We are aware of the changes that are made in Email-to-Case. Often these question arise in our minds: What are the changes? Does it involve reference Id? How to enable it? When will the changes be effective permanently? Let us go ahead and have these questions answered.

Previously the Email-to-Case Settings screen looked like below. Please notice that a major role of Thread Id was involved.email to case settings

With the Winter 21′ release it has been announced that the feature which involves thread Id, will be disabled.This is being done with the update named Disable Ref ID and Transition to New Email Threading Behavior. Currently it is configurable but it will be enforced by Salesforce from Summer 22′. Let us discuss what changes will be made and then moving forward we will discuss how to enable this in our current organisation.

  • The email headers will be used for new threading behaviour and the header which are being used are Message-ID, In-Reply-To, & References.
  • The EmailMessage entity saves a unique Message-ID for each incoming and outbound email.
  • Salesforce automatically saves the Message-ID information for all standard outbound Email-to-Case emails created since the Summer ’20 release.
  • The refence id(ref:_XXXXXXXXX._XXXXXXXXXX:ref) will not appear in any of the outbound/inbound email.
  • Apex method “getCaseIdFromEmailThreadId” is deprecated and replaced with a new method “getCaseIdFromEmailHeaders”.

Enabling The Feature

  • Go to Setup > Release Updates.
  • You’ll find this update among the others – Disable Ref ID and Transition to New Email Threading Behavior.

Disable Ref ID and Transition to New Email Threading Behavior

  • Click on Get Started. You’ll find the below screen:

Click on Get Started

  • Click on Done and a popup will appear. Click the checkboxes for agreement that all areas that are impacted by the update are stable and will not be affected by the update.
  • Click on the button Enable Test Run.


You will be noticing these changes:

  • When you revisit the screen the part where thread Id related information was mentioned will disappear.revisit the screen
  • When you send the email alert or reply to the incoming email, you will be noticing that there is no reference id in the subject or body.

send the email alert
We hope this post gave you a good idea regarding new threading in email to case Salesforce. Emizentech is an experienced Salesforce consulting company and we provide a wide range of Salesforce development services to clients. If you ever require our services please get in touch with us.

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