Everyone loves entertainment, don’t we? After a hectic day, being entertained can certainly perk anyone up. With entertainment enters happiness, which helps to keep the mental sanity and well-being. So, the need for entertainment combined with the availability of the internet led to the birth of online entertainers, celebrities, & artists booking mobile apps. Such mobile apps can help you find and hire artists that can entertain you anytime and anywhere.

Due to this huge importance of entertainment in our lives, you can now understand the secret behind the ever-growing entertainment industry and why exactly it is always flourishing.

Global Entertainment & Media Market From 2011 to 2024

global entertainment and media market stats
(in trillion U.S. dollars)

For instance, in the year 2018, the entertainment and media industry in the United States was approximately worth US$678 billion and by the end of 2020, it grew to over US$720 billion. And research states that by the year 2023, the entertainment industry across the world is expected to be worth US$2.6 trillion. So, these figures clearly state that the immense growth in this industry.

How Does An Online Entertainer or Artist Booking Mobile App Works?

online artists booking appApps like artist booking apps or entertainer hiring apps can tremendously benefit the entertainment, media, creative, and arts industry, by offering them easy access to the talent and book them for the events. The app solution allows recruiters to administer and the artists to get easily hired through the app or web-based dashboards. Hence, it goes without saying that these apps have made things a lot easier in today’s world as it comes to booking artists.

Earlier, this tiring and time-consuming process took weeks and months to hire the artists, however, now this can be attained with just a few clicks in a lot lesser time. Here, everything can be handled with the app itself, be it searching for the right artists for any event, interacting with them, booking them, and making payments, the app does it all easily and efficiently.

Popular Categories Of Artists & Entertainers On Such Apps

Starlinch artist booking mobile app

What Are The Benefits Of Freelance Artist Hiring Apps?

Next, moving on to the benefits, these apps benefit entertainment coming from different fields, be it the artists, entertainers, performers, or event managers. It is the one app for all of them.

Artist Booking app is the easiest way to book artists for the events, and most of these solutions offer easy access to the dancers, singers, DJs, Bands, comedians, etc, hence giving multiple choices for booking.

Time has great value and these apps allow you to have a lot of time that can be spent on other crucial tasks that need your supervision, instead of spending your valuable time finding good artists. After all, for this task, it is best to rely on something much-more capable, i.e. an app that can search the best artists around for you. This effective system allows you to make more money while working less. Among its many benefits, a few are:

  • 24×7 Access: Today most people don’t like making appointments over the phone and having an app allows to book an appointment easily online and it provides a virtual office that is open 24×7 and 365 days of a year, with no vacations, or breaks, or holidays.
  • Fewer Missed Appointments: Life is quite busy for people and with a lot going on in lives, it gets hard to keep track of all the appointments, and the artist booking app allows the artists to keep track of the booked appointment by saving them in the app calendar as well as constant alerts are sent to them about the upcoming events, so that everything stays in place. Also, the app allows you to decide your cancellation policy, hence if any client tries canceling within the cancelation policy time frame, they know they will face a cancellation fee. Also with an app for booking, it is easier to reschedule as the clients have access to your schedule and this allows them to find a time slot that works with their busy schedule.
  • Easy access to more information: With an app not just comes greater visibility into the schedule of artists but the clients have it easy to find information regarding the fees. This way clients can easily book the artists as per their convenience and requirements.
  • Ensures Security: As it comes to Artist booking mobile app, privacy is an important factor desired by the app owner as well as the clients. And an online Artist booking system ensures that completely by offering immense security for both the app owns and clients. Hence, there is no longer the need for relying on an archaic paper system for tracking client’s information, and no worries if that paper is lost or if the computer is crashing. Today’s systems are in the cloud and this means that any and all kinds of information can be accessed at any time and from any part of the world.
  • Saves Money: Having an Artist booking app not just saves your time and efforts but also saves a lot of money. Like your commute expenses can be saved and this way many other such expenses that you otherwise incur if you physically visit the artist to book them for the event.
  • No need to rely on Assistants: It is good to have assistants to help a lot of work, but at the end of the day, they are human and human makes mistakes, they get sick, and when training a new assistant, they also take some time for learning a new system. However, when artists are booked online via an app, there is no need for making calls. They can be easily booked via the app, and also get access to all the information on the app platform. This way the booking process can entirely be handled by the app.

