Marriage can be defined as a concept that ensures that two people have decided to come into a lifetime relationship according to their own will. Marriage is prioritized very high in our society so parties involved want to make sure that they are joining hands with people who match their level of thinking. This risk involvement forced the parents and well-wishers of the bride and groom to hire agents to find a fitting match for their children. Relatives also took upon this responsibility. However, in this age of technology, everything is available at just a click and various matrimonial sites are carrying this responsibility on their shoulders.

Matrimonial sites are just what the doctor ordered for the parents. These sites have removed the roles of agents and provide all the necessary information about the match parents of respective parties are looking for. Matrimonial websites and matrimonial mobile apps are easy to access and provide several options under one roof. Matrimonial apps and websites surely have made the complex task of finding a suitable partner for marriage a lot easier. Decision-making regarding marriages has been a lot easier for the involved parties. So, let us gather a little more information about this concept of matrimonial websites and apps.

Stats and Figures Associated With Matrimony Mobile Apps & Services

According to reports from studies of trusted institutes, it was revealed that in India alone, over five million marriages are performed every year which stacked up an amount of about $250 million in itself. These stats attract a lot of investors to invest in this area of business as this is an ever-growing field of business.

Investments from top firms have seen the matrimonial market to grow by 25%-30% every year. Millennials and Gen Z people are finding it extremely useful and are investing more time and energy into this rather than any other mode. Penetration of mobile internet is increasing with each passing year which is lending a helping hand to these matrimony mobile apps. For example, mobile penetration in 2015 was 52.5% and in the coming years, it is expected to reach up to 63.5%.

Revenue Of The Online Matrimony Market In India In 2017 With An Estimate For 2022 (in billion USD)

online matrimony app market in india
Source: Statista

These statistics are proof that matrimony is bound to grow at a rapid pace in the coming future and since it is easier to access it will reach more and more audiences in less than expected time. This time can be termed as the perfect time for anyone who has been thinking of investing in matrimony mobile apps.

Benefits That Matrimonial Mobile Apps Bring Along

There are quite a few benefits associated with matrimonial mobile apps but we will focus on the most important ones. Without a doubt, these apps have reduced the burden of finding the right match for a person as they have gathered millions of profiles on their website and apps which provide options to the concerned party and improve the quality of decisions.

Registration into the app is quite easy as users can create a profile of their own and then go through all the related matching profiles. Benefits Users involved in creating such matrimony mobile apps are,

  • Users can choose their life partner on any of the criteria such as religion, caste, and other preferences.
  • Complete security and privacy are provided to the uploaded profiles.
  • Great source of marketing and advertising.
  • The tremendous rise in engagement of the users can be achieved.

Most Popular Matrimony Mobile Apps & Services In The Market

In the past few years, more and more matrimonial projects are coming on the screen, however, not all of them gained as much success in grabbing the attention of the audience as some of the major matrimony mobile apps did. So, let us have a look at some of these influential matrimony mobile apps.

Bharat Matrimony

Bharat Matrimony app logo

Bharat Matrimony has been providing elite matrimonial services to the users for quite a long time now and has become quite popular among the Indian public over years. There are practically two types of matrimonies, one is, Elite matrimony which involves rich and wealthy families while the second one has assisted matrimony which is suitable for busy professionals. The registration process of Bharat Matrimony is quite simple and straightforward which makes the task of accessing profiles for the users a lot easier. This matrimony mobile app is available on both platforms i.e. Android and Ios.

Jeevansathi matrimonial app logo over the years has emerged as one of the most trusted matrimonial platforms. It was discovered in 1998 has since then it has been serving the Indian public by providing them just the kind of life partner they have been looking for. matrimonial platform has established itself as one of the leaders in this market and is completely secure for the interested parties. The app for this platform is compatible with both Android and ios.

