In this article, we are going to mention the latest Magento Open Source release notes “Magento 2.4”. Magento 2.4.0 has been released on July 28th with many exciting features and improvements. Even a pandemic can’t stop the Magento community from improving with each release of Magento. Every new release comes with features that make the Ecommerce platform better in various aspects. And Magento 2.4.0 release is no different. There are various key points which we would be covering along with security enhancements, new upgrades, improvements, and other important highlights.

Magento 2.4 is going to be the next big release of the most popular ecommerce platform. So let’s know what to expect from this update?

Key Highlights of Magento 2.4 Open Source Release

The release to aims to improve the security, securing payment gateways, a better performance, stock or inventory management, and have also fixed existing issues.

  • Security Patches
  • Platform Upgrades
  • Infrastructure Improvements
  • Performance Improvements
  • Purchase Approval Workflows
  • Seller-assisted shopping
  • In-Store Pickup
  • New Media Gallery
  • PWA Improvements

Let’s discuss each one by one:

1. Security Patch Available

There are time-sensitive fixes are available that Merchants can install instead of using hundreds of functional fixes & enhancements. All necessary fixes which were applied in the previous release i.e. Magento 2.3.5 are included in this release. In this release, there are more than 30 security fixes and improvements. These fixes could close RCE (Remote Cloud Execution) and XSS (Cross-site scripting) vulnerabilities. There is a default 2FA for backend Admin and a default enabled template filter strict mode. Currently, no attacks have been made this far to these issues. However, certain vulnerabilities can potentially be exploited to access customer information or take over administrator sessions. Hence, it is best to secure the Admin by IP allow listing, two-factor authentication, VPN use, and a good password.

Other additional security enhancements are securing Magento admin account, securing Magento account, cloud SSH access, and support for new security.txt file.

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2. Platform Upgrades

These platform upgrades will improve the performance of your Magento store and its security. It is going to be supported by PHP 7.4 while PHP 7.1 and 7.2 are deprecated. Apart from this, there is support for PHPUnit 9.x, Elasticsearch 7.6.x support, MySQL 8.0 support.

  • The MySQL catalog search engine has also been removed & it would be replaced by Elasticsearch default search engine.
  • Now the merchants can also deploy MariaDB 10.4 with Magento by the support of MySQL 8.0.
  • Removal of the core integration of the Signifyd fraud protection code. This core feature is no longer supported.
  • The Zend Framework has been deprecated and migration to Laminas project
  • Braintree module removed.

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3. Improvements in Infrastructure

There are enhancements to improve the core quality of Magento. There are improvements in modules such as Customer account, Catalog, CMS, Import, Cart & Checkout, and B2B.

  • In this release, the default payment integration of has been removed from the platform. However, merchants can opt for the official extension available on the Magento marketplace.
  • The Paypal JavaScript SDK has also been updated.
  • Partial word search in Elasticsearch release. The current release can use of partial words while searching for product names and SKUs while making a quick search.
  • Deprecation and removal of the Web Set-Up Wizard. You must use the command line to install or upgrade Magento 2.4.0.

4. Improvements in Performance

Improvements to customer data section invalidation logic. In this release, there are new ways by which the customers’ sections can be invalidated to avoid a known issue with local storage.

Optimizations to improve Redis Performance: There are improvements to minimize the number of queries to Redis which are performed while each Magento requests. Some of the improvements are:

  • The decrease in network data size transfers between Redis & Magento.
  • Reduction in CPU cycles consumption by Redis by improving the adapter’s ability to automatically determine what needs to load.
  • Reduction in race conditions on Redis write operations
  • Improvement in Caching by SQL queries to inventory tables
  • Improvements in Quick Order Add to Cart performance.

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5. Purchase Approval Workflows

The companies can customize the approval processes by a simple form using Magento 2.4. The companies can now define the approval process on the basis of order value, number of SKUs, or cost of shipping. You can also create many different rules for achieving better flexibility & assign them for specific roles.

6. Seller-assisted Shopping

There is a new seller-assisted shopping functionality which the Magento admins can use to guide and assist the customers. They can troubleshoot any process of the buying activity in the storefront, and get full access to a customer account. The admin can also guide a customer through any functionality of the online store experience. Hence, you can save a lot of time of customer by placing orders and creating quotes.

7. In-Store Pickup

There is a new feature in the inventory management “In-store pickup method”. So the admin can also display the warehouse or inventory house as customer pickup points. This feature is also beneficial for the customers if the warehouse is nearby their address they can pick up the order whenever they wish. The feature can be adjusted to the needs of a curbside pickup method due to its flexible configurations and notifications.

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8. New Media Gallery

The ecommerce site owner can now easily create a better content-driven experience in Magento 2.4. You can easily build Media Gallery on both Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source. The media gallery gives an improvement in performance too. You can make it work 30 times faster on integrating with Adobe Stock. It gives control access to the media gallery with permissions.

The images details show how frequent and where the images are getting used. There are image attributes to search and filter the images.

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9. PWA improvements

Magento 2.4 comes with the latest version of PWA studio. It is also available for both Magento Commerce and Magento Open-Source. There are new Venia storefront experiences to accelerate the development process. There is a complete cart with the checkout plus an extensibility framework for customizing the PWA studio capabilities. There is also support for Venia UI components within Adobe Experience Manager-powered storefronts.

To know more details of the release, please visit the official page of Magento 2.4 release note here.

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