Next, let’s figure out the monetization strategies that work for Artist Booking mobile app.

Monetization Strategies for Artist Booking apps


When third-party services listed on the app platform are purchased by users, then on those retails a certain commission amount is earned by the app owners.


Ads are a fantastic way to make a lot of money through the Artist Booking app. Here the advertisements regarding upcoming events in the city, or comedy shows can be shown in the app, and the app owners can charge desired money for placing the ads on their platform.

Featured Listings

This is a strategy where the ads are listed, so with Featured Listing ads, the ads get preferred placements on the app. These listings are placed strategically for maximum exposure to potential buyers.

Some Popular Online Artists Hiring Apps & Websites

popular online artists hiring apps and websites
Jillmore, BookArtisto, BookMyFace, Starclinch, BookMyArtist, SpecialGuest, BookLive, Scarlett Entertainment are some of the online apps and services people use to hire online artists, celebrities, and performers.

What Are The General Features Of Online Artists & Performers Booking Apps?

  • Register & Create Profile
  • Artist updates
  • View artists and enter
  • Push notifications about artists events and updates
  • Live Video Streaming
  • View available Artists & Performers
  • Sort and filter artists based on categories, price, and ratings
  • Select event type
  • Select event date and location
  • Chat with artists
  • Payment in multiple currencies
  • Share event location
  • Give reviews and ratings to artists

Features and Tasks of Administrator in An Artist Booking App

  • Find and add new talented artists to the platform
  • Connect the clients with artists as per their requirements
  • Optimizing the platform as per the needs of event organizers, clients, and artists
  • Moderating and screening new artists before connecting them with clients
  • Managing payments
  • Managing reviews and feedback
Hire mobile app developers

Advanced Features of Artists Booking app

Social Signup & Login

This app functionality allows the users to register to the app easily via their social networking accounts. Hence, this saves them from the long registration process.

Push Notifications

Here the app sends certain alerts and push notifications to the users to inform them about the upcoming events or to pass on important information. This is also a great way to keep the users engaged in the app.

In-app Calendar

online entertainer booking appThis is a useful functionality for Artist booking mobile app, as having an in-app calendar allows the user to stay alerts about upcoming events.

CMS Integration

Content Management System (CMS) allows the app owners to actively manage the content on the Artist booking apps.

In-app Chat

This is quite a useful functionality again as often people find it convenient to communicate over text than do it on the phone, and in-app chat functionality allows them to do just that.

Review & Feedback

Here the app users can post the reviews and feedback regarding the app, as well as give ratings and reviews to the artists, so the event organizers can see the ratings of artists and book accordingly.

How To Create An Artist Booking Mobile App?

If you are planning to develop an Artist Booking mobile app for your business, then it is suggested to get in touch with an Artist booking app development company to fetch desired results. As an app development company has an exact idea of what is really required to create a great app. Speaking of the team, the Artist booking app development team requires the following professionals, such as :

  • Project Manager
  • A team of Android/iOS Developers, or both
  • UX/UI Designers
  • Back-end Structure engineers
  • Quality Analysis Experts

App Development Stages For An Artist Booking App

Speaking of the development stage, here are the stages that the app development process entails:

Pre-contract stage

In this stage, the software firm establishes the project requirements & business requirements of the clients, brainstorming the most efficient options and coming up with a technical strategy accordingly. It is at this stage that the business analysts and the project managers come together with project owners and stakeholders to create an overall vision of the Artist booking app, such as deadline, budget, technology stack, and much more. Then there are technical analysts who offer an overview of the available development tools, so it gets easier to decide on a technology stack.

Designing Stage

This stage is all about sketching, wireframing, mapping, mockups, and much more.

Development Stage

In this stage, Proof of Concept (POC) is created to test the app idea & its result in the minimum time possible. One can also create hard-coded routes & customized features if the app requires them.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Artist Booking Mobile App?

The cost of developing an app depends on the business requirements of every specific app and the same is true for the Artist Booking mobile app, where the features, functionalities, third-party integrations and location of the app development company, number of platforms play a crucial role in determining the cost of Artist Booking app. Now, to gather a rough estimate, the cost should fall somewhere around $25000-$35000 for an app with basic features and for a single platform, while the app with advanced functionalities and lot many third-party API integrations and for more than one platform, the cost should be somewhere around $50000-$60000.

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