Magento is probably the most popular ecommerce development platform in the ecommerce industry. It has been built to meet every single demand of ecommerce entrepreneurs. Thousands of ecommerce store developers, entrepreneurs, and businesses recommend this platform as it is packed with a huge set of features and functionalities. It has been evolving with newer versions and upgrades over the years. You can find a new version upgrade in a time span of just 6 months.

Let’s Know Some Interesting Facts About Magento:

  • More than 250 thousand merchants are using the Magento platform for their ecommerce operations.
  • There is a huge community of 200,000 Magento developers who are helping online retailers to develop stores from scratch, adding a new feature or functionality, improving speed, security, etc.
  • Magento is searched more on Google than the term “ecommerce”.
  • There are more than 1300+ Magento Official Global Partners
  • Magento is being downloaded more than 5000 times every day

Despite such astonishing facts about Magento, there are several myths associated with it. However, these myths will not deter a top-notch Magento development company like us to stop from suggesting Magento CMS to its clients. There are some myths that are so popular that they are considered facts. In this article, we will be enlightening you about all these myths.

Myth #1: Magento Is Slow Like A Turtle

Speed plays a highly important role in the ecommerce world. More than 50% of the customers will escape your store if it is taking more than 3 seconds to completely load. There can be many instances when your Magento store will load slowly due to certain configurations. But if you blame the Magento ecommerce platform for this slowness, then it would be wrong. Factors such as using unoptimized images, heavy themes, improper configurations, can definitely slow down your Magento site. Not just these, but there are hardware factors like hosting environment, cache settings, server, etc. which can impact the speed of your site. Basically, Magento is a slower platform but there are certain configuration settings required to boost up the speed. You must hire a professional Magento development company like us who can help you in maintaining and optimizing the speed of your ecommerce site. We will first determine the factors which are slowing down your site and then work on all those factors.

Myth #2: Magento Is Completely Free Of Cost

Remember, there is nothing free in this world, if you are getting a product for free then you are the product. Magento is no different. Since it is open-source and available for free to download many people believe it is free to use. Even the official Magento site claims that their community version is free to download. But when you will start using it for your ecommerce store, you will find that there are certain costs associated with it. There are only basic options and limited user support with the community version. You can’t stay ahead of your competitors by developing an elementary website in this fast pacing ecommerce world. For attracting visitors to your site, you have to use attractive themes and provide the best features & functionalities. In the enterprise edition, there are many different out-of-the-box features that you will not get with the community version. For those features, you have to purchase paid extensions while in the enterprise edition you will get these features included. You can create highly customized navigation, promotional campaigns for driving sales and increasing conversions.

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Myth #3: Magento Is Not For SMEs

Well, this is one of the most common myths in the Magento community that this platform is not highly suitable for small-scale industries, or startups. They believe that only established or big organizations should use Magento for their online business. This is a completely baseless thing. There are hundreds of small-scale enterprises and MSMEs which are using Magento for taking their business online and scaling & expanding their businesses. However, SMEs should start their journey with the community edition and gradually move to the enterprise edition as they get success in the ecommerce business.

Myth #4: No Customer Support For Magento Stores

This myth is actually partially true. There is no customer support in the community edition (which is open-source and free of cost). This is not a big issue if your site is going completely fine. However, if something goes wrong, then things can be critical. If any issue occurs, then support is the first thing that you will require. Even many top-notch Magento development companies require the help of support to tackle any issue. Magento community edition users are on their own or they can rely on a Magento development company. Although there is a huge community for some issues, the guarantee is not there.

In the Magento enterprise edition, you will get highly available support. Regardless of the type of issue, they will quickly address it. The developers will resolve it before it begins to impact the customer experience.

Myth #5: Magento Is Not SEO Friendly

Last but not the least, and also quite uncommon, many ecommerce entrepreneurs believe that using Magento will not help them to get their store listed on the top Google search engine page results. Almost every Magento development company brags that they can deliver a highly SEO optimized Magento store, but in reality, just using Magento for your ecommerce store as a CMS ensures SEO. Magento has been designed keeping the best SEO practices in mind. All latest versions of Magento are highly SEO friendly. But as you know, even the best ships can’t sail without mind, same is true for Magento. The SEO techniques application in a proper way is required for a successful SEO journey.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we came across many popular myths associated with Magento. Being the best Magento development company we make sure to clear all the myths related to Magento. We have tried to enlighten in every possible way. hire the best Magento Developer, which does not just develop next-level Magento stores but also gives proper consultation.

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