Since its development, Magento has been holding the top position among various other eCommerce platforms available in the market. The users always prefer it the most since its launch. In fact, an increasing number of eCommerce business owners are developing their sites on Magento as it arrives with rich features, flexibility, and diversity. Additionally, various giants have their sites built with Magento, be it food, fashion, electronics, or any industry. 

Apart from that, many reasons will motivate more and more businesses to choose Magento. 

Today, in this post, we will check out why we should use Magento, the top freelancer Magento Development Company that you can choose, mistakes to avoid while hiring developer and programmers for your eCommerce Magento website.

So, keep reading to be well-prepared before hiring a Magento developer

Why Choose Magento?

As we know, Magento is becoming popular day by day. Let’s check out the top reasons behind the popularity of Magento, an eCommerce platform. 

Magento Is An Open Source Platform

An open-source eCommerce platform, Magento comes with a free Community version and an Enterprise version paid annually. 

In addition, Magento permits users and its team of developers to modify, extend, and customize the source code for default feature optimization or extra advanced functions. 

That’s why the Magento users have complete control over their sites or modify or optimize them to fulfill their needs. 

Good Mobile Experience 

Nowadays, in the world of mobile, Magento keeps up with this general global trend holding its high mobile-friendliness feature. 

Websites developed on Magento are responsive on all the popular devices, such as desktop, mobile, notebooks, or tablets. Using such websites, customers can get a convenient shopping experience on their mobiles with no issue of purchase or display. 

Rich Features

Compared to other eCommerce platforms, Magento arrives with various rich features that assist the store owners in handling every job of their business, starting from product creation to the checkout experience and marketing or promotions. 

Numerous Extensions

Magento allows its users to customize the source code to meet their business needs, but Magento extensions are also essential components to emerge with a perfect website. 

eCommerce store owners can install any Magento module for free to their site based on their requirements until such extensions prove beneficial for them and their business. 


One more aspect that proves that Magento is the best platform for your website is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Again, Magento emerges with various SEO components enough for the business owners to boost their ranking on SERPs.

High Performance

Additionally, from the website performance viewpoint, Magento wins this perspective as it provides the best performance and helps in improving user experience to an extent. 

With an adequate query processing time, a fast page loading speed makes the site perform better. It motivates the customers to explore the web page or content and lowers the page abandonment rate, increasing the conversion rate. 

Easy Third-Parties Integration

Besides other reasons, third-party integration tools of Magento also make the eCommerce business owners choose Magento for a different effective website. 

Magento arrives with the best system that facilitates easy integration of various 3rd-party tools to the site, especially in-built Google tools, payment methods, shipping tracking tools, the database app, and more. 

High Security

While considering an eCommerce platform, security comes among the most critical issues you need to take a careful inspection. 

With Magento, we don’t have to worry about security as it comes with a guaranteed security feature, which ensures that the sites are under complete security for the entire period. 

Magento is the most secure eCommerce platform as its security center offers every detail relevant to security, security patches, security practices, and security updates along with quick support when needed. Besides, with Magento, you can get various security components, like an SSL certificate or PCI compliance. 

High Scalability

Magento holds the caliber to support businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to giants. That’s why we can say it’s highly scalable. It’s also one of the top reasons which make Magento the best fit for all types of businesses. 

Multiple Stores And Language Support

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Magento allows multiple stores under one installation, specifically numerous languages, and various currencies, which offers them extra opportunities to expand the market and approach potential customers all over the globe. 

How to Hire Magento developer

Once you hold all the needs of your online store, next you can start hiring the best Magento developer. You can follow the below steps while choosing a Magento developer for your eCommerce business. 

Reviews and Ratings

These days, checking reviews and ratings has become a trend. Besides, it’s worth doing this to get a clear picture of the company’s profile, past projects, and working proficiency. 

Work Portfolio and Credentials

Reviewing the previous work of your potential Magento development company will ensure if it’s a perfect choice for your project or not. Checking out the portfolio will reveal its working pattern, services offered, and the type of projects it has completed so far. 

Communication and Location

While hiring a company for completing your project, you need to ensure that the team will be there for you always when you are in need. Moreover, differences in the time zone may also create a hindrance, so check their location and even check their availability before finalizing one among the best. 

Best Quality at Best Price

Despite choosing the one with the lowest price, check the company’s services at a given rate. Then, discuss the needs and see how best they can serve you.

Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Magento Developer

We have made a list of top mistakes you can avoid while hiring a web design or development company. 

1. Looking for Locals Only 

While selecting one, don’t forget that you have the entire world from which you can choose the best. The best one may not belong to your area code. You just need to ensure that the one you pick should answer your calls, understand your vision, and perform perfectly within budget. 

2. Not Choosing An Appropriate Bid For Your Project

First of all, decide whether you want to go with an hourly bid or a fixed one. Moreover, finalize whether you can be flexible with time or would prefer to be exact. To ease this, you first think about your project and then choose a bid accordingly. 

3. Targeting Cheaper Rates Instead of Final Cost

The lowest price will lead to issues and will also end up costing you more. If you go with cheaper rates, they may charge more hours or even unsatisfactory outcomes. So, you should pick the developers who can offer you something that you need. 

4. Choosing Someone That Is Too Expensive

If you want to find the right one, you should see an excellent middle zone. You can prefer not too cheap and not too expensive. You will catch up on something within your budget. 

5. Thinking Your Plan is Entirely Successful

After the completion of your project, you may think that you have achieved your plan successfully. But, while executing your project, you will catch up with the unknowns that were not part of your plan. It may result in extra time beyond your expectations. 

6. End Product Not Integrated With Your Business Plan

After the development, you should keep your system aside for your employees to get used to it. You might emerge with a fantastic product, but it will be left unused if you fail to integrate it with your business plan. 

7. Not Having A Project Manager

Without a project manager, you will need to handle most of his jobs like, managing every detail, calls, resolving issues, and mistakes that would have never popped in the presence of a project manager. So, keeping a project manager will let you stay within your budget and timeframe. 

8. Keeping Aside Agencies For Freelancers

By partnering with an agency, you are going to have access to varied skills. In comparison, a freelancer may pick various jobs to accomplish but will fail to catch up with perfection. So, be sure you opt for a master only. 

9. Choosing Team for Short-Time

You must choose a team who can assist you in maintaining your operational software or site. Your product may look exceptional upon launch, but with improper maintenance, it will become unmanageable ahead. So, hire a team for a long time who can develop and maintain your vision. 

10. Unrealistic Timeline

If you rush things in your project, mistakes will occur. You should understand that to develop your vision; you need to be realistic regarding your timeline. 

11. Hiring Someone Who Fails to Understand Your Vision

A Magento developer that you hire should understand the objectives you need to attain. You should communicate on every side. If you take care of this, you will meet the desired goals while maintaining your budget. 


We hope this post would help you while hiring the right Magento development company for accomplishing your project deadline as per your requirements and budget. 

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