Way To Nikah

way2nikah matrimonial app logo

This matrimony was created keeping all the Muslims in mind and if you one of them then it makes the task easier for you to find a match from the Islamic community. This platform is not restricted to India only as Muslims from all across the globe can have a taste of it. Users in search of Halal which means certified by the Quran dictates can find themselves quite lucky that this platform existed. Apart from this, there total guarantee of protection of all the sensitive data associated with the profile of the user. This matrimony app is compatible with both Android and ios platforms.

shaadi app logo is the world’s largest matrimonial platform with 20 million profiles registered with them. One can easily register on to this app and create a profile for themselves even through their smartphone and this feature makes this platform a little bit different from the others. It includes an IM feature which provides an option for the users to chat with other users on the app. Upon registering, you need to select your preferences, interests, likes & dislikes according to which you will start receiving matches and access available online profiles. This matrimonial platform is compatible with both Android and Ios.

Love Vivah

LoveVivaah matrimonial app

The biggest plus of this app is how simple its functions are. There are no complex interfaces in this app which makes the experience of the users worthwhile. This app can be accessed at any time of the day and you don’t need to follow a specific schedule or open your laptop to access it. The simplicity with which this app can function needs to be appreciated and using this app could never have been easy for the users. Users have the accessibility to check various profiles, exchange interests, exchange messages, and chat with corresponding users. This app can be downloaded from both Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Basic Features Associated With Matrimony Mobile App

basic matrimony profile

There are all kinds of features that we can associate a matrimony mobile app with but here we will have a look at the basic features that are integrated into an ideal matrimony mobile app.

  • The platform that the app is providing to the users needs to be easy and convenient to use.
  • The interface in the app needs to intuitive as it is responsible for guiding the users to attain access to various attractive features.
  • After the process of registration is completed, the users should be allowed full access to all the features of the app.

User Panel Features For Matrimony Mobile App

social signup login in matrimony app
  • Registration through traditional method or Social media accounts
  • Verification of User profile through contact number and email ID
  • Create the best possible profile
  • Select preferences for partners
  • Upload pictures of yours
  • Add personal, educational, and other additional information
  • Search desired profiles with various available search filters
  • Go through contacts of the searched users
  • Add any likable user to your favorite list
  • Go through the profile of the selected user
  • Match the Astrology compatibility if you want to
  • Download Horoscope
  • Share, report, or block the user if you find them inappropriate.
  • Accept user request
  • Request photo and horoscope of the user you selected
  • Exchange texts with selected users
  • Provides packages of paid membership
  • Activate membership package and payments done online
  • Flexibility in payment options
  • Application of coupon code
  • Save search
  • Customer support
  • Management of calls and alerts
  • Sending out alerts and notifications
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Admin Panel Features Associated With Matrimony Mobile App

profile on matrimony app
  • Login/Registration
  • Dashboards
  • Customer Profile Verification
  • Manage users and affiliation programs
  • Manage rewards and invites
  • Manage affiliation program
  • Manage user requests and success stories
  • Manage membership packages
  • Email & SMS Marketing
  • Smart search
  • Integration of Cloud storage
  • CMS integration
  • CRM integration
  • Third-party APIs integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Manage Profile based on Location, Religious, user Contact, Work/Career, Personality, Community
  • Notification

Advanced Features Associated With Matrimony Mobile App

video call with matchmaking app

Now, after we have had a look at user panel features and admin panel features, let us have a detailed look into the advanced features of Matrimony Mobile App.

Geolocation Tracking

This feature assists the users in finding their desired match near their location through the city search. Geo-location tracking in very beneficial in helping out users to search for matches inside and outside their city.

Search & Filter

This feature helps out users in finding out users as per their likings such as interests, location, community, occupation, and many others.

User Privacy & User-Blocking

Providing privacy and security to the users is an area of great concern and great assistance is provided to the users. Apart from this users can also block any other user that has been causing problems for them.

Add Images From The Library

The option of uploading the user’s favorite pictures and photos from the phone’s library is being provided to the user through this option. Plus, they can share these photos with interested users as well.

Pin Favourites

While going through various profiles in the app, the user can pin a particular profile to go through it later in a detailed manner.

Social Integration

Through this feature, the user can have a look at the social profiles of the interested user to get to know about their likes and dislikes and know them in a detailed way.

Security Of Data

Data associated with various profiles need to be kept safe at all costs as sensitive details are contained in them and this can be done easily by looking after some specific security features.

User Authentication

The authenticity of the user can be confirmed easily by integrating the OTP feature in your app through various modes such as email, SMS, call, etc. This feature proves crucial at the time of login and also in case the user forgets his login credentials and needs to access his account.

Flexibility In Payment Modes

This feature takes the app to another level by integrating into multiple modes of payments such as Braintree, Stripe, Credit/Debit cards, PayPal, UPI, and various others. Flexibility in modes of payment proves crucial as users in different countries have preferred modes of making payments.

CMS Integration

The entire digital content on the matrimonial platform can be viewed by the user with the help of the Content Management System (CMS).

Image Editor

In case you want to edit any of the images that you have uploaded then you will be ably assisted by the image editor feature that has been integrated into the matrimony apps.

Upload Horoscope

With the help of this feature, a user can match his Kundli with a profile that he finds interesting. A lot of users believe in the ritual of matching respective Kundlis before the marriage so this feature becomes a must for them.

Push Notifications

Alerts in the form of notifications are provided to the users about discounts, latest offers, special offers, rewards, or if any update regarding the app comes out.

BioData Generator

One can integrate a third-party API in the app to assist the users in creating the Bio Data online within the app. The user needs to provide all the necessary information to the app and the information will be transformed into well-structured data.

Technology Stack Preferred For Matchmaking or Matrimonial Mobile App

technology stack for mobile app
  • Mobile: Android, iOS
  • Push Notifications: Twilio,
  • SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification: Nexmo, Twilio
  • Backend: PHP, JavaScript, MySQL
  • Payments: Braintree & PayPal, Stripe, EWallets, NetBanking, Cards
  • Database: MongoDB, Hbase, Cassandra, Postgress, Mail Chimp Integration
  • Cloud Environment: AWS, Google, Azure
  • Realtime Analytics: Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM

What Does It Cost To Develop A Matrimony App?

To calculate the total cost that goes into app development of a matrimony mobile app, a lot of factors need to be considered.

Functionalities & Features Of A Matrimonial Service

Features and functionalities that you are looking to integrate into the app decide the cost of the app extremely. If you decide to include only basic features in the app then you won’t be charged much but in case, you opt for advanced features then you are in for a costly bill.

Design Of The App

Since you have decided to develop a matrimony app, you would be looking to deliver your app to a large audience, and to achieve this you would need to create an app that will appear classy and attractive. Therefore, the design of the app comes under the spotlight and needs to appeal to lure in users. Make sure that along with stunning design, the app is also convenient to use.

Development Platform for Matchmaking App

There are three platforms for which all the apps are created, Android, ios, and Windows. Now, it is up to you whether you want your app to be compatible with a single platform or multiple platforms. Integrating your app with a single platform will cost you less than integrating it with multiple platforms.

Size Of The App

This feature symbolizes the total number of features and functionalities that are included in the app

App Developers for Matrimony App

Geographic location, experience level, and expertise of app developers also play a major role in determining the cost of the app. physical location of the app development company and the app developers is another key factor that affects the cost of the app very much.

  • US/UK based app developers charge $70-$250 per hour for their services.
  • Eastern Europe based app developers charge $50-$150 per hour for their services.
  • India based app developers charge $20-$70 per hour for their services.

If we calculate roughly, then developing a matrimony mobile app would cost you in a region of $15000-$20000. However, if you decide to integrate the advanced features then this cost is bound to go even higher.

Team Structure Required In Developing A Matrimony Mobile App

Developing an app becomes quite easy if you have skilled and talented members on your team that will ensure that the app you are looking to develop is top-notch and attracts a large number of users. You require a team of designers, developers, skilled managers, and testers to create an app that you dreamt of. Making your app compatible with both ios and Android platforms will lure in a large audience.

Wrapping Up

After this, more and more businesses are going online and since marriage has always a matter of top priority in our country, one should look to invest in developing a matrimony mobile app at this time. In the current scenario, people are looking to tie knots of their children keeping the social distancing precautions in mind. So, at this time if a great matrimony app comes knocking at their door, they would not be able to say no.

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