maps of the nearby environment.

Fleet Management Software

fleet management desktop ui dashboardFleet managing applications deliver excessive support to fleet managers by enlightening the company’s day-to-day fleet processes intensely like never before. Innovative applications sustenance the mobility industry in getting real-time updates regarding the processes while the vehicles are moving. Fleet manager’s dependency on applications upsurges the competence of fleet operation.

Automated fleet management with Telematics benefits in the estimate the future with real-time detailed information. With in-built Artificial intelligence, the system gets fully augmented and runs excellently.

In 2020, the fleet management software market was reported at USD 7.34 billion. It is forecasted that the growth of the market in 2026 will reach USD 22.08 billion. It is also forecasted that growth CAGR will reach up to 20.07% from the year 2021 to 2026.

Auto Insurance Claim Management Software

Auto Insurance Claim Management SoftwareThis software emphasis mainly offering data important for the assessment of claims with a unified system of record. insurance claims systems diminish the risk associated with insurance such as deceitful claims. The purpose of fraudulent claims is to get access to the sensitive personal information associated with claims in a prearranged style, supporting risk assessment.

One should choose insurance claims management software that mixes with Customer relationship management, bookkeeping, and Business Process Automation software. The software workflows should be customized based on the processed claim. The automatic repair claim process for insurers by automating systems, connecting main investors, fixers, and industry data, car evaluation guides, and parts lists into one unified place.

Auto Parts Inventory Management

Auto Parts Inventory ManagementInventory management comprises tracking inventory for the commercial. It is used by businesses to keep a track of stock in the warehouse, to reduces the issue of shortage with reordering. In the mobility industry, different components new and old are used to repair a vehicle that is why auto parts traders frequently want automotive parts inventory management systems.

Auto part dealers have purchasers from repair workshops, dealers, and people performing DIY repairs. Inventory managers need to track and locate the auto parts that will appropriate for the customer’s vehicle. It lets dealers bring in their extended, complex list of auto parts you need with an easy setup process

  • It is easy to access accurate stock counts on every single part at the click of a button with automation of inventory.
  • The inventory management system can competently track items from numerous locations.
  • This software uses barcode scanning competencies to safeguard accuracy and productivity.
  • It provides the choice of tracking auto parts and tools by the operator.
  • It is easy to track maintenance and service schedules for heavy equipment.
  • Tracking of warranty is also an easy task with auto parts inventory management.


The covid 19 pandemics is distressing the evolution of the mobility industry’s software with an important hollow from 2020. It is also expected that the software market of the mobility industry will register a high again in the upcoming period. The crystal-clear reason is customer’s learning to get high-tech software technology and connectivity in their vehicle.

The software developers are continuously trying to find more innovative solutions for vehicles that provide more safety. For working effectively makers and developers need to work with proper coordination to move heaven and earth that helps in achieve targeted results.

We at Emizentech offer automotive software development services for clients in the automotive industry. We have a very experienced and adept team of software and app developers to help you out. So,if you have any project in mind please let us know your requirements.

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