API management platform planning to explore the automation landscape 

MuleSoft, the Salesforce subsidiary, is all set to enter the business automation arena with their new tool, “MuleSoft RPA.”. The new tool is developed to help business users automate their workflow by creating bots to perform all the repetitive tasks. 

MuleSoft has been a leading name in the data integration and API management market. The client base consisting of Decathlon and REA Group has been using their Anytime Platform to support their modular system and automate a number of critical business processes. 

The business automation journey of the company started in March 2021 with the release of MuleSoft Composer. The tools are built into salesforce that carries the capability of connecting different applications such as Google Workspace, Sack, Workday, or Oracle NetSuite with a visual interface. 

In September 2021, MuleSoft acquired Servicetrace to incorporate it into the MuleSoft product range. Servicetrace is the German developer of XceleratorOne X1 RPA platform. The acquisition has grown the fruit, and MuleSoft is set to launch its own RPA tool.

MuleSoft RPA Builder

Where RPA really shines is with applications that don’t have any easily available API [application programming interface] or connectors

Shaun Clowes, MuleSoft Chief Product Officer

Moreover, Clowes warned that recording the manual workflow and turning it into a monolithic bot can result in numerous inefficiencies and hard-to-scale processes. So, MuleSoft RPA will assist the users in breaking down the recorded workflow into reusable, modular elements to help scalability and reliability. 

MuleSoft Composer is available for sale since April with different pricing tiers depending on the relevant factors. The sales of MuleSoft RPA are expected to begin in August, and pricing will also be revealed near release time. 